1. Well, Basically (Part 2)


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    'Godot Woz Ere' is the debut album by Yellowjack. Drummist and lyricker Paul Hamilton earbends Georgina Micklethwaite some more about the group and record. As with 'Well, Basically (Part 1)', this film has had to be squished from a he-man-tearing-fork-lift-trucks-in-two-with-his-bare-nipples large 3GB state to a house-made-of-steam-and-memories feeble 500MB. Consequently, there is a saucy dip in audio/visual quality. Also, being shot on a Flip HD camera, there is a significant hiss factor in the fidelity. This can be overcome by the use of headphones - or pretend the interview is taking place during a national convention for asthmatic snakes. Salutes to Gordon Beswick & Roozbeh Tavakoli for helping me negotiate the minefield that is Final Cut Pro X. Songs include 'We're Back', 'Next', 'Join The Queue', 'Half-Life', 'You Can't Have It' and 'Godot Woz Ere' from the Yellowjack album, and a demo version of 'Everyone Likes This' by Dave Pope and Golden Virginia Tonsils me. More info to be glared at on smokingantrecords.com

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    • Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Side 2


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      Live at the Espy

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      • The Rifles "The General"


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        Baadass new vid from East Landon modsters The Rifles... Revolving around a young boy's observations of his father in a prize fight. Directed by Tom Oswald Edited by Charlie Marbles

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        • On Days Like These (Zoo Diary 2009)


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          Typographic Pop Agenda for the year 2009, designed by COUP (Peter van den Hoogen, Erica Terpstra and Leanne Wijnsma, http://www.coup.nl). Published by [Z]OO Producties. The typeface is derived from Elegant Grotesk, used by Peter Saville for a New Order Sleeve (Movement) after a magazine cover made by italian futurist Fortunato Depero. Songs by Datarock, Shitdisco, Spinvis, Matt Munro, The Jam, Joy Division, Small Faces, Cansei de ser Sexy, Blonde Redhead, U2, DAF, The Specials, The Selecter and more.... Order your copy at http://www.zooproducties.nl

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          • i Valium - L'Infedele - Official Videoclip 2010


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            Diretto da Daniele Esposito. Tratto dal singolo 'L'Infedele / Lucienne' pubblicato da Warner Chappell Music. L'Infedele è disponibile in tutti i negozi di dischi. Rubane una copia!

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            • i Valium - L'Infedele - Official Videoclip 2010


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              Diretto da Daniele Esposito. Tratto dal singolo 'L'Infedele / Lucienne' pubblicato da Warner Chappell Music. L'Infedele è disponibile in tutti i negozi di dischi. Rubane una copia!

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              • Small Faces - The Autumn Stone


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                • cannot tell water from champagne.


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                  My video log for LiveJournal in which I act like an awkward turtle, my friends insult Ron Wood, we discuss woody and tinny words, and I talk about random stuff like a lamer. -Elizabeth

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                  • BRANDY (Not Dancing) The Greenhouse Effect Mega-Hit Song 2008 France; Europe's Best Rock / BMI Music Publishing. Nashville.


