1. Phoenix Calling - Wasted Life (Official Video)


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    • A7S - Santa Monica Pier - Slog 2 - Leica-R 70-210


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      PLEASE READ: If by chance you are deciding between this camera and the GH4, please take my advice and pay a little extra for this A7S. I bought the GH4 and was extremely disappointed in its splotchy pixelation (blocks of pixels actually) that would show up in the shadows with no way to get rid of them. Its 4k (to me) has less quality than that of the A7S's 1080p. I sent the GH4 back and bought the A7s instead. I am blown away at everything this camera has to offer. The vimeo file has been extremely compressed but trust me when I say that my timeline is free of noise in the shadows. Extremely clean! I mainly shoot my independent features with the RED Epic and I am seriously considering this thing to take its place. Don't do the GH4! You'll be missing out! Settings that I can remember: -Leica-R 70-210 -S log (pp7) -1/50 Shutter -A7S Cine LUT (https://vimeo.com/108150808) -Variable ND (have to have some ND in daylight) -Variable ISO

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      • Sony A7s / Picture profiles


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        Footage to 1:14 was shot S Log with ND filter, later - PP5 . Graded it FilmConvert, MB, color correction FCP7.

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        • Constantine.....The Wedding Movie 驅魔神探 (婚禮電影)


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          All the love, romance, happily ever after..... Well, this time it's different!

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          • Richmond Social Club


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            A skate session feautiring Joel Kerr and Alfie Dwyer. Shot on: Sony a7s (SLOG2) Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 Fotga Variable ND Aputure VS1 Rode videomic Pro Varavon Sony a7s Cage Konova K2 slider

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            • Insomniaception


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              This video was commissioned by Multiplay as an alternative way to promote their event, Insomnia, the UK's biggest gaming festival. Previous videos had been very information based and didn't fit with the audience that attended the event. As a result we pitched for a more entertaining video that would engage audiences and also sell the event. This video was shot in Birmingham by Hampshire based corporate video production company Vision Productions. www.vision-productions.co.uk

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              • South Padre - Sony a7S


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                All handheld Shot with the new Sony a7S, with a single lens: Canon Fd 50mm f/1.2 with a Hoya Pro ND64 filter PP7: Sony Slog2 Edited in Premiere CC 2014, used warp stabilizer on last clip. Color Corrected in Resolve 11 and applied VisionColor ImpulZ LUT (Fuji Superior 200) Music By: A. Taylor - Ascent High Quality MP4: https://mega.co.nz/#!CBJXSArZ!cwuuTJe_Dbp-l0gS5L3TrqC7zGa_Xt-jrqViGGHxEqI Ungraded Clip: https://mega.co.nz/#!GEBQ2AiL!exUvm_lcfrQbVm9tajEJKr2n6MNO7udHS2Bj1327m_A If your regrade/upload just make sure to give me credit ;)

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                • Goodbye Jello! Hello Sony A7S APS-C vs Full Frame. Also some 720p 120 FPS.


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                  http://vimeo.com/102244108. My latest a7s video!! So Sony A7S - at full frame your rolling shutter looks all jello-y. But hey there's a little buried menu option to switch to APS-C crop. So thanks to dvxuser.com I did it - I switched it and look at that smoothness. Even while just holding the camera and nothing else - no rig, no nothing!! Now you are even more useful to me and many more people who would also like to steal shots with it or use it really quickly to get a creative small or different angle. The first half of this video is APS-C, the 2nd half full frame. Also I am grading this video better - less contrasty, a softer grade. So less heckling from the world, I hope! Camera settings: 24 FPS. 1/50 shutter. +3 o4 +4 color phase. sharpness -7 . s log gamma and s gamet color space. Using Orisis Impulz Lutz for generic log footage - I modifired slightly the kodak 5219 profile. Nothing is perfect on the grade - again I don't have much time - I'm doing all this between jobs. But it's less goofy and less cartoony - lower contrast and still quite cyan in the shadows but that's a nice look that I enjoyed for this fun test. The results I found is that APS-C mode has a lot less rolling shutter issues but it appears according to others to increase some noise? Still at 3200 ASA in daylight I found it quite clean. Curious with more lower light situations. Those are questions for real tests. Not these ones that are subjective and kind of useless like this one. Thanks for watching! Ed www.kittyguerrilla.com Music: John Stockton Slow Drag by Chris Zabriskie (http://chriszabriskie.com)

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                  • Fourth of July - Fireworks in Slow Motion - Shot on the Sony a7S


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                    7.4.14 All footage shot at 120fps on the Sony a7S with Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, FL.

