1. Baby Aspirin DVD feat. Marilu Donovan - Live at Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA - 5.3.15


    from Lyndon Lopez / Added

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    Cordey Lopez - modular synth, vocals Marilu Donovan - harp show with Lightning Bolt, Liturgy video credits to Mike Formanski

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    • tiptop audio - circadian rhythms: exploring basic function


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      tiptop audio - circadian rhythms: exploring basic function

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      • Euro Modules Patching


        from BAKAH / Added

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        Improv modular synth jam

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        • Elements of Eckshar


          from Bryan Noll / Added

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          Performed live on a modular synthesizer. Ableton Live feeds notes to Yarns which enables three triggers. All sounds from guitar and modular. https://soundcloud.com/fourhexagons/elements-of-eckshar Patch Notes: Yarns in 4T mode sends triggers running three different Euclidean Rhythms to A) unused, B) Peaks Ch1 Kick, C) Peaks Ch2 Snare, D) Tides trig. The primary voices are: A) Jaguar Baritone > Axis > Streams Compressor > Clouds B) Jaguar ... Compressor > Multed to Disting Pitch Follower > Elements V/Oct* C) Peaks Kick & Snare > Rosie > Erbe-Verb *Disting tries to pitch follow the guitar, but it can't, so it glitches. Trigger Part (Euclidean Length/Fill:Clock Division) A) unused B) 9/5:1/4 C) 32/17:1/16 D) 14/12:1/1 René passing 16th note clock on to Elements TRIG Tides modulating Erbe-Verb – UNI to DCY & inverted BI to TLT 87 bpm

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          • Purple Memory Clouds


            from Bryan Noll / Added

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            Performed live on a modular synthesizer. Ableton Live feeds notes to Yarns which enables four triggers. Ableton drum rack provides the bass drum with reverb. https://soundcloud.com/fourhexagons/purple-memory-clouds Patch Notes: Yarns in 4T mode sends triggers running four different Euclidean Rhythms to A) SH-101 EXT Clock In, B) René XCLK, C) Elements' Gate, D) Disting Y input. The primary voices are: A) SH-101 > Axis > Erbe-Verb B) René QCV > Tides > Streams Ch A > Clouds C) René QCV > Inverted with Shades > Elements L out > Disting (Delay) Trigger Part (Euclidean Length/Fill:Clock Division) A) 8/5:1/1 B) 7/5:1/8 C) 10/6:1/1 D) 14/12:1/1 René scale: C D Eb F G A Bb Sleep mode Access & X-Gate enabled for locations 4-11 Maths Ch4 provides the envelope for Streams Ch A, triggered by René G-X. Maths Ch1 modulates Tides' Shape and Maths' INV out modulates Tides' Smoothness. Maths' SUM out modulates Clouds DENS. Peaks LFO OUT1 modulates Elements' Mallet and FM. Peaks LFO Ch2 modulates Elements' Geometry and multed to Erbe-Verb Depth, Tilt, and Decay. URA CLK out to René YCLK, R-Pulse out to X-CV and URA CLK FM. URA R-flux out Clouds' TEXT.

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            • Omega Code - I AM


              from Omega Code / Added

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              First video from the album AEON. Directed by Felype Sotonyi

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              • DD Gamelan


                from Peter Speer / Added

                Using the on-board timing facilities of the Erbe Verb, Echophon and Clouds (in time-stretch mode) to mimic the shifting rhythms of a gamelan ensemble. Bell voice: Braids Bass voice: Shapeshifter Drone: EHX Ravish Sitar www.diode-ring.com

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                • Practicing some West Coast techniques


                  from Icaro Ferre / Added

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                  Since I can't yet afford a real Buchla or Wiard system, I'm trying to apply some techniques and ideas from west-coast synthesis to my Eurorack setup. My goal was to build a patch based on 3 principals: FM, LPG and a modulatable delay. In this patch, I'm also using the VBrazil MultiLFO to create random voltages and a complex LFO by cross modulating LFO 2 and 3.

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                  • Mysteron psytrance jam 


                    from Nectarios Meidanis / Added

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                    Rene Y gate is going into one excite input on the Mysteron, Rene X gate is going through maths Ch1 to get a small delay and get alternate syncopated triggers on the individual excitations of the Mysteron. Maths Ch4 receives clock triggers from Logic. Ch4 unity out controls Optomix ch1 and EOC out put is multed and clocks Rene and Wooglebug, so applying slew limiting on Channel 4 divides in intervals the incoming clock and also modulates Optomix Ch1 and makes the patch "slow down" yet in some interval of the incoming clock. Rene quantized CV out controls pitch on both waveguides on the Mysteron. Rene unquantized CV goes in Wogglebug Heart Input. Wogglebug Stepped Out controls Mutation Type and filter cut-off on the MMG.

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                    • Hologram


                      from Kevin Dul / Added

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                      Improvisation with MS20 mini, Make Noise STO, Strymon Blue Sky, A little bit of hot wiring with the usb. All rights reserved.

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