1. The Change Agent, the Ghostwriter and the Singularity: Andrew Crofts on Singularity 1 on 1


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    https://www.singularityweblog.com/the-change-agent-the-ghostwriter-and-the-singularity-andrew-crofts-on-singularity-1-on-1/ A couple of months ago I saw Roman Polanski’s film the Ghost Writer based on the titular bestselling book by Robert Harris. At the time, I could hardly imagine that only a couple of months after the movie premiere I will be communicating with Andrew Crofts – the archetype ghostwriter on whom Ewan McGregor’s character was most probably based upon. Andrew wrote a popular guest article for SingularityWeblog.com where he shared the story behind his latest book The Change Agent: How to Create a Wonderful World. The book talks about the life and ideas of Andrew’s archetype change agent – James Martin, a world-renowned futurist, computer scientist, author, lecturer and, among many other things, the largest donor in the history of Oxford University. (Most recently, James Martin produced a pivotal documentary film called The Meaning of the 21st Century. It is based on Martin’s titular book and examines the major perils and promises that humanity faces in the 21st century such as climate change, the technological singularity and others.) Given the relevance of Andrew’s topic and the success of his guest blog post, I decided to ask him to do an interview for Singularity 1 on 1. We ended up having a 46 minute conversation during which we discussed a variety of interesting topics such as: Andrew’s experience as a guest on James Martin’s private island; the story behind, the accuracy and the goals of Crofts’ book The Change Agent; James Martin‘s life and ideas in general and his take on the future of humanity, technology and the singularity in particular.

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    • Singularity 1on1: John Horgan On The End Of Science


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      https://www.singularityweblog.com/singularity-podcast-john-horgan-on-the-end-of-science/ It was an interesting and enriching contrast to have John Horgan as my guest at Singularity Podcast. Following Jason Silva‘s super impassioned and optimistic defense of the singularity, accompanied by Jason’s belief that humanity will eventually conquer death and accomplish immortality, it was intellectually stimulating to discuss the opposite point of view. John is perhaps the best known critic of both Ray Kurzweil and the technological singularity, and in the spirit of Singularity Symposium, I invited him to present some of his views and criticisms here at Singularity Weblog. As always, Socrates asks the questions, my guests such as John and Jason provide their answers, and then you make up your mind on your own. (That is not to say that I don’t have an opinion of my own for I clearly do. It is just that I don’t think you must put that much value in it really…)

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      • EVE Online - Comment se connecter au serveur Singularity


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        Petit tuto vidéo de 2 minutes pour expliquer comment se connecter simplement au serveur Singularity de Eve-Online

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        • Lucy- On Losing Her Humanity


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          A short clip from motion picture Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. In it her character discusses her loss of humanity as she gains her abilities. It puts forward that the progression of human capabilities requires the suppression or removal of emotion. The clip is part of series of clips from the film used in the blog entry "Counting Lessons with Lucy" (http://wp.me/p4SW4S-8V) which discusses concepts put forward in the film in relation to a the poem by Janet Martin called 'Counting Lessons' Clipped by This Way South ( www.thiswaysouth.wordpress.com)

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          • Singularity Film Wedding Video Sample


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            A different approach to wedding videography, filmed in a cinematic yet sensitive way. focusing on the emotions, details and atmosphere of the day. Edited in a fresh creative style. Visit our website for sample videos and find out why we are different.

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            • Singularités


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              "Singularités" is a personal motion design piece. I wanted to create a strange room who gravity is not played as we know. Firstly I design this animation to introduce my new reel, but I decided to make another version, more longer. See my reel here : https://vimeo.com/115855258 All was done in Cinema 4D with many hair dynamics. After Effects for CC and last adjustments. Hope you like it. visit : http://www.darkpulse-motion-design.com Sound Design by Gabriel Bouty.

