1. The Clockwork Forest (2011)


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    A key being turned in the forest. Audio is recorded live. The forest is often the mysterious location of secret stories, of distant sounds from hidden camp fires, of secret meetings and unexplained sounds. In The Clockwork Forest, we have created the first chapter of an untold fairy tale. Just turn the key and the mechanical soundtrack will accompany your journey in to the forest. Commissioned by the National Forestry Commission, this installation opened on the 7th October, 2011 in Grizedale, England.

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    • Peter William holden Presents [Vicious Circle]


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      Choreographic installation Materials: Composite plastic, Computer, Compressed Air Components, Mp3 Player. Dimensions: 5m x 4m x 1.50m “Vicious Circle” is inspired by the “The Industrial Revolution” and the subsequent changes in human development brought about by that revolution. It is a brutalist robotic structure and it is a representation of some of the fears I have with technology. The motion of the machine reminds me of the relentless movement of progress as the machine moves to its predetermined program, ignorant of its environment and unwilling to stop if anything gets in its way. Though paradoxically it is possible to see beauty within its movements as the life size cast hands rise and fall forming a swarm that flocks together like birds in a choreographed dance to Prokofiev’s “Dance of the knights". Thus reminding me that technology is a double edged sword and we / humanity have the possibility to decide which direction it will take.

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      • KIKK Festival teaser 2014


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        Here is the new teaser for the 4th edition of KIKK Festival made by Sauvage Sauvage (http://www.sauvagesauvage.com/). KIKK is a FREE international festival of digital & creative cultures taking place in Namur, Belgium on Nov. 6-7, 2014. KIKK explores the artistic and economic implications of new technologies. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition, a market, live performances & concerts. KIKK Festival 2014 Line up includes: Zach Lieberman, Casey Neistat, Carlo Ratti (MIT Senseable City Lab), Onformative, Random International, Vallée & Duhamel, Daily Tous les Jours, Slow Magic, Matt Black (Coldcut - Ninja Tune), UNIT9, and many more on http://kikk.be/2014 Video by Sauvage Sauvage Dir & edit by Raphael Parmentier Prod by Arnaud Gurdal Assits. Jimmy Piérot, Thomas Grailet, Pascal Braconnier, Julien Collin Cast François Neycken Post Prod by Nicolas Dehaut (Aftertouch) Music by Raphael Parmentier www.sauvagesauvage.com

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        • The Source (Channel Four footage)


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          The Source, an eight storey high kinetic sculpture, is the new symbol for the London Stock Exchange. Every morning, millions of viewers around the world will watch the installation come to life, signifying the opening of the London Markets. key line On Tuesday, 27th July, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth unveiled greyworld's latest installation at the new London Stock Exchange, in the heart of the city of London. The Source is formed from a grid of cables arranged in a square, 162 cables in all, reaching eight stories to the glass roof. Nine spheres are mounted on each cable and are free to move independently up and down its length. In essence the spheres act like animated pixels, able to model any shape in three dimensions a fluid, dynamic, three dimensional television. Visitors to the atrium are greeted by this motion: its particles rising and falling, generating an infinite range of figurative and abstract shapes that rise, dissolve and reform at different heights in the atrium. The shape of the sun rising on a new day of trade, the names and positions of currently traded stocks, the DNA helix at the center of life formed by the work, and floating in the 32m void of the atrium. This complex and sophisticated installation is a microcosm of activity, a living reflection of market forces.

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          • Computers Watching Movies (Inception)


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            Benjamin Grosser Computers Watching Movies (Inception) 2013 computationally-produced HD video with stereo audio Computers Watching Movies shows what a computational system sees when it watches the same films that we do. The work illustrates this vision as a series of temporal sketches, where the sketching process is presented in synchronized time with the audio from the original clip. Viewers are provoked to ask how computer vision differs from their own human vision, and what that difference reveals about our culturally-developed ways of looking. Why do we watch what we watch when we watch it? Will a system without our sense of narrative or historical patterns of vision watch the same things? Computers Watching Movies was computationally produced using software written by the artist. This software uses computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence routines to give the system some degree of agency, allowing it to decide what it watches and what it does not. Six well-known clips from popular films are used in the work, enabling many viewers to draw upon their own visual memory of a scene when they watch it. The scenes are from the following movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, American Beauty, Inception, Taxi Driver, The Matrix, and Annie Hall. http://bengrosser.com/projects/computers-watching-movies/

