1. Sylviatoyindustries: PASSAGES, Backdrop (1st cut)


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    [Actor/filmmaker/performance artist with a BA in Art & English - senior project was a production of Sartre's NO EXIT. Internationally exhibiting video art since 2008.] Montage of NASA footage. All audio was made by me.

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    • Kronos: industrial heritage case-study, Eleusis, GR


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      for more info please visit: http://www.denisguzzo.com/projects/kronos Eleusis, Greece 2013/2014/2015

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      • Sphinx


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        Sphinx Melissa Lohman 2015 (use HD option for better viewing quality)

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        • PASSAGES: Sum'a Rebukes the Humans (sketch)


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          I have been rethinking Sum'a The Enforcer's character, costume and motivation. For one thing, the seethrough fabric of her veil is unworkable in my setup. While I came up with a new design for her veil, I also decided that this movie will have no dialogue as Sum'a is the only character who speaks and that just was not working. Today, I experimented with vocalization that I have been working on and I remembered all the B-roll I shot during an unhappy but productive period 4 years ago. The audio in this video was all made by me. To create the wall of human speech, I surfed reality television stations for half an hour, typing phrases spoken, randomly placing them in a "monologue," and then chopping the monologue and layering it, applying different pitches and echo effects.

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          • PASSAGES, a Myth: Storyboard Version 3 (Part 1)


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            [Actor/filmmaker/performance artist with a BA in Art & English - senior project was a production of Sartre's NO EXIT. Internationally exhibiting video art since 2008.] This video is a sketch of the first act of my movie in pre-production, PASSAGES, A MYTH. The movie begins right before dawn as the Gods' dead ancestors wander the Cosmos. Their red shrouds morph and dissolve into ceremonial ribbons that the living Gods ( Sum'o the King of the Gods and his sisters, Sum'i and Sum'a) wrap themselves every morning to celebrate their dawn ritual. During the ritual Sum'o recreates the big bang that gave birth to the Universe. These scenes shot in my greenscreen studio where I use natural light and so the clips are not full tech. I am still experimenting with the sound and so the audio recordings are not archival. All sounds in the video were created by me. The awesome backdrop of outer space is from NASA's website. Thanks for watching.

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            • White Wind


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              This is a site-responsive installation made during my Gullkistan residency, Iceland. Installation: polythene tied to a metal frame (washing line support), frame size 6'6'' x 7'3'' (200h x 220w cms) The polythene was in constant flux, at times gently floating to the horizontal, at times forcefully expelled as if gushing from vents, linking with the Fontana, the local hot springs. The video suggests a narrative linked to magic and folklore, starting with fluttering, like wings unfolding, stretching, a birth, followed by long arms summoning, trance like, calling forth the full force of the wind, then the gorgon's head, hair whipping like writhing snakes or like horses tails flicking this way and that, then the rear view, a portal, sun lighting up the polythene like flames, an eternal fire, then the close up, flames and shadows, light and dark, playing out the world of magic. The work links to a long tradition of literature and to Icelandic magic, believed to be ever present in the landscape with stories of elves and giants, trolls and treasure. This work also relates to polythene caught on fencing around the farmhouse such that the farmer and his family stopped to see what was going on.

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              • Adonis & The Other


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                PLEASE USE HEADPHONES By Theseas Efstathopoulos and Adonis Archontides Adonis & The Other is a short video played in a continuous loop based on the Greek myth of Adonis and his relationship with Aphrodite and Persephone. According to the myth, Adonis was a very beautiful baby boy under the care of Aphrodite, who was in love with him. In an effort to keep him away from prying eyes who might take him away from her, and to spend more time on her godly duties, she sealed him in a box and gave the box to Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, to look after. Persephone looked inside the box and also fell in love with the child, which led to the two Goddesses fighting over his custody. Zeus intervened and decreed that the boy would spend half the year with Aphrodite and the other half with Persephone, which then continued even after his death at the tusks of a boar. The narrative of the video takes place after his hypothetical death, at a time when Adonis is travelling back and forth between the world of the living and the dead, in order to please the whims of his two paramours, or possibly captors. Observing these characters trapped in a never-ending cycle of life-death-rebirth, the video acts as an intimate critique of romantic relationships in general. Having been inspired by (and using as our primary point of reference) Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse, an analysis of the language and communication between the amorous subject and their amorous object, we set out to tell a story that is familiar with most people in the world - a tale of love, lust, absence and waiting. While making the video and researching the various versions of the myth that we could find, however, we came to the conclusion that no one true reading of the video can exist; there could be a multitude of interpretations, each based on the viewer’s own experiences. On one reading, Adonis is a character trapped between the loving embraces of two other people, carefully fulfilling his duty to both of them so as not to hurt their feelings. In another reading he is a cunningly deceptive cheater, splitting his time between his two lovers, hiding his actions while each of them wait for him to return. Alternatively (and this is the more complicated and interesting version), Aphrodite and Persephone are two facets of the same conflicted amorous subject, struggling to come to terms with their feelings, while poor Adonis is the Other, a person struggling with their loved one’s internal obstacles. However one chooses to interpret the story one thing is constant: waiting, whether that is waiting for the Other to return to our loving embraces, or our hearts and minds to make a decision.

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                • The Planets


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                  My second motion media project at SCAD Savannah Music by: Pogo

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                  • Sylviatoyindustries: PASSAGES, The Ancestors


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                    [Actor/filmmaker/performance artist with a BA in Art & English - senior project was a production of Sartre's NO EXIT. Internationally exhibiting video art since 2008.] The ghosts of the Gods' ancestors wander through the Cosmos. All vocalization in this video was created by me. The excellent footage of our beautiful Universe came from NASA's website.

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                    • Celtic Tree Alphabet - Ogham


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                      A quick introduction and presentation of my Ogham runes.

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