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    8 ноября на Малой Спортивной Арене "Лужники" состоялось бойцовское шоу "Легенда", часть 2: Вторжение. Если вы не смогли прийти в Лужники и посмотреть турнир по телевизору, то не откладывайте - смотрите шоу прямо сейчас. On November 8 in Moscow at MSA "Luzhniki" Legend Fight Show, part 2: Invasion took place. If you coudn't visit Luzhniki and see it on TV, don't waste time and watch it right now! See more videos in HD on our Channel / Смотрите другие поединки в HD-качестве: https://vimeo.com/legendashow Follow us / Будьте с нами: http://legendashow.com/ http://vk.com/legendashow https://www.facebook.com/legendashow https://www.facebook.com/LegendFightShow https://twitter.com/Legendashow http://legendashow.livejournal.com/ http://www.tumblr.com/blog/legendashow https://plus.google.com/116916034610954999115/posts/KEquuaKY6xR http://www.flickr.com/photos/legendashow/

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    • The Calasanz Show 014 VOD


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      Nearly raw footage of Calasanz and his students in his training facility. - Karate Forms - Karate - Baseball Bat Exercises - Ladies Martial Arts - Kata ... and more!

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      • Search Inside: One Jew's Quest For Spirituality


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        Bradley Dov-Ber Cohen tells his story of how he went from a Dance Music DJ in England to an extreme martial artist searching for spirituality in the Far East. Hear about volunteering in orphanages in India, pilgrimages in Japan and meditating in Nepal. Discover how his intriguing journey finally brought him home to Judaism and setting up a Tikun Olam organisation. This talk also includes a screening of award winning documentary 'The Wandering Jew' by Ben Fefferman, exploring why many Jews are searching for spirituality in the East.

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        • The Calasanz Show 015 VOD


          from Calasanz Physical Arts / Added

          Nearly raw footage of Calasanz and his students in his training facility. Presenting the birth of MMA bouts - Fights - Kata - Weapons Forms - Adults - Children - Young Athletes - Wing Chun ... and more!

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          • Les Formidables VOD


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            Barely holding together from a child in dire need of a surgery he cannot afford, Inspector Sung-woo gets lambasted at work when his partner gets killed during a routine stakeout. Meanwhile, Su-hyun, a young man striving to absolve himself from his fated upbringing in a criminal syndicate, gets one last job to send a “message” to the surviving witness of the same murder incident which brought Inspector Sung-woo into trouble. As luck would have it, both men are blamed for the night’s treachery. The inspector falls to drinking and despair, whereas the Su-hyun gets framed for a cop killing he didn’t commit. Knowing his days are numbered, Su-hyun escapes right under the nose of massive security. In the process, he kidnaps the hapless Sung-woo for protection. Sung-woo, though, sees the kidnapping as a way to kill himself and thus pay for his child’s surgery, leading to the most outlandish and incredible test of wills and survival in the heat of a high octane chase. A marvelously paced, smart action-thriller, where the characters unravel the night of the crime through gritted teeth. By finding the real killers, this unlikely pair will be able to vindicate their names, but will have to fight both sides of law before bringing the truth to light.

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            • But Still Here (2014) documentary


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              This is a documentary about my leg injury, from when it happened to the healing process. Two things made this time bearable as I was kept dormant on one leg: 1) filming a kung fu movie called D.H.A.R.M.A. 9, and 2) finding true love. The movie also chronicles some of the work I did with Wanly Florexile for his film, HOPE: A BROOKLYN STORY.

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              • William Lee's Army from Hell VOD


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                When an army of demon assassins in unleashed upon humankind, only one man can stop them. A man with a sword, a bad attitude and no name. When the demons rise, somebody's gotta take 'em down. Who you gonna' call?

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                • Chinese Martial Arts Association Grand Opening August 25 1996


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                  Grand opening event in 1996 of my Chinese Martial Arts Association studio located in Payne avenue. It was a great space for 5 instructors to teach our martial arts to students, teachers include T'shaka Brown, Weiyue Hu, Buddy Wu, Kwang Liang and myself Johnny Wu, classes include Shaolin Kungfu, Internal martial art system, Wing Chun, Dragon Fist and Wu Jian Quan Shu. Many teachers came and demonstrated at the opening. Building was sold in 2000 or so, it was a great run.

