1. Fall Timelapse Collection


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    Best Viewed in Fullscreen and HD. Shot entirely on the 5D Mark II in RAW format, with the exception of one video clip. All single exposures, no HDR. Almost all of these shots have not been used in earlier reels, and a lot of the sequences were shot within the past month in Indiana. Motion control provided by the Kessler Crane KC-8 and Cineslider, using the Oracle and Smartlapse. The static sequences were shot on the Manfrotto 546B tripod with a 501HDV head. Track is "Outpost 31" by Simon Wilkinson available from www.thebluemask.com/shop/outpost-31 Google+ plus.google.com/​111297688846219234682/​posts Facebook facebook.com/​EricHinesPhotography Twitter twitter.com/​EricHinesPhotos

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    • Finding Franklin


      from Alex Bohs / Added

      "For all the Eugenes and Franklins out there and in memory of my Great-Grandma, Violet Foster." Take a peek behind the scenes here with "Filming Franklin" - http://youtu.be/Hzn6pVf0T3Y and also a look at one of our initial 8mm test shoots here: http://youtu.be/_oVl_vL3Bpc More production goodies can be found via http://www.facebook.com/FindingFranklin Starring: Chloe Godard - Violet Foster Chloe Howcroft - Velma Foster Jake Cohen - Eugene Foster (1962) Adam Fane - Franklin Volance (1962) Paul Russell - Franklin Volance (2012) Written, Directed & Edited by: Alex Bohs http://alexbohs.com Cinematography by: Dustin Supencheck http://vimeo.com/63978904 Production Design by: Amanda Brinton http://amandabrinton.com Produced by: Arabella Anderson http://naughtyghost.com Music by: http://foreignfields.bandcamp.com http://www.gabrieldib.com © 2013 OFFICIAL SELECTION: NFFTY 2013 (Seattle, WA) CineYouth 2013 (Chicago, IL) Iris Prize Festival 2013 (Cardiff, UK) MoFest!7 LGBT Film Festival (Modesto, CA) 2013 Boston LGBT Film Festival (Boston, MA) 2013 Hell's Half Mile Film Festival (Bay City, MI) 2014 Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival (Honolulu, HI) 49th Chicago International Film Festival (Chicago, IL) 6th Annual Indie Spirit Film Festival (Colorado Springs, CO) 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival (Indianapolis, IN) 11th Annual Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival (Bloomington, IN) 2013 South Texas Underground Film Festival (Corpus Christi, TX) 5th Annual RxSM Self Medicated Film Expo (Austin, TX) 23rd Annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) 2013 Birmingham SHOUT: Gay + Lesbian Film Festival (Birmingham, AL) Frameline37: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) The 14th Annual West Virginia FILMmakers Festival (Sutton, WV) AWARDS: Staff Pick (Vimeo) Jury Award: Best Short (NFFTY) Jury Award: Best Short (MoFest!7) Jury Award: LGBTQ Drama (STUFF) Nominee (2014 Crossroads Award) Veteran Award (CineYouth) Shortlist (Iris Prize Festival) THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR WATCHING!

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      • An Amish Man


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        FULL BLOG POST ABOUT WHOLE SHOOT. Conception, shooting, lighting and post here: http://wp.me/p3ggTR-7VS It also includes a link to download the 4K version (heavily compressed) and an original f55 raw clip. A rare glimpse into the the life on an Amish Man, Dennis Hochstetler. For three years I have wanted to do a mini documentary on this Amish carpenter that my good friend Eric Kessler is friends with. The Amish are very private, despite a few rare exceptions, they do not appear on camera and they don’t do interviews! Eric tried to convince him but it was never going to happen. Whilst over in Indiana in September I wanted to give it one more shot, I wanted to meet him, show him some of work and convince him that all I wanted to do was a short film where I could lean more about their lifestyle and hopefully as people. Relucatantly he agreed on the provision that none of their faces could be seen and he could approve it before I put it up online. The former...not ideal. To connect ro someone you really need to see their faces, their eyes, but I had to respect this. The latter is something I never do for personal docs. For client work of course, every time. I agreed though. I wanted to make this film as everything about the lifestyle facsinates me...that he had said yes surprised everyone I told where I was staying in Indiana. "The Amish don't go on camera!" Naturally in ten minutes there is only so much that can be covered. I wanted to learn a litle bit about their history, why they live their lives like this, why they shy away from technology and so much more! Most importantly though I wanted to know the man. I hope now that I have gained Dennis' trust I can go back for more than an afternoon and really get to know him, his family and their community. I really hope so. This stuff inside was filmed in the afternoon, includes the interview which gave me a shot list for the next day, basically all my b-roll. I cover this whole idea in the blog post. It's almost written! TECH STUFF: Shot on the Sony F55 (all the indoors stuff) and the Canon 1DC for the outside B-Roll. There wa a reason for this and it will be covered in the upcoming blog post. I used the 2 foot Kessler Cineslider for the slider shots and the new Parallax add on the Cineslider and Pocket Dollies for those slider shots where the object remains central. Check it out at gopb.co/kessler Audio was a Sony UWP wireless mic with Sanken Cos-11 mic. Rode NTG-3 on the Sony F55 and Rode Video Mic Pro on the 1DC. Lighting was available light and two lights from Gecko, both LEDs. Detailed in the blog post. Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Canon 70-200 F4 IS, 2X extender. Zeiss ZF Macro 100mm, Zeiss ZF 135mm F2. Rokina 24mm F1.4. Tamron 24-70 F2.8 Edited in Premiere CC in HD and re-linked to 4K. No reframing was done. Why 4K? Because I hadn't shot anything in Sony 4k raw at this point. Colour graded with Colorista II. 10% off the colour suite and shooter suite with code bloom10 at gopb.co/redgiant also FilmConvert within Premiere CC. 10% off Filmconvert via this link gopb.co/filmconvert or with code bloom Music Courtesy of The Music Bed. Gopb.co/musicbed Joshua Radin: One leap & Think I'll Go Inside Aidan Hawken: If something's wrong Brooke Annibale: By your side

