1. MURDER INN with host STEPH WATTS: People check in, but they don’t check out. (4:15)


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    MURDER INN: Next time you check in to a hotel you might want to ask yourself if someone may have died in that room at one time during the hotel’s existence. It’s more common that you might think. Mysterious deaths in hotels is a whole genre in film with the most notable being Psycho. Murder Inn is a new TV series concept that is a bit more upscale but still has the creep factor. The structure of each hour is to cover 3 stories and cut back and forth between them and all three mysteries get resolved at the end of the hour and each story keeps mystery thru and thru and looks at the psychology of what happened. MURDER INN is a TV series looks at 3 mysterious hotel deaths per episode as we criss-cross the county to bring viewers interwoven stories of people who check in, but don’t check out. To learn more about Steph, please see link at about.me/stephwatts For more info on this series pitch please contact Producer Vincent Kralyevich at vinnie@pulse3tv.com or 732 539 4208.

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    • MEET THE HURLERS (4:00) sizzle for TV series


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      MEET THE HURLERS: a fun family that you’ve never seen before on TV. When James and Kathy couldn’t get pregnant they turned their attention to adopting a son from China. Now they have adopted three children – all from China – all with Albinism. The show will follow Logan (6), Bei Bei (4) and Fei Fei (4) as they maneuver through their unique and challenging world, trying to be just like other typical kids. With the help of their supportive parents we get the sense these three can do anything they set their sights on – including stealing your heart!

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        In 2005 I pitched and produced a series called Weird US for The History Channel. The TV series was based on a well established book series from authors Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. The original order was for a pilot followed by a season of 13 episodes (and kudos to the network for being brave enough to try it). But it proved too irreverent for cable at that time. But now the world is ready to finally get Weird and to take this series on a global trek to all things weird. This is a sizzle reel pitch of the concept which can begin production on all new episodes in 2015 that cover weird science, myths, history, engineering, medicine, folklore -- you name it. For more info please contact Executive Producer Vincent Kralyevich at vinnie@pulse3tv.com or 732 539 4208.

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        • WEIRD U.S. sizzle with interviews with hosts Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman (long 9:00 version)


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          In 2005 Vinnie Kralyevich produced the TV series Weird US for The History Channel. The original series was embraced by new viewers but proved too irreverent for old-guard History Channel viewers at that time. We all know a lot has changed since then. The series structure at the time was that each episode had a theme such This Odd House, Weirdly Departed, Creepy Curses, etc. Since then, the Weird brand has taken off and the authors have published a book series that looks at the many weird horizons in each of our 50 states. Therefore a NEW series would canvas America state by state, instead of themes as was done in The History Channel season, so as to offer viewers a road trip they will never forget as well as well as offering viewers more diversity per hour. So rather that group stories under medical, history, science, episodes – the new series transcends genre and we instead look at Weird Florida, or Weird California, or Weird Illinois, or Weird Texas, etc. The TV series was based on a well established book series from authors Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. The original order was for a pilot followed by a season of 13 episodes but the concept proved too irreverent for historical programming at that time. But now the world is ready to finally get Weird and these clips demonstrate the spirit of the series which can begin production on all new episodes in 2015. For more info please contact Executive Producer Vincent Kralyevich at vinnie@pulse3tv.com or 732 539 4208.

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          • COVERT OPS DECLASSIFIED With Dave Vitalli (4:30)


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            In recent history there have been some stunning secret military and intelligence operations undertaken. This TV series pitch looks the most interesting and important ones. Each episode is unique to each story so the series transcends any one war’s time period and instead focuses on behind the scenes events behind such stories as… • THE MISSION TO RESCUE JESSICA LYNCH (2003) • THE POISONING OF KGB AGENT ALEXANDER LITVINENKO (2006) • OPERATION NIFTY PACKAGE: GET MANUEL NORIEGA (1989) • NAZIS WITH NUKES: OPERATION GUNNERSLIDE (1943) • USAF CAPT. SCOTT O'GRADY RESCUE IN BOSNIA (1995)

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            • NO MAN LEFT BEHIND: a TV series pitch hosted by Garth Baldwin (4:00)


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              NO MAN LEFT BEHIND is a TV series that looks into active cases being closed by JPAC, which is a joint military operation that identifies and repatriates the remains of servicemen from all wars. In any given year, the members of a JPAC field team can expect to spend 5 or 10 months overseas, often in the dank, dark jungles of Southeast Asia, sifting through a mountain of mud for bone. With some 83,000 troops still listed as MIA, largely from World War II, Korea and Vietnam, the stories are vast. The American military’s commitment to “leave no man behind” is unmatched in the world. This series has process, detective work and closure as Garth takes the viewer on a journey with JPAC field teams as they work to locate every fallen service member and to bring their remains — along with some closure — back home to mourning families.