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                  • Martial Arts Wannabe


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                    Title: Martial Arts Wannabe Genre: Martial Arts - Comedy Rating: PG-13 Release Date: Dec 2006 Synopsis: Harry Wang is an aspiring marital artist seeking to uphold his family's tradition of martial arts. His plans are disrupted when his dream girl, Candy, is kidnapped by a local gang. It's gonna take more than a wannabe to save Candy from the Butter Knife gang. Does Harry have what it takes to become a true martial arts hero?

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                    • The Prodigal Son


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                      Leung Jan (Yuen Biao) is a young man in a wealthy family living in Foshan in the mid-19th century. He is a martial artist trained by two instructors in his father's employ. He has fought over three hundred times in Foshan and won every fight, but unbeknownst to him, his father has arranged for his servant Yee Tong Choi (Chan Lung) to bribe Jan's opponents to lose to him in order to protect him. This has caused Jan to believe that he is a world-class fighter, but in truth he hasn't even mastered the basics of kung fu and any real fighter could easily defeat him. Everyone knows this but him, giving him the nickname "The Prodigal Son" behind his back. One night, three of Jan's friends attend a performance by the Lok Fung Lin Chinese Opera troupe. One of Jan's friends is attracted to the lead actress and asks her out on a date after the performance. She refuses, but he insists and even harasses her. She reveals herself to be a man, Leung Yee-tai (Lam Ching-ying), a master of Wing Chun. He beats up and humiliates Jan's friends. Jan challenges Yee-tai to a fight to avenge the insults to his friends. As usual, Yee Tong Choi tries to bribe Yee-tai to lose, but Yee-tai refuses, easily defeats Jan, and reveals the truth about his martial arts ineptitude to him. Jan, desiring to learn real kung fu, asks Yee-tai to teach him Wing Chun. Yee-tai refuses because he thinks Jan would probably misuse it, but Jan has his father buy the Lok Fung Lin troupe and gives himself a job as Yee-tai's personal assistant, insisting on following Yee-tai everywhere until Yee-tai agrees to teach him Wing Chun. This continues for six months. The Lok Fung Lin troupe travels to Canton. There, Yee-tai's Wing Chun skills are witnessed by Lord Ngai Fai (Frankie Chan), the son of a Manchu duke, who is also a martial arts master and is hunting for a worthy opponent. Ngai forces Yee-tai to fight him. Ngai and Yee-tai are evenly matched until Yee-tai has an asthma attack. Ngai stops the fight and postpones it until Yee-tai is healthy and fit for it. It is revealed that Ngai is also a "prodigal son;" unbeknownst to him, his father has ordered his bodyguards to protect him from anyone who might beat him in a fight. However, their methods are more ruthless and brutal than the bribery employed by Jan's parents; they resort to assassination. During the night, Ngai's bodyguards and a team of assassins infiltrate the Lok Fung Lin theater, massacre the troupe, and burn down the theater. Yee-tai is having trouble sleeping because of his asthma, and he sees light reflected off an assassin's blade through his eyelids and reacts in time to escape along with Jan. The assassins think they died in the fire, as does everyone else. Yee-tai takes Jan to the home of his martial brother Wong Wah-bo (Sammo Hung). With Wah-bo's help, Jan finally convinces Yee-tai to teach him Wing Chun. Jan trains under both Yee-tai and Wah-bo; Yee-tai trains him in Wing Chun and Wah-bo trains him in freestyle fighting. Over time, Jan achieves proficiency in martial arts, but Yee-tai's asthma is worsening. Jan takes Yee-tai back to Foshan to see a doctor. There, Ngai learns that Yee-tai is still alive, and he visits him. Yee-tai reveals that Ngai's bodyguards have been assassinating everyone who might beat Ngai. The bodyguards murder Yee-tai. Ngai, horrified, has his bodyguards executed. Jan challenges Ngai to a fight. Using everything that Yee-tai and Wah-bo taught him, he manages to beat Ngai.

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