1. Humanist Community Forum (2015-05-03): Understanding Our World - The Reality of the Human Mind (Martin Squibbs)


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    The evidence of neuroscience is revealing that most likely our conscious, thinking and feeling self, and our mind (which contains our past memories, knowledge and understanding, our future possibilities, and much more), are both in fact part of our remarkable, complex, living human brain. Humanist Community member and Board Vice-President Martin Squibbs will present a model of how he believes our mind, and our memories, function and form, and how such knowledge and awareness of ourselves might help human kind progress.

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    • Humanist Community Forum (2014-05-11): Consumer Debt, Corporate Profits and Stock Market Value


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      Before the 2008 financial shock and stock market crash, our speaker, Martin Squibbs (Humanist Community member and leader) had little knowledge or understanding of our monetary, financial and investment systems. Since then, he has tried to learn about these areas as best he can. During this process, he discovered that consumer debt growth (considering households and government as consumers) can contribute directly, with some delay, to corporate profits and so to stock market value. After analyzing the USA 's macro economic history from 1950 to the present day, he concluded this has very likely been the case in the USA to a significant degree since 1980. Thus, he suspects, as we reduce our unsustainable levels of consumer debt growth, it is likely that corporate profits, earnings, and stock market value will be substantially reduced.

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      • Humanist Community Forum (2013-10-20): Reality and our Memories of it (Martin Squibbs)


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        Here is Martin's summary of this talk. Martin is a member and leader of the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley. ------------------------------------------- I have introduced my theory regarding the form and nature of our minds and ourselves in previous talks. In this talk I want to focus on it and clarify it. At its core, I propose that our brains not only hold our memories of our past, our knowledge, and our future; they actually form these memories in the first place. In fact, I propose the brain is the only place in reality where such memories are formed, exist and can be found. And we, ourselves, exist and live within our brain surrounded by this “world” of memories. I wish to consider the processes by which we form these and other different types of memory, along with distinguishing between our emotional and objective worlds. I wish to recognize the language and measurement systems we have abstracted from our memories in order to compare, consider, store, share and better understand them, and what methods we employ for storing and sharing them. Finally, I wish to consider some of the scientific and ethical implications of my theory, if it’s true. That is, beyond Philosophical curiosity, what difference does this theory make; to ourselves, to our human worlds, to life, and to reality as a whole? How does it help us to live more ethically, more truthfully, more joyfully, and with greater integrity? ------------------------------------------- Slides from Martin’s presentation are available here: http://www.humanists.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013-10-20-Martin-Squibbs-edit.pdf

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        • Humanist Community Forum (2013-04-14): Our Phenomenal Human Mind, Core Values, Common Sense, Agreed Truths,... (Martin Squibbs)


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          Our Phenomenal Human Mind, Core Values, Common Sense, Agreed Truths, Shared Visions, and Getting Real (Martin Squibbs) The relatively new fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, memory investigation and more, are finally uncovering the nature and form of the human mind. The home of self, source of emotion, recorder of past, discoverer of knowledge, imaginer of future, master of Philosophy, conjurer of the super natural, and builder of civilization – the container, no less, of our entire personal world. As science uncovers this phenomenon of human consciousness, what practical benefits might these insights offer to humanity? Will they help us to better achieve social justice, to develop more effective economic systems, and to return, if possible, to a healthy and thriving material balance with the natural environmental? What are we coming to realize as human beings, and might it lead us to become a more civilized, joyful and healthier species on Planet Earth? Longtime Humanist Community member Martin Squibbs will discuss these questions.

