1. Amplify Texture for Unity Pro - The Ghetto: Tech Demo


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    Amplify Texture, previously known as simply as Amplify, is a Virtual Texturing extension for Unity Pro that allows level artists/designers to use a huge amount of textures without worrying about texture memory limits or streaming. This demo consists of a relatively small scene with up to 10GB of raw, mostly unique, texture data. Features: • Virtual textures up to 512K x 512K. • Seamless integration with Unity Editor. • Real-time WYSIWYG editing. • Per-material diffuse+coverage, normal and glossiness textures. • Per-material textures larger than 4K x 4K. • Texture repeat / tiling. • Trilinear filtering. • High-quality lossy texture compression. • Support for dynamic surfaces. • Automated incremental builds and deployment. • High performance. • Low memory footprint. • Windows, Mac and Linux support. Learn More about Amplify Texture: http://amplify.pt/unity/amplify-texture

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    • Node Tuts - Episode 13 - Authentication in Express.js


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      On this episode Pedro Teixeira shows you how to use Express route middleware and Express sessions to handle authentication on your node.js Express app.

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      • BigWorld-Powered "Moego" Official Trailer


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        Developed by Userjoy, Powered by BigWorld Platform Technology. http://bgwld.co/fs9ajJ

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        • SeeMove


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          SeeMove is an object, pose and gesture recognition technology aimed at end users and developers. The launch demo pays homage to the interfaces used by Tony Stark in Iron Man and Tom Cruise in Minority Report. A video showing SeeMove in action is on Unlike it’s competitors SeeMove can see intricate detail from a distance, enabling tracking of objects as well as people, whilst not being limited to the desktop, a specific camera, operating system or device. Founder Evan Grant says: “SeeMove is a system that can learn and track anything that moves!” The team behind SeeMove have succeeded in tracking greater complexity with the Microsoft Kinect camera than Microsoft itself has demonstrated. SeeMove can learn to recognise anything. Enabling users to train their own objects and design their own poses and gestures, turning them into actions on a device: for example, playing a video on a tablet, by making a triangle hand shape or browsing the contents of a phone by holding it in front of a camera. Grant continues: “Existing systems are concerned with trying to understand what they are seeing, for example is it a hand, an arm and so on. Seemove doesn’t care what it is, it can learn anything, so it becomes more intelligent the more information it’s given.” In the launch demo you can, browse videos, view pictures and draw 3D models on your devices, however Grant continues: “Rather than a vision of a new interface this is a demo of SeeMove’s underlying technology and what it can do, we’re keen to get it into the hands of other developers to see how they’d like to use it!”  Seemove will be released as a middleware SDK allowing developers to create their own experiments and applications. “We’d love to evolve this technology for different uses, such as sign language tracking” commented Grant as just one example of a wide range of uses being explored including games, retail, advertising, health care, education, manufacturing, engineering, design and much more.

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          • Amplify Texture for Unity Pro - The Ghetto: Walkthrough


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            The purpose of this demo is to try and showcase Amplify Texture's virtual texturing capabilities. It's a small segment of a city, an old back alley with a basketball court and old swimming pool turned into skating pool, all with lots of unique graffiti. It was captured in real time, running at over 50 frames per second on a 3 year old intel quad core processor running at 2.4Ghz with an nvidia 8800GT. It has full post processing effects like contrast enhance, bloom effects, screen space ambient occlusion, our own version of color correction and also fast approximate anti-aliasing, also known as FXAA. This is because we were running this demo in deferred rendering path which does not support native full screen multisampling. This small demo is made up of over 10GB of raw texture data. That's uncompressed texture data, tga files in this case. When compressed it goes down to about 1.2GB. of course this depends the compression type, but still it's something pretty hard if not impossible to do with any other streaming technology and specially considering this is mostly unique textures. This tool can benefit a lot from the painting tools of programs like Bodypaint, Mari, Mudbox or Modo, where you can actually paint huge surfaces, across multiple materials, and export these huge up to 16K textures directly into unity. This tool can also help save a lot of resources like draw calls. It doesn't have any automated way of saving draw calls but if the artist is careful enough and plans ahead a bit you can actually save a lot of them by keeping similar real world materials in the same virtualized material, since with Virtual Texturing you don't need to worry about loading whole textures when you just need a tiny bit of it, because it only loads the pages from the virtual texture that it currently needs to render. Learn more about Amplify Texture: http://amplify.pt/unity/amplify-texture

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            • Vodafone internet TV STB


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              Wyplay is proud to be the middle provider. WYPLAY, The Connected TV OS Provider http://www.wyplay.com

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              • SFR neufbox EVOLUTION STB


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                Wyplay is proud to be their partner in the development of the STB middleware WYPLAY, The Connected TV OS Provider http://www.wyplay.com

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                • Universal AI Starter Kit for Torque - Tutorial


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                  This is a tutorial covering the installation and usage of the Universal AI Starter Kit for the Torque line of game engines

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                  • Alienmotion - Graph Node


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                    the graph node description

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                    • Java + HTTP = 1 billion transactions per month - Jim Webber


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                      This session revolves around a case-study of an existing system, but don't worry, it won't be boring. The session will cover the architecture, design and agile delivery of a high performance telecomms-grade solution built entirely in Java from commodity middleware. I'll show how performance testing, BDD, and spikes drove us towards a successful outcome, and how the Web lets us trade latency for scalability. And how our solution was 20 times cheaper than traditional approaches! Recorded 2010-11-10 at Øredev - www.oredev.org

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