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    The Maneki Neko (jap., literally Beckoning Cat; aka Lucky Cat, Money Cat) is a common Japanese figurine which is believed to bring luck, attract customers and bring prosperity. The Lucky Cat waves with the raised left paw and holds a historic coin in front of itself with the right one. The Lucky Cat as talisman and selling product is wide-spread in Asia and meanwhile almost all over the world. Luck is associated here with monetary and material prosperity. For tourists the Lucky Cat became a kind of pop style Manga character which appears in growing numbers in western private households. As kitschy-petite like exotic souvenir it refers to a certain idea of western lifestyle. The material element of the installation»The Global Pursuit of Happiness, or: The Army of Luck« is the »Lucky Cats' Matrix«. It contains 520 shiny golden XXL Lucky Cats made of plastics which are arranged in 40 rows and 13 columns on a ramp-like stand made of aluminum (W 8 m, H 3 m, D 2 m). Visitors experience the Lucky Cats' Matrix as a dot-matrix display which consists of 520 waving paw grid points as its »pixels«. In each cat a servomotor is built in to control the paws move exactly in position and speed. The visitors are requested imaginarily by the cats to interact as users: "Your concept of happiness is our lucky command. Write it on the keyboard". Words and sentences up to 40 characters can be put in and are displayed clearly visible with the paws letter by letter as sliding text marquee. So to say, the users »choreograph« the Lucky Cats performance wordwise. Literally it is the »inscription« of an idea of happiness or a wish in the Lucky Cats' bodies by moving their paws forward and backward. For users, the Lucky Cats become multiplied »avatars« in the world of chance and happiness. But the Lucky Cats are also able to perform spontaneously as well: they can show 25 different salutatory and signalizing gestures as well as mass movements like the »Mexican Wave« or an ecstatic »hyperkinesis«. Every displayed sentence triggers audio events – sound samples of mass or group events, like entertainment shows, political speeches, demonstrations, sport events, parades, accidents, etc. from the beginning of the last century until today. The sounds express auditorily different states of mind, like joy, euphoria, desire, fear, hate, aggression and resignation, astonishment, outrage, pain, panic, desperation and fanatical excitement. The sounds are played in random order and unpredictable combinations. Different contexts and changing settings are emerging. Are the Lucky Cats »one-armed bandits«? Or is it a gesture in the context of a political or religious movement? Is it a just a happy waving of the fun-loving, hedonistic society? Or is the assembly of Lucky Cats a revolutionary deployment of »wish machines« as »army of luck« or is it just another marketing campaign? The lined up, gold-reflecting mass of the Lucky Cats in the matrix appears almost as an insubstantially copy-paste-animation. The Lucky Cats in the matrix as an industrial made product become an »ornament of the masses« for repetetive-stererotype and globalized-industrialized ideals. Do we need more and more Lucky Cats to generate more and more prosperity for more and more people? Boris Petrovsky 2012 www.petrovsky.de Video and post production: Nina Martens www.stereomorph.net Location: Art Fair »Art Karlsruhe 2012«, Karlsruhe (Germany), one artist show, gallery ABTART, Stuttgart

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      http://inneract.us Ever wish you could play beyond the limits of acceptable behavior? Discover a space where you create the rules. Inneract is for your practical needs and your most obscure desires. Invite others to interact with you in any way you wish, or explore the whims of others... Film by Lauren McCarthy Videography - David Leonard Graphic Design - Priscilla Brinshot Acting - Michael Badawi, Robert McMurrer, Goldie Johnson, Eddie Frateschi, Mike Shippey, Becky Shippey, Craig Shippey, Reagan Shippey, Winston Liu, Marcus Jordan, Chris Hampton, Kevin Christensen, Shannon Gomes, Allan Gomes, Quinn Gomes, Fiona Gomes, Kayla Chaiki, Kasra Takavoli, Eric Smith, Wesley Chou, Takumi Akin, Danny McIntyre, Lauren McCarthy Music - Lullatone

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      • this is thelab | a media arts company


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        Orientation film for thelab's method of creating and producing content for all media.

