1. Dubstep Dispute


    from Fluxel Media / Added

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    Join this lovable crew of droids as they solve their differences the only way dubstep robots know how. A 3d animated short set to music by Nostalgia. More info: http://www.fluxelmedia.com/fluxelmedia/projects/Dubstep_Dispute/Dubstep_Dispute.html Nostalgia: http://www.facebook.com/dnbnostalgia Full Length Track: http://soundcloud.com/nostalgia/knights-of-cydonia-nostalgia-dubstep-remix

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    • Skinemax


      from Smash TV / Added

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      STARRING KURT RUSSELL 1/17/13 Update: Watch the sequel "Memorex" here! https://vimeo.com/55006097 Skinemax is Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes. It's long form entertainment for short attention spans. An hour long VJ odyssey, it will move your body and warp your mind. A nostalgic look back at a half remembered childhood growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Skinemax takes a close look at the culture of that era. The images that motivated, delighted, and terrified us on the silver screen, set to propulsive modern music that pines for a simpler time. Please support the original works, these are film makers and musicians that have upheld the values of originality and creativity. This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It is presented for the purposes of entertainment, education, and criticism/commentary only. No infringement is intended. Tracklist: Com Truise - Norkuy Depakote - Tummler Martial Canterel - For Us Fulgeance - Glamoure Daedelus - Penny Loafers Teebs - Why Like This Laurel Halo - Embassy Games - Strawberry Skies d'Eon - Transparency FOE - A Handsome Stranger Called Death (Com Truise Remix) Games - Shadows In Bloom White Car - No Better Gatekeeper - Forgotten The Hasbeens - You And Me Ford & Lopatin - Emergency Room Rainbow Arabia - Mechanical oOoOO - Burnout Eyess VHS Head - Motions Outer Limits Recordings - Plastik Child Download higher quality MP3 here: http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/smash_tv/skinemax_video_mix Many more DJ Mixes here: http://www.percussionlab.com/sets?list=tag&tag=sparkle%20motion Blog: http://supersmashtv.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @supersmashtv

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      • Danger Beach - Apache


        from oneedo / Added

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        Music video for the band Danger Beach on Dream Damage Records. Their album Milky Way can be downloaded here: http://www.dreamdamage.com/2010/07/danger-beach/ Directed by Ned Wenlock Character animation by Rodney Selby