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        • 4 inches of ice


          from Philip Bloom / Added

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          MAKE SURE YOU WATCH TO THE VERY END PAST THE CREDITS! :) 4 inches of ice is a micro doc I shot to get used to the Canon 1DC. Until this point all I had done were a few test shots. I needed to actually shoot something properly. This was shot whilst visiting that smashing fellow Eric Kessler in Indiana. It was cold. Way colder than England, but I knew I was heading to Miami for a workshop in a few days so it didn't bother me! Eric asked if I wanted to go ice fishing. Naturally I said good god man no! BUT, I did quite fancy filming it for a bit. So we went out for an hour. Talked to a father and daughter who didn't want to be interviewed but let us take some shots then we met the guys who feature here who were really excited to be in it. 4 inches of ice refers to the minimum amount of thickness of the ice that you can go ice fishing on. So wikipedia tells me! it is the absolute minimum and we certainly had more than that. ALTHOUGH 2 days later is was gone and I was unable to get the rest of the shots i needed. Only on the night before (the snowing shots) and the morning I left was I able to get the missing two shots. Although the thawed lake actually helped me get those lovely opening shots!! Shooting was a breeze. It's a DSLR, it may have been shot in 4k but it operates the same way! Miller DS20 tripod. Lenses were Canon 16-35. 24-105, 70-20 F4, 100mm Macro (used for the interview for some utterly bizarre reason!) Audio was a Rode NTG2 into a Roland R26 and B-roll audio was the Rode Video Mic Pro. I had a lot of issues in post though. This was shot in 4K, downscaled in to full HD for editing (I do plan to remaster as a 4k version soon.) In the edit I noticed a lot of problems, banding, magenta tinges on parts of the frame. Basically we worked it out and it was down to a number of things. The compression of the 4K, combined with the Canon log mode shooting below the native ISO of 400 which is a bad combination. Andy Shipsides of Abel Cine says this "you are moving the middle gray to a higher level, making the image appear darker but causing limit dynamic range in the highlights.. bad news." James and I found that the image only did this in 4k in log under ISO 400. Go higher (not too high) and it's fine. Shoot normal picture profiles and again it's fine. Shoot C-log in Super 35mm or full frame HD. No problems. It's just that combination. In post I added some blur on the badly affected areas then finished it off with some lovely film grain to bring back the natural image. That is why this short piece took about 10 times longer to edit than normal. It's all good experience and it simply means next time I will shoot bearing that in mind. No more sub ISO 400! Get those NDs out! Other than that the image issues in post I loved the image and the stuff I have shot since does not have these problems. We are ALWAYS learning. Can I make a 4K version online? It would be too big unfortunately, but I will be showing this and other stuff from the camera in 4K at the BVE show in London at the end of February for Canon. You can see my review of the camera, the good and the bad on my blog post here: http://gopb.co/1dc Audio recorded by Eric Kessler. Thanks sir!! Music again courtesy of The Music Bed. Full credits in the video. Gopb.co/musicbed

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          • 91.9


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            driving through indiana on my way to toledo from chicago, i chanced upon a broken radio station. i listened for over a 1/2 hour, in hopes someone would come on the air and explain what happened. i slowly went insane. "and find a production?" "and find redemption?" what was the man saying? I kept this video down to 3 minutes, because the full 30+ minutes of actual footage is just too brutal to experience again. my brain is still melting.

