1. I Met My Husband in the Middle of the Sea


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    This is an excerpt from my new film Sailing A Sinking Sea (http://cargocollective.com/sailingasinkingsea/Teaser). It premiered on the site, Jungles in Paris (https://www.junglesinparis.com/stories/49). Director, Producer & Editor: Olivia Wyatt Cinematography & Field Recordings: Kevin Hayden & Olivia Wyatt Score: Bitchin Bajas Jungles in Paris writes: For the Moken people of Southeast Asia, the sea provides nearly everything a person might need. It offers food to eat, a comfortable place to live (assuming one owns the appropriate vessel), and, sometimes, love. Members of this ocean-faring ethnic group – often called “Sea Gypsies” – roam the Andaman Sea off the coasts of Thailand and Myanmar. The Moken travel on small, handcrafted wooden boats called kabangs, from which they skillfully procure fresh meals of fish, scallops, and clams, using nothing more complicated than a simple spear and a remarkable ability to hold their breath. Moken people often wed when they are still teenagers—a woman is considered to be of marriageable age upon her first menstruation—and stay together for life. Before he marries, a Moken man must first prove himself to his intended wife and her parents, in a ritual that requires him to build his own kabang. Traditionally, he might have met his wife-to-be on the water. But things are changing. Tightened immigration and fishing laws, as well as the growing the tourism industry, have all but forced the Moken community to trade their houseboats for more permanent coastal settlements. (Even so, their marriage rituals have largely stayed the same.) Around Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago and Thailand’s neighboring islands, a tiny minority of Moken still lead the nomadic lifestyle for much of the year. (In the traditional manner, they make brief shore visits when necessary and dwell on land during the rainy monsoon season.) Gone, though, are the extended-family flotillas of previous times. And with so few of them now actually living at sea, a young Moken man or woman's chances of finding love on the water are not what they used to be.

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    • SALT


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      This is a the tale of a modern day mermaid. It takes place in a half sunken tugboat in Jamaica bay, NY. I made this film on a story I heard in Thailand. The true story appears in it's original and full format in Sailing A Sinking Sea

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      • Sailing A Sinking Sea - Trailer


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        Sailing A Sinking Sea is a feature-length experimental documentary exploring the culture of the Moken people of Burma and Thailand. The Moken are a seafaring community and one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in Asia, traditionally spending eight months out of the year in thatch-roofed wooden boats. Wholly reliant upon the sea, their entire belief system revolves around water. Sailing A Sinking Sea weaves a visual and aural tapestry of Moken mythologies and present-day practices. As a viewer you will swim under the sea past fishes and mermaids, sail boats across turquoise waters, land on 13 different islands, step inside sea shanties on stilts, delve into the minds of shamans, become possessed through the worship of sea gods, dance between lovers and emerge drenched in Moken mythology. http://cargocollective.com/sailingasinkingsea

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        • Saut d’Eau: Ville Bonheur, Haiti


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          Near a small town in central Haiti called Ville Bonheur, the Tombe River tumbles picturesquely into a deep basin. The waterfall is called Saut d'Eau. It is one of the holiest sites in Haiti, and never are its supposedly sacred powers more palpable than in mid-July, during a three-day festival that brings thousands of pilgrims from all over the country to bathe in its cleansing waters. See the full story: https://www.junglesinparis.com/stories/27 Credits: Directed & Edited by Olivia Wyatt

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          • The Offering


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            A Hindu ritual leads a woman into a psychedelic dream state. Shot on Super 8 mm film and hand processed. Starring: Anjali Suneja

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            • Deep Forest


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              A Karaoke video I made to Deep Forest's "Sweet Lullaby" for Cleopatra's Gallery in Brooklyn. I

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              • Bitchin' Bajas - Vibraquatic


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                This is an excerpt from Vibraquatic, a new multimedia collaboration of Cooper Crain’s Bitchin Bajas (CAVE) and globetrotting film-maker Olivia Wyatt (Sublime Frequencies). In Vibraquatic, three psychedelic movements are paired with lush prismatic distortions and intense ritual behaviors. Fans of Terry Riley and Bryon Gysin will not be disappointed. Get into the zone.

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                • The Pierced Heart & The Machete


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                  This is a trailer for The Pierced Heart and The Machete (70 min) released on Sublime Frequencies in 2013. Olivia Wyatt’s latest film, The Pierced Heart & The Machete, is a vivid, unflinching exploration of two annual Vodou pilgrimages in Haiti. The first is for Èzili Danto, goddess of love, art and passion; worshippers from all over the world descend on the southwestern town of Ville-Bonheur to bathe in the sacred waterfall where Dantò resides. The second pilgrimage is for Dantòs' husband Ogoun, god of war, iron and healing. It takes place at the end of July in the northern town of Plaine du Nord, where hundreds of enraptured practitioners bathe in a mud pool and make flamboyant sacrifices. This beautifully shot film offers disorienting yet illuminating glimpses of the contradictory and complementary aspects of these two Lwa, the electrifying rites that summon them, and the intense musical performances that accompany these ecstatic and bloody ceremonies. As in her previous film for Sublime Frequencies, Staring Into the Sun, Wyatt’s vision is always incisive, unerring and unobtrusive. Credits: Director & Editor Olivia Wyatt Audio Recordist & Co-Producer Katherine Pickard Translators Ronnie Lacossade & ALEXANDRE FRITZNER Intro Vocals Sandra Bidon & Monvelyno Alexis Song Translations Lin Deats Audio Digitizer Steven Oberlechner Motion Graphics Tia Dunn Special Special Thanks Jessica Lauretti

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                  • Space Baby- This Frontier Needs Heroes


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                    This Frontier Needs Heroes music video: SPACE BABY directed/shot/edited by Shaun Kessler and Olivia Wyatt

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                    • Te Queiro


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                      Chica Vas Music video / Mary Meyer Fashion video Video Director and Editor- Olivia Wyatt Art director and Clothing Designer- Mary Meyer Choreographer- Anjali Suneja Videographers- Sam Fleischner and Tony Lowe Musicians - Chica Vas Dancers- Angela Barrow Erin Weckerle Fonlin Nyeu Jee Sim Olivia Wyatt Siri Wilson Suzanne Rogaleski Yuki Osaki Projections and Green Screen - James Thacher Lighting- Bek Andersen Additional Videography- Lily Wahrman Special Thanks- Shaun Kessler

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