1. Stormscapes 2


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    https://www.facebook.com/LightalivePhotography http://www.lightalivephotography.com/ Song - "Leader" by MODE https://www.facebook.com/M0DE0 https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mode/id923642693 http://electriccomposer.com/ https://soundcloud.com/dannyodom The first Stormscapes here (may ease you into the second one): https://vimeo.com/86112567 High plains storms are some of the most beautiful and wild in the world. I spent May - September 2014 photographing all types of severe weather in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado. This time lapse project is a result of that effort. From rainbows to tornadoes, there is a little bit of everything in here. Copyright Nicolaus Wegner/lightALIVE Photography. Please message or email for inquiries regarding pricing. A word on embedding. I generally have no problems with this, have at it (I gladly encourage social media sharing!). Broadcasting is out as it is against the music licensing agreement. Individual sequences from video (and more) are available for licensing, or you can hire me to put a video together, but no freebies. This video will not be uploaded anywhere other than Vimeo. Please do not ask. Gear: Canon 5dm2 and 6d 16-35m2 14mm Rokinon 70-200 f4L tripods and remotes a few spare pairs of clean underwear Edited in Lightroom and After Effects

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    • The Chase


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      ----------------------------------------- The music in this film was composed by Kerry Muzzey and is a track called The Secret History from the album The Architect. Please consider purchasing this album over on iTunes: http://bit.ly/PAT_MO I am forever in Kerry's debt for his kindness and generosity in donating this song for my film. I do not have enough words to thank him! If you'd like to purchase a digital download of the film for your iPhone or iPad, please visit http://www.mikeolbinski.com/theblog/2015/07/the-chase. Follow me: http://www.mikeolbinski.com / https://twitter.com/mikeolbinski / https://www.facebook.com/mikeolbinskiphotography / https://instagram.com/mikeolbinski --------------------------------------- This past spring I spent more time chasing storms on the plains than ever before. The most I had spent prior to this was seven total days and that was last year. What I came away with from that short time made me realize that if I could double that...the stuff I could capture would be amazing. Of course I long to be out there for a month or longer, but when you live in Phoenix and have a wife and three kids...you have to be realistic. I turned 40 years old this year and I told my wife all I wanted was 10 days chasing on the plains. She loves me though and it ended up being 14! Two days in April and then 12 straight days from May 23rd - June 3rd. Those 12 days were absolutely incredible. I'm friends with other chasers via social media, met them on the side of roads while chasing, even grabbed dinner together...but never have I felt more of a part of the chaser community than being out there for almost two weeks. Living the life...seeing the same amazing chasers over and over...it was overwhelming to me. I missed my family, it was hard at times, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. Both chases originated from where I live in Arizona. In April I drove out all night to Colorado, slept maybe an hour, chased all day, got a good night's sleep, chased the next day in the Texas panhandle and drove home that same night, stopping only for a quick nap in New Mexico. The second chase was the same. Left Phoenix late on the evening of May 22nd, never really slept and the chase was on the next day. All in all I drove well over 12,000 miles over the course of those two weeks, visited 10 total states (New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota) and shot over 45,000 frames of footage for this film. I have many people to thank. Pat O'Brien for being my first private tour attendee this spring. Mike Mezeul II for one very big tip on a spot above Rapid City, SD. To James Langford who not only guided me to that spot over the phone, but "now-casted" for me many, many times. I may have missed out on four crucial clips in this film if it wasn't for him suggesting I punch the core in South Dakota. Thank you sir. And to my pal Andy Hoeland...who was with me for over a week of my time out there, driving, looking at forecasts, talking to weather experts and always helping us have a great target for that day. He's become my chase partner for most of these big plains trips and I wouldn't have it any other way. Also thanks to Cinetics (http://cinetics.com/axis360) for sending me their Axis 360 to play with. I used it one time in this film and wish I had used it more. I love that scene. Finally...above everyone else, of course...is my wife. To let me go for that long, to never complain, to never discourage me...but to only believe in me...how could I be so lucky to deserve a wife like that? We have three kids and that's tough on a parent to have her husband away that long. It will never cease to amaze me that I would not be here, doing this, if it wasn't for her support and encouragement. Technical details...everything was shot on Canon 5D3's, along with an array of Rokinon lenses. I got sick of lens-twisting (mostly of FORGETTING to lens twist) so I mainly used those manual lenses on this trip. Everything was processed using LR Timelapse, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro. I'm in absolute love with this film. The stuff I saw rivaled anything I've ever seen on the plains minus that insane Booker supercell in 2013. We saw four tornadoes (one of them appears in a deleted scene at the very end of the film), countless supercells, gorgeous shelf clouds, stunning mammatus and some awesome lightning shows. The song..well, the song for this film blew my mind. I loved it when I heard it, but then seeing how everything started coming together on the timeline, the pace, the slow build-up, the huge ending...I've said it before, but the song is 50% of the film. Thank you again Kerry for everything! All this movie does it fuel me to want to do better next year and this summer in Arizona. Stay tuned for Monsoon II and for The Chase II next spring! I sincerely hope you enjoy and share this film around. Thank you!

