1. Hunger games + corrupt entities = Pyramid games


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    Hello everyone, my name is Greg Hamen. Today is April 5, 2014 and the title of this video is "Hunger games + corrupt entities = Pyramid games". It has come to my attention that our leaders, politicians and bankers are committing acts of treason towards humanity. I see things like bankers being suicided with nail guns, seeing the movie gladiator and hunger games (the fact that they want us to kill each other for their entertainment,) income inequality and our leaders not having the balls to tax the wealthy people and create equality for the rest of us. I see NSA spying on the entire population and then I remember the pyramid on the back of every dollar bill with the eye on top. The fact that we have been and still are debt slaves and constantly being worked until we can't anymore. I see other countries doing bilateral deals with each other to bypass the dollar because our government overspends and gives money to their buddies and the federal reserve printing money out of thin air and giving it for free to the corporations. It seems like instead of them working for us, we are working for them as there slaves. I see Nancy Pelosi saying "Embrace the suck." Corporations that get in trouble, get a slap on the wrist but when people get in trouble, we get life sentences. Gerald Celente said it best, justice is just us. I don't know about you, but I've had enough. So here is what I propose. We the people have to stand up. I'm not talking about protesting, because thats obviously not working. Basically what I'm thinking is we round up all the corrupted people and stick them in a closed field and have them kill each other to survive. The person who wins, gets a bomb surgically implanted in his/her body and on July 4th, we catapult that person in the air and blow them up. Now thats what I call "Independence day". Embrace the suck. Thanks for watching and listening. Take care.

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    • NSA Miami 2014


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      A recap of the 'No Sugar Added' Beach Festival 2014 in Miami. ********** Presented by Preplex Productions Camera Operations: Michel Martins - @UhOhMarty Pedro Anjos - @UhOhDro Editor: Michel Martins - @UhOhMarty Soundtrack: Mr. Carmack - @_MrCarmack ********** Contact Info: PreplexProductions@gmail.com www.preplexproductions.com

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      • Hacking The ID-1707A(V)1/U, Part 5


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        Part 5 of the set of videos documenting the back-engineering of an NSA crypto device.

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        • EpicORB Video And Phone Call over WI-FI - Encrypted and Safe


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          EpicORB has added Voice and Video Calls!!!!! EpicORB Private and Secure Communications Application - The Anonymous, Safe, Private and secure means of texting, send pictures, audio files and videos (5 minutes long) now offers VOIP WI-FI Calls from most any iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets. Great quality and over 95% rate of connections. Fully Encrypted from A-Z and in transit.

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          • netwars / out of CTRL / Nikolai Kinski as Cyberweapons Dealer / clip_1


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            Imagine: A war is raging, and you’re right in the middle of it – without even knowing! Meet the cyberweapons dealer and watch how you and your computer become part of the digital war. This specially tailored interactive experience will make one thing clear: THERE'S NOTHING VIRTUAL ABOUT THIS REALITY! http://www.netwars-project.com/webdoc copyright © 2014 Filmtank GmbH

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            • "Love a la Carte" - (Commentary) - 88 minutes - Trailer VOD


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              Here's "Phil Anders" as played by Aaron Ginn-Forsberg in all his blooper and real scenes glory from the movie! "LOVE A LA CARTE" - An honest comedy about a marriage in crisis living a polyamory lifestyle. SYNOPSIS: Once upon a time, Evelyn Anders found true love. It was a pity she was already married. Now 15 years later, she's looking for it again - and her husband has one last chance. A modern day twist on an ancient taboo, the movie "Love a la Carte" is an honest comedy about cheating and the incredibly painfully funny predicaments some couples go through in order to keep their struggling marriage together. As Evelyn muses, "Am I having second thoughts? Even Mother Theresa had doubts about her man." For all Evelyn’s husband Phil understands, his wife simply no longer has the same passion for him as he still does for her and it’s clashing madly with his basic instinct. By all accounts, the vow he agreed to in his 20’s has broken down in a heap of mess now that he nears his 40’s. Phil believes he’s doing all the things a good husband should do to nourish his marriage but in his view, there’s no return on his investment. His closest confidante Gene, who survived his turn at infidelity, urges him with advice on how to improve his relationship with Evelyn. ‘'I know one good thing about being faithful. I sleep like a monkey flying baby," he says. Despite the warnings, Phil has run out of patience and becomes determined to find satisfaction for this one part of his life that his wife Evelyn no longer provides. Unlike so many famous men who become the fodder of tabloids and talk shows because of their adultery, Phil creatively justifies his reasons for sex outside his marriage with help from a marital dating website called "Love a la Carte." In the style of first person narrative he offers the honest answers those other famous philanderers never provided: "Everyone has an excuse. I do." Now that social networking can bring the world to your fingertips while the person closest to you is so far away, Phil discovers other married people just like him traipsing in dalliances. He eventually meets his kindred spirit in the female form of Angela. She is the perfect other woman, a former professional cheerleader and craves what Phil craves. The only problem with their perfect shallow union Phil worries to her is, "don’t let me think I’m in love." Meanwhile, Evelyn has been going on her own self-awareness journey and re-examining everything in her marriage with the help of the most important men in her life: Abraham Lincoln, Black Jesus and Every Guy-that-ever-wanted-to-get-into-her-pants. The lines between reality and fantasy blur, but there is one man tied to both her and her husband that holds the key to her finding a reason to stay married. "Men are pigs and I've got swine flu." Ultimately the alpha-male power surge "Love a la Carte" provides to Phil's ego corrupts him and leads to a crisis. The results of his actions and the women he has encountered in his life forces him to reexamine his fraught pursuit of extramarital 'happy-penis' and confront the woman he told "I do." In the end, Phil finally learns the shocking reasons why he's not the only one he knows searching for "Love a la Carte."

