1. Quantum Sex Mastermind™


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    There is much more to Sex & Sexual Energy then our culture allows us to know. This course shines Light on a subject that our supposedly "liberal" culture still leaves completely in the dark. No wonder there's so much discrimination, violence and misuse of this potent Source of Vital Energy. Through the knowledge of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Holistic & Taoist philosophies and the bio-energetics of our Culture, the intention here is to reveal that Sex & Sexual Energy are in our bodies for many more reasons, besides procreation. They have a profound impact in our level of intelligence, productivity, creativity, confidence, our power of manifesting, our personal power, our spiritual growth - not to mention the health and vitality of our bodies and the number of years we live. The more we have this kinds of lucid conversations around Sex, the more we contribute to our own awakening, the awakening of our culture and our Planet - because everything is utterly connected. There are many forms of growth and self knowing. Sex is powerfully one of them.

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    • FILM-POEM : Desert Haiku - official trailer


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      ''Desert Haiku'' is a short film-poem and experimental narrative on the soulful deserts of the American Southwest. It explores the memory of the land through the thread of the creation of life, and the days of water where messengers, dancers, children and sea creatures cross paths in these ancient landscapes. Music excerpt by Japanese artist Kirilola, from her album 'Spirit of the Yamato'. The film's soundtrack also includes original songs by Hopi/Navajo artist Cloud Face.

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      • Rave Safe


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        SYNOPSIS: Rave Safe came about via the 'Aids Council of Australia' and NUAA's 'Tribes Project', from funding granted by Government to help curb the spread or threat of AIDS. By funding different sub-cultures, organisation thought it best to approach communicating the safety message to people by having video messages made that cater to that sub-coultures sensibilities. Director Jeff Jaffers (Future Films) was asked to reprisent 'Rave Coulture' by Producer Tracy Walsh, he in turn asked me to go to Sydney (from Melbourne) to help make (animate) the music video. So I took an Amiga 2000 with me and camped out on the north end of Bondi Beach for the summer c1992/3, at his French friend Giele's very comfy beach bungalo. As an apporach decided upon, a sampling cut n paste with high saturation strobescopic image aesthetic was to be employed, very much at home on the dance floor of Rave's. The message was to, as Jeff put it when interviewed by 'Listen Up' magazine in Sydney when video was released '...we wanted to convey a message without hitting them over the head with a sledge hammer.' Many icons, symbols, words relating to drug safety use were sampled and mish mashed together then animated. A 3D artists impression of the HIV virus was animated moving through the blood system and entering up and into a plunged syringe. Footage of rave dancers trancing out along with tribal dancers were juxtaposed against such imagery - this was achieved in edit by Jeff Jaffers' masterful eye for movement. An amazing sound track was a remix of Ollie Olsen's (Third Eye) 'Morphic Resonance'. A VHS video cassette was handed out to various Rave promoters to pass onto video artists to play and intercut the message with their own art over the dance floors of Sydney Raves. Rave Safe was one of the most successful campaigns launched at the time. The video and its group ground support teams handing out condoms, testing drugs on site etc for some 7 years after video was released. It won best Animated Video at the Bathurst Awards c1994. And was still seen on DJ Sets played on ABC's Rage years after. It even sparked a grass roots campaign led by local Melbourne Ravers trying to look after their (our) own. TITLE: Rave Safe TAKEN FROM: Rave Safe Campaign - NSW RECORDED AT: Visual Eyes - c.1992 APPROX DUR: 00:03:00 ANIMATION: VJ Mandala > Adem Jaffers aka Nuero 1990 & Tekno Mandala 1991-95 mandala@humanoid.net vjmandala.com VISION TYPE: Gorilla Music Video H/S-WARE: See Credits roll at end DIR & GRFX: Future Films > Jeff Jaffers AUDIO: 'Morphic Resonance' - Third Eye (Psy-Harmonics) > Written & Produced by Ollie Olsen

