1. Dancing Solar Flowers at MOCA Taipei, 2014


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    This video presents the "Dancing Solar Flowers" exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Taipei from 20 September till 21 October 2014. Alexandre Dang thanks warmly MOCA Taipei who made this exhibition possible. You may ask how a "Dancing Solar Flower" can move? Each "Dancing Solar Flower" is composed of a photovoltaic cell producing solar electricity that triggers the movement when there is light. The more light there is, the faster the "Dancing Solar Flower" moves! When covering the solar cell, the "Dancing Solar Flower" slows down! Our way of life needs to move towards sustainable development: sustainable energies shall play a key role in the future. In this context, the solar-powered flowers contribute raising awareness of the potential of renewable energy for mankind and for the environment. Enjoy and share sustainable solar art with people you love! Website: www.alexandredang.com

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    • The Heart Library Project: MoCA Taipei experience maps, 2012


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      Drawings created by visitors to the Heart Library, exhibited as part of the exhibition "Wonderland" curated by Antoanetta Ivanova, at Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) Taipei, Taiwan.

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      • The Ginkgo Project - Art talk with Dominique Sirois


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        The Ginkgo Project is an experimental digital project to circulate and showcase the fascinating forces behind artistic and cultural creation. The Ginkgo Project also aims at revealing inspirations and trends in realm of Fashion & Mode, Music, Cinema & Gastronomy. GinkgoProject.com

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        • The Heart Library Project: MOCATaipei screenshots


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          Some screen shots we recorded at MOCA Taipei, showing the realtime heart rate controlled visuals: red for increases in heart rate, blue for decreases in heart rate.

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          • Red Ball Project in Taipei


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            April 2010

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              *Video documentation | HD 1080, 16:9, Colour, Stereo | duration 00:01:50. September 2009 | Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, MOCA, Taiwan | SUMO STUDIO® | found material, wooden structure, 247 x 254 x 700 cm | lighting: from the gate monument; wooden boxes: heating system | courtesy the artist. It is a temporary sauna corridor constructed by found material (wood) in the public space in summer (30°C) in Taipei. The smell of old wood and the insupportable temperature (inside 60°C) evokes a strange time travel from inside to ouside, from one departure to one arrival. This work is not only presented by the aspect of phantomatic space or legal / illegal architecture, but also questions the notion of the temperature in its physical as well as its climatic sense.

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              • 當代傳奇劇場_夢蝶


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                入圍理由: 兩位主要演員精湛細膩的表演藝術,「人保戲」的確立了這齣戲的可看性。人物造型與舉手 投足的唯美線條,很好的詮釋了傳統戲曲在直觀上對演員「資質濃粹」質地的要求。本劇試 圖以較輕鬆的方式翻轉「莊子試妻」的古老爭議。它釋放了崑劇固有的表演內涵,添加了許 多活潑、動人的元素。號稱「崑曲風新歌劇」的音樂處理,係以崑曲曲牌為基礎重新編曲, 雖然追求「中西合璧」,實驗性強,卻保留給演員相當行腔轉韻的空間,表現崑曲優雅、柔 媚、婉轉的特點,提供給觀眾欣賞唱腔的新角度。 (主筆委員/林鶴宜) 關於當代傳奇劇場: 1986 年,一群戲曲演員意識到傳統藝術的優勢不再,開始認真思索如何讓傳統戲曲與現代劇場藝 術「接軌」;在吳興國、魏海敏和一群同樣懷抱熱情的青年京劇演員共同努力之下,「當代 傳奇劇場」於焉誕生。多次取經西方經典,再以中國傳統戲曲的元素加以改編、融合東西方 劇場藝術、開闢傳統戲曲新道路,已成為當代傳奇劇場獨有的精神與特色。

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                • 台北當代藝術館_果凍時代_專訪05_策展人張晴


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                  張晴──果凍時代策展人 1964年出生于中國蘇州,中國美術學院美術史系美術史學史博士,現任上海美術館副館 長暨上海美術館雙年展辦公室主任。現任第七屆上海雙年展總策展人,並為國際現代美術館 和收藏委員會(CIMA)成員。 Zhang Qing Born 1964 in Suzhou, China, Zhang Qing serves as Deputy Director of Shanghai Art Museumand Director of the Shanghai Biennale Office. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the China Academy of Art and a member of the CIMAM. Since 1989 he has been a regular contributor to numerous leading Chinese journals including Jiangsu Pictorial, Art Monthly, Dushu, Avant-garde Today and Shanghai Culture. He served as the editor-in-chief of Chinese Art of the 1990s. In 2000, he was named one of the “top curators in China” by China’s national TV station the CCTV and other fifty media organizations. His major curatorial projects include the Art of Fang Lijun (Shanghai, 2007), the Sixth Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2006), the Tenth Venice Sculpture Exhibition(Venice, 2007), the Seventh San Paulo International Architecture Biennial (San Paulo, 2007), the Art of Chen Zhen (Shanghai, 2006), the Art of Yan Peiming (Shanghai, 2005), the Fifth Shanghai Biennale (2004), Interpreting the Modern: The Exhibition of Paintings from the Amsterdam Art Museum’s Collection (Amsterdam; Shanghai; Singapore, 2003), Junction: Architectural Practices in Chinese Contemporary Art (Shanghai, 2003), Red China: An Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art (Gwangju, 2002), City_net Asia (Seoul, 2003), Cai Guoqiang (Shanghai, 2001), Expressions of Contemporary China (Singapore, 2001), and the Third Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2000).

