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    I love being on a bike, it helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After days and days of cycling the streets of Montreal, come cold or sun, or even a little frightened, I dedicate this film to him. More to come at http://www.facebook.com/GuillaumeBlanchetFilmmaker - Making-of at http://vimeo.com/38060089 WINNER Audience award - VeloBerlin Film Festival, 2013 Best film, jury - Boston Bike Film Festival 2012 Audience award, best adventure sports film - Durango Film Fest 2013 Best canadian or Int'l film - Dawson City Intern. Film Fest. 2013 Honor. mention - Disposable Film Fest. 2013, San Francisco Audience award - Sisački eko film festival 2013, Croatia Golden Helmet Award - Filmed by Bike. 2013 Best short film - Francophone Film Fest. of Kalamazoo, 2012 Best sports film - Filmets Badalona 2013 Audience award - Bike Reel Film Festival 2012 Audience award, best music video - Red Rock Film Fest. 2013 Audience award - NDG Off The Wall 2012, Montreal Special Prize Marvin&Wayne, Subtravelling 2013, Barcelona Audience Award - Why Not Adventure Film Fest 2014 Best Experimental Film - 15 Short Film Festival 2014, NC, USA - - - - - - - - OFFICIAL SELECTIONS Festival International des Très Courts 2013, Paris CBC TV Show "Short Films Face Off" 2013 Fantasia 2013, Montreal Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois 2013 DC Shorts 2013, USA Espoo Cine International Film Festival, Finland BCN Sports Film Fest 2013, Barcelona Banff Mountain Film Competition 2013 Wild&Scenic Film Festival, Nevada WSFF "A Climate of Change" Film Tour 2013 WSFF Honolulu, Hawaii 2013 Spin Festival 2013, London Adventure Movie Awards 2013, Italy Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2013 New Zealand Film Festival 2013 Clockenflap Festival 2012, Hong Kong Chromatic 2012, Montreal PixelPops 2012, Cardiff Design Festival Favorite Films Festival 2012, Berlin Clips of Faith 2012, USA Tour Festival du Cinéma de la Ville de Québec 2012 Best of Creativity 2012, Barb.com Wrocław Bike Travellers 2012, Poland Nitehawk Dailymotion, Brooklyn Adventure Film Festival 2012, Colorado Festival Images en vue 2012, Québec Mountain Film in Telluride 2012 Crested Butte Film Fest 2012, USA UK Green Film Festival 2013 Alice Springs Bicycle Film Festival 2012 Rail City Roadshow Film Festival 2012, Montreal Rose Found. for Communities & Environment, USA Kalamazoo Bike Fest 2012, Michigan Under The Arches, London 2012, UK Canmore Community Cruisers Film Fest 2012, Alberta Hygienic Art Film Fest 2012, USA Port Townsend Film Fest 2012, USA Bike Fest. 2013, The Projects, Melbourne Regard sur le Court Métrage au Saguenay 2013 EcoFocus Film Festival 2013, USA Flatpack Festival, United Kingdom SPASM Festival 2012, Montreal SPASM Best of Fest. Nuit Blanche 2013, Montréal Earth Port Film Festival 2013, USA Cyclofestival Genève 2013 Shorts Attack 2013, Berlin Dakota Digital Film Festival 2013 Festival Film Court de Mont Tremblant 2013 Rochester Film Festival 2013, UK Spin Festival 2013, London Jam in Jubilee 2013, British Columbia 16ème Nuit du Court, Lausanne SKYE Bike Best 2013, Scotland Stirling Cycle Hub 2013, Scotland Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, UK SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival 2013, Italy SixSixty Short film 2013, London Kendal Mountain Festival 2013, UK Kashmir Int'l Film Fest. 2013, India Lookout Wild Film Festival 2014, USA Festival du vélo rural de Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, QC Travel Film Festival 2013, New Delhi Reel Green Pop UP Cinema Day, UK Film Festival 2014, UC San Diego 15 Short Film Festival 2014, USA Cine a Pedal 2014, Montevideo, Uruguay MECAL Chile 2014 Short qui peut 2015, TV8 Mont-Blanc Bike Shorts Film Festival 2015, USA Festival Velo en Fête 2015, France Shetland Screen Play Film Festival 2015, UK Rétro Pédalage, Clermont-Ferrand Int'l Film Fest. 2015 Sao Paulo Int'l Short Film Fest. 2015 Seoul Int'l Extreme image & Short Film Fest. 2015 Offline Film Festival 2015, Ireland 10th International Cycling Film Festival 2015, Krakow Shot with GoPro Hero

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    • Raiding The Lost Ark: A Filmumentary By Jamie Benning


      from Filmumentaries - Jamie Benning Added 194K 2,136 266

      After 8 months of reading, chatting, trawling, editing and agonising, it's finally here! It is rather a big file so if you have problems streaming the HD version just click it off and watch in SD. You can contact me on Twitter @JamieSWB and at Filmumentaries.com. There is also a Raiding the Lost Ark Facebook group.

