1. Original Systems - Star Citizen


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    Learn more about the Star Citizen verse by listening to my Star Citizen Lore videos. This one covers Original Systems - the makers of many computer games (in the fantasy universe) which include Arena Commander. Arena Commander is a game within game that is playable right now. It offers dog-fighting and racing using various space ships. This video teaches the history of the company behind Arena Commander and will prepare you a bit further for playing Star Citizen.

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    • War Thunder Over Eager Pilot


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      While in a spirited game of War Thunder, I engage the enemy in a Focke Wulf 190 and managed to down at least two bandits and damage several others. Though damaged, I go head to head with another bandit when this Corsair comes up from behind and ruins everything.

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      • Using Minecraft to unboggle the robot mind


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        Researchers from Brown University are developing a new algorithm to help robots better plan their actions in complex environments. It’s designed to help robots be more useful in the real world, but it’s being developed with the help of a virtual world — that of the video game Minecraft. Read more: https://news.brown.edu/articles/2015/06/minecraft Video by Mike Cohea/Brown University

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        • Casino VR Ingame Footage


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          This video is of the Alpha Version of a multiplayer Casino game made for Virtual Reality. Please give us your feedback (or tell us if you spotted all the bugs ;) )

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          • The Sims Social - TV 30


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            • Sweepstakes 13 - Helpful tips for playing with a Online Casino


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              Below are some tips for playing games with Online Casino. When you are just beginning to play at a Online Casinos, it is always smart to have a some some sort of blue print in place. To start, learn as much as you can. Try not to do what many other people do and fumble their way through it. If you are playing for free, that is a different story. If you are playing for real money it is suicide. You might as well rip up your money and through it in the trash. Always take your time to learn the rules of a game before you start. The Internet is a great resource of knowledge. There are many resources for playing games with Online Casino's. You always want to look around for the Online Casino offering the best deals. There are many Online Casino's so do not feel you have to jump for the first Online Casino you see. Try and always choose a reputable Online Casino. Try find one that has been in the industry for a number of years. There a couple easy ways to check to see how long they have been online. Go to who.is and you can look up Online Casino's web address to view their details. Usually if they are at least a couple years old, that is a good sign that they are established. Poorly run or jaded Online Casinos do not last long at all. That is not to say a brand new Online Casino should be avoided either. Select a Online Casino that uses a good software provider. Companies like Top Game Technology and Realtime Gaming (RTG) both will accept US Players. Cryptologic, Microgaming, and Playtech will as well. When you play with quality software that has been tried and tested it sure makes your playing experience go smoothly. Especially if there are glitches and bugs that cause you to have to track down your money. The chances of that happening with the well known software is very rare. You might be scratching your head thinking “I have no clue when it comes to software”. That's okay, because most people don't. We mention it because it is something that you can check that might help you out in the long run. You should easily be able to find that information on their site. All Online Casino's will have it listed somewhere. You also want to look for the Online Casino that has the best odds. That goes without saying why you would look for that. Speaking of the best odds, you want to choose games that will give you the best odds of winning. Those games are Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat. Video Poker and Slots are usually not as profitable because there is really no guarantee that you can win with one turn. Technically there is no guarantee with any game but with some games your decisions can control the out come. “Luck”will only get you so far at any given time. Successful players will always play with a set budget. You should set a budget that works for you and stick to it. Anyone can easily become addicted to Gambling like anything else that is fun and makes you feel good. It is so easy to get caught up in it, especially when you are riding a winning streak. The down side is you can easily end up spending more money than you originally planned. If you can, decide on a time frame for online play and stick with it. We know this can be difficult, especially if you are on a winning streak. We know those streaks will not always fit into your schedule. If that happens there is one caveat in that all rules are meant to be broken. Try to tell yourself you will play until you lose, be it the next hand, round or spin. Of course that depends on which Online Casino Game you are playing. Then when you lose try and walk away. You will find several “How to” suggestions as to what is a good amount of time a person should play in one setting. Just set a time that feels right for you and stick to it. Trying to set up some type of structure is better than not having any at all. Staying within your limit will make you a lot happier in the long run. You just sat down at your computer and your ready to play. Assuming this is your time playing online or perhaps you want to try out a new Online Casino. We suggest playing for fun/free with fake money to start. Until you get a feel for game it is a good idea to practice first. Always make sure you read over the rules and any fine print. Read over the bonuses and any special promotions because they often have customized rules. The bonus's can look very appealing and appear sometimes to good to be true. There will always be some type of stipulation. Remember this, usually the bigger the bonus, the more restrictions they will have on it. Carefully Read through the terms and conditions of the bonuses. It only takes a minute but you will be glad you did. You can also call their Customer Service number to verify or confirm the conditions. If you play using a little common sense it will go a long ways. For tips on a Online Casino: http://sweepstakes13.com/online-casino/

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              • Sweepstakes 13 - Winnings Numbers with Keno Online


