1. Basimilus Acid


    from Joseph Fraioli / Added

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    trigger shifting using the delptronics triggerman and 4ms SCM as trigger sources with shifting modifications coming from the SSF propagate and 4ms SCM breakout. slight changes to the parameters of these modules slowly change the shift of the patterns over longer periods. this is achieved by modulating the SSF propagates master delay modulation and enable inputs then outputting those triggers to the 4ms SCM to be further shifted using the SCM breakout and then fed into the 4MS RCD for additional triggering. kick: blue lantern asteroid bd v4 snare: make noise mysteron modulated by the mod can quad lfo > Make Noise erbe verbe moded by an intellijel dixie. hats: SSF quantum rainbow > Modcan Dual Delay. dual delay moded by an SSF ultra random analog. acidy bass: Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas in bass mode >make noise MMG> mungo d0 with macro machines storage strip sequenced by the 4ms scm. pitch controlled by pressure points which is triggered by the 4ms SCM and pitch quantized by the intellijel upscale. modulation sources from a doepfer a147 and modcan quad lfo. sparse melodic bass thing in first half: make noise DPO >Make Noise MMG > TipTop ZDSP with halls of Valhalla card. pitch sequencing by the TipTop z8000. modulations from a make noise maths channel and SSF ultra random analog. end ambience: qu-bit nebulae > RT60. WMD SSM used as a mute. granulated sound source is a piano melody. no computers or external hardware were used in this performance :)

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    • SSF Propagate Trigger Shifts


      from Joseph Fraioli / Added

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      a patch focused around using modulated trigger delays via the steady state fate propagate module. the main trigger sources are coming from the deplhtronics triggerman and 4MS RCD, the outputs are fed into the SSF propagate where the delay input on each channel is then modulated by the modcan quad LFO with different synced waveforms. sound sources: make noise mysteron verbos harmonic oscillator cylonix shapeshifter noise engineering basimilus iteritas mutable instruments braids modulation sources: modcan quad LFO SSF ultra random analog make noise wogglebug make noise maths v2 make noise function tip top z8000 synthesis technology e355 intellijel dixie doepfer a-147 processing sources: mungo d0 with macro machines storage strip modcan dual delay tiptop ZDSP with halls of valhalla card make noise erbe verb synthesis technology e560 make noise MMG intellijel ufold serge resonant equalizer no computers or editings were using in this videoness.

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      • Propagating Basil From Cuttings


        from Modern Practicality / Added

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        How to propagate basil from cuttings. Music: "Flicker" by Marshall McGee.

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        • Propagating Rosemary Clippings


          from The Little Veggie Patch Co / Added

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          Rather than using synthetic rooting hormones on our rosemary clippings, we demonstrate the traditional method... HONEY. Music: "The Beast" Nick Rivera http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Nick_Rivera

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          • Frost Propagating Effect


            from Uniky / Added

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            While i was doing some SCA test in houdini, i came across this http://ken.museth.org/Publications_files/Lipton-etal_SIG13.pdf. Really inspiring and fun to play with, i can control the propagate speed and the velocity volume resolution to yield different results.

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            • "Vactrol Drift" patch - SSF -Positronic Transient Gate /Propagate


              from Richard Devine / Added

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              First recorded patch using the new setup, and first patch experiment using the SSF Steady State Propagate and Positronic Transient Gate modules. The patch also includes some modules from my Enclave 12U case which is sitting on the floor as my camera lens isn't wide enough to capture everything. Everything clocked from one MakeNoise Wogglebug using the clocked/chaotic burst outputs. Tempo set very low for mid tempo pace of the rhythms. The clocked out is running into the seed input via the Animatter Brain seed, running trigger out to the Mungo g0 Depth Modulation input. The width and frequency modulation inputs controlled by the stepped output on the Wogglebug. Reset input on the g0 is being set by the Wogglebug clocked output. The waveform sequence is some percussion samples created on the Nord G2 modular synthesizer. Mult gate out to one Makenoise optomix, white noise hi-hats from the blue lantern noise generator "whitenoise" output. Kick drum trigger from the Cwejman BLD multi connection point via the Makenoise Brains clock master from the Wogglebug. Additional clock sent to the TipTop trigger riot. Then programming one channel output with high random probability to one input on the Propagate. Second input down from a mult connection point via the MakeNoise Wogglebug gate out. Creating counter back and forth pulses to Tiptop Z8000 sequencer. Summed output taken from the Propagate running into the PTG in low pass gate percussive setting. PTG running plucking one self resonating pitch of the Intellijel Korgasmatron (sine drop sfx). Wavetable morphing via the Synthesis Technology morphing terrarium, running into the Harvestman Double Andore, triggered by the gate burst input from the Woggle bug. Random white noises scatters courtesy of the Modcan CV recorder. CV controlled by the stepped and Smooth CV output on the Wogglebug. Output taken through the MakeNoise Phonogene for added glitches to signal. The mixed sum of all voices into a intellijel mutagen mixer. Outputs A going through Eventide Space, on patch setting 22 "Corridors". Output section C running into the Red Panda Particle Pedal, adding in more granular glitches and processing done by hand in real-time. Going into pure Red Panda granular processing at the end. http://www.steadystatefate.com/positronic-transient-gate http://www.steadystatefate.com/propagate

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              • SSF Propagate 2


                from VoltageCtrlR / Added

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                This is the same patch from my first Steady State Fate Propagate video with the addition of some rhythmic noise from the SSF Quantum Rainbow and a *)* kick from the Tip Top Audio BD808 module.

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                • SSF Propagate 1st Patch


                  from VoltageCtrlR / Added

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                  This is the first patch I made while experimenting with the SSF Propagate, a quad gate/trigger delay with cascaded/normaled stages and summed output. This is the results of my first 10 minutes with the module. The patch is driven by the Random Looping Sequencer and Pulses expansion module. Pulses out 3 is going into Propagate gate/trigger input. Propagate pulse output 1 and 2 are going to Maths trig In 1 and 4. Propagate pulse output 3 and 4 are going into the gate in of 2 Envelators. Maths ch.1 out to Anti OSC's wave env, Maths ch.3 out to Anti OSC's exp in. Oscillator sine out to Anti OSC's lin in. Anti OSC's tri out to Triple Wave Folder in, Triple Wave Folder out 1 to Moddemix (VCA) sig in, Moddemix sum out to main mixer output. Anti OSC square out to Modemix sig in bottom. Envelator 1 out to PTG in a, Envelator 2 out to PTG in b, PTG a + out to Moddemix top cv in, PTG b+ out to Moddemix cv in bottom. Triple Wave Folder 2 out to EMS Synthi Filter in PTG out b- to EMS Filter cv in 2. EMS Filter sig out to main mix.

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                  • Ancient Future: The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Story


                    from rivetentertainment / Added

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                    Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a non-profit organization that collects, propagates, archives, and replants the genetics of ancient and iconic trees to restore the natural filter system to our water and air. These trees have the ability to clean our water, and stack carbon from our atmosphere to reduce the effects of climate change like no other species. Rivet Entertainment produced this documentary short. •Building Awareness •Building Change rivetentertainment.com

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                    • Container Gardening, Hydroponic Systems | Jon's Plant Factory


                      from Steve Cook / Added

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                      http://www.jonsplantfactory.com | Come to Jon's Plant Factory in Burnaby to get all your hydroponic equipment and supplies. Container gardening or greenhouse gardening, you will find what you need at Jon's Plant Factory.

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