1. Incredible Shrimp Cocktail at Morton's


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    • Morton's Steakhouse Presents Larry Fitzgerald's Supper Club 2013


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      Morton's Steakhouse Presents Larry Fitzgerald's Supper Club 2013 For more information on Larry's First Down Club and how you can donate click below http://www.larryfitzgerald.com/helpingpeople/firstdownfund/

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      • The Loop - Hot off the press


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        Printing The Loop newspaper. Watch the paper on the press and on its journey.

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        • Morton's Neuroma Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO


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          http://www.painfreefootcare.com | 719-594-9920 Dr. Kerry Berg of Intermountain Foot

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          • Larry Fitzgerald Celebrity Servers 2011 event at Mortons Scottsdale


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            Each year Larry Fitzgerald, the All Pro Wide Reciever for the Arizona Cardinals hosts the premier fund raising and social event of the season when in partnership with Mortons, they host a celebrity servers night. With members of the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns and other professional sports teams working as the servers for the evening, guests get a great meal, entertainment, a fantastic silent auction and the knowledge that they are helping raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and at risk youth. All video is shot and donated each year by Sequence Media Group to assist in making people aware of this fantastic event and the efforts put forth by Mortons and Larry Fitzgerald.

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            • VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic | London | May - June 2012 | Day 3


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              Day 3 of the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic in London, May – June 2012 The third day of the Training Clinic involved taking an in-depth look at motor control theory. In the afternoon the participants learnt how to diagnose Morton's foot, using the plantar pressure pad. Featuring Adam Daniel – PTA Global Instructor and FitPro Master Trainer.

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              • Neuromas - Podiatrist Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, CA


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                What is a Neuroma? - Podiatrist Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, CA Dr. Robert Anavian discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Morton’s Neuromas. www.anavianfootcare.com Neuroma A neuroma is the swelling of nerve that is a result of a compression or trauma. They are often described as nerve tumors. However, they are not in the purest sense a tumor. They are a swelling within the nerve that may result in permanent nerve damage. The most common site for a neuroma is on the ball of the foot. The most common cause of neuroma in ball of the foot is the abnormal movement of the long bones behind the toes called metatarsal bones. A small nerve passes between the spaces of the metatarsals. At the base of the toes, the nerves split forming a "Y" and enter the toes. It is in this area the nerve gets pinched and swells, forming the neuroma. Burning pain, tingling, and numbness in one or two of the toes is a common symptom. Sometimes this pain can become so severe, it can bring tears to a patient's eyes. Removing the shoe and rubbing the ball of the foot helps to ease the pain. As the nerve swells, it can be felt as a popping sensation when walking. Pain is intermittent and is aggravated by anything that results in further pinching of the nerve. When the neuroma is present in the space between the third and fourth toes, it is called a Morton's Neuroma. This is the most common area for a neuroma to form. Another common area is between the second and third toes. Neuromas can occur in one or both of these areas and in one or both feet at the same time. Neuromas are very rare in the spaces between the big toe and second toe, and between the fourth and fifth toes. Neuromas have been identified in the heel area, resulting in heel pain. A puncture wound or laceration that injures a nerve can cause a neuroma. These are called traumatic Neuromas. Neuromas can also result following a surgery that may result in the cutting of a nerve. Diagnosis The diagnosis of Neuromas is made by a physical exam and a thorough history of the patient's complaint. Conditions that mimic the pain associated with Neuromas are stress fracture of the metatarsals, inflammation of the tendons in the bottom of the toes, arthritis of the joint between the metatarsal bone and the toe, or nerve compression or nerve damage further up in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back. X-rays are generally taken to rule out a possible stress fracture or arthritis. Because nerve tissue is not seen on an x-ray, the x-ray will not show the neuroma. A skilled foot specialist will be able to actually feel the neuroma on his exam of the foot. Special studies such as MRI, CT Scan, and nerve conduction studies have little value in the diagnosis of a neuroma. Additionally, these studies can be very expensive and generally the results do not alter the doctor's treatment plan. If the doctor on his exam cannot feel the neuroma, and if the patient's symptoms are not what is commonly seen, then nerve compression at another level should be suspected. In this instance, one area to be examined is the ankle. Just below the ankle bone on the inside of the ankle, a large nerve passes into the foot. At this level, the nerve can become inflamed. This condition is called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Generally, there is not pain at this site of the inflamed nerve at the inside of the ankle. Pain may instead be experienced in the bottom of the foot or in the toes. This can be a difficult diagnosis to make in certain circumstances. Neuromas, however, occur more commonly than Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Treatment Treatment for the neuroma consists of cortisone injections, orthotics, chemical destruction of the nerve, or surgery. Cortisone injections are generally used as an initial form of treatment. Cortisone is useful when injected around the nerve, because is can shrink the swelling of the nerve. This relieves the pressure on the nerve. Cortisone may provide relief for many months, but is often not a cure for the condition. The abnormal movements of the metatarsal bones continue to aggravate the condition over a period of time. To address the abnormal movement of the metatarsal bones, a functional foot orthotic can be used. These devices are custom-made inserts for the shoes that correct abnormal function of the foot. The combination treatment of cortisone injections and orthotics can be a very successful form of treatment. If, however, there is significant damage to the nerve, then failure to this treatment can occur. When there is permanent nerve damage, the patient is left with three choices: live with the pain, chemical destruction of the nerve, or surgical removal or decompression of the nerve (see neuroma surgery). Visit our website: www.anavianfootcare.com

