1. Lungie Land Vol.51 - featuring Mike Ranquet, Casey Nelson, Deadlung and Dave Doman


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    Deadlung is back with another episode of "Lungie Land" and this one is jam packed with his friends. The infamous Chip's Run on Snowbird seems like just about the funnest run on the planet and these riders take full advantage of it with more butters, pop, and shuffles than you'll know what to do with. This episode features Mike Ranquet, Casey Nelson, and Dave Doman, as well as friends Justin White, Ben Bilodeau, Zander Blackmon, Levi Faust, Justin Bennee, Shidasha and even Nate Bozung and Lizard King. So sit back and enjoy this episode of "Lungie Land". We're pretty sure it'll have you jonesing for snowboarding in a big way.

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    • Mike Ranquet and Chris Roach Press The Frozen Water


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      Mike Ranquet and Chris Roach Press The Frozen Water

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      • Snowboarding Olympics by Mike Ranquet


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        Snowboarding is a sport at the Winter Olympic Games. It was first included in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Snowboarding was one of five new sports or disciplines added to the Winter Olympic program between 1992 and 2002, and was the only one not to have been a previous medal or demonstration event. In 1998, four events, two for men and two for women, were held in two specialities: the giant slalom, a downhill event similar to giant slalom skiing; and the half-pipe, in which competitors perform tricks while going from one side of a semi-circular ditch to the other.Canadian Ross Rebagliati won the men's giant slalom and became the first athlete to win a gold medal in snowboarding. Rebagliati was briefly stripped of his medal by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after testing positive for marijuana. However, the IOC's decision was reverted following an appeal from the Canadian Olympic Association. For the 2002 Winter Olympics, giant slalom was expanded to add head-to-head racing and was renamed parallel giant slalom.In 2006, a third event, the snowboard cross, was held for the first time. In this event, competitors race against each other down a course with jumps, beams and other obstacles. On July 11, 2011, the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board approved the addition of Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle to the Winter Olympics roster of events, effective in 2014. The decision was announced via press conference from the IOC's meeting in Durban, South Africa. A fifth event, parallel slalom, will be contested starting in 2014. Six athletes have won two medals. Philipp Schoch of Switzerland, Shaun White and Seth Wescott of the United States are the only double gold medalists.Karine Ruby of France and Americans Ross Powers and Danny Kass also won two medals. In the men's half-pipe event, American snowboarders have collected six of nine possible medals, achieving a unique medal sweep in 2002. The United States won a total of 22 medals, more than any other nation. The Americans and the Swiss collected five gold medals each. As of the 2006 Winter Olympics, 42 medals (14 of each color) have been awarded since 1998, and have been won by 38 snowboarders from 11 National Olympic Committees.

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        • Bluebird Snowboards Presents a Washington Adventure


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          Take a ride with the Bluebird Snowboards Team to Washington for an epic pow slashing adventure. Starring Kurt Wastell Kevin Jones Chad Otterstrom Mike Ranquet www.bluebirdwax.com www.bluebirdsales.com

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          • Mike Ranquet talks about his sketchy line at Mount Baker


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            I love getting into sketchy lines that involve exposed traverses for some reason. Growing up as the grom to Dan Donnelly, Jeff Fulton and Craig Kelly didn¹t allow me very many first runs through the chutes, so I was forced to hone what I call a Œcontrolled heel-side demolition.¹ Comes in handy when the line you want to get to requires you to get a traverse 1/3 of the way down an icy 48 degree chute. I¹ve found the transition from my heels to my feet is much easier without highbacks because I can get my board under my body and stand up without having to lurch my upper body forward.

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            • Mike Ranquet Can you do an ollie on Snowboard?


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              Can you ollie on skis, snowboards, razor scooters or rollerblades? No. Now can you emulate an ollie on a snowboard? Yes; but it’s not the same as skateboarding as there is not a tail to snap off the ground. Not only that but an ollie on a skateboard takes years to perfect whereas an ‘ollie’ on a snowboard is simple as…. Well it’s simple as shit and requires no skill or coordination whatsoever. Can you do a smith grind on a snowboard? No. I think attaching the word grind to anything done on a snowboard is absolute buffoonery because snowboards do not have trucks attached to them. If you think you can do a smith grind on a snowboard you might as well refer to riding itself as doing a 50-50.

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              • Mike Ranquet Olympics


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                What fascinates me is why snowboarders care so much about competing in the first place? Why do we need an Olympic champion anyways, who fucking cares? There are no Olympics in skateboarding; yet there are plenty of competitive forums organized by skateboarders that are in accord with how skateboarding wants itself to be represented. The more we lend ourselves to the bullshit, Olympic nationalistic type of thinking then the more we will be in accord with what an outside organization wants for the future of our sport. The way Albert Einstein defines insanity is the same way I feel about all the different organizations that have been battling the IOC for 15 years: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’ TTR + ISF ÷ FIS = IOC TTR + ISF ÷ FIS = IOC TTR - FIS + ISF = IOC FIS + ISF ÷ TTR = IOC TTR – ISF ÷ FIS = IOC We gave our sport to the IOC on a silver platter in 1998 and there’s no looking back now. If all the Olympic competitors would’ve listened to Terje back then we wouldn’t be in this mess. USA! USA! USA! USA! = = = Mike Ranquet

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                • Terry Kidwell Respect your Elders


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                  Respect Your Elders: Does the over 30 year old pro rider get any respect. Sure a few do, but there are way too many older riders that had such a big impact on snowboarding's growth and their fans, but just got lost in the mix. Most of these guys still ride whether they get paid or not because snowboarding is their passion. If you have the passion you will always find a way to ride.

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                  • Bob Klein on Physical labor is healthy for you


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                    Physical labor is healthy for you. As long as I don't make too much of a habit out of it, physical work can help you appreciate the better things in life, like not doing physical labor. When you buy a home in suburbia, you will sign a contract stating you'll abide by the CC and Rs. It's no big deal until 10 years later and you need to keep your fence looking new. Again, no big deal until you find out the HOA (home owner's asses) changed the shade of gray paint and the part of the fence that doesn't need paint has to be painted anyway, just to match the shade of elephant gray our friends, the HOA picked. Good thing I worked as a painter, how could I ever pay someone to do such easy work? Now I get to do all the painting around my house. Thanks to Sierra Rainbow for all of my extensive painter training. It's really come in handy…...

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                    • Angry Snowboarder No more pro models


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                      Seriously if anyone reads these opening paragraphs I want you to leave a comment admitting that you read this shit. Otherwise I'm going to start copy and pasting in quotes from Mike Ranquet and Bob Klein because I'm kind of sick of Ed making me write an intro to this stuff and it's just a waste of my fucking time. Now on to what this chapter is about. For some reason Ed decided he wanted to talk about the numbers companies are claiming for production which honestly they're all just inflated and everyone's puffing their chest up about it anyways so fuck it we'll talk about something that probably means more to the people watching this video. Yeah that's right we're talking about pro models and their disappearance. So Ed talks in his Spanglish accent and some people probably have no clue what he's saying and then I drop a few F bombs and other curse words, look like a raving lunatic as usual, and the guys on Easy Loungin will get all butt hurt and be offended and pissed off. There's probably a few points about pro models and this industry thrown in there for good measure as well but if you're watching the video you aren't reading this intro so what the fuck does it matter that I'm even writing this? Anyways fuck it Ed here's your intro and I'm probably going to go ride my skateboard while everyone is trying to figure out what this was about and then someone like Dave Downing or Ranquet will have a chapter on this and no one will give a shit about what I had to say anyways. There you go people this is the most worthless intro paragraph ever!

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