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    A documentation of attempted stability after a bipolar diagnosis.

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    • Sit down with Dr. Mona Vand & Carolyn Scott-Hamilton


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      Dr. Mona Vand sits down with The Healthy Voyager's Carolyn Scott-Hamilton to discuss the launch of her new series, "The Modern Pharmacist."

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      • Talyst Automated Dispensing System in Post-Acute care


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        Daniel Bundrick, Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Agapé Senior explains how the Taylst automated dispensing technology helps the Post-Acute Care Centers in West Columbia, Rock Hill and Conway increase their efficiency and accuracy of medication management. The system allows nurses more time to spend with their patients by dramatically reducing the time it takes for medication passes in the facility.

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        • Addiction vs. Dependence


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          Is there a difference between Physical Dependence and Addiction? Everyday over 100 people in the United States die as a result of prescription drug overdose. And among all of the prescriptions doctors frequently write, narcotics for pain often top the list! Narcotics are drugs that are designed to reduce pain, but very often, over use tends to lead to physical dependence and drug addiction. While drug dependence and addiction often go hand in hand, many people are surprised to hear that they are actually very different. Drug Dependence Lets start by defining dependence. Dependence occurs when the body develops tolerance to a drug, which then results in the body needing higher doses of that same drug to achieve the same effect. For example, a patient taking 500 mg of Vicodin every month may find that the drug might not have the same effect years later. This would cause someone to need a higher dose for the same effect, and as this continues, your body develops a physical dependence on the drug. What many people don't understand is that this process is completely involuntary. If someone has a chronic illness or chronic pain, they will depend on pain medication every day. If the pain persists, the medication use persists, and ultimately dependence forms. As the body becomes dependent on a chemical, discontinuing that chemical produces a drug withdrawal symptom. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful, and sometimes even harmful to the body (withdrawal symptoms often cause severe pain, increased heart rate and anxiety). For this reason people continue taking the medication, and this physical dependence leads to drug addiction. Drug Addiction Drug addiction, on the other hand, occurs when people use medication to seek a feeling of mental wellbeing, instead of pain relief. Interestingly enough, it is widely assumed that the path to addiction is voluntary, but often times it is not. Physical dependence to a drug can lead to mental addiction, and at some point, the cycle and the ability to stop using becomes compromised. Drug addiction is a brain disease. It affects numerous brain circuits involved in pathways that control reward, motivation, and inhibition, all of which take over common behavior patterns. People will experience uncontrollable drug cravings that persist despite destructive consequences. Drug dependence and addiction are quite complicated, and effective treatment often takes a multi-faceted approach. One overlooked treatment component approach tends to be daily life after rehabilitation. It is not always easy to transition back into day-to-day life after rehab. Recovery communities like Transcend Recovery Community caters to this demographic, assisting in this transition and preventing relapse.

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          • Sleepwalking Past Hope - Final Animation


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            Concept, Video & Animation: © Rola E.M. 2015 Sleepwalking Past Hope by H.I.M. © Sire 2007

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            • Antibiotics: Part 2


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              Counselling points Almost everyone has taken an antibiotic at some point, but a high percentage of patients do not take them correctly. Antibiotics are a class of medicine that are used to treat bacterial infections. These types of infections occur when a patient is exposed to certain types of bacteria that then multiply inside the body. What many find surprising is that our bodies already contain many of types of bacteria, some that are beneficial and some that are harmful. The goal for all patients is to try to maintain a healthy balance between the two. Since antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, patients don’t realize that the medication they’re taking is actually disrupting the natural bacteria balance in the body. The goal of antibiotics is to get rid of only the harmful bacteria, but unfortunately, antibiotics are not always smart enough to tell the difference between good and bad bacteria. Very often, antibiotics remove all of the bacteria in your body (stomach and GI tract, specifically). The end result is generally side effects including: upset stomach, diarrhea, yeast infections, etc. So how do we solve the problem of needing antibiotics to fight off infection, but also wanting to avoid pesky side effects? The answer is probiotics. Probiotics A great counseling tip is to always take probiotics along with antibiotics. The word probiotic originates from the Greek words for “promoting (pro) life (biotic).” Probiotics are live, healthy bacteria that help restore the balance in your GI tract. If you find yourself on antibiotics, remember that a probiotic (found over the counter) is an extremely useful supplement to add to your diet, especially if your therapy is 7 days or longer. The longer your body is exposed to antibiotics and flushing out healthy bacteria, the higher risk of associated upset stomach and side effects. The antibiotic is in your system killing any and all bacteria it sees. That process isn’t easy on your body, especially if it is dragging out longer than 7 days. . Being proactive and taking a probiotic will help alleviate the side effects your body is experiencing – think of it as replenishing some of the vital bacteria you need. And for those of you who prefer to incorporate natural sources of probiotics into your diets, you can find naturally occurring probiotics in certain foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso.

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              • ADHD Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, Vitamins, Foods with Serotonin for increased Mood, Motivation


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                This is segment 4 of 6 segments on Alternatives to Medication! Watch more FREE Segments of this Video Series at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives This segment talks about how food effect mood and serotonin levels. Watch more FREE Videos at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives to watch Videos on the Food for Thought Diet and other videos on what over the counter brand of vitamins work for Bipolar, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. I do not sell vitamins nor do I own a vitamin company. I just tell you what vitamins to by at various vitamin stores or online stores. Jim West is a licensed mental health counselor who has international clients that come for Holistic Alternative Treatments for Mental Health Issues Disorders Instead of Medication in the Orlando Winter Park Clermont Lake Mary Florida area. “I don’t want to put my kids on medication!” “I won’t do this to my child!” “There has got to be another way!” We hear comments like these almost daily, from parents looking for another solution for their child, as well as from adults looking for alternatives to medication for themselves. In our experience, we find that most of our clients do not need medication! Food for Thought – “How what you Eat effects how you Think! Watch more FREE Videos at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives and you will be directed to my TotalLifeCounseling site for more information on the diet and vitamins we suggest.