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                    • Hey Sony A7S! Let's Rolling Shutter You Against Mr. Black Magic Pocket Camera BMPC


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                      ***UPDATE*** This newest video I just shot is much better - http://vimeo.com/102244108 Less Jello, better grade! Here's a test between the Sony A7S vs Blackmagic Pocket Camera using the Leica R 50mm f1.4 and 24mm lens. Both cameras taken out with no support or stabilizer - naked. Lets see these boys wobble. Sony A7S Specs: Slog, s gamut, +2 phase, -7 detail, -3 saturation, white balance all over the place. night went to 2500k a lot so it gets noisy. Shot at 24 FPS with 1/50 shutter (no 1/48 or 180 degree shutter available). I think a few times by accident we shot at 1/40 shutter. I noticed that in some of the subway shots. Shot at 1080p 50 MBPS XAVC HD codec in camera. Blackmagic Pocket camera with speedbooster shot at 5600k and 4000k, shot raw. 24 FPS. 180 degree shutter. RAW recording. This is an informal test - its not a good test - not scientific or even done correctly. A lot of scientists would frown. I was really looking at how bad the rolling shutter is on the A7S and how far I can push the 4:2:2 8 bit 50mbps XAVC codec in post. Blackmagic had a 24mm lens on it while the a7s had the 50mm for similar field of view. So the jello is different. I was stupid. And I realized that when we were already on the subway. I used osiris m31 lut and filmconvert arri alexa lut fujifilm vivid. corrected them hard to see how to break the Sony A7S 8 bit 422 XAVC codec. What have I learned? Sony A7s seems off the bat to have a much richer color palette - the sensor seems to respond better to fluorescent light and tungsten and daylight - mixed conditions. It also seems to have more perceived resolution, less moire than the blackmagic. Also my grade of the Blackmagic was pretty horrible - I was tired - went till 2am last night. And I could go back in - but I am still tired and it's time to celebrate july 4th. The dynamic range of the A7S and the greater sensitivity of it and the beautiful color makes me love the Sony A7S. I pray that Sony will go against their better judgement and fix the rolling shutter - if it heats up, make a mode that you can only record for 30 minutes then it shuts down - get wacky. that rolling shutter makes it feel like we are back to the 5d mark ii all over again. grading 8 bit is fun - like shooting with it on the old days - Varicam, or the C300 - you want to make sure you nail your exposure in camera or its going to get noisy!!! And the noise is a weird chroma noise which is not that pleasing to have. The A7S has so many lovely features - peaking, zebra, ability to record hdmi to the odyssey 7q right now as 1080p - soon maybe one day 4k - and a swivel LCD - and its just a really smart good dslr - I think this camera will cut nicely with Alexa and other log cameras. Those really rich colors make it quite lovely and I think Sony will sell a boatload of these. How many times have you needed to steal a shot on the subway or airport or bar or anywhere? How many times have you wanted to quickly get an overhead shot or underwater shot or throw the camera in some small space for a creative shot? This is the guy for that. Hopefully rolling shutter gets fixed by Sony (maybe it will make it overheat but maybe they can do a shut off thing) but still even with its bad rolling shutter its still usable for a lot of filmmaking. Dynamic range is very important to cut with higher end cameras and it can do that. It's not the perfect dream camera everyone had in their mind back in the day when red promised 3k for $3000 - the scarlet at the time, but for its price and size and image quality and its reliability - it will do just fine. Next test - s log vs cine gamma 2 and also shooting with a zacuto baseplate. Also I need to go back in and regrade the BMPC images - my grade was so bad. The A7S and the BMPC have different sensors that react to light and color differently. I found that just from looking at the flat output of what I saw, the Sony A7S reacts much more to more color and sources than the BMPC but with that said the BMPC does have a nice look reacting with daylight. but with tungsten light it looked off and pukey. There is a lot of freedom and opportunity to create a really nice look with the A7S and the more people have it, the more they will post their receipes (picture profile settings.) CREDITS Ed David - DP, editor, colorist - http://www.kittyguerrilla.com Phil Kibbe - http://philkibbe.com/additional photographer and modeling http://philkibbe.com/ "Western Meadowlark" by Brown Recluse is music track. Special thanks: DVXUSER, MacGregor, Hunter Hampton for encouraging me to dance, and VIEWERS LIKE YOU. Check out http://filmforgood.co/home/ as a way to help out with film and make the world a slightly better place. Also to see how it compares with the other cameras - here's a f3 test I did in the same areas - https://vimeo.com/20956233

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