1. Merry Christmas ♥ || It's time for you to shine || Multifandom || for Leo


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    WATCH IN HD AND READ! READ! READ! ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Ax6vKBom54 First: Here is my new video. I've spend so much time for editing and for rendering (more than 7 hours :/ ) but finally it's finish! :) I wish EVERYONE a merry christmas! May all you dreams come true! And the next year can come! :) Second: Haha I've got a new version of Adobe. ♥ It work so much better! I love it so much!! *_______* ♥ :D Sub Leo ♥: http://www.youtube.com/user/MondSternful http://www.youtube.com/user/MondSternful http://www.youtube.com/user/MondSternful Leo [MondSternful]: Only a few months and we can celebrate our 3 year old friendship. *_______* Here's my christmas present for you. I hope you like it. ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥♥ Ich wollte eigentlich ein Stelena-Video für dich machen und auch ein komplett eigenes.. Aber ich wollte es dir spätestens Heiligabend zuschicken und ich hab Vampire Diaries immer noch nicht viele Flogen auf meinem Laptop.. :( Deshalb hab ich gedacht nehme ich lieber ein Multifandom, wo auch einige Fandoms die du magst drinnen sind.. Tut mir leid, dass es auch mein "normales" Weihnachtsvideo ist.. Ich hoffe, es gefällt dir trotzdem. :) Merry christmas ♥ And a happy new year. :* Song: Shooting Star - Owl City Dedication: Leo [MondSternful] Fandoms: The Host, Harry Potter, Ballet Shoes, Gossip Girl, Divergent, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Vampire Diaries, The Choir, Pretty Little Liars, Percy Jackson, Ruby Red, The Bridge to Terabitha Coloring: Me Pro: Adobe Premiere Elements 12

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    • The Most Hipster Christmas Time Lapse Video Ever


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      Once upon a time, I was a photographer who had the brilliant idea of making a time lapse of people decorating a Christmas tree… while it was still in a Christmas tree lot. Less than 18 hours later, these pictures and video clips were created. This is my version of a Very Merry Christmas present to my incredible boss and dear friend, Carmen Johnston, creator of Nectar and Company, and also Southern Living's Plant and Garden lifestyle expert and how-to blogger. The tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree came from her, with my slightly edited take. If you didn't get to read them completely, here they are: 1. Add lights! She recommends starting from the bottom going up, and working with one branch at a time, from the trunk to the tip and back again (much like a Hobbit's journey, but that is another matter entirely). If you aren't into making the entire tree look like Central Square at night, putting your lights further into the tree works just as well. 2. This stage is purely ornamental. Literally. Start by using the biggest ornaments you have, and, please, please, spread them out! Stepping back and getting an overall view really helps. Work from the largest ornaments to the smallest ornaments, but I would set the sentimental ornaments aside until the very last, so you can see them the best! 3. Cove your base(s)! Seriously, the tree is done. You finally put the topper on. You step step back, the crowd (inside your head, the voices that see how much work you've done on this baby) cheers, you sigh a wonderful sigh of relief. But wait!! You need to put something on the bottom! Be it mountain loads of gifts already wrapped, a tree skirt, a bale of hay (like we used in the video), something is needed to keep this tree baby grounded. (insert groan over lame joke attempt here) I am so very grateful to everyone who helped out with this project/gift. A GIANT Thank you to Kimi Tree Farms ( www.kimifarms.com ) for letting me use one of their trees. They were incredibly helpful, fun, friendly, and their trees are spectacular! Thank you again to Sara Powell, Mary Lou Garcia, Duncan Cantrell, and Melvin MacGregor for going along with my insane idea and actually showing up and being a part of this fine evening. (PS. CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Lou and Duncan, also, on their recent engagement! Whoohoo!) Thank you to Lumpy and Buffy Swinehart for letting me borrow their ladder; Tommy Johnston for loaning me his truck; Allen Matthews, for loaning me his wonderful, STURDY tripod (unlike mine, which has a tendency to fall over and is therefore banned from holding up my camera now); The awesome peeps at Nectar and Company, who I learned from while working on other projects; Owl City (Adam Young) and Toby Mac, who don't know it yet but I used the first part of their song "Light of Christmas" as a backdrop for this video. Honestly, guys, please don't be upset with me, because this song really made the emotions come alive for me while I was creating this video. I wish I had more pictures and video clips so I could've used the entire song!! If you haven't heard the entire song yet, what are you waiting for?! Go, listen to it, buy it, play it a billion times. It's fantastic and can be found on iTunes, etc. :) Finishing up my thanks, thank you to Jeddie Bristow and Abigail Bradley, who were awesome and were my guinea pigs as I put the pieces together. Thank you to Apple for Final Cut Pro, its an awesome tool. Thanks to Tyler Higgins, my first teacher on how to even use FCP, and then google for answering my questions when it was 3 am and I couldn't figure out the simplest tasks (like saving it…). Thanks to Canon, for creating my 60D. Thank you to my amazing parents, especially my mother who watched the video 4 times last night because she liked it so much. Thank you for how supportive you have always been! This isn't a business project, I just really wanted to show my total appreciation for Carmen Johnston, and show how what she has taught me can come alive, if only for about 1:45 (the length of this video). However, I did create this video and I am a photographer who likes to get credit for her work (what artist does't, right?) so, if you do end up sharing this, could you tell people who created it? Oh, btw, my name is Mercy Morecraft. That might be helpful. ENJOY! Merry Christmas 2013, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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      • Kinetic Typography - Meteor Shower - Owl City


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        • OM04_Joost_VanDriessche_2013_14


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          One-minute Audiovisual Arts & Production II "Typo" Joost Van Driessche 3MMPb ProDUCE Arteveldehogeschool - Grafische en Digitale Media Kinetic Typography "Bombshell Blonde" (one-minute) Betrokkenheid bij project: animatie Gebruikte programma's: After Effects

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          • Hot Air Balloon lyric video


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            This kinetic type animation uses part of the song “Hot Air Balloon” by Owl City. Through out the song, the singer, Adam Young, takes us back to a point in our lives where we didn’t have a single care in the world. The song relates to childhood memories a lot, so I decided to go with a pastel color palette similar to the crayons most kids draw with.

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            • Fireflies attack LithgowLights once again in 2013


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              Owl City's well known song Fireflies forms part of the 2013 Lithgow Lights Christmas Light show. 33,600 lights, 20,000 channels, drawing just 2800 watts when all turned on! The show is run by LightShow Pro 2.8 from an Ivy Bridge Intel i5 PC and single network connection to a 16 port hub. LithgowLights has raised $17,385 for charity, including $14,635 for our current charity, Redkite.

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              • Happy Christmas


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                A peaceful two days spent with family, celebrating the holidays!

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                • I'll Think Of You Tonight


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                  • Camping Adventures


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                    This video is about Camping Adventures

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                    • Tutorial # 34


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                      Tutorial #34 on videocopilot.net

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