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        • Belly


          from Julia Pott / Added

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          I can feel you in my Belly Credits: A film by: Julia Pott Production: Royal College of Art Sound Design: Joseph Tate Animation Assistance: Robin Bushell Eammon O’Neill Ben Cady Stephen Middleton Theo Nunn Voices: Olivia Gurney Randall Cornelius Clarke Joseph Tate Robert Blythe Laurence Weedy Supported by: Passion Pictures Screenings The Summer Show, RCA, London, 2011 See No Evil, The City Arts & Music Project, London, 2011 Short and Sweet, The Pheonix, London, 2011 Hackney Film Festival, RIO Cinema, London, 2011 Canterbury Anifest, Augustine House, Canterbury, 2011 Chicago Film Festival, 2011 Playgrounds Festival, Netherlands, 2011 L’Alternativa, 18th Barcelona Independent Film Festival, 2011 Encounters International Film Festival, Bristol, 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011 Pictoplasma, New York, 2011 Animated Dreams, Estonia, 2011 Rencontres Henri Langlois 34th Festival, Poitiers, France, 2011 Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation de Montréal, Canada, 2011 Animateka International Animation Film Festival, Slovenia, 2011 Anilogue International Animation Festival, Vienna and Budapest, 2011 Sundance Film Festival, 2012 Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2012 Premiers Plans Film Festival, France, 2012 Flickerfest, International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2012 Tricky Women, International Competition, Vienna, 2012 Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona, 2012 SXSW, 2012 Charleston Film Festival, 2012 Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, 2012 San Francisco International Film Festival, 2012 Lisbon International Independent Film Festival, 2012 Ashland Independent Film Festival, 2012 Boston Independent Film Festival, 2012 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Germany, 2012, Flatpack Festival, Birmingham, UK, 2012 Visueltdagene (The Visual Days), Oslo, Norway, 2012 Maryland Film Festival, 2012 ANIFILM, Trebon, Czech Republic, 2012 Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival, 2012 Sarasota Film Festival, 2012 Southside Film Festival, PA, 2012 San Francisco Film Festival, 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival, 2012 Catalina Film Festival, 2012 World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2012 Pictoplasma, Berlin, 2012 Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine, 2012 Rooftop Films, NYC - May 25th and June 15th Provincetown International Film Festival 2012 Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany, 2012 Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan, 2012 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, 2012 Hiroshima International Animation Festival, 2012 Royal Television Society Awards, UK, 2012 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, 2012 Leiden International Short Film Experience, 2012 Sequence Short Film Festival, France, 2012 5.International Animated Film Festival, Poland, 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2012 Animation Block Party, NYC, 2012 International Competition at Fantoche, Switzerland, 2012 Sidewalk Film Festival, Alabama, 2012 Free Range Film Festival, Minnesota, 2012 International Competition at Fantoche, Switzerland, 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival, 2012 Kloosterkino, Netherlands, 2012 Les Perceides – 4E - Festival International de Cinema et D’art de Perce Concorto Film Festival, Italy, 2012 Free Range Film Festival, Minnesota, 2012 Milano International Film Festival, 2012 Animacursed Festival, Rio De Janeiro, 2012 Calgary International Film Festival, 2012 3D Wire Festival, Spain, 2012 XXII Message to Man International Film Festival, Russia, 2012 Sedicicorto Film Festival, Italy, 2012 The Grand Cinema, Tacoma, 2012 Fantoche International Film Festival, Sweden, 2012 Giraf Animation Festival, Canada, 2012 31st Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, 2012 St. John's International Women's Film Festival, Canada, 2012 Cucalorus Film Festival, North Carolina, 2012 Corona Cork Film Festival, Ireland, 2012 Underwire Film Festival, UK, 2012 AFI Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2012 Awards Passion Pictures Prize, 2011 Shortlisted, Ridley Scott Associates Residency, 2011 Nominated, Conran Award, 2011 Best Graduation Film, Chicago Film Festival, 2011 International Jury's Special Prize, Anilogue International Animation Festival 2011 Canal + Award, Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2012 Best European Student Film, Holland Animation Film Festival, 2012 Golden Gate Award for Best Animated Short film, San Francisco International Film Festival, 2012 Royal Television Society Award, Postgraduate Animation, Finalist, 2012 New Talent Award - Fantoche International Film Festival, Sweden, 2012 Best Short, Philadelphia Film Festival, 2012 Special Jury Award for Animation at AFI Film Festival, 2012 Best Director, Underwire Film Festival, UK, 2012 Archived in the British Film Institue, 2011