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              • Is Obama's Reform Plan for Domestic Surveillance Enough?, With Brad Bannon, Washington, D.C.


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                legalbroadcastnetwork.com sequencemediagroup.com Brad Bannon, democratic political consultant in Washington, D.C., talks with the Legal Broadcast Network about President Obama's reform plan for domestic surveillance.

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                • (April Fool's Joke) Startup Joins Forces With NSA: Toggl's Historic Announcement


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                  Update: This was an April Fool’s prank. The information below has nothing to do with reality. Announcement by Toggl founders Krister Haav and Alari Aho. See more - http://blog.toggl.com/2014/04/toggl-reaches-historic-agreement-nsa/ Toggl is a simple time tracker & free timesheet alternative. Time tracking on the web, with desktop widgets and mobile apps for Android and iOS. See more - https://www.toggl.com/

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                  • Die Wirklichkeit kommt am 15. Mai ins Kino


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                    • NSA/CIA Trolls Destroy Heroes to Profit Villains: Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Protection Racket for Death Industry


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                      Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Hacktivist Protection Racket for Controlling Opposition to Deadly Global Enterprise. This landmark video production contributes to public health, safety, and education by explaining how and why such hacktivist trolls--commercial criminals effecting widespread social discord--are administered by intelligence agencies to secure “crisis capitalism,” terrorism, and contrived wars through media manipulations and cultural divisions. This unprecedented film exposes the psychological operations, “hypnotronic warfare,” and induced public “trance states,” profiting the largest corporations in every nation and industry, including energy, medicine, and banking, through which the global cartel’s deadly agendas are secured. Indeed, assassinating the journalists by contrived "accident" or "suicide" at this point, as has been known to happen multiple times under similar circumstances to other members of the "free press," would further undermine the Western intelligence agencies’ stature as a criminal enterprise. In 36 riveting minutes, "The HOROKANE" expose the covert actions of their professionally-trained attackers--graduates of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Unit (JTRIG)--the counterpart to the U.S. National Security Agency in England. Their published records prove the precise policies, attack strategies, and perverse propaganda practices, generated in the Human Science Operations Cell (HSOC) of "Central Intelligence," used by the hacktivist trolls to destroy the reputations of heroes to benefit villains, conflict with civilized society. Racketeering in organized crime has become institutionalized by these covert agencies and their psychologically compromised agents, to profit concealed commercial interests and agency-protected competitors. This is not fair play in commerce. It is an imposition of crisis capitalism suppressing and damaging everything good and righteous, including peace, on earth. Dr. Horowitz--a Harvard Univ. trained expert in public health and behavioral science, notes the risks to society from HSOC's abuses of human psychology, behavior modification, and cultural engineering to generate war and disease economies. "It takes gross denial and ignorance, what most people call 'stupidity,' professionals call psychopathology, and clergy call "demonic possession,' to work for agencies as agents of this madness. This is not heroic service to any country. This is treason against every nation and civilization as a whole. In fact, the entire population is endangered, unless we "shift paradigms" and demand protections of human rights and law enforcement in area of social psychology and mind control, more urgently needed today, than previously, because of the availability of the Internet, to counter consumer fraud and commercial crime aided-and-abetted by negligent legislators, complicit regulators, and media officials. "Another reason they chose the wrong targets," Dr. Horowitz said, "is because 'offing' us would martyr, publicize, and further legitimize what the multinational corporations have labored for a century to suppress--the simple, low cost, no risk, solutions to this modern madness institutionalizing warfare and disease care. These life-saving remedies are modeled by nature in solutions central to my life's purpose and film's mission--to promote natural healing and the importance of the 528 material--including the 528Revolution.com website heralding medicinal music making.” “It is my hope that our film is a ‘game changer,'” Kane said, “because the greedy, arrogant, psychopathic paradigm of generating mental illness and social distress to profit drug and war commerce is convincingly evidenced in this video for the first time for the world to watch. It takes viewers from Dr. Horowitz’s personal tragedy into the global dilemma that challenges human freedom in every nation. We vet the “wizards” behind the curtain of so-called 'intelligence' and 'counter-intelligence,' exposing them for being traitorous victims of their own deadly dementia.” The journalists who produced and contributed to this film agree that whatever sacrifices they make are worthwhile. They are committed to developing widespread public awareness of how the intelligence agencies actually operate criminally and commercially abusing human rights, freedoms, psychology, behavioral science, fear-based messaging, deception, illusion, diversion, social division, the Internet, Hollywood, and other media, to influence populations for money and power. Read the full story behind this film at: http://www.waronwethepeople.com/nsa-cia-hacktivist-trolls-destroy-heroes-profit-villians/

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