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                  • 台北當代藝術館_果凍時代_藝術家專訪04_林哲樂


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                    林哲樂/Q魚的下午 1983年生於上海,2005年畢業于上海大學影視學院。 展演經歷 2007 2010年 上海世博會《視覺上海》系列藝術片之《聆聽》的導演、編劇。 2007 上海國際時尚聯合會「High在上海」 2006 上海國際時尚聯合會年度十大時尚人物之一。 2006 專輯、紀錄片《韓寒N次方》和韓寒專輯MV作品《我》、《空城記》的導演、剪輯。 2006 《Q魚的下午》先後入選59屆嘎納國際電影節短片展映單元,第9屆上海國際電影節金爵 國際電影論壇青年導演大師班,第26屆夏威夷電影節短片單元。 2005《Q魚的下午》先後入選平遙國際攝影展短片展映,第2屆韓亞國際短片電影節。 2005《Q魚的下午》獲得法國大使館與法國電影聯盟合辦2005短片大賽大獎。 2005 廣告作品 "China Show"系列獲北京One Show金鉛筆青年創意比賽影視金獎。 2005 廣告作品"DDS Dental Care-Police and Thief"選送嘎納國際廣告節,並入選英國"SHOTS"影視寶典90期。 2005 個人影展,頂層畫廊,上海。 Lin-Zero Born in 1983, Shanghai. Graduated 2005, School of Film & TV Arts and Technology, Shanghai University, Shanghai. Lives and works in Shanghai. Exhibitions and Prizes 2007 L'ston, artistic film for Expo 2010 China Visual Shanghai, Director/Editor. 2007 one of the Most Fashionable People of 2006 by Shanghai International Fashion Federation. 2006 HANHAN MV, Director/ Editor, and video designer of multimedia disc of Hanhan’s album, Documentary Film Hanhan to the Power of N, Director/ Editor. 2005 F.I.L.L K.I.S.H, Director and Writer/Director of Photography/Editor, Invited by AISFF 2005, Won short film competition held by French Film Uni and embassy of France, invited by Cannes Film Festival. 2006 Invited by Shanghai International Film Festival and Hawaii International Film Festival. 2005 DDS Dental Care---Police and Thief, Director/Director of Photography/Editor, selected by SHOTS issue 90. 2005 One Show China Youth Creative Competition Gold Award. 2004 South Mountain, Director/Director of Photography/Editor. 2004 China Show, Director/Director of Photography/Editor.

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                    • 台北當代藝術館_果凍時代_藝術家專訪03_李洋


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                      李洋/人魚生死圖、思無邪 1976年生於太原,2001年畢業於北京中央美術學院。2005年以碩士學歷畢業於 北京中央美術學院。 展覽經歷 2007 「新銳策展人計劃-頭髮的故事」,TS1(宋莊壹號)當代藝術中心,北京。 2006 「醒醒」,長征空間,北京。 2005 「第51屆威尼斯雙年展—處女園:浮現」,中國國家館,威尼斯。 2003 「七天七夜」,中央美術學院,北京。 2003 「今日美術館首屆青年美展」,今日美術館,北京。 2001 「首屆成都雙年展」,現代藝術館,成都。 2001 「成都雙年展北京邀請展」,中華世紀壇,北京。 2001 「全國高等美術院校畢業生優秀作品展」,中國美術館,北京。 2000 ASEF「我夢中的新世紀」青年繪畫大賽,首爾。 2000 「虛擬長征」,望京地區,北京。 Li Yang Born in 1976, Taiyuan. Graduated 2001, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Graduated 2005, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (MA). Lives and works in Beijing, Shanxi. Exhibitions 2007 New Curator Project-The Story of Hair, TS1 Contemporary Art  Center,Beijing. 2006 Wake Up, Long March Space, Beijing. 2005 Emersion, China Pavilion of the 51st Venice Biennale, Italy. 2003 Seven Days and Nights, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. 2003 Fictitious Long March, Wangjing District, Beijing. 2003 Collection of 1st Works of Artistic Youth Exhibition Today Art Gallery, Today Art Gallery, Beijing. 2001 The First Chengdu Biennale, Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu. 2001 Beijing Invitational Exhibition of The First Chengdu Biennale, China Millennium Monument, Beijing. 2001 National Art Exhibition of Higher Institutions’ Outstanding Graduates, National Art Museum of China, Beijing. 2000 ASEF the New Century in My Dream Youth Painting Award, Seoul.

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