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                If you are an avid Keno fan you might have heard it you referred to as “The Chinese Lottery” because of its Asian history. Keno Online or Live Keno is a game of numbers that can be described as a mix of Bingo and the Lottery. One difference though is with bingo you select your own numbers and then mark them on your tickets or cards. Both Keno Online and Live cards have 80 numbers. You can select any amount of numbers you want to bet on. In a live casino, you would do this by circling or possible checking off the numbers with a pen or marker. Once you have selected your numbers you take the ticket to a teller. If you happen to be playing in a Casino in the UK the teller is referred to as a “writer”. Once you give the teller or writer the ticket they will give you in exchange an authorized copy that is a computerized receipt for your number selections. There is usually a lit up big board with numbers in a live casino. Sometimes you will see a video screen that will display the winning numbers once they are selected. If you see your numbers show up you will want to make a note of them with a different colored marker or pen. Your receipt will have the numbers as well. If the numbers on your card match the winning numbers of a drawing, that will determine how much will be won. If you do win happen to win either with Keno Online or in a casino, those winnings must be cashed out immediately after the game. The reason for this is keno drawings take place one every five minutes. Remember: if you do not get your ticket to the teller before the following game begins drawing then it could be considered void. Make sure you get your tickets in right away. You can help to avoid holding on to an expired ticket by purchasing a "multi-keno". It will sometimes be referred to as a multi-race ticket. This option gives a chance to have your selected numbers placed on 2 to 20 tickets at a time. When you have reached the maximum number of games for that ticket, you can redeem any winnings. You will also save yourself from ending up with void ticket. Playing Keno Online is much easier than live Keno. You just point and click on a template to choose the numbers that you would like with Keno Online. You will also most likely be betting with tokens. You will need to cash in those tokens at the end of your run for that day or when you log off. Keno Online does this instead of cashing out after each game. You will not see numbers dropped into a drum, then rotated, and selected like they are with Live Keno. Keno Online has the winning numbers chosen by software called a Random Number Generator. Keno is considered as National Lottery in some places in the world. It is also pretty popular in Canada, Finland. In places like those, you just fill out a ticket and get a computerized receipt return. The winning numbers are announced on television and also get published in the newspapers. Playing Keno is just like playing the lottery in that you select your numbers and sit back to see if you win. Here are some helpful tips for winning at keno and to get more out of the game. A frequent question that is asked a lot is how many spots should you pick? There really is no right or wrong answer. The more numbers you decide to select, the better your chance of winning will be. As an example, let's say you only bet $2.00 and then catch just 3 numbers. You will double your money. “Catch” is referred as the winning balls selected. Then if you catch 5 numbers, you could win $100.00. If you bet just $1.00 and catch 10 out of 10 numbers, you could win $200,000. Selecting more numbers also means you need to match more of them to win. Example: if you select 5 numbers will you need to have 2 matches selected to break even. If you happen to select 10, you will need 3 to match to break even.. Always know your odds before start playing. Playing Keno Online will always display the odds and are easy to find. Numbers are selected at random so there is really no skill involved. Just go with your gut and have fun. For more on Keno Online: http://sweepstakes13.com/keno-online

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                • Bodog Zone "Baccarat" Commercial


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                  Filmed at the Bodog offices for almost 24 hours, we shot two commercials with a handful of hard-working crew and actors. Props to Jacky Jkjuntaro who's energy on and off-camera was phenomenal. Directed by Martin Rey Aviles Cinematography by Tamara Benitez Assistant Director Joseph Bolintiam Production Manager Dawn Dizon Production Assistant Kyndler Escio Creative Director Glen Ala

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                  • Sweepstakes 13 - Tips for Success with Online Slots


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                    Online Slots is the most popular game to play in Online Casinos. For the most part, slot games are pretty much the same across all casino sites. The variety of slots is what separates the online casino a part from the others. When you start to play, a popular deciding factor for many people are the sign up bonuses. The options on a slot machine also play a part. The companies of Microgaming and Playtech are the two biggest makers of online slot games. You should never go into something new, like gambling, without seeking some sort of knowledge about it. It would be in your best interest to take some time to read the Online Slots tips we have put below. Remember, having knowledge is key and any information you get to help you is always a good thing. The next thing you know, slot machine success will be come to you easier and more often. The best tip for Online Slots is to know the habits of the game. Casino's will give out a lot of free offers but do not ever think that it is really free. Nothing is ever really given out for free when you look at it. Plan and simple, it is a business and they are out to make money. When it comes to Online Slots, the success has a lot to do with knowing which games to play, along with for how much. Honestly, there is luck involved as well. Make yourself familiar with the payouts of any casino you play at. Do the math before you begin to play the machine. Many people who play Online Slots do not have a lot of money to burn. In the beginning especially. play on the lower denomination machines in order to make your money last longer. The payouts will be smaller but it will let you play longer. The high denomination slots have bigger payouts but they will also drain your funds very fast if you are not winning. It really can help being comfortable and familiar with the site you use to play. If you are trying out a new site always play the free slots before you start playing for real money. Get familiar with the slots and how they work. Using common sense will play a major part with slot machine strategy. In the physical casinos, the managers would like you to think that there are loose and tight machines. Some people like to believe that some sequences will indicate a win is about to happen. They will often feel that a machine is due to “hit” perhaps payout the big one. Overall, experienced players of slot machines know that there is really know actual proven truth to that. That is on a consistent basis but we have seen it work before. Are loose and tight machines a possibility? Yes, anything is. Success often comes to those who use their heads. If you are not winning enough to at least keep you playing, then it is time stop, and move to another machine. If a machine has just paid out a jackpot, it will sometimes do it again right away. Machines can get on a winning steak and you can get on a big roll. They can also quickly stop for no reason and the machine could become cold. Always take advantage of opportunities that are offered to you. Online Slots casino's will offer free roll slots tournaments. These tournaments are always free to enter in to and will usually giveaway great prizes and cash. Always keep a good grasp of your cash and winnings. Slots success is all about winning money and having fun. Set a budget each time you go to play Online Slots and make sure you stick to it. For tips on Online Slots: http://sweepstakes13.com/online-slots

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