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              • Groundbreaking theory, The Great Universal(cosmic) spin theory, by Dr. Mohammed Faig Abad Alrazak,


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                The philosopher & consultant surgeon published a groundbreaking theory, he added that the the Big Bang is wrong.The universe was formed by the great cosmic spin and not by Big Bang. The origin and creation of the Universe by the gradual formation of the energy wrapped around the elementary elements. This formation followed by the Great Cosmic spin or the Universal twister with its tremendous speed has led to the first nucleosynthesis from the eventual interaction of the fundamental or elementary elements, aided by the Universal energy and the Universal factor ends with the birth of the first primeval atom. There was no explosion and no Big Bang. In this theory, the Origin of the fundamental elements and the energy that led to the creation of the Universe are also revealed. This theory also provides the equation for calculation (according to current available knowledge) the life span or life time of the observable Universe. [Mohammed Faig A Alrazak. The Great Universal Spin: The creation of the Universe and estimation of its lifetime. Researcher 2014;6(9):84-87]. (ISSN: 1553-9865). http://www.sciencepub.net/researcher. 15 About the Author: Philosopher, Consultant surgeon, Human rights activist and Independent researcher in Theoretical astrophysics. Publications and books by the author: Grand Relativity theory, Kingship Ascension, Noble Quest, Diwan of The Time, Grand Relativity, Essence of words, Dreams & Destiny, The Intelligent Hybrid, The Pure Adamite Race, The Great Universal Spin, Psychological and physiological Retrogression of Mankind.The Universal Compartments. Books, publications by the author: Kingship Ascension; the book is based on the theory the" Intelligent Hybrid",The journey in this book is a unique account for the new age in our History. The pages of this book and for the first time does disclose the truth about the real origin of human being, the reason for our existence, human behaviors, beliefs, our destiny. Diwan of the Time; this book contains the art of mind and soul through quotations and a unique art designs. Noble Quest, the art of thoughts and artistic work, enlightening the journey of deep philosophical quotes. Diwan of the time, a journey inside the human soul, nature of human behavior and mystery of life. It is an inspiration for understanding yourself and others through quotes, artful expression and noble ideas which summarized the understanding of life and destiny. Essence of Words; the inspirational words and sentences in Essence of Words provides you with the feeling of delight from the art of thoughts, quotes and the warmth of poems. Great minds have composed symphonies from motivational sentences which remain embedded in the memory of History. Grand relativity; is a scientific book with a collection of theories in different fields of life and science. Some of these theories are a breakthrough theories in the scientific world like the Grand relativity theory, which is the grand theory beyond Einstein relativity theories. The Intelligent Hybrid; the secret origin of human beings which was hidden for millions of years, is revealed in this theory. The Pure Adamite Race; This theory discloses these questions and discovers the sequence of linkage to modern humans and other questions always on our mind about ourselves and other mankind. The Great Universal Spin; the universe was created by the great cosmic twister and not by the Big Bang as being told. Psychological and physiological Retrogression of Mankind; Mankind's existence is on the verge of extinction since the signs for his retrogression have already started according to this theory.

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                • SAMIZDAT // SINGULARITY (a)


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                  “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” -Friedrich Nietzsche

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                  • Those Unattended


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                    Soon, perhaps in less than 50 years, something we'll call a "digital stroke" will be commonplace around dinner tables. As our consciousness rapidly becomes more reliant on the smart technology we hold so dear, our naturally functioning brains will suffer the consequences. Writer, Director, Producer : Brian Garvey Director of Photography, Producer : Kevin Wong csc Production Designer, Producer : Gustavo Franco I woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning one night and wrote the first draft of this short by noon that same day. With the persistence of the DP, we cast, rehearsed, prepped and shot it within 3 weeks of that night. One day shoot, 3 actors, one set. Those Unattended is a simmering little short regarding a situation we don't want to pay attention to. Unfortunately it's a phenomenon that's staring at us from some digital cloud which envelops all of us in a thick fog.

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                    • Exponential


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                      This was my 48hr film from 2013 in Asheville, NC. It was a challenging, fun, and rewarding weekend. 54 straight hours of no sleep.

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