1. Happy Passover!


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    Just a quick message for everyone for Pesach.

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    • A Pesach Video Message 5775


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      • Pesach Fun in Hebrew School!


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        Check out all the exciting ways the yeladim learned about Pesach! What hands-on fun! Wishing you a meaningful and festive Pesach! Check out ChabadGN.com for more information about the Cohen Hebrew School

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        • President Panken's Passover Message


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          Rabbi Aaron D. Panken, Ph.D., sends a message about Passover and the fourth child.

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          • 2015-03-29: Pesach History Review


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            A quick dive into the history of Pesach and what can we learn from it that is applicable even today. Meaning of Exodus and Passover, when and why Jews were commanded to eat G-d's offerings vs burning them as it was done for generations before, why Jews are not like any other nation in the world, does the world still needs Jews, what can we learn from the history of Pesach, is there any correlation between Hametz and being prideful or Matzah and being humble, why setting and meeting the deadlines is so important, what makes some people procrastinating their whole lives and others reaching one of their goal after another?

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            • 2015-03-29: Pesach Practical Guidelines


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              A quick summary on cleaning for Pesach, laws of Bedikat Hametz, step by step overview of the Pesach Seder night - with clear instructions for what to say and what you may skip in Haggadah if necessary, the exact measurements for matzah and wine, and many others practical Pesach topics.

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              • PATU32 How to Fix the Jewish Calendar for 2015 onward


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                ONLINE TALMUD LINKS ARE IN HERE. The whole fix shows in the onscreen icon for the video: so you don't have to play it; download link follows below. Video goes through the fix, as I created it during the video process. For, thanks to an email I just got from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni, instead of doing the math myself; well, the guy writing me the email did the math and informed me of my error, hooray! So now you can see the correction: Adar is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud. So, this video shows the fix. Frankly, there's no need to intercalate, just always have Elul=35 or 36 days. Autumnal equinox 'naturally' occurs on its last day, in that design. And I bet money, that's how God designed it. Only later when Israel got hung up on being 'different', did she revert to the pagan practice of lunar years, and hence needed to intercalate. Related links: To the corrected calendar in the last segment of the video: http://www.brainout.net/Intercal.xls . If you'd rather just look at the picture you see onscreen before video starts, http://www.brainout.net/CorrectedforBIBLEIntercalated2015-2016.jpg or pdf, if you prefer pdf. The xls has the same data, which was corrected after video done (I mistyped the dates after May 2016,in the video). If you also want to correct the Adamic years, 6122 begins on the autumnal equinox 2015. For the complete Adamic calendar going back to Adam which the Bible actually uses in the NT meters (because I derived it SOLELY FROM the Bible), download http://www.brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls . Also, http://www.brainout.net/HebCal.htm is useful, and the site explaining it (both now corrected to say 'Elul' instead of 'Adar' for intercalation), is http://www.brainout.net/PassPlot.htm . Book citing Talmud (footnote 66 on page 254) as source for the PAST PRACTICE of Elul not Adar, intercalation (Elul intercalation always makes the equinoxes 'fit'): https://books.google.com/books?id=FI9pAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA254&f=false . You can also view it in Amazon (but not page 254), http://www.amazon.com/Calendars-Antiquity-Empires-States-Societies/dp/0199589445/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427579199&sr=1-4&keywords=Sacha+Stern#reader_0199589445 Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'intercalary Elul' to get to page 254, but you can't actually read that page. You can read pp249 and 255, though. Babylonian Talmud ONLINE: http://juchre.org/talmud/talmud.htm . The citations in the video are in Order Mo'ed: at bRosh Ha Shana 19a and 19b, 32a, http://juchre.org/talmud/rosh/rosh2.htm#19a , http://juchre.org/talmud/rosh/rosh2.htm#32a , and bBeitzah 6a and 22b, http://juchre.org/talmud/beitzah/beitzah1.htm#6a and http://juchre.org/talmud/beitzah/beitzah2.htm#22b . Book citing POLITICS over intercalation (page 772, but you have to view the book for three pages prior, which maybe you can't do in Google) -- so we know why the Jewish calendar is wrong, and has been wrong, for centuries: https://books.google.com/books?id=M0wUKoMJeccC&pg=PA772&f=false . You can also read the page here in Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/History-Palestine-634-1099-Moshe-Gil/dp/0521599849/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427578896&sr=1-1&keywords=Moshe+Gil Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'creation of the world on 25 Elul' to get to page 772. Of course, due to our own anti-semitic politicking, to cover up the fact Christ is JEWISH -- all our calendars are messed up with respect to Easter, as the earlier PATU videos (29-31) showed. So our political gambits are to blame, NOT Bible! Yeah, and God made it possible to easily correct RIGHT NOW, as the xls and video, show. Whew. Remember, upcoming anniversary of His Crucifixion, is really April 3; upcoming real Easter (really First Fruits) date is post-sundown April 6, which is 'our' April 7. EASY. No politics, no slovenly 'scholarship', just BIBLE. I tried to summarize the links etc. on how you can tell from the Hebrew and Greek meters, in the Bibleworks forum, thread here: http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?6133-Bible-has-its-own-method-of-ANNO-DOMINI-display , The LukeDatelineMeters.pdf has the links as well, so just download it, if you prefer. It does not yet have the Intercal.xls, but will. File Name: Cal123.avi, 3/28/15.

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                • 03-25-2015 Pesach Products 2015


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                  Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, STAR-K Kashrus Administrator, is joined by Rabbi Boruch Beyer, STAR-K Kashrus Administrator, in a discussion of Pesach products.

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                  • 2015-03-26: Pesach Seder and Haggadah Review


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                    A quick overview of the entire Pesach night, Seder and Haggadah with clear instructions

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                    • Pesach 2


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