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          • Humanist Community Forum (2012-10-21): Our Home, The Mind - Understanding it better, Enjoying it More, and Using it Well


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            Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, and the study of Memory and Consciousness are all focusing on understanding the nature, behaviour and living reality of our home; the human mind, living within our human brain. Weighing 3lb, being 6.5″x5.5″x3.5″ in size, having 2% of our body’s weight, consuming 20% of our body’s energy, containing around 100 billion neurons and establishing around 100 trillion connections, the human brain is, or should I say most likely you are, perceiving and reading and interpreting these words within its neural networks right now. What does this relatively new form of life, this highly self aware and complex human brain, bring to Earth, to our Solar system, and to this Universe as a whole, so far as we know? And how do we find joy within it and do well by it? I intend to share new scientific insights into the structure and processes of our memories in mind, and then offer some of my own thoughts and theories regarding the very nature and form that our human minds take within reality as a whole, and in doing so, seek to propose some answers to these questions. Martin Squibbs, longtime Humanist Community member, will discuss these questions.

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            • Humanist Community Forum (2012-04-22): Globalization, an Ironic Economic Theory, and Time and Money (Martin Squibbs)


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              This presentation will contain ideas that longtime Humanist Community member Martin Squibbs has developed from the presentations on "Values and Wealth" and "Money", that he gave respectively in November 2011 and January 2012. Firstly, he will discuss globalization, and how we might differentiate its meaning into material and human categories in order to discuss the subject more intelligently and more usefully (from the point of view of looking forward to a better future). Secondly, he will present and discuss a model of the US economic system which may extend to many other economic systems and which may offer some ironic connections between government debt and stock market valuation. Finally, if time allows, he has some additional thoughts on time and money.

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              • Humanist Community Forum (2012-01-15)-Money: Understanding the US Monetary System and the Present Financial State of our Economy


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                Humanist Community member Martin Squibbs will recap (from his Nov. 13, 2011 Forum talk) his discussion of money as a measure of exchanged human value and an estimate of real wealth. He will then seek to explain as simply as possible how the U.S. economy operates, based upon its fiat banking system, and review some of its 20th century history, in order to put its highly unbalanced state today in an historical perspective. Finally, he will consider the possible future paths it may follow to regain its balance, and some precautions we may ourselves consider in order to be prepared for such possibilities. The viewgraphs that the speaker presented can be seen at www.humanists.org/pix/Squibbs_2012Jan.pdf

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                • Humanist Community Forum (2011-11-13): Wealth, Value and Money - What They Are, Why They Matter, and How We Can Affect Them


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                  What is real wealth? What is of real value? What is money? Humanist Community member Martin Squibbs will explore the meaning of these words, in reality and in truth, as well as the following questions: What differences should we be seeking to make, and what changes should we be seeking to realize? What is, really, a better future, for human civilization? What is the wealth civilization most needs to build, what changes we make now will bring the most value to it, and how does money play a part in growing that wealth, and realizing that value?

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                  • Humanist Community Forum (2011-06-12): Time,The Mind,Reality, and Critical TO DOs to Envision a Flourishing Future for Humanity


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                    What does time measure, how does the human mind work, what is the nature of reality ? I aim to explore these questions and provide some answers to them, and in so doing set a framework of understanding of humanity, civilization, and reality, from which I can explore the next question on my mind. Namely, how is human civilization and life on Earth getting on, in reality, right now ? I'd like to explore this question by first identifying some values by which we might determine how we are getting on, and then suggest the critical actions on Humanity's "TO DO" list for the 21st Century, which can enable us to grow these values and so envision a future where human civilization can survive and thrive, and continue to flourish, into the forseeable future. (Martin Squibbs)

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                    • Humanist Community Forum (2010-08-15): A Path to Human Health and Prosperity (Martin Squibbs)


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                      Human society is increasingly complex and diverse, with regards to the jobs we do, the stuff we produce, the discoveries we make, and the knowledge and understanding we gain. But are these changes good, healthy, ethical, meaningful? Indeed, what is good, healthy, ethical and meaningful change? What is it to survive and prosper as humans, today? In a continually changing and unpredictable world, and while embracing the principles of freedom, opportunity and diversity for all, can we agree on some simple core values, key conditions, and necessary goals, which we can apply universally to ourselves and society, to ensure that we head, individually, and in community, in the direction of continued survival and increasing prosperity? If so, how do we adopt them, and what changes in our beliefs and behaviors must we make to do so? Humanist Community member Martin Squibbs will share his thoughts on the answers to these questions.

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