1. 2013 Couillard Lectures: Jesus and Sacred Wisdom


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    These lectures will consider the life and teaching of Jesus as approached from the access point of the great tradition of sophia perennis, or Sacred Wisdom. Wisdom is all about awakening— a radical transformation not only of mind and heart, but of the fundamental structure of consciousness itself. Ms. Bourgeault will explore Jesus as a master of non-dual consciousness—perhaps the first such master the Near Eastern lands had ever encountered, and explore his consummate wielding of the traditional Wisdom genres (parables, koans, teaching examples). Above all, I will focus on the practice of kenosis at the heart of his radical program for transformation, and suggest how such a pathway, understood in these terms, opens up powerful new/old resources for contemporary seekers wishing to “put on the mind of Christ.” The talks will be based on my book, The Wisdom Jesus, and will involve not only lectures, but dialogue and contemplative practice as well. Modern day mystic, Episcopal priest, writer, and internationally known retreat leader, Cynthia Bourgeault divides her time between solitude at her seaside hermitage in Maine, and a demanding schedule traveling globally to teach and spread the recovery of the Christian contemplative and Wisdom path. She is the founding Director of both The Contemplative Society and the Aspen Wisdom School. Cynthia is the author of seven books: The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, The Wisdom Jesus, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, Mystical Hope, The Wisdom Way of Knowing, Chanting the Psalms, and Love is Stronger Than Death. She has also authored or contributed to numerous articles and courses on the Christian spiritual life. She is a past Fellow of the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural research at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN, and an oblate of New Camaldoli Monastery in Big Sur, California. Cynthia continues to contribute to The Contemplative Society in her role as Principal Teacher and advisor. She passionately promotes the practice of Centering Prayer, and has worked closely with Thomas Keating, Bruno Barnhart, Richard Rohr, as well as many other contemplative teachers and leaders within the Christian tradition as well as other spiritual paths.

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    • Yahshua VS. Jesus


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      What is HIS name, and what is his Son's name if thou canst tell -Proverbs 30:4. Some believe that these names differ by language but the difference is MUCH deeper than language. Read along as you learn the truth about the Sacred Name.

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      • Decolonising Our Universities - Eighth Session


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        Session Eight from the Multiversity International Conference on Decolonising Our Universities held in Penang, Malaysia, 27-29 June 2011 under the auspices of Universiti Sains Malaysia and Citizens International. The conference brought together scholars, activists, students and journalists from Asia, Africa, the Mideast and elsewhere to address the problem of Eurocentrism in the universities of the Global South and to explore alternatives and paths of resistance. Chaired by Shaikh Abdul Mabud of the Islamic Academy in London, Session Eight features presentations by four main speakers: Abdolhossein Khosropanah, a teacher and researcher from Iran, introducing 'Social Sciences: An Islamic Model.' This paper is in Farsi with English translation provided by Seyyed Abdolhamid Mirhosseini. Mohideen Abdul Kader, Director of Citizens International in Malaysia, reflecting on 'Integrating the Sacred into University Education.' Mohammad Reza Aghaya, Vice President of the University of Religions and Denominations in Qom, Iran, providing a perspective on 'Bringing Art and Science back to Howzeh-ye Elmiye Theological Seminaries.' Arif Ersoy, Secretary General of the Economic and Social Research Center in Ankara, Turkey, outlining an approach to 'Irfan: Human Development and Education in Islam.' The presentations are followed by exchanges between the main speakers and conference participants, including Augustine Nwoye of University of Dodoma in Tanzania, Syed Farid Alatas of the National University of Singapore, and Shadrack Gutto of the Institute for African Renaissance Studies in South Africa. Further details about the conference, participants and papers are available at: multiworldindia.org/events/ Video clips from the conference can be viewed on TV Multiversity at YouTube: youtube.com/u574d The TV Multiversity channel on TVU Networks broadcasts a variety of related programs: pages.tvunetworks.com/watchTV/index.html#c=86332 For a host of relevant readings visit the TV Multiversity blog: http://tvmultiversity.blogspot.com If you like this video please copy and share it! Knowledge needs people and it needs to be free.

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        • Rosicrucian Kabala - The Complete Symbolic Initiation into the Mysteries