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      • Little Nebraska Town


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        Football isn’t just a sport. Not in Nebraska. It is a part of Nebraska’s national identity. Football is more than a game to the towns that play it. They are community events – local holidays. Businesses close. People gather. And they cheer. Not just for a win, but for pride. They respect the winner and the loser. For the act of playing the game is always greater than the outcome. As the southwest facade of Memorial Stadium reads, “Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory.” Joe Starita is a professor at the University of Nebraska’s College of Journalism and a Nebraska football aficionado. He explains Nebraska’s football culture: “You hear this phrase all the time that people in this part of the United States, that people here live close to the land… and it’s true. People in Nebraska do live close to the land. And there’s a very spiritual connection between the people who live on the land and the land itself. Crazy Horse, who we claim as a Nebraskan, when he was bayonetted in the back on the evening of Sept 5, 1877, and was mortally wounded. [His warriors] carried him into the adjutant’s office and put him on a cot in Fort Robinson. He [Crazy Horse] told his warriors to take him off the cot and put him on the ground so he could die on the Earth. And that Earth is a huge part of who and what we are. It not only gives rise to corn and soybeans and all kinds of crops, but in a way, this land that we live close to, also gives rise to football… It’s the DNA of who we are. Look around Nebraska. Do you see any mountains? Do you see any oceans? Do you see any surfers in Chadron hanging ten? No. You see the land. And from this land comes everything that we are. In New York, people talk about going to Broadway; they talk about going to an art museum and seeing this beautiful Rembrant canvas. Well, in Nebraska, that canvas stretches from Scottsbluff to Fall City, and from Niobrara to McCook. It’s one giant canvas that we’re painting on when it comes to football.” Joe Starita Joe Starita was an investigative reporter and New York bureau chief for The Miami Herald, where one of his stories was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He is now a professor at the University of Nebraska’s College of Journalism. Joe has published three books: The Dull Knives of Pine Ridge, I Am A Man and A Day In The Life: The Fans of Memorial Stadium. http://joestarita.com Rachel Price Rachel Price is a singer/songwriter from O’Neill, Nebraska. Throughout her two years at South Dakota State University music was on the back burner, and she kept it to YouTube videos and open mic nights. After a producer from Burbank, California stumbled across her YouTube page and invited her to record a four song EP, she decided to pursue a career in music and dive head first into the industry. She has recently moved to Nashville to do so, and has been working on numerous projects since. She continues to make YouTube videos, play shows around the city, and write and record the organic acoustic music that she is so passionate about. If you’d like to hear more of Rachel’s music and keep up with her, here are links to her social media pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelpricemusic Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RawkOn29 Twitter: https://twitter.com/wachelpwice Instagram: http://instagram.com/wachelpwice iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dawn-ep/id866957231

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        • Lakemaid Beer Drone Delivery


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          Like us on Facebook for a chance to win $50 worth of Lakemaid Beer Gear https://www.facebook.com/lakemaidbeer The Latest Advancement in Ice Fishing From Lakemaid Beer Great ice fishing news for lake country anglers. Lakemaid Beer launches Frosty Winter Lager for Ice Fishing Season. Look for Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Michigan. It's should be arriving soon in a fish house or ice shack near you. Each bottle will feature one of 12 Lakemaids properly attired for the cold, winter months. And each bottle cap will feature Lakemaid Beer's new unique winter bottle cap icons for hours of fun in the ice-fishing shack. With a deep amber color, Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager offers a smooth, American craft malted flavor that's perfect after a day on the ice or in the snow. Just one taste and it's sure to fly your tip-up flag. Ask for it.

