1. Ten Lighting Setups


    from John Note / Added

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    This was a project for my lighting class. Each shot had specific details on which to follow, which are explained in the video. In more depth, here are the ten shot assignments. 1. A three-quarter or waist-high silhouette of 1 or 2 people perfectly exposed for the background with the foreground figure(s) completely dark. There should be enough distance between foreground and background that the spill of one area does not interfere with the other. 2. Invert the lighting in #1, using exactly the same pose and framing with perfectly exposed foreground figures at 4:1 key/fill (two stops) and completely dark or just barely visible details in the background. 3. A waist-high person in soft (diffused) side light, no fill light, and a specular edge light from the opposite side with the background as dark and unlit as possible. An incident reading of the edge light should be about the same f/stop as the key light if the subject has light features, or one stop brighter if the subject has dark features. Expose for the diffused key light. 4. Identical pose and framing to #3 but with added light and shadow (using barn doors, or other shadowing material) shaping and highlighting the background (think of it as painting the background with light and shadow). 5. A scene with a standing or seated person, a candle (either held by hand or on a table) seemingly lighting the person but actually enhanced with additional light, and a circular glow simulating the effect of the candlelight on the background. 6. A person reading in bed by lamplight at midnight (implied by light, shadow, framing, ratio, composition, and a “practical”). 7. A person sleeping in bed at 3 am with shadows implying moonlight coming through unseen foliage or blinds onto part of the scene. You may want to gel the moonlight source or the fill light with a blue or other color gel. 8. A person in bed at sunrise (implied by light, shadow, color, and composition). 9. Simulate the pose, surface tones, and light of a specific frame from a film of your choosing. If possible, also turn in a still image of that frame. 10. Shoot an interior still with at least one person in it using whatever light sources already exist in the location (lamps, overhead lights, windows, etc.), but without showing any of those sources in the frame. Now, turn off/cover those sources and replicate, as nearly as possible, that scene using only artificial lighting. Also shoot wide shots of both the “natural” lighting sources and the artificial sources. Since it is available in video, instead of using gels, I white balanced off of different color swatches, for a greener look, I white balanced off of a magenta tone, blue look, orange tone, etc... I also lowered the blacks and raised the mids in Color, to give the video a more filmic look. Over all, a very fun assignment

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    • Legends


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      2013 regrade with Film Convert. 10% off with code bloom or via this link: gopb.co/filmconvert Filmed at Duxford air show at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambs. Filmed as part of the official DVD available at http://www.flyingmachinestv.co.uk Thanks to Steve Connor for kind of use of this footage. Filmed and edited using the Sony EX1 and Letus Ultimate by Philip Bloom of www.philipbloom.co.uk This is Version 2 with a tweaked grade. Music is Nimrod by Edward Elgar

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      • 3 Seconds


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        2013 new grade with film convert. 10% off with code bloom or via this link gopb.co/filmconvert Re-edit with new grade and more twixtor slow motion. Promo film for the European Cliff Diving Championships in southern Switzerland. Shot on Sony EX1 and Letus Ultimate. Music is by Ennio Morricone from A Few Dollars More. Check out the Queenbury Media edit here http://exposureroom.com/members/QueensburyMedia.aspx/assets/e55f4da40b2e4a278afa8db08ca8d11f/

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        • Bellissimo


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          EX1 and 35mm adapters (Letus Extreme - SGPro) + Nikon lenses (80-200 2.8 / 14mm 2.8 / 50mm 1.2 / 24mm 2.8) Val D'agri, Basilicata, Italy. Music by Ilya "Bellissimo"

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            from Alex Tyson / Added

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            Produced + Directed by Alex Tyson. Viewing with headphones or a stereo is highly recommended. A film featuring sound artist Charles Cohen improvising on a 1970's Buchla Music Easel. This extremely rare instrument is one of Don Buchla's 200 series. Buchla (a pioneer of audio synthesis) only manufactured 14 of these units. The film was edited from over an hour of free improvisation, with audio taken directly from Charles' mixing board.

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              from Monso / Added

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              • Laura + Josh // The All Brevis Wedding // Mexico


                from stillmotion / Added

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                This is, what we believe to be, the first wedding shot entirely on 35mm adapters. We chose the brevis and had a crew of 3 shooting the day, with a fourth shooting behind the scenes. We had a wide assortment of gear with some of the highlights being the new Cinevate follow focus, the new Cinevate cage (for handheld work), a prototype of the soon to be released slider, and many lenses. We used a full EOS setup with the 24 1.4, 50 1.4, and 70-200 being the most common as well as some Zeiss primes including a 28 f2, 50 1.4, and 100 f2 macro. On the steadicam we used both the 50 and 28 from Zeiss. The ceremony was shot with the steadicam and two 70-200s. The reception was light using a pair of pro lights (easy to pack) and some diffusion. All other lighting was just using what was available and aside from the 3-5 shots during the photo-session, everything else was shot live as it happened. For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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                • Fenway HD Camera - Sony HDC-910 - Canon 75x


                  from Tom Guilmette / Added

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                  Check out more from Fenway Park here: http://www.tomguilmette.com/wp/my-blog/archives/2794 I shoot the Red Sox for a living in HD. I enjoy working with expensive and state-of-the-art television equipment. A few people emailed me recently and asked me if I could shoot a video blog of my very expensive HD camera that I use to shoot for the networks at Fenway Park. Well, here you go! I use a Sony HDC-910 camera head with a 75x (9.5mm to 700mm zoom 1:1.7) Canon HD lens with an optical image stabilizer. The camera head new has a retail price of $94,700.00 and that does not include the viewfinder or the lens! The lens is almost as much! The camera is mounted to a large fluid head on Miller sticks. The fluid head is the Vinten Vector 70 and I would ague that this is the best hard camera pan head ever made. I brought my PMW-EX1 to work today and during my lunch break, I shot a quick video explaining the camera the best I could. I had a million other things I had to do that day. I did not spend much time on this, but this short little film should answer the questions I was asked. Keep watching until the end. I got a shot of the moon rising over the right field seats and I think you will like it. I shot this during the game a few days ago and TV color analyst Jerry Remy even stated that it was “the best shot he has ever seen on NESN” (New England Sports Network). Now keep in mind, this shot had nothing to do with baseball or sports for that matter. Go figure. I see shots like this on the Discovery channel all the time! The moon shot I added to this video was off a dvd copy of the clip. In crappy standard def. I up-converted it to 720p in Final Cut. I did not have a chance to get a HD version yet. Email me any questions. My website is http://www.tomguilmette.com

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                  • Dead Fish


                    from Paul Whittington / Added

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                    A wasteland of dead fish and those who feed on them. Available on DVD at: http://www.orangecorefilms.com/dvdstore.html

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                    • Form One - Falling Down


                      from Tobias Martinsson / Added

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                      Directed and shot by Tobias Martinsson, www.tron.se Assistant and still photography by Marcus Bergman. Shot with Sony EX1 with Letus Extreme and Nikon D90. A breakdown can be found here: http://tronomatic.blogspot.com/

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