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          From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished Images from my book The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" This is the: Full Initiation and presentation for awakening those insights into the Mysteries of the Word of God called the LOST WORD... This is from a PowerPoint of A Serious presentation on the subject of the Mysteries. The software techniques are based upon what would be the live methods used in Ceremonial Magic taught by Frater Erwin Watermeyer at Rosicrucian Park from the mid 1940's thru 1975. This initiation video is a daily visualization practice. It takes you thru the 10 Sephiroth, Elementals, Kundalini Shakti, Gayatri, Nara-Narayana (Adam Kadmon), Sai Gayatri or the Sai Three, the Kabalistic Tree; and the Unique Imagery of the Akshaya Patra or Wish Fullfilling Tree of Esoteric Philosophy. -- The Akshaya Patra Book Series is a series of seven volumes of multiple books; written as a rewrite of the many Mysteries. They are a collection of thousands of pages of unpublished, unedited writings and imagery inspired to a great degree by the MYSTERY hidden in languages still found hidden in root meaning. It is the voice of the Mystery. So we whisper it gently. -- The name Akshaya Patra is the name taken from the name for the sacred bowl of the East. This is a real mystery. In the west the Akshaya Patra is the sacred cup or Grail Mystery; the endless (Sanathana) "Eternal" message written in the Antedeluvian Royal Mysteries (Dharma). -- The first initiators are the Earth, Moon and Sun. One must experience this in order to gain its blessings. -- In the beginning of the video are the Ten Sephiroth; colored in the colors of the four worlds. Think of these as universal states of the Sun. The Sun is our representative; our heaven. -- There are several ways to view the colors of each Sephirah or sphere of light. The color associations were originally created much like the color wheel with additional techniques applied; i.e. complementary coloring with after imaging effects and the psychological and metaphysical conditions that were associated with these. -- First one can understand by concentrating from the center of the sphere out taking these from the physical body, then the vitality and aura, then the mind and finally the outer ring Akasha or Space itself. -- The second method is starting with the colors from the center of the sphere you should concentrate and recognize these passing thru the physical body and proceed from there, the next being the inner vitality, then the inner mind and finally the center of the chest or sacred heart… --- A third method is to concentrate these energies into the regions of the 10 sephiroth within the human body; interpreting the body of man as a divine reflection of the Universal Man (Adam - Purusha). --- A fourth way would be to take these into the organs or appendages. -- A fifth way would be to let the light form and reflect upon there energies from the center hidden deep within the center of the chest (behind the sternum). -- Or, simply let the radiations of the colors and forms guide and direct their energies... and let the internal mystery unfold and find its way -- Realize that what is within is without, what is without is within. The two realities are ultimately the same i.e. they are ONE THING. -- The Elementals are meditated upon in their way; as are the planets; for those of you familiar with the techniques. -- One must begin to realize, day by day, ones relationship to the Solar System; as well as the Cosmos. These images are doorways or pathways; thru which to project one's consciousness in a profound way. -- In the second half of the video the lettered images should be concentrated upon, internally sounding the letter, sensing the colors and also one could use the natural tones, if you are familiar the method; sensing those same four worlds of color. -- Please note the letters shown with the images are not those normally associated with these, in the arrangement used in the WESTERN practice. As well, certain imagery has been added. This is NOT a blind. I am not attempting to misguide you, but to correct errors made by earlier authors. These letters are meant to be used exactly as shown. -- There is a depth in this that cannot be found without deep reflection that reaches into Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek and Hieroglyphic imagery. -- This you will find will communicate internally when applied to certain words in English, once the inspiration opens up within you. -- -- IL Y' Viavia Viavia Vu -- Music Contributed generously by Jeremiah Jones at Lisztonian. Please view his website at: http://www.lisztonian.com/ -- copyright Daniel H. Schmidt biographical commentary: http://vimeo.com/16395231

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          • February 25, 2011 - Irish Sacred Concert


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            Friday evening event with the Galkin Evangelistic Team.

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            • The Sacred Way of Eating 07 - Wales


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              Food for freedom!!... The importance of eating consciously and the kitchen... Why to cook the food?... How to choose your food?... How to prepare it?... How to cut?... How to cook?...How to eat?... Wich pots and pans to choose?... How to store them?...etc. In order to improve your awareness through the food and the way of eating...

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                In a Journey from the Sacred Circle, Gitxsan, Tsimshian, Haisla and Tahltan representatives came on mass as a united force to join hands with others at the DEFEND OUR COAST gathering at the BC Legislature on October 22, 2012. The day earlier they presented themselves at the University of Victoria Student Union Building and the following Wednesday stood with the residents at MLA Leonard Krogs office is Nanaimo. This hour and a half production is a small sampling of the travels and presentations delivered.

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                • Forum NOOSFERA 09 - Intervención ROY LITTLESUN


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                  Intervención de Roy Littlesun en el primer Foro Mundial de la Noosfera el día 22 de Julio de 2009 en Torre Nanita (Zaragoza). Después de escuchar las conclusiones de todas las mesas que tuvieron lugar en el encuentro Roy compartió con tod@s su visión de la ley del tiempo y la noosfera... y transmitió su opinión sobre temas tan polémicos hoy como el crudivorísmo como experimento, la nutrición a través del sol como otra forma de consumismo...

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                  • Papaji - Be Very Obedient To This Moment full length low quality


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                    Papaji - Be Very Obedient To This Moment full length low quality (1993-07-23)

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                    • 12 Godly Words


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                      Jesus transforms how we speak to one another at home.

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