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            • I've Made a Huge Mistake


              from Karen Abad / Added

              So I found some more old footage from last summer. Sorry for the crappy footage and the lack of a tripod. I'll upload some new stuff soon, when I'm not so busy with important projects. Stay tuned for bigger and better things. This footage is from when I graduated from college, packed all my crap up in a van and drove from Michigan to Tennessee to California. The trip lasted a week because of all the stops made, including a flat tire in the Grand Canyon...however I only have one miniDV tape to show for this entire trip. All the good parts...are embedded in my memories. And some are documented here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2034418&l=2fac8&id=15300165

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              • Vimeo meetup/roadtrip


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                • Beheld


                  from Nicodem Creative / Added

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                  for more information about Beheld please visit: http://thebeheld.wordpress.com/ We have all been told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our perception of beauty changes greatly depending on what or who that beholder may be. Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8, 24mm 1.4 Music: Written by Tiffany Wong, Recorded by Scotty Visk Spoken Word: Written by Jenna Mercaldo, Performed by Jenna Mercaldo Software: Final Cut Pro 7.0 mbachphotography.com

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                  • Homegrown - A Midwest Timelapse


                    from Ryan Blaske / Added

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                    This piece and footage clips from it are available for licensing at 4k at https://app.nimia.com/profile/rblaske/videos/?page=1&limit=20 http://www.ryanblaske.com/ Hello everyone - well, it’s finally here! I’m very excited to release my first timelapse film, entitled ‘Homegrown - A Midwest Timelapse’. This has been an incredible experience for me. I started this project during the beginning of May and finished in October. My goal in this project was to display the midwest like never before. Every shot you see here is no more than 50 miles from South Bend, IN. Most of the timelapse films I see are filmed in national parks or very scenic places throughout the world. Although I love these films, I wanted to show people that more often than not, they can find extraordinary beauty in their own backyard! I want to encourage people to get outside and see what is right in front of them. Gear used: Canon 5D Mark 3 Canon 6D Canon t2i Canon 16-35mm 2.8 Rokinon 14mm 2.8 Canon 70-200 f4 Tamron 24-70 2.8 Music By: Lowercase Nosies Licensed through The Music Bed Thank you so much for taking your time to view my film. It would mean the world to me if you could share this with your friends.

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                    • A man called Jack


                      from Philip Bloom / Added

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                      Two men, two chairs, two drinks, a fire and a pack of cigarettes. Jack Borsodi and Eric Kessler. For me this is a touching and very real glimpse into a very real and honest friendship. One that I hope all of us can feel an affinity to in some way within our own lives and relationships. Shot during my initial filming for my epic Kessler Crane documentary I have been working on for far too long, after we filmed this I knew it really should be something that could stand alone on it's own. Part of it will feature in the soon to be finished documentary. Eric Kessler is one of the closest people in my life and I think within these 9 minutes (yes 9 sorry!) you really get a glimpse into just how wonderful a person he is. Not part of the brief for the films I was hired for. Just what naturally came about of course. Eric has give me total creative control over what I am making. Foolish of course!:) What interests me, no matter what it is I am filming, be it a corporate, fiction, music video or as my previous Vimeo video, a beauty piece of an Island, is that oh so important human element. For it's this which is at the core of everything and is something I strive to find and connect to in my work. TECH: Shot on so many different cameras. Not a clue on what glass for the older stuff. Newer stuff on Canon 1DC and Sony F55 were the usual culprits. Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 and loads more! Fireside cameras were the Sony F3 and Panasonic AF101. The AF101 moved from front on to dirty two shots on either side. F3 changed from 2 shot to front singles. I believe two primes were used. Additional fireside camera for fire slow motion was the RED Epic Eric Kessler's interview camera was the Sony F55 B-Roll of Kessler factory shot mostly on the Canon 1DC and Sony F55. Older factory shots and Jack going to work shot on the Panasonic AF101. Here is a challenge. Can you name what shot was on each camera?! :) Graded with a Fuji Velvia Super 16mm stock in FilmConvert. 10% off with code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert Super 16mm stock was used as it softens the image and adds larger grain. The Panasonic struggled enormously with the fireside filming and couldn't really get exposure. It also didn't have a profile to even touch the Sony F3's S-Log. I did have a low light profile in there I believe but it cost dynamic range and detail. I had to bring down the quality of the F3 shots to make them closer to the AF101. FIlmConvert was my total saviour though as it put this gorgeous super 16mm grain and curve over it. Lovely! The final doc is coming very soon. Again it was shot on the cameras listed above. The majority on the Sony F55 and Canon 1DC Audio was two Sony UWP radio mice with Rode Lavs. Eric Kessler interview was a Sanker COS11. All recorded in their respective cameras. Music courtesy of the super talented Niklas Aman. A composer you simply MUST check out. www.niklasaman.com I have used him before, most notably on "Portrait of a boxer" and on my next film "The Magician's Apprentice". Do check him out. You won't regret it!

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