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      • Reflection New York- Mood Collection


        from Paul Mignot Added 137K 3,162 221

        www.mood-collection.com www.paulmignot.com "Reflection" is a movie from " Mood Collection" , a photographic research. Born with the wish to film New York differently. It's a quest of pictures and portraits, the night desapearing for a new day... a new begining... Directed by Paul Mignot Photography: Mike Simpson/Paul Mignot Music Ludovico Einaudi "Reflection " is one of the four movies shot for "MOOD collection" The movie is dowloadable in ipod and ipad format on Shot with Canon 5D Mark II Canon 50 1.4 Canon 85 1.8 Canon 45 TSE 2.8 Canon 100 macro 2.8

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        • S A L I E N C E - A short by Paul Trillo


          from Paul Trillo Added 170K 4,300 103

          Invisible figures emerge from a forest to be revealed by bursts of colored powder. Shot on the Phantom Miro at 1500 frames per second. Check out the making of video: https://vimeo.com/73195846 Directed by Paul Trillo Directer of Photography Joe Gabriel Produced by Landon Van Soest Original Score by Noah Cunningham Additional Sound Design Rich Bologna Special Thanks Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Abel Cine Phantom Pete Abel Moe Shure Ryan Koo NoFilmSchool The Van Soest Family

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          • Polygon Unfolding - Cinema 4D MoGraph Tutorial


            from Orestis Konstantinidis Added 71.9K 2,095 100

            In this tutorial we'll see how to make an unfolding polygons effect to reveal a surface, using MoGraph. I got inspired for this effect from Paul Clements' awesome "Headphones Breakdown" video.

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            • J'adore Paris


              from Paul Richardson Added 638K 2,059 84

              www.agour.co.uk I recently embarked on a three week trip to Paris, to try and capture the city in all its glory. I had never visited the city before, and was quickly struck with how beautiful it is. My aim was to capture the classic sights; ornate buildings and typical Parisian activities, and contrast that to the modern business side, towering glass glad skyscrapers and fast paced life. I felt very lucky to have been in Paris when the massive thunderstorm started. I had seen the weather forecast, and made sure to position myself in among the skyscrapers. The storm started off slow, but very quickly built up to be absolutely ferocious. The lightning was hitting almost every other second, and some bolts were taking up the entire sky. The following night another huge storm hit Paris, and I spent the night furiously cycling around whilst grabbing as many shots as possible. I would set up, grab a sequence and as soon as the lightning moved away I gave it warp nine and cycled to my next spot as quickly as possible. By the end of the night I was freezing cold and completely soaked.. but content with what I had managed to capture. Cue three weeks of shooting, followed by roughly 5 weeks of editing.. I think in total I spent over 400 hours working on this project, which means that every single second of video took two and a half hours to produce. The video was entirely self-funded, and shot purely out of my love for timelapse. If you enjoyed the video, please pass it along to a friend. To keep up to date with my latest work, you can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/paulrichardsonphoto For the tech-heads, I used a Canon 6D, 17-40 f4, 50mm 1.8, and a 70-200 f4. The motion control sequences were shot on a home built dolly, coupled to a emotimo TB3. Most of the footage is available to license in 4k. If you require any custom sequences, I'm also available to work on commissions. For any enquiries, please contact me at paul[a-t]agour.co.uk Music: Lights and motion - Drift (Licensed through The Music Bed)

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              • I'd Never Tell by Kawehi


