1. InBody 'Body Map' installation


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    An interactive video installation by jamie griffiths at the InBody Global Artist Dialogue at the Museum of Anhtropology, Vancouver BC, March 2010.

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    • Museum of Anthropology - MOA MashUp


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      Bill Reid Atrium. Carving 'The Raven and First Men'. Sound responsive lighting and interactive visuals by jamie griffiths. Music by Kent Shaw.

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      • Privacy Pixels


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        If a stranger came up to you on the street, would you give him your picture? Probably not.Yet people often dole out all kinds of personal information on the Internet. Services like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Flickr are oceans of personal minutiae — birthday greetings sent and received, school and work gossip, photos of family vacations, and movies watched.Computer scientists and policy experts say that such seemingly innocuous bits of self-revelation can increasingly be collected and reassembled by computers to help create a picture of a person's identity, sometimes down to the Social Security number. I am trying to potray this through 'Privacy Pixels'. Using a server side script, profile pictures of random people from facebook are fetched. These pictures are then used in constructing the 'Privacy Pixels'. Note: Facebook allows anyone (may not be your facebook friend) to fetch your profile picture in four different sizes. There is no privacy settings to disable this. Click http://sureskumar.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/privacy-pixels/ to see the Privacy Pixel Canvas

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        • Street Crossings


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          Street Crossings is a sound installation - a duet. The work performs along side an existing gesture of municipal aesthetics in the urban soundscape, in downtown Nashville. Electronic bleeps and blips punctuate the urban traffic drone when it is time cross the street. This work fills and extends that moment with a superimposed sonic layer. A multi-channel soundtrack activates the power dynamic of this auditory situation, and momentarily surprises and delights. Video by Ronald Lambert.

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          • The "O" 001


            from YU Shih-Fu / Added

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            2011,Kinetic Art Size 100X100X20CM

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            • Interactive design for the installation of the Puffersphere project


              from Nefeli Rovithi / Added

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              Video material developed in Adobe Flash CS4 with the use of Actionscript 3.0 and the design tools for an interactive installation that took place in "InSpace" gallery in Edinburgh on March 2010. The animations created were projected on the 360 degrees interactive display called "The Puffersphere". Touching the PufferSphere applied different effects to the projected videos and sound. By clapping their hands visitors could move to the next video. Various combinations of touching and clapping allowed viewers to interact with PufferSphere in different ways.

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              • Personal Depersonalization System (2011)


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                Personal Depersonalization System Benjamin Grosser 2011 (demonstration video) installation for computer, display, and custom software Every phrase you search, every link you click, and every path you follow is databased, profiled, and indexed so that Google and other data tracking companies can develop a refined portrait of who they think you are---or more importantly, what they think you'll buy. As a result, there is no longer a standard Google; the Google you see is personalized just for you and is different from the one anyone else sees. My reaction to this is an automated query machine that depersonalizes my own profile by hiding my real interests and inclinations within a sea of random noise. http://bengrosser.com

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                • «Körperfelder» – an interactive videoinstallation by Michel Winterberg


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                  German: «Körperfelder» von Michel Winterberg lädt den Betrachter zur spielerischen Interaktion ein: Die erkundende Bewegung seiner Hände und Arme bewirkt eine visuelle Kommunikation mit seiner Repräsentation. Es entsteht eine Verbindung zwischen virtueller Welt und realer Bewegung in Form einer Parodie der Ästhetik der heutigen Computerspiele. Die interaktive Rauminstallation mag visuell an Tony Ourslers "Caricature" aus dem Jahre 2002 erinnern. Jedoch fordert «Körperfelder» den Betrachter auf, aktiv Teil davon zu werden. «Körperfelder» wurde während dem Wildwuchs-Festival vom 27. Mai bis 5. Juni 2011 in Basel ausgestellt, ein mehrtägiges Tanz- und Theaterfestival für Menschen mit und ohne Beeinträchtigung. "Wildwuchs nutzt Kreativität und Künstlerisches Schaffen dazu, neue Perspektiven der Wahrnehmung und neue Möglichkeiten der Begegnung von Solchen und Anderen zu ermöglichen" (www.wildwuchs.ch/?wildwuchs.php, 30. 5. 2011). 16. Juli: "int. Juggling Day" 2011, 10-22Uhr, Petersgraben 17, Basel. English: «Körperfelder» (Body Fields) by Michel Winterberg invites the viewer into a playful interaction: The exploratory movements of his hands and arms causes a visual communication with its representation. It creates a connection between the virtual world and real movement in the form of a parody of the aesthetics of today's computer games. The interactive installation may visually remind us of Tony Oursler, "Caricature" from 2002. However, «Körperfelder» calls for the viewer to actively be part of it. «Körperfelder» was exhibited at the "Wildwuchs-Festival" and the "DailyBox". Videotexture by: Dominique Mischler, Lea Baltisberger, Anna Studer, Michel Winterberg Tanks to: Stephan Athanas, Dozent HGK, Max MSP Jitter support http://www.stephanathanas.com Sebastian Kox alias oneseconds, Tryplex toolkit with OSCeleton http://code.google.com/p/tryplex/wiki/Installation Max MSP Jitter OSCeleton-Patch (at the bottom): http://tohmjudson.com/?p=30 Sensebloom OSCeleton https://github.com/Sensebloom/OSCeleton-examples

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                  • Metavision, 2011


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                    ABOUT THE WORK This video, entitled Metavision, is based on a series of digital drawings from a series called Metagraphs, started in 1999. The works were hand-drawn using a graphics tablet and digital stylus connected to a computer. The drawings were created in a format known as vector graphics, which transcribes each shape, line, and color mathematically, rather than into a grid of pixels. This allows the pieces to be enlarged to virtually any size with no loss of image quality. Most computer images, such as JPEG files, would show degradadation when enlarged. Each composition in this series of 40+ drawings is produced as a digital monoprint on canvas, and as an edition of smaller works on paper, limited to a printing of 100. In the creation of Metavision, 12 pieces from this series was separated into layers, and animated using commercial animation software. The different segments were then then edited together in a digital video editing suite to formulate the final piece, which is intended to loop continuously. Through movement, the work gives new life to pieces composed over a decade earlier. It was first exhibited as an installation at as exhibition called Techspressionism at 4 North Main Gallery in Southampton NY during the summer of 2011.

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                    • Immediate: GOLEM


                      from CIANT Prague / Added

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                      GOLEM is a 30 minutes dance performance telling the story of artificial man. It is based on the use of advanced audiovisual technologies such as granular sound synthesis, real-time 3D environments and computer systems for capturing movement. The dancer becomes both on-the-fly choreographer and co-author of the sound composition. Through the dance movements he pilots the sound part as well as influences the virtual projected scenography. Project Immediate (http://www.immediate-project.eu/) Immersive Media Dance Integrating in Telematic Environments Credits: - CIANT - M2F CREATIONS - Collectif Dardex-Mort2Faim - Laboratory for Mixed Realities - LMR - BODY-PROCESS ARTS ASSOCIATION - A4 - Zero Space - Zavod Projekt Atol This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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