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              • Vinnie Kralyevich 2015 Showrunner Reel (05:30)


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                Vinnie Kralyevich has a long history background in creating television programming and has produced more than 400 episodes and many series. Vinnie has created programming in the genres of crime, factual, docu-soap, historical, reality, underwater, celebrity and wildlife programming for clients that include A&E, Bravo, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Science, TLC, History, Travel Channel, Smithsonian, OWN, HGTV, The Weather Channel and others. In 2005 Kralyevich won History Channel its first primetime Emmy for a series he was show runner on called ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE. In 2011 Discovery Science selected Vinnie as show runner to work with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg to create the 6-part definitive documentary series about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site in New York City called REBUILDING GROUND ZERO. ABRIDGED LIST OF TELEVISION PROGRAMMING 2015 Spies Inside the Hanoi Hilton (special) Smithsonian Networks 2013-2014 Mud Lovin’ Rednecks (series) Animal Planet 2013 Crowning New York (1 x 60) Smithsonian/Discovery International/Cineflix 2012-2013 Breaking Ice (6 x 30) The Weather Channel 2012 Iron Men (13 x 30) The Weather Channel 2012 Nazi Sunken Sub (1 x 60) Nat Geo International 2011 Serving Life (1 x 120) OWN (Executive Produced by Forest Whitaker) 2011 The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero (6 x 60) Discovery (Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg) 2011 Battle Lab (Series Pilot) G4 2011 Flea Man (6 x 60) National Geographic Channel 2011 Mud Money (Series Pilot) Animal Planet 2010 Perfect Parts (Series Pilot) A&E 2010 Haunted House for Sale (Series Pilot) HGTV 2010 Benjamin Franklin: Patriot or Pirate? (1 x 60) National Geographic Channel 2009-10 Naked Science (5 x 60) National Geographic Channel 2009-10 God’s Wrath (1 x 60) Discovery 2009-10 The Uprising (1 x 120) Animal Planet 2009 MysteryQuest (10 x 60) History 2009 The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice: Wanda Jackson (10 x 60) Smithsonian Networks 2009 2012 Apocalypse (1 x 60) Discovery 2009 Uncommon Courage: Breakout at Chosin (1 x 60) Smithsonian 2009 Clash Of The Gods (10 x 60) History 2009 Getting Out Alive (1 x 60) History 2008 Animal Gladiators (1 x 120) Animal Planet 2008 The White House: Behind Closed Doors (1 x 120) History 2008 Scandals of the Ancient World: Egypt (1 x 60) Discovery 2008 Mega Disasters (6 x 60) History 2008 MonsterQuest (7 x 60) History 2008 Xtreme Living (13 x 60) HGTV 2008 The Sweet Lady with The Nasty Voice (1 x 120) Smithsonian 2007 Quest for Sunken Warships (4 x 60) Military Channel 2006-07 Engineering an Empire (17 x 60) History 2006 The Dark Ages (1 x 120) History 2006 Megastructures (4 x 60) National Geographic Channel 2004-05 National Body Challenge (8 x 60) Discovery Health 2004-05 Weird U.S. (13 x 60) History __________________ VINCENT KRALYEVICH Show Runner & Director M 732.539.4208 • E vinniekralyevich@mac.com

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                • THE DARK AGES


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                  This History Channel special was a challenge to cover the 600-year span between the fall of the Roman Empire and the First Crusade. While many had to endure plagues, famine, and bloodshed, it was not all darkness -- the period was also punctuated by greta minds pushing frontiers in the arts and technology.

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                  • ABANDONED NATION (3:30 sizzle to TV series)


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                    Everyone is intrigued by places we see frozen in time. Places that were left abandoned like stray dogs to survive on their own across the American landscape. We wonder what it is like to go inside. Now we will. ABANDONED NATION is a TV series that unravels contemporary history, archeology, engineering and a detective story all mixed into one. The series is about ruins – some of which are stabilized while others are about to cave in or face the wrecking ball. These abandoned locations we cover do not just desert themselves – they represent shifts on history and our cultural landscape. Whether abandoned resorts, factories, mental institutions, hotels, cold war fortifications, theme parks or structures for once-burgeoning religions, they all eventually succumb to the march of change and the march of time. In this series Mark Moran, Rusty Tagliareni and Christina Matthews are urban explorers exploring untold tales, debunking or verifying local legends and most importantly, forensically revealing to the viewer our tides of change.

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                    • JIMMY KAPLOW CHARACTER REEL


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