1. M I N D M A Z E


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    M I N D M A Z E A Ground Illusionz & Hidden Gems Collaboration Shots. Edits. Direction by Nereo Eugenio II (Hidden Gems Productions) Story. Concept. Direction by Marcel "FROSTFLOW" DaCosta (Ground Illusionz) Music By Portishead - Strangers Kyo-Itachi - Mugen Swords “Where should we put our mind? If you put your mind on the enemy movement, your mind will be taken by the enemy movement. If you put your mind on the enemy sword, your mind will be taken by the enemy sword. If you put your mind on trying to cut the enemy, your mind will be taken by trying to cut. If you put your mind on your sword, your mind will be taken by your sword. If you put your mind on trying not to be cut, your mind will be taken by trying not to be cut. If you put your mind on the posture, your mind will be taken by the posture. There is no place to put your mind on. Even if your mind seems to be moved, do not let your mind be taken." -Takuan Soho

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    • Ian Wolstenholme: What is this?


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      This interview with Ian Wolstenholme was done by Reinhold in May 2013 via internet (Jetzt-TV, Ian Wostenholme, Interview01). Rehabilitate emotion as valuable experience of being spiritual; consciousness is the small things in life; voyaging with people; dropping into relaxed space; relax in this; about Ian’s work mostly via Skype; getting to and sitting at the destination; disconnection from destination; entertainment; Ian’s awakening for no reason followed by 20 years of inquiry and fascination; being lead by: “What is this?”; psychology degree and traveling the world; 360 degree visibility and movement of the different facets of Ian’s personality; bringing up imaginary which already existed; the function of belief has been hijacked as means of social engineering; when beliefs get into the director’s chair the vision is not clear; not knowing and not holding anything; sequence of experiences and sensations; gourmet sensation; the role and nature of fear; processing the feelings – can it kill you? Own experience is necessary and cannot be replaced by any teaching or formula; “Who am I?” is the wrong question; “What is this?”; the seer is a participant not an observer; give me some unconsciousness :-);

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      • One Week West of Molkom


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        Each year, more than one thousand people from all over the world converge on the Swedish alternative community of Angsbacka, for a festival celebrating personal, spiritual and sustainable development. Through workshops and events like firewalking and sweat lodges the ‘No Mind’ festival offers inspiration and greater self awareness, knowledge and presence. Volunteers are key to creating the conviviality that creates an aesthetics of community, much valued by participants and volunteers alike. Inspired by the ‘shared anthropology’ of Jean Rouch, this film captures the experience of six volunteers and what they value most about the ‘No Mind’ festival. The film is the result of a long term collaboration between the filmmaker, Mike Poltorak, and the community of Angsbacka. The film was originally focussed on a smoothie bar at the festival 'The J Spot' and intended to be a film very much for the people in it and at the No Mind festival in 2011. After feedback screenings at Angsbacka and with most of the protagonists I then worked with an editor, John Murphy, to rework the film for a wider audience. 'One Week West of Molkom' is the result and is a response to the documentary 'Three Miles North of Molkom' that inspires many people to come to Angsbacka. By contrast it focuses on the volunteer, rather than participant experience, and features two of the same individuals in Three Miles North of Molkom

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        • Samarpan Satsang40 01


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          Samarpan: Knowing Nothing – This is Reality Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during winter 2012. Finding a place for practicing the trumpet during a Samarpan Retreat – a challenge; how to be in silence while making music; “nothing better than to jam”; making music is all about letting go; feeling touched in so much love and gratitude while making music; to realize the meaninglessness of thoughts – so why turn towards any confusion? The real, the unchanging can never be confused, it is just the ego looking for something to hold on to; when you're really sure that this is genuine, then don't let your memory get hold of this; it is the mind trying to explain and find an orientation in this; only the ocean is big enough for us, an aquarium won't do; being the ocean with the ocean being inside of us, no separation; a bad idea to share the inner feeling of oneness; the willingness to feel everything without the story, even the feelings of others that we catch; the wonder of dissolving in Satsang; knowing nothing – this is reality; there is no danger in not knowing, even though it seems like this to the mind; not knowing is freedom; the happiness of dementia; the joy of experimenting with nutrition; shall I come upfront in Satsang, or not? Are Buddhist traditions helpful in getting out of the mind, i.e. mantra singing and prostrations? The wisdom of trusting whatever is, the inner knowledge; experience of feeling fear during a borreliose illness enforced by medical specialists; when patents are bullied; help in fear comes from meditation; the very useful remedy of grilled oranges instead of antibiotics; coming into peace with the parents, in order to find your own peace; searching the father's grave in Russia – and the liberation of finding peace with the father; the happiness to have also come into peace with the mother having accompanied her into her death; a way of finding oneself and the hidden love towards the mother; forgiveness and reconciliation between the parents; by way of getting into peace with the father, also finding peace with the son.