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          • The Black Pearl


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            • Cork's Cattlebaron


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              "A young protégé and his boss sit down for the most epic steak dinner of their lives in Omaha, Nebraska" Written and Directed by: Eric Steele 
Produced by: Adam Donaghey
 Starring: Robert Longstreet, Frank Mosley, Alicia Anthony Director of Photography: Bret Curry
 Art Direction: Jason Reimer Editor: David Lowery Festivals & Awards: * 2014 Vimeo Staff Pick * 2014 www.Fandor.com "Spotlight on Texas" Pick * Hammer to Nail Short Film Competition (Best Short Runner Up, 2012) * Director's Guild of America Texas Filmmaker's Showcase * Maryland Film Festival (World Premiere, Opening Night Shorts Gala) * Hamptons International Film Festival * Sidewalk Film Festival (Jury Award for acting: Robert Longstreet) * Indie Memphis (Jury Award for acting: Robert Longstreet) * Northside Film Festival (Best Short) * 
Austin Film Festival * Lone Star International Film Festival * Borscht Film Festival * Bushwick Film Festival * Waterfront Film Festival * Dallas VideoFest https://www.facebook.com/CorksCattlebaron

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              • OMAH4k: The Gateway to the West


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                A little History: In the 19th Century, Omaha was founded along the Missouri river and was immediately recognized for being a perfect location for a transportation hub between the East and the West coast. This discovery coined Omaha the nickname "Gateway to the West". A lot has happened since then, but Omaha still remains one of the leading hubs for people traveling from coast to coast and home of the Union Pacific railroad headquarters. The Story of OMAH4k: If you didn't know what Omaha's skyline looked like before this video, you’ll get the chance to view it’s beauty now. OMAH4k was challenging, but in the process of creating an innovative short film focusing almost entirely on a single subject, I realized the outcome was unique and worth it. I believe Omaha's skyline was the perfect subject for a short film project. To make a one-of-a-kind video, I knew I would have to gain access to locations that most people never get the opportunity to view the city from. I also had to put a creative twist on some of the more commonly photographed views of the city skyline. I used mutli-axis motion control equipment to maneuver the camera around the scene to offer a range in composition. I took it a step further by only shooting sunsets and sunrises to show the transition of light and movement in the city. There are a lot of variables that come into play when it comes to timelapse already, but shooting sunrises and sunsets was probably the most difficult aspect. This meant I had to shoot footage for 2-3 hours at a time, and you never know how a sunset is going to turn out, or how the clouds are going to come into play, when you start setting up 2 hours prior. This amount of time and dedication, and hit-or-miss scenarios, just encouraged me more to accept my own challenge. While overcoming and capturing Omaha’s sublime skyline, I hope the OMAHA4k film can give everyone a chance to connect to Omaha’s natural beauty in some way. Gear used: Canon 6D (x2) Canon 200mm Canon 100-400mm* Bower/rokinon 14mm/24mm/35mm/85mm* *= borrowed Lee filters Induro tripods Promote Control (for bulb ramping day-to-night transitions) Motion Control equipment: www.Thechronosproject.com Chronos Lite Rail Lens Apparatus www.Emotimo.com TB3 Black www.Dynamicperception.com Stage zeros cart w/ stepper motor mounted Some silly stats on the timelapse process 120+ hours of shooting Photos taken 25k+ 100+ hours of editing and processing

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                • Timelapse Coal Power Plant


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                  This is a compilation of timelapse videos I shot during December of 2009 and January of 2010. The music was taken from the trailer for Kubric's "The Shining". This is a Mid American Energy power station: located south of Council Bluffs Iowa. Equipment: Canon 5D mkii, 70-200mm IS 2.8L, 16-35mm 2.8L Arbor Aesthetics Web Site: http://www.arboraesthetics.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arbor.aesthetics.tree.service Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arboraesthetics/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/arboraesthetics

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                  • Welcome to Omaha


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                    A time lapse film featuring cityscapes of Omaha, NE by Eric Anderson. www.cloudedlens.com Music by William Joseph www.william-joseph.com

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                    • Charlie Rose Oscars Special Opener


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                      I was delighted to be asked to produce the opening sequence for the Charlie Rose 'Oscars Special' show, which aired on PBS on 27th February 2014. The sequence features 8 Oscar nominated films with actors and directors that had previously appeared on the Charlie Rose show. The 1 minute sequence shows a series of custom animated illustrations and transitions from the film Gravity, Before Midnight, Blue Jasmine, 12 Years A Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Philomena and Nebraska. Client: Charlie Rose Creative direction, design and animation: Al Boardman Producer and additional design: Torrey Paquette Music: "Awakenings", courtesy of Grayson Matthews

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