                from Kawehi Added 99K 570 79

                Directed By Paul Wight Secrets…we all have them. Some are kept because we don't want to hurt someone. Or maybe we've done things that we don't EVER want people to know about. But sometimes - secrets are kept because of society. Those are the unfair ones. In my Utopia, people wouldn't have to hide their true selves - there would be no lines, no walls built, no prejudices against where people come from, the color of their skin and who they choose to love. We are all a part of the same Earth - and should have the same kind of opportunity and freedoms as the next. And with the way things are going on this planet - we're going to need each other. Thank you MARK for giving me something important to say. PAUL - once again, you've outdone yourself with your talents and made quite the beautiful video. From USA, The Project and off of my next EP comes the next single: I'd Never Tell I walk with keys, They're not for me Holding on to Mother's dreams and Daddy's history I walk with hands They aren't like yours They aren't like yours I'd never tell I'd never tell And in the silence of my truths I admit to Feeling so unprotected Dealing with roots that I've rejected Two feet on different floors Never anyone to tell secrets to I'm only half connected Waiting for the other shoe to fall down You look so unaffected Dancing in your pretty pretty dress, like, oohhhh Don't send me postcards Where my blood runs so thick This land is your land This land is mine - All I need is a paper to do the trick Daddy bussed your table Momma tucked your kids in bed So I could live a better hell I'd never tell I'd never tell And in my silence I am free of Country I'm feeling Feeling so unprotected Dealing with roots that I've rejected Two feet on different floors Never anyone to tell secrets to I'm only half connected Waiting for the other shoe to fall down You look so unaffected Dancing in your pretty pretty dress, like, oohhhh I'd never tell I'd never tell it's not like you knew me well I'd never tell I'd never tell It's not like it would do you good walking around with a hood on with people out there calling themselves God So pretty, so nice Living here comes with a price(tag) And in the silence of my truths I admit to As always, say WASABI!: http://facebook.com/iamkawehi Love, k.

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                • Lucid Surf Dreams // Tommy Witt


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                  Tommy Witt is perhaps the best longboarder in the world. While his creativity might make some purists scoff, you can't deny his whimsical fluidity on a longboard. Tommy we salute you. This video is a collaboration with one of our favorite new surf filmmakers Evan Adamson. Look for more videos with Evan in the future, we're extremely stoked to be working with him. Shot + Edited by Evan Adamson vimeo.com/evanadamson Music: Jai Paul - "BTSU" http://www.jaipaul.co.uk/ https://soundcloud.com/jaipaul/btstu-edit Lyrics "Don't f**k with me, don't f**k with me Since you shipped my ass off to sea I never knew where I was going I went where the water was flowing I know I've been gone a long time I'm back and I want what is mine I know I've been gone a long time I'm back and I want what is mine The ship was the love of my life We went down together that night I surfaced and married a shell For years I just cruised on the run I know I've been gone a long time I'm back and I want what is mine I know I've been gone a long time but I'm back and I want what is mine So don't try and fuck me about The worst thing that happened was I was standing too close to your heart I'm tired and about to wake up I know I've been gone a long time I'm back and I want what is mine I know I've been gone a long time but I'm back and I want what is mine Oh, I know I've been gone a long time but I'm back and I want what is mine I know I've been gone a long time I'm back and I want what is mine"

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                  • GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE


                    from Paul Nicholls Added 160K 1,937 57

                    OFFICIAL SELECTION: Vimeo Awards 2012 (experimental category last 4), Soho shorts, Onedotzero, Alphaville. Within 'Somewhere' We are transported to a time where the boundaries between what is real and what is simulated are blurred. We live online and download places to relax, parks and shopping malls. We can even interact with our friends as if they were in the same room with simulated tele-presence. Everyone is connected and immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of object or furnishings, downlodable on credit based systems. Distance and time become as alien as the 'offline' The local becomes the global and the global becomes the local. Consumer based capitalism has changed forever. A truly 'glocolised' world. The singularity is near. The film places us into this vision, observing an average inhabitant within the ever changing environment of the latest SimuHouse. From a painting to a park and from a telephone call to a shopping mall. That is until there is a leek in the system and everything malfunctions. The film concludes with the house being forced to reset, giving the character and viewer a stark reminder that nothing is 'real' even her dog, which re-materialises in front of her. CREDITS: Directed By: Paul Nicholls 3D, 2D, Tracking, Post Production, Compositing, Camera Work: Paul Nicholls Cast: Indre Balestuta, Iffy Sound Design: Jesse Rope Narration: Robert Leaf Greek Vocal Talent: Lia Loanniti Serbian Vocal Talent: Mina Micevic Store Voice: Guillaume Nyssens System Voice: Anita Shim Music By: Kourosh Dini, Twighlight Archive, Pete Berwick VISIT MY SITE: WWW.FACTORYFIFTEEN.COM

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                    • The Peach Kings - Lonely


                      from Paul Trillo Added 90.5K 1,978 50

                      Official music video for The Peach Kings "Lonely". Empty bodies fill a single panoramic view of the New York skyline. Buy the Handsome Moves EP on iTunes or on vinyl: http://thepeachkings.bandcamp.com/releases thepeachkings.com twitter.com/thepeachkings paultrillo.com twitter.com/paultrillo Special thanks to Mophonics NYC Watch how it was made: https://vimeo.com/53785991

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