1. Dalston, Mon Amour (Walkthrough trance trailer)


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    A site-specific simulation for Open Source 2015 Interactive video installation at Gillett Square, 2-3 May 2015, 2-11pm http://opensource.london Forgotten nightclubs. Neon-lit music venues. Turkish hangouts. Wild gardens. Rendered through a first-person perspective, this latest chapter of Lek’s ongoing Bonus Levels project reflects on the sense of collective amnesia brought about by perpetual redevelopment in Dalston. This site-specific simulation brings together multiple histories of the area into a single zone: primordial forests, immigrant neighbourhood, deluxe apartments. As players roam around this video game utopia, a voiceover extracted from Alain Resnais’ film Hiroshima Mon Amour speaks to them about the nature of memory. It is a gradual, but relentless, sense of forgetting that comes with any form of urban regeneration.

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    • Snow Falling in a Temple, Twice


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      A work for POST2 / La Scatola Digital Residency, 24 December 2014 - 23 January 2015 Snow Falling In A Temple, Twice is a test scene from a film that doesn't yet exist. Combining slowly panning shots of an vaulted interior with a fragmented voiceover, the visual effects are produced by stopping the rendering process before the digital image is fully formed. The video continues Lek's explorations into the existential experience of movement, and the cyclical nature of simulated time. -- Lawrence Lek's work explores the physical experience of simulated presence through immersive installations, audio-visual programs, and site-specific performance. His practice reflects the impact of the virtual on our perception of reality, in particular our altered sense of freedom and agency within this zone. His ongoing project Bonus Levels is a utopian world that unfolds as a series of downloads, videos, performances, and installations. Recent exhibitions include Sky Line at the White Building; Continental Drift at Channel Normal; Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part at Enclave; Tabularium at Slopes, Melbourne; Bodyscape at Parasol Unit. http://www.lawrencelek.com http://www.bonuslevels.net

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      • Continental Drift (OST) | Full Album Video | Lawrence Lek


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        Continental Drift (OST) is the original soundtrack for a simulated transatlantic flight from New York to London. Bringing together dislocated pop, arpeggiated guitars, and ambient material recorded in many different locations over the past five years, the album continues Lek's explorations into the meditative experience of movement. 1. Overseas 0:00 | 2. Austerity 5:47 | 3. Ambienz 10:20 | 4. Moiré 12:51 | 5. Ices 15:38 | 6. Off Grid 18:52 | 7. Eastbound 23:58 | 8. Zhuang 27:20 | 9. Descent 30:25 Download here: http://bit.ly/1z0MyO8 The entire album is presented as a single-shot music video, with kaleidoscopic visuals seen from the window seat of a Boeing 777. This work is Lek's first album since 2011's Screengazers LP, and is the first of several upcoming releases through his Bonus Levels project. The album will stream in its entirety for a month 2pm on Friday 5th December on Channel Normal (http://ChannelNormal.com), an online exhibition space that focuses on presenting time-based works. ABOUT Lawrence Lek is an artist based in London who explores the physical experience of simulated presence through video, sound, installations and online works. His practice revolves around the fictional world Bonus Levels, a utopian construct which unfolds as an ongoing series of downloads, videos, performances and installations. www.lawrencelek.com www.bonuslevels.net CHANNEL NORMAL Channel Normal is an online exhibition space that predominantly focuses on presenting time-based works and / or web-based works. www.channelnormal.com

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        • Sky Line Walkthrough x Pro/Numb I/P/1 feat. Tristan Stevens


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          Walkthough trailer for Project/Number's first Internet Project, I/P/1 by Tristan Stevens -- #happybirthdayniall is a series of GIFs embedded within Sky Line, Lawrence Lek's digital commission for Art Licks Weekend 2014. I/P/1 will be installed at Project/Number and loop live throughout the evening of the 5 October 2014. Sky Line is the most recent chapter of Bonus Levels, an ongoing project interrogating the construction of utopian narratives through videos and virtual worlds. http://www.artlicksweekend.com/ http://projectnumber.org http://bonuslevels.net Tristan Stevens solo exhibitions: FIFTHWALL, Black Swan Arts, Frome, UK; View-Point, OUTPOST, Norwich, UK. Recent group exhibitions: 'Ways of Something' Debut screening, Transfer Gallery, NY; Bending Light, Home-Platform, Bristol, UK; Crazy, Sexy, Cool, Montreal; Clusterfuck Zoo, Transfer Gallery; Anatomize, Transfer Gallery; When Analog was Periodical, Berlin. http://www.tristanstevens.com/ Lawrence Lek (b. 1982, Frankfurt) fabricates, and simulates, utopian visions. His practice reflects the spatial manifestations of collective consciousness, in particular our altered sense of freedom within, and control over, virtual worlds. A continuous rewriting of symbols, territories, and narratives occurs throughout his work as a surrogate for this dialogue. Recent exhibitions include Tabularium at Slopes, Melbourne (2014), Raytracer at the White Building (2014), Penthouse 4C at the Barbican Centre, Bodyscape at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, Glass Idols at the Victoria & Albert Museum (2013), and Art Redistribution Group at Arcadia Missa (2011). http://www.lawrencelek.com/

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          • Sky Line (Virtual Tour, Parallel Narrative Version)