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          Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Paul Angers Chase Langford born in Pontiac, Michigan, is a Los Angeles-based artist well known for his geographically inspired paintings. He studied cartography earning a BA from UC Santa Barbara in Geography then worked as a cartographer at UCLA. Starting with his Map Paintings he literally reinterpreted geography by taking selected features from maps and filled in the reconfigured shapes in a flurry of color and movement creating a fresh take on familiar geographic forms. This followed with series that moved even deeper into pure abstraction with his Coldwater, Mulholland, and Scrape series which all lead to his Morphic series, now the core focus of his painting today. His paintings have been widely shown at one-person and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal, Palo Alto, Las Vegas, Long Beach, and Palm Springs and included many corporate/public collections (often site specific commissions) such as Keck School of Medicine at USC, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Star City in Sydney, Australia, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Monique Lhuillier, Inc., Caesar’s Palace, Dykema Grossett LLP, Sidley Austin LLP, Cohen & Lord, Meacham Oppenheimer, Inc., and Park Hyatt Aviara. He is in private collections in North America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. chaselangford.com For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website : www.thuvanarts.com ART FILM SERIES: www.thuvanarts.com/take1

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          • Richard Tarnas introduces Dr. Rupert Sheldrake


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            On September 7, 2012 in San Francisco, innovative British biologist Rupert Sheldrake spoke about his latest book, SCIENCE SET FREE, sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies (http://ciis.edu). In this video Dr. Sheldrake's work and his contributions to science are given an expansive introduction by Richard Tarnas, Professor of Philosophy at CIIS, and author of THE PASSION OF THE WESTERN MIND. You can see Dr. Sheldrake's complete talk at https://vimeo.com/50517393. For his full biography and more information on his work, see http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html

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            • SCIENCE SET FREE - a talk by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake


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              In this video, British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, describes how science is being constricted by unexamined assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. These dogmas not only put arbitrary limits on the depth and scope of science, but may well be dangerous for the future of humanity. According to these dogmas, all of reality is material or physical; the world is an inanimate machine; nature is purposeless; free will is an illusion; notions of higher orders of consciousness and absolute ("God") awareness exist only as ideas in human minds, which are themselves nothing but electrochemical processes imprisoned within our skulls. So Dr. Sheldrake asks: should science be an ideology or belief system, or should it reclaim its birthright as an unbiased, open-ended method of inquiry? In his latest book, SCIENCE SET FREE, he argues that the materialist ideology is moribund; under its sway, increasingly expensive research is reaping diminishing returns while societies around the world are paying the price. In the skeptical spirit of true science, SCIENCE SET FREE turns ten fundamental dogmas of materialist science into exciting questions, and shows how all of them open up startling new possibilities for discovery. This book may well challenge your view of what is real and what is possible. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is the author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books, and is best known for his groundbreaking theory of morphic resonance. (For his full biography and more information on his work, see http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html ). In this video, recorded in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 2012, Dr. Sheldrake speaks about his new book and answers audience questions at a presention sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies (http://ciis.org) and held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in San Francisco.

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              • John Trudell Meets Bo Yang In China (rec)-1


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                John Trudell audio on the dark side of "civilization." Bo Yang captions from speech "The Ugly Chinaman." Video scene synergizing the 2, demonstrating the dark side of the truism: "We are all connected" as well as Sheldrake's "Morphic Resonance"...expressed in Body Language/Sun Zi strategies.

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                • Rupert Sheldrake @ 5x15


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                  Rupert Sheldrake on the laws of nature and memory "I'm not telling a story, I'm talking about a theory." Rupert Sheldrake looks at morphic resonance, the idea that similar patterns of activity resonate with others over space and over time, forming the basis of memory. He explains how laws of nature are not eternal and, unlike human laws, can be understood as habitual.

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                  • Collective Memory


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                    Biologist Rupert Sheldrake tells SPTNK "We need a field theory of mind"

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                    • Retrieval


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                      The brain is more like a TV receiver than video recorder - Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist.

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