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          • Memorex


            from Smash TV / Added

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            SMASH TV presents MEMOREX STARRING RONALD McDONALD Memorex is the advertising industry's collective wet dream. The sequel to Smash TV's critically acclaimed "Skinemax", Memorex is a 50 minute VJ odyssey, a tribute to an entire generation who grew up with only a TV and a VCR for a babysitter. Sourced from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes, Memorex is a deep exploration of nostalgia and the cultural values of an era of excess. It's a re-contextualization of ads - cultural detritus, the lowest of the low - into something altogether more profound, humorous, and at times, even beautiful. Digging up long forgotten memories for a generation who spent their formative years glued to the boob tube, Memorex is a veritable nostalgia nuke for children of the 80s. Endless beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, claymation everything, sleek cars, sexy babes, toys you forgot existed, station idents, primitive computer animation, all your favorite sugary cereal mascots, and so much more. An ode to the hyper consumerism and sleek veneer of a simpler time. The audio provides a perfect accompaniment to the warped and weirdly nostalgic footage, like finding your favorite cassette from childhood after it’s been baking in the sun for 25 years. An authentic audio/visual package, Memorex was designed to look and feel like the real deal. The ultimate VHS tape. Is it a lost cultural relic, melted to the dash of an '83 Nissan Sentra? Is it a sinister government experiment, designed to brainwash children into becoming consumer slaves? Is it the pinnacle of blipverts, sent back in time from 20 minutes into the future? Is it the holy grail of unlabeled VHS tapes, tucked away in the back room of an abandoned Blockbuster? Is it live, or is it Memorex? We didn't create your childhood, we just organized it for you. How to brainwash an entire generation. OBEY. CONSUME. THIS IS YOUR GOD. This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It is presented for the purposes of entertainment, education, and criticism/commentary only. No infringement is intended. Tracklist: Memorex Intro VHS Head - Ident Boxcutter - TV Troubles Cuticle - Towel Leyland Kirby - Neon Lit Atoms Peaking Lights - Synthy Hype Williams - Mitsubishi Boards Of Canada - On A Rolling Sea LA Vampires Featuring Matrix Metals - So Unreal Rene Hell - Bordes Of Heaven Laurie Anderson - O Superman (Smash TV Rewind) VHS Head - Seen Enough Outer Limits Recordings - Julie Boards Of Canada - Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist) Ford & Lopatin - Rock Center Paranoia Hype Williams - Businessline LA Vampires Goes Ital - Tons Of Love Boards Of Canada - Iraq Says / Nine-Rubber Wisdom Niggas With Guitars - Milky White Loverboy - When It's Over (Brian E Remix / Smash TV Rewind) Thompson Twins - If You Were Here (Smash TV Rewind) Memorex Outro Download the higher quality MP3 here: http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/smash_tv/memorex_video_mix Please support the original artists. Also, please check out the following two Youtube channels, where much of this footage was sourced from. You have our endless thanks for archiving our childhood. 80s Commercial Vault http://www.youtube.com/user/80sCommercialVault Vintage Computer Graphics http://www.youtube.com/user/VintageCG Smash TV has many more DJ Mixes available for download at the link below. percussionlab.com/sets?list=tag&tag=sparkle%20motion Blog: supersmashtv.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @supersmashtv After these messages, we'll be right back...

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            • Super Life


              from Eben McCue / Added

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              Your life sucks, try Super Life! Super Life let's you experience an entire life time in 46 seconds! From your very first steps to your very last, see all the thrills of adolescence, the decisions of adulthood and the joys of retirement! Coming soon to arcades and home entertainment systems everywhere. Maybe. (Watch on your Iphone 5 or other smartphone in portrait mode, it fits perfectly!) This is a tweaked version of a piece I made for the 80-ft. tall screen outside the Boston Convention Center in South Boston. It will be playing during this year's PAX East convention starting April 11th - 13th.

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              • The Shins - "Simple Song"


                from DANIELS / Added

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                Off the record "Port of Morrow": http://www.theshins.com/music/port-morrow www.danieldaniel.us Starring: The Band: James Mercer, Richard Swift, Jessica Dobson, Joe Plummer, Yuuki Matthews The Kids: Niko Jacobson, Natalie Shershaw, Anthony Chow, Lea Claire Zawada, Emma Smith Mother: Tonetta Weaver Jessica's Husband: Nich Ealy-Elder Girl Next Door: Emily Matthews Dir: DANIELS Prod Co: PrettyBird EP: Candice Ouaknine Producer: Jonathan Wang DP: Larkin Seiple Production Designer: Jason Kisvarday Property of Columbia Records

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                • Oh, Summer


                  from Benjamin Dowie / Added

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                  Sun drenched oceans touch the sky as hearts are washed with glistening dreams. Oh, Summer. M U S I C 'Heaven's Gate' by Oh, Yoko https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oh-Yoko/154030671364127 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shot on a Canon 5D Mk3 & Contour +2 Cut with Final Cut 7, graded with Lightroom 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • https://facebook.com/BeanpoleProductions http://beanpole.com.au/ ©2014 BEANPOLE PRODUCTIONS △

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                  • "LOAD"


                    from Brian Sørensen / Added

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                    My graduation project in Digital Media at 3D College, Denmark. A small, full CG shortfilm set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the display of old computer hardware, together with careful cinematic grading. Made as a "proof of concept" for a future project that I am currently working on. Credits: CG modeling_texturing_lighting_rendering by Brian Sørensen Post grading_editing_soundDesign by Brian Sørensen MUSIC written & produced by Brian Sørensen

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                    • Voyage


                      from Marco Aslan / Added

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                      Sigur Ros - All Alright from 2008 album: Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust http://marcoaslan.com

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