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          • Tony Parsons Interview01 01


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            Tony Parsons: Wonderfully Gloriously Meaningless This interview with Tony Parsons did Sabina in April 2013. The open secret; the illusion of me can collapse but then there is nothing that knows that; the me is a finite entity trying to find the infinite; I was trying to achieve enlightenment but then the I that was searching died; this is not now, this is timeless; the seeker doesn`t want to die, he wants to continue, he is looking for a formula; there is no formula, there is only living; this message is always available to those who are open to it; all there is, is energy and it has no director; this is a response out of nothing; expose the myth that there is a me; there is a shift in the world from authority to anarchy; when the me collapses also the idea collapses that there is good or bad; wonderfully, gloriously meaningless; knowing is a concept; self inquiry is a completely dualistic operation which goes on emphasizing the sense of knowing, but that which is can`t be known; what is does not need to know itself to be what is; you don`t have a life to do anything with, there is only life.

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            • Jac o' Keeffe Interview03_01


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              Jac O’Keeffe: Finishing Suffering by Training the Mind Being Content This interview with Jac was done by Reinhold in April 2013 via Internet. The nature of suffering; causes for pain becoming bigger or less, role of identification and ownership for intensity of pain; relationship with pain; the recipe for suffering; the recipe for not suffering; role of desire; understanding of the transient nature of all things; suffering is optional and does not help at all; suffering and the ego are in bed together; training the mind being content; attention on being content; sorting out pain for the body not for “me”; contentment is a resting place for mind; mind can quite easily get used to it; what do you need “right now”? Pleasure and pain are not what you seek; pleasure is being desire-less; no need to get caught in anything; suffering is respected – why? Pain happens, but the suffering part? If suffering has to happen to get you somewhere – hey revisit this idea! Being there for persons in pain but suffering is not helpful; stopping the dance with suffering; the juice of the victim role; contentment shuts off the desire; a bundle of conditioning; the nature of evolution; changes related to awakening; illusionary nature of perception; unity consciousness mirroring itself; the essence of all; an echo of none; beyond language; what I am; no need to believe that anything is wrong; no need for suffering; a resting place for mind; just watching the breath without interference; it is that simple; wanting to get something out of the suffering; not burning energy in suffering mind games; not supporting any desire – whatsoever; going with flow and pure perception can happen; just a story; let mind hang out in being content and know you are none of it.

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              • Is Life A Dead-end Road--Part 6 of 7--Theme-Time is running out


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                “But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left,” (Matt. 25:31-33). Life for believers is certainly not a dead-end road

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                • No Mind - ÆTX


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                  • CALIfornia CALIgraphy by Oliver Halsman Rosenberg


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                    Oliver Halsman Rosenberg's calligraphy studio at the J.B. Blunk Residency (Inverness, CA) March 2011 Sometimes referred to as "cosmic script," this form of calligraphy is a unique expression. While it has similar elements to Persian Script, Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy), the Hebrew Torah, and Sumerian Cuneiform, it comes from an outsider untrained perspective. It is channeled from a place of no mind. It is a language/musical technological notation, and can be a fourth dimensional song. It prefers to be painted directly on people's bodies as a healing art, and sung, but it also enjoys the freedom of flat space. Since 2003 Oliver considers himself just a conduit for it.

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