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                • Mindfulness Meditation: Living in the Moment


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                  This video is part of a larger project on Mindfulness Meditation. Click here: www.jaclynlattanza.com/mindfulness

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                  • ROYALTY FREE MUSIC - Ambulance- Intense dramatic cinematic music


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                    Disturbing intense dynamic cinematic background music. Perfect for your films, tv programms or scientific videos. Royalty-free music can be licensed for private and commercial use. You can GET LICENSE FOR USE THIS TRACK here: http://bit.ly/1qgwbVe (sound-watermark will be removed after purchase) ----------------------------------------------------------- Royalty Free music tracks for film and video productions, web media, podcasts, broadcasts, TV and radio programs, YouTube and Internet Videos, corporate videos, web applications, tutorials, video trailers, presentations, training videos, multimedia projects, animations, slideshows, iPhone and iPad Apps, video games, commercials or advertising, web applications and other private or commercial projects. Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales. ----------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO: "KELVINGTON AMBULANCE CARE LTD. : Public Service Announcement " from Tara Yolan Productions Creative Commons License http://vimeo.com/75784911 --------------------------------------------------------- Need more royalty-free music? Check my portfolio on Stock Sites: http://audiojungle.net/user/Sneshok/portfolio http://www.pond5.com/artist/Sneshok http://www.revostock.com/ViewProfile.html?&ID=107604 http://www.istockphoto.com/portfolio/8241597/Snowmusic ----------------------------------------------------------- Folow me on: http://www.youtube.com/user/Sneshoker https://soundcloud.com/sneshok-snowmusic2 https://twitter.com/SnowMusicStudio http://www.reverbnation.com/sneshoksnowmusicstudio ----------------------------------------------------------- Music Keywords: Intense, cinematic, scientific, high tech, dramatic, industrial, film, Danger, rescue, Medic, Disturbing, dynamic, emergency, tension, medical, laboratory, background, mechanical, piano, science, organic, percussion, doctor, Medication, rhythmic, urban, technology, technical, clinic, paramedic, Instrumental, background,theme,free soundtrack, sale,buy, free, download, best,most,discount,store,production,project,stock, podcast,original,quality,cool,composer, track, buyout music, clip music, documentary music, download songs, free background music for youtube, free music for videos on youtube, free music for youtube background, free music for youtube video, free music on youtube, freemusic, freeware music, instrumental music, music, music tracks, network music, no copyright music, podsafe music, royalty free music, royaltyfree music, royaltyfreemusic, sound effects music, soundtrack music, stock audio, stock free, stockmusic, uncopyrighted music, unlicensed music, youtube background music free, youtube free music and videos, youtube free music library, youtube music, youtube music free music, youtube stock music, download free music, download free music for free, download free music instantly, download music, download music free, easy free download music, free background music for youtube, free music download, free music downloading, free music downloads legally, free music for download, free music for videos on youtube, free music for youtube background, free music for youtube video, free music free download, free music on youtube, free music to download, free music to download for free, free musiç downloads, full length free music downloads, i download free music, music download, music download free, music downloads, music downloads free, to download free music, youtube background music free, youtube free music, youtube free music library, youtube music, youtube music free music, youtube stock music

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                    • Children's vs. Adult Medication


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                      When it comes to medication, children and adult medications are drastically different and may be more harmful to your child than you would think. Children’s vs. Adult medications differ and doses are often based on weight. Many parents assume that when they don’t have the children’s dose on hand, they can give their child adult medications by cutting the dose in half. In some cases this would be ok (i.e. Benadryl). The children’s brand has the exact same ingredient as the adult (ingredient = diphenhydramine). The only difference is that the children’s dose is lowered: Adult Benadryl = 25 mg, and Children’s Benadryl = 12.5 mg. Thus making it acceptable to give a child half the dose of the adult version. However, this is not a safe habit to acquire! One major misconception that many adults/parents have is that Pepto-Bismol and Children’s Pepto are the same. This mistake could be very harmful to a child. Even though these both have the word “Pepto” and seem like similar brands, the ingredients are completely different. The ingredients in each include: Pepto-Bismol: Active ingredient = bismuth subsalicylate Children’s Pepto: Active ingredient = calcium carbonate Bismuth subsalicylate (found in Pepto-Bismol) is very similar to Aspirin, and should never be given to a child. When giving an aspirin-containing medication to a child it could lead to something called Reye’s Syndrome. Reye’s Syndrome is a very serious condition that often affects children recovering from a virus, and is very commonly triggered by Aspirin use. It causes sudden brain and liver damage and can be life threatening. It used to be more common, but because Aspirin is no longer recommended for use in children the risk has lowered. In any case, you should never give Pepto-Bismol to a child. Calcium carbonate (found in Children’s Pepto) is an antacid that is very safe for children. It is actually the exact same ingredient found in Tums! As you can see, assuming these two medications are the same simply based on brand name is extremely dangerous. It is most important to look at the active ingredients, not just the brand name. As a general rule, when the active ingredients and dosages are the same, then the medications are interchangeable.

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