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            • "Twisted Strips" (2012) by Daniel Rozin


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              Daniel Rozin "Twisted Strips", 2012 polystyrene strips, motors, micro-controller, wooden frame 31 x 31 x 3" / 78.7 x 78.7 x 7.6 cm edition of 6 "Twisted Strips" is a kinetic sculpture that explores serial image generation and perceptual illusion, specifically Op Art from the 1950s and 60s which inspired the piece. Breaking the picture plane into a black field and twenty-one motorized vertical strips, the sculpture produces rhythmic waves of movement. The animated pattern shifts in arc and frequency, as the two motors on each strip continually rotate in and out of phase. Using an approach visually analogous to the tape loop structures found in minimal music and phase music, new shapes constantly flow through the composition, which are perceived by the eye as a singular picture in motion. Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc. To learn more about Daniel Rozin's work, please visit: bit.ly/nLESCP bit.ly/AmsFdp

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              • Peter William Holden Presents [Arabesque]


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                Dimensions; 450 x 450 x 150 cm. Materials; Composite plastic, Computers, Compressed Air Components. In my recent work I have concerned myself not only with the sculpting of three dimensions but also with a fourth: the dimension of time. I have attempted to create kinetic works that evolve, adapt and regress. Work which falls somewhere between conventional notions of pictorial art and a kind of performance. “Arabesque” is the natural continuation of this exploration – a real time animation. With its roots in Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” and the alchemist’s laboratory, the installation presents itself as a mechanical flower: a simulacrum of nature. Life sized human body parts, impaled upon steel, move and sway and dance. The limbs, translucent and livid, bare their internal robotic mechanisms to the gaze of the viewer. The wiring itself is an aesthetic expression deliberately integrated into the installation to bring chaotic lines of abstract form to contrast with the organized symmetry of the body parts. The lifeblood of this organism is air and when activated this air flows invisibly, bestowing movement to these mechanisms and its presence is only betrayed when exhaled loudly from the valves attached to the serpentine air hose.This combined with the rattle of relays and the tandem clattering of pistons to produce a hyper-modern accompaniment to the music of Strauss. Part cinema, part theatre, “Arabesque” can be viewed form a multitude of angles, revealing a kaleidoscope of beautiful shapes and patterns created from the human form.

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                • Peter William Holden Presents [SoleNoid β]


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                  Shoes, Industrial Computer, Compressed Air Components 4.5m x 4.5m x 0.5m Eight tap shoes are set in a symmetrical circular pattern. This allows the kinetic elements of the installation to produce three-dimensional sounds in relation to the listener / observer. The shoes are attached to simple robotic structures which utilize pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves. This enables the shoes to be moved in a multitude of ways with each movement having a distinct characteristic sound. The movements of the shoes are sequenced with a computer to produce an auditory performance. The installation itself works in two ways either as a pre-programmed piece performed by the machine alone or it can be played via a control panel by members of the public. The 16 key control panel functions like a sequencer with each key triggering a short loop of movements / sounds, these sounds and movements can easily be patched together to produce a composition.

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                  • Remake of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in Minecraft


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                    Minecraft video, 2013

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                    • Peter William Holden Presents [AutoGene]


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                      Dimensions; 450 x 450 x 80 cm. Materials; umbrellas, Computers, Compressed Air Components. Giving a first impression of a simple commodity sculpture, “AutoGene” lures the viewer into a false sense of security, which is then, at the flick of a switch, rapidly dispelled. The seemingly mundane umbrellas are transformed into magical, kinetic objects. The circular arrangement combined with the striking contrast produced as the umbrellas expand and contract engender the formation of abstract ephemeral patterns, which are seemingly governed by the accompanying music. The viewer is obliged to re-evaluate the sculpture, inviting comparisons with dance and animation as the mechanical pixels complete their choreographed movement through time and space.

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