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                • Fashion Rhapsody Part 1


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                  Kristian Aadnevik"s Spring and Summer collection fashion show. Filmed by Ian McPherson, Assistant director Patrick Hibbert. Brings to you a Rhapsody in the form of a fashion show.This film illustrates the epic work that goes on, during the London fashion week with one London's based designer 'Kristian Aadnevik'. music: Symphony No. 1 In D Frederic Chopin 19 Waltzes op Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart: 29 Symphony Nr. 5 in B-flat major Stürmisch Bewegt: 8-04 Symphony No. 1 In D Debussy Clair de Lune Major Titan IV.

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                  • Larry Fitzgerald & Friends Celebrity Servers at Morton's Streakhouse in Scottsdale, AZ


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                    To make a donation to the First Down Fund http://www.larryfitzgerald11.com/first-down-fund.html Larry Fitzgerald & Friends Celebrity Servers Event at Mortons Streakhouse in Scottsdale, AZ A glimpse at what is becoming one of the signature fund raising and social events every year in Phoenix. the Celebrity Servers Events at Morton's have now raised over 2 Million dollars over the last couple of years for various charities. This event raises money for the Carol Fitzgerald Foundation and First Down Fund, named in memory for Larry's mother, who passed away from breast cancer, but who was beloved in her home community of Minnesota for her work on behalf of women, children and others. The foundation works to raise awareness about breast cancer risks, screening and providing assistance to at risk kids as well. A great event each year with all video and promotional work donated by Sequence Media Group. http://www.sequencemediagroup.com The even this year were... Former Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, British Open Champion Tom Lehman, Arizona Cardinals Joey Porter, Beanie Wells, Todd Heap, Kevin Kolb, Adrian Wilson, Kerry Rhodes, Jay Feely, Bertrand Berry, Kurt Warner, Clark Haggans, head coach Ken Whisenhunt, coaches ray horton and john lott.

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                    • Podiatrist Austin TX - Morton’s Neuroma


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                      Morton’s Neuroma - Podiatry Austin TX Dr. Michael Golf discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Morton’s Neuroma. http://www.michaelgolf.com Neuromas are enlarged, benign growth of nerves, most commonly between the third and fourth toes. Neuromas are caused by tissue rubbing against and irritating the nerves. Pressure from poorly fitting shoes or an abnormal bone structure can also lead to this condition. Symptoms may include sensations of thickness, burning, numbness, tingling, or pain in the ball of the foot.Treatments generally include wearing corrective shoes or orthotics and/or cortisone injections. In severe cases, surgical removal of the growth may be necessary. Morton's neuroma is a thickening of tissues around the nerve that leads to the toes. Morton's neuroma usually develops between the third and fourth toes in response to irritation, such as that caused by wearing high-heeled or narrow shoes, or from trauma. Symptoms may include a burning pain that radiates from the ball of the foot to the toes or numbness in the toes. Conservative treatments usually resolve the pain or progressions of the condition, and range from wearing roomier, lower-heeled footwear or using orthotics to reduce the pressure on the nerve, to injections of cortosteroid medication to reduce swelling and inflammation. Visit our website: http://www.michaelgolf.com

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