1. real time auroras - trial


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    still the raw from the camera, but new cameras make it possible, real time aurora videos, Sony A7S iso25600, 25fps, f2.8 stay tuned for more this is just a testrun :) you can turn down the sound, nothing interesting, still -70°C ambient so you can hear me breathing through my facemask , the wind and my feet crunching on the snow www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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    • The Moon over the Pole


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      The moon over the Pole will be above the horizon for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks below. Around midwinter, when the sun is the lowest the moon will be fullest when it reaches the maximum elevation which can range from 23.5° ± 5°. 2015 the moon won't get much higher than 18°. For the movie the biggest challenge is like always the cold, even operating the camera in a heated box, this time also adjusting the exposures for different phases of the moon and different elevations. Also the weather is a big part, we were lucky to nearly get 2 weeks of good weather in one piece, which is very rare here. www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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      • A Day of Milky Way


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        Another trial run. This time to check the repaired tracking mount, temperatures dropped below -100°F (-73.4°C) during that time, not easy to get mechanical parts working at these temperatures. Each exposure is 20sec, total time about 25h. Check out the airburst at about 1:25, not as good as the one in the video "milkyway & auroras" on my site but still visible. www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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        • 24h star trails


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          This was a test run for a 24h star trail shot, only possible close to either Poles ;) The camera was out from midnight 17 May 2015 until midnight 18 May 2015. Look at the streaks about half way from horizon to zenith, this are Iridium satellites, each flare nearly 10 min apart. www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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          • Astronomical Twilight


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            the sun is still in astronomical Twilight (between 12° and 18° below the horizon) but across the sky the milky way is already spectacular in the foreground is DSL with some activity at SPT and BICEP3 www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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            • too many satellites


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              first video of the season 2015 at the geographic Pole, testing fixed and new equipment check out the huge amount of satellites, it looks like around LA airport, but every moving streak you see is not a plane, but a satellite www.antarctic-adventures.de vimeo.com/polarlights

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              • Three Lies & A Truth (02/01/15)


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                Michael Keck walks us through three lies and a truth that individuals believe. Listen to Michael, as he debunks those lies, and points us toward Truth found in Romans 5:8.

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                • Andromeda Setting


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                  There is a lot going on in this timelapse so you might want to watch it a few times through. Clearly, you can see the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) setting. There is another galaxy to the east of Andromeda, which is the Triangulum Galaxy (M33). Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) is in view at the top of the frame. The Pleiades (M45) are visible for the final 3-4 seconds. You will also see many satellites, a few meteors, and even the laser from the Laser Guide Star system on Keck. The colored flashes you see are not an added visual effect like you might see in the most recent Star Trek movies. They are due to car headlights shining into the camera. I left them in because there are too many to take out...plus perhaps they add some production value to the whole thing?

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                  • aurora delight


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                    22.5 hours of a variety of auroras over the geographic South Pole - one of my new favorites :) it is actually amazing to see the variety in form, shape, movement and colors during one day finally we had some good weather in July 2014 but temperatures were around -70°C which doesn't make tracking and taking pictures easy www.antarctic-adventures.de

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                    • Next Steps - Growing Up | The Keck's Story


                      from Rolling Hills / Added

                      Suandria and Lee Keck share their unique approach to reading the Bible and discipling the next generation as they take Next Steps in Growing Up.

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