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        • [The User] :: The Symphony #1 for dot matrix printers - 1998


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          Audiovisual performance for 12 dot matrix printers and video projection by [The User] The Symphony for dot matrix printers is a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. The Symphony focuses the listener’s attention on a nearly forgotten technology: the dot matrix printer. Specifically, it employs the noises the printers make as the sole sound source for a musical composition. Leaving the constituent elements untouched, the process imposes a new order upon them, reorganizing the sounds along a musical structure. [The User] is a Montreal based contemporary art collective comprised of architect and installation artist Thomas McIntosh, and composer and sound artist Emmanuel Madan. The duo’s collaborative projects re-imagine relationships between technological systems, culture and human experience in striking ways. Credits Symphony #1 for dot matrix printers was created by [The User] with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Concept, design & construction: [The User] - Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan. Software: Thaddeus Thomas, ReDada software. Electronic engineering and manufacture: David Ozsvari.

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          • Animate Field


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            M.FA Thesis Project, May 2009, UCLA Design | Media Arts Animate Field presents a cloud of low-hanging fiber-optic filaments which create a volumetric mass for participants to directly engage in by physically occupying and moving through it. The red lit endpoints of the filaments are locally activated by people’s positions in the cloud. As the participants wade through the thicket of hanging filaments, their movement through the field creates trails of yellow light which persist as a kind of temporal residue, leaving a ghostly memory of their presence and their traveled paths. The mass of hanging fibers delicately grazes the skin of people whose physical presence in turn causes ripples and waves of movement throughout the mass. The field of lights in Animate Field constitutes a type of mediated architectural “skin”, but unlike most applications of this concept, this skin takes on volumetric dimensions and makes direct contact with the body. http://www.justinlui.net/projects/animatefield

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            • Mapping video MINI


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              TBWA nous invite pour une installation privée à la galerie WANted Paris.

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              • Creating a DVD in Premiere Pro CS6


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                A video tutorial on creating a dvd.

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                • Tribeca Flashpoint Launches New Design + Visual Communication Discipline


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                  Beginning Fall of 2011, Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy will launch a brand new two-year Associate's degree program in Design + Visual Communication. Founded in 2007, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy has quickly become one of the industry’s most well-known and respected media arts schools—providing intensive, direct-to-industry associate degree programs that propel graduates into “the business” in a way few other institutions can. Learn more at http://www.tfa.edu

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                  • Praying Mantis Research - SUNY Fredonia Sexual Cannibalism and Reproduction


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                    Current documentation of research on behavioral studies of praying mantis. Initial proof-of-concept for cross discipline studies between Biology and Visual Arts and New Media departments For more information on the research contact Dr. William Brown at SUNY Fredonia. For more information on the video documentation contact Phil Hastings at SUNY Fredonia. http://www.fredonia.edu/department/biology/ http://www.fredonia.edu/department/BIOLOGY/faculty_pages/Bill.asp http://www.fredonia.edu/department/art/ http://www.fredonia.edu/department/art/faculty/Hastings.asp

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                    • Schmiede - playground of ideas


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                      An insight into Schmiede Hallein and the world the Smiths create in September on the island in the alps. Schmiede is a producers festival between the arts and entrepreneurship with a strong tendency towards digital media, a playground where our ideas come to play. Schmiede is based on three principles: Network, Create, Present. Smith is the family and/or community around Schmiede. Schmiede encourages fail fast forward. We believe that in order to experience, refine and improve our model of reality (or work, or personal development) interacting, doing and producing, in the best case together, is of the essence. Therefore we, the Smiths, physically meet for ten days in order to get inspired, network, create, present, exchange, do, fail fast and learn to move forward. For this to happen Schmiede provides a basic and cooperative prototyping environment. The objective is to learn from the process and find collaborators for this or future projects. Schmiede does not teach. Schmiede provides inspiration and possibilities. follow links for more. Schmiede happens in late September on the Pernerinsel in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria. Application is open from March till May 31st. (schmiede.ca/application/) A submitted SchmiedeApplication is the first step towards SchmiedeParticipation and becoming a Smith. Everyone who wants to participate needs to apply. SchmiedeLinks: schmiede.ca facebook.com/schmiedehallein issuu.com/schmiede SmithGroups: vimeo.com/groups/110342 soundcloud.com/groups/schmiede facebook.com/groups/48976179872/?fref=ts VideoCredits: Regie, Schnitt , Ton, Animation: Judith Holzer Kamera: Marcel Schobel, Judith Holzer, Bruno Peláez Méndez, Grusch Thomas Musik: Going Nanananana by The unused word 2D Animation: Alessandro Maggioni (http://www.atelierperela.com/), Judith Holzer

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