1. Tomatoes Mac App


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    Be more productive! With Tomatoes you can organize your tasks, improve your efficiency and make your time more productive. Tomatoes uses iCloud to sync your devices. Inspired by The Pomodoro Technique®, Tomatoes allows you to subdivide your tasks in activities, providing as many units of time are necessary for their realization. The activities are organized into groups to keep them always under control. You can use a generic timer or associate an activity with it. Tomatoes will keep track of the used units for you. Activities can be created from Reminders. Tomatoes uses system Reminders to add new activities. Tomatoes is HiDPI ready and looks gorgeous on Macs with Retina Display. Tomatoes user interface is simple, minimal and intuitive. You do not have to learn anything. Be more productive from the very first moment. If your screen is used by other applications with Tomatoes you can monitor your timer by a handy menu-bar item. Reorganize your activities with a simple drag and drop, move them from one group to another, rearrange their order, associate an activity with the timer and do much more. Tomatoes is fully customizable: choose the duration of your timer and of your breaks, set if you prefer to hide the Tomatoes menu-bar item, decide which dialog alerts to display and which sounds to play. If you prefer to use the keyboard Tomatoes can be controlled by comfortable keyboard-shortcuts. A complete set of sounds will help you to achieve a more effective control of your activities and of your time. Tomatoes has a dedicated window for graphical and textual statistics. Keep your productivity always under control with a set of fully customizable graphs. Export Tomatoes database in CSV format to browse and manipulate all your historical data. Tomatoes has a full VoiceOver support that lets you interact with every feature of the application. Many more features coming soon... The Pomodoro Technique® is a trademark of Francesco Cirillo © 2009 - 2019. Dollaropath is not endorsed by or affiliated with Francesco Cirillo in any way. More informations on The Pomodoro Technique® can be found on the official website: www.pomodorotechnique.com

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    • Papo Reto: "Pomodoro Technique", pro Bruno Mendes


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      Neste Papo Reto, Bruno Mendes explica o Pomodoro Technique. Um método de organização de tempo baseado na ideia de que pausas frequentes podem aumentar a agilidade mental e assim facilitar a conquista de um objetivo. Embora a técnica Pomodoro seja simples e fácil, ela não deve ser usada simplesmente como um processo de acelerar o desenvolvimento da tarefa, mas sim como uma unidade de esforço temporal focando na tarefa e evitando distrações. Portanto, além de melhorar sua produtividade, você também poderá descobrir o que mais te atrapalha quando você está efetuando um trabalho. As etapas do Pomodoro Technique são: Escolher a tarefa a ser executada Ajustar o pomodoro (alarme) para 20-30 minutos Trabalhar na tarefa até que o alarme toque; registrar o trabalho (com um "x") Fazer uma pausa curta (3 a 5 minutos) A cada quatro ou cinco "pomodoros" fazer uma pausa mais longa (15-30 minutos)

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      • What is the Pomodoro Technique and How Can it Help Me?


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        http://www.rocketmatter.com "So what is the Pomodoro Technique and how can it help me?" This is a Pomodoro, Italian for "tomato". This is a little kitchen timer, and the whole idea is when I wind this thing up to 25 minutes I’m going to do nothing but work on one item until the timer goes off. Now, winding up the timer like this, once you do this enough times, puts your brain in a little Pavlovian mode saying "I am going to focus on only one thing". I am not going to tweet, email, I'm not going to get a cup of coffee, not going to allow myself to be interrupted. I am not going to get up to go to the bathroom, nothing. Just work on one solid task, won’t even answer the phone. Impossible, you say? Well, on average someone has to wait 12.5 minutes in order for you to get back to them. So usually, someone can wait 25 minutes for you to get back to them. Rarely is there an emergency where you have to break away from what you’re doing. When you can start working in chunks that are in contiguous chunks of time, like 25 minutes at a time, you’re going to have to work less at night and on the weekends because it’s the interruptions and getting back in the mode of working, that’s what really, really kills you. So the Pomodoro Technique is a really powerful way of focusing on things and getting a lot of stuff done quickly. Now I will say that when I talk to people at Bar association events and I talk about productivity techniques, especially the Pomodoro Technique, this is the one thing that people come up to me the next year they see me and they say "that really improved things for me". So this is a very highly effective way of keeping focused and keeping on top of your stuff. If you want to learn more about the Pomodoro Technique we have a lot of resources about this specific way to be productive at our website http://www.legalproductivity.com

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        • Tomates e músicas para tocar o seu dia! Conheça o Songdoro!


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          Apresentação da técnica do Songdoro, que é uma forma de focar nas tarefas do dia usando playlists e a técnica do Pomodoro. Veja como se monta a playlist, com os conceitos de power songs e break songs.

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          • WebCat. Abril 2013. Chema Garrido - GTD & Pomodoro Technique


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            WebCat, 17 de abril de 2013. Chema Garrido - GTD & Pomodoro Technique. Mosaic: http://mosaic.uoc.edu/ UOC: http://www.uoc.edu/ WebCat: http://webcatbcn.com/

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            • 2012.12.21 Tech Talk - Forget Priority. Make Progress.


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              Any given day, we all have a lot of things to do, too many things. So we make TO DO lists which never seem to get done. Use the Pomodoro Technique to regain your focus by blocking distractions, allowing you to get back to getting stuff done.

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              • Pomodoro iPad App (Pomodoro Plus HD)


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                See: www.taptapideas.com/apps Pomodoro Plus HD is a time management tool based on the Pomodoro technique. The goal is to divide your tasks into smaller components (e.g., 25-minute units) called Pomodoros and to work through them without interruption. After each step, there is a short break. The result is that your focus is channeled into individual tasks and that your mental resiliency constantly improves. ADVANTAGES Pomodoro Plus HD takes over the logging of work units and pauses for you. The timer helps you to concentrate on just one task within a given time frame. The recorded data show, for example, how much you accomplished today compared with yesterday or the week before. And at the same time, you can constantly monitor and improve yourself! ★★★ INTEGRATED CALENDAR ★★★ Pomodoro Plus HD is currently the only iPAD app with an integrated calendar for easy planning of future and recurring projects. ▶ TOP FEATURES • Simple, elegant user interface • Time management based on the Pomodoro technique • Calendar functions • Data records (Pomodoros completed today/yesterday, this week/last week, for the entire month or a 90-day average) • Animated digital timer

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                • Houdini


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                  Aplicativo de gerenciamento de tarefas e produtividade. Trabalho Acadêmico de conclusão de curso. Design Gráfico, UFPR, 2011. Elder Martins Música: Le Chat du Rabbin - Olivier Daviaud

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                  • Giorgio Sironi - An year of pomodoros - phpday2011


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                    Managing interruptions is a tough task for a programmer: your boss has the right to know what you're doing, and your colleagues really need to ask you a question. Having unclear goals is another common issue, just as maintaining focus for a long period of time such as 8 work hours. In a Pomodoro (25') I will present my experience with this time management technique, as a freelancer and in a team.

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