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            Two travelers search for meaning while traveling on a utopian railway that connects independent galleries across London. The video is created from a virtual world commissioned for Art Licks Weekend 2014. Sky Line is the most recent chapter of Bonus Levels, an ongoing project interrogating the construction of utopian narratives through videos and virtual worlds. Lek draws from the compositional techniques of cinema, using software to explore altered states of presence, memory and materiality that are unique to digital space. The project will be exhibited within a new audio-visual installation at The White Building during Art Licks Weekend, and video tour of Sky Line is available to view online. http://bonuslevels.net http://artlicksweekend.com/digital-commission-sky-line/ Venue: The White Building, 7 Queen's Yard, London E9 5EN Artists Talk with White Building curator Rachel Falconer: Sat 4 Oct 3–4pm Exhibitions hours: Fri 3 Oct 12–6pm / Sat 4 Oct 2–6pm / Sun 5 Oct 12–6pm /// Sky Line is a critical response to the lack of infrastructure for independent galleries and project spaces in London, using the medium of a video game to create a unified transportation network for these disparate zones. Modelled as a floating version of the Circle Line, each station is based on a location participating in the Art Licks Weekend festival, with their physical architecture transformed into idealised digital models. In this virtual world, travellers are given unlimited access to the hovering trains, moving between independent galleries, domestic exhibitions, subterranean spaces, and other fragments of the city. Sky Line proposes a form of utopia where the vision of London is not of financial skyscrapers, but of infinite access. Featuring: 395 • 38b • A Brooks Art • Amatorska • Arebyte • Art House Foundation •Conduire • Dig Collective • Enclave • Gowlett Peaks • Hotel Elephant • Jupiter Woods • Ladette Space • Legion TV • London Sculpture Workshop • Millington Marriott • Patchfinder • Project/Number • Schwartz Gallery • South Kiosk • Studio 180 • The White Building • YYY Sky Line is funded by Outset Contemporary Art Fund. Supported by SPACE.

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            • Memory Palace (in search of hypertext)


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              Within the walls of the Memory Palace, viewers (also known as browsers) are in a perpetual search for a state of total recall. Searching for the perfect text within the Memory Palace is also an exploration of a virtual archive which contains three forms of memory: books, architecture, and video. Its architecture is based on a modern data centre set within the Tabularium - the state archive of the Roman Empire on the Capitoline Hill. Its collection consists of publications about the internet that do not exist in online form, drawn from the archive collected for the Tabularium exhibition, 2014. Its videos are drawn from fragments of films about books as a physical artefact. Exploring the world is a journey through these forms of collective memory. -- A project by Lawrence Lek for Tabularium, an exhibition curated by Alana Kushnir at Slopes, Melbourne. http://lawrencelek.com http://slopesprojects.org

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              • TABULARIUM (Walkthrough Trailer)


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                TABULARIUM An exhibition featuring work by: Eloïse Bonneviot • Ry David Bradley • Heman Chong and Anthony Marcellini • Rachel de Joode • Lawrence Lek • Katja Novitskova • Tom Penney • Jon Rafman Curated by Alana Kushnir Opening Thursday 21 August 6 – 8 PM Exhibition 21 August – 13 September 2014 Slopes, Melbourne and online at www.slopesprojects.org

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                • BonusLevels Delirious New Wick Walkthrough HD 10k


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                  Speculative-architect Lawrence Lek presents a trippy preview of video-game Bonus Levels, where users can break intro artist Anish Kapoors' Orbit Tower and float across Hopkins Architects' Velodrome. Read the interview at T-R-E-M-O-R-S: http://goo.gl/IDFNGR

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                  • Bonus Levels - Chapter 2: Delirious New Wick - Walkthrough


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                    Bonus Levels is a series of utopian video game worlds. The project collages together fragments of London into a continuously evolving virtual city. Here, the boundaries between private and public zones disappear, creating an environment of open access and free exploration. Chapter 2 reimagines the zone surrounding London’s 2012 Olympic Park as a primal utopia of floating islands, abandoned stadiums and post-industrial monuments. Based on the physical maps of the area, the level brings together three histories of the area into a single virtual landscape: primordial forests, commercial regeneration strategies, and artist-run colonies. As regeneration strategies and commercial property developments spread over East London, the player is invited to witness the conflict between the area’s past and its future. Teleporter Pavilions beam the player into inaccessible areas of London – up into the voids of Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit tower and into the Velodrome flying over the sky. www.bonuslevels.net www.lawrencelek.com

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                    • Bonus Levels - Chapter 1: Art Licks Weekend 2013 - Walkthrough


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                      www.bonuslevels.net www.lawrencelek.com Bonus Levels is a series of utopian video game worlds. The project collages together fragments of London into a continuously evolving virtual city. Here, the boundaries between private and public zones disappear, creating an environment of open access and free exploration. Chapter 1 celebrates the independent spirit of the galleries and artist-run spaces of Art Licks Weekend festival by bringing them together in a collective tower. DIY movements come from the combined efforts of people who take initiative. Unable to afford commercial real estate rates in London, this phenomenon results in emerging galleries and art collectives occupying the fringes of the city. Bonus Levels is an ideal tower where these places are brought together in a single place. Each floor in the tower is dedicated to a gallery participating in the festival, and the structure and curatorial concept of their physical space is reflected in its virtual double. From white cubes to dark performance spaces and psychogeographic maps, the game invites each player to explore an alternate reality. In this zone, light is saturated, sound is heightened and time and space collapse. As players explore, the tower becomes a mashup of perspectives for the digital flaneur. Bonus Levels launched on 3rd October in an immersive gaming zone at the White Building in Hackney Wick.

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