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                    339,024 Views - Youtube Video. THE MOST AWESOME BAND ON THE INTERNET PLAYS ABSOLUTELY ZERO GIGS !! THEY GET BY QUITE WELL INDEED Simply upon the Merits Of their Great Songs and Seemingly Endless Songwriting and the Hits Just Keep On Coming BABY !!! BRANDY, WHITE BLACK, It Ain't Easy, She's A Bitch, FIVE YEARS, BIG TEEN DOLLARS, NUMBER ONE, MAGIC MAN, RACERS, Coke Snorting, etc, etc,... The Band Blasts the Web with Robot Videos that scoop up zillions of Video Views and then Myspace, Google, and Facebook Advertising does the REST !!!! "What it really is - is the fact that We got Great Songs and we don't SOUND ANYTHING LIKE OTHER BANDS,....THE WORLD IS STUNNED,....THEY HAVEN'T HEARD A DAVID BOWIE / BEATLES / HARRY NILSSON band in quite such a long time that is so authentic" Says Clark Higgins For Rock City Productions Boston Massachusetts. "People can plainly hear that we are the catchy real deal - and they wanna go back and hear our songs again and again !!" - "People (That Won't Back Down" and "Waiting for your Love to Fail !!" have been monster successes online for the Redondo Beach California three Piece Band, G.e. has eatin' up the compliments and accolades and Clark Hagins says he's sick of pats on the back now,.. everywhere he goes; "We're the Biggest thing on the Net and all over the World now,....but where 'were' all these People ten years ago - the People who keep emailing me and tellin' me I'm Great,...I'm 45 Years old now and I gotta pay for all this shit,....I don't make much money back here,...and what Money income I 'do" make,..goes all back into Jango Radio and Google Adwords,....I could have used help long ago but most People used to just Laugh at G.e. and me,..they thought we were just boring and lame,...but I always "Knew' we just had this incredible unique sound,... Just all the People who are into Harry Nilsson who love our music,...alone,....I can make a steady life income - just off them,...but we want to reach out to more Beatles and Paul McCartney fans ,..because of how many people say we sound like "Flowers in the Dirt" from 89'. " The band has no record label and still gets rejected today of they submit a demo ,..likely now because of Haggins' age of nearly 46 Years old and with "Brandy" being the internet Hit Song that it is, capable of making Millions of dollars,..the frustration irks Hagins; "People can see that we have bit off about one third of the Music industry traffic around the World,..."Brandy" is a monster Tear-Jerker Sad Hit Song similar to "With Out You" By Nilsson,....People will spend hours just watchin' G.e. - and nothin' but G.e. ,...We need financial help 'cause I can't continue to pour all the G.e. money I make ,..all straight back into this shit forever !! !!" Haggins says that the story of Harry Nilsson losing all of his Money is something that Hagins connected with and relates to as he foreclosed on his house like millions of Americans,.. "Yes,...the Great Clark Hagins who wrote "Brandy" lost his home,....I am a human Like everyone else" Says Higgins.

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                    • Clark Hagins Music - The Rock Opera White Suburban Liars 1992 - 'No Takers' - BMI MUSIC 2005.


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                      781,737 Views - Youtube Video 2006 - No Takers - Clark Hagins Songs - The Rock Opera White Suburban Liars 1996 Remix - Greenhouse Effect Music Bmi 1992. / In 1995, Clark Hagins remixed and remastered 16 Greenhouse Effect Songs that he felt were the band's best and strongest material with Bill Krodel in El Segundo California. Krodel had infact recorded much of the music previously with Hagins in 1990 through November 1992 and the band's final demise as Bassist Rick Carmody left to join Redondo Beach Punk outfit 'The One Handed Readers; "I remember that night we re-did the album with remastering and the final product that I had produced out of Texas - somehow,..the sound quality on that Original Rock Opera Cd was awful,...it sounded scratchy and too high end ,..and it sucked,..a few people (Who were musician type friends spotted the defects and they pointed it out to me" Says Hagins "But I also think a lot of them were just being typical douchebags too ,..they were hoping for my failure...." Krodel and Studio Engineer Mark Nathanson later pointed out that the Adat machine at the studio had a defect and was infact literally 'burning the final Adat tape for CD to toast as it recorded onto it. Still, The Rock Opera White Suburban Liars would be an ultimate triumph for Hagins and G.e. as the 16 Song Concept "Story" Line was pretty much intact; "It was compacted way too tight to make enough sense and tell the story of Maury - the insane lad who went to fight in iraq in 1991" Says Haggins "It is very much semi-autobiographical ,....the way that the story of how Maury came home from the war and got even less respect and regard,...and he began to get low down and dirty and he didn't care any more and started going for the black prostitutes n all ,..he was literally hoping that he would catch a disease and end and yet he goes on,..."Hey Negrita" is so important to the story ,..it is a must song in there ,..because then, when you hear it,..you really get the feel for who Maury is ,..and on the streets of San Pedro Calif - his homeless Life .... A lot of people are so offended by a lot of my songs but they HAVE to read the WHOLE story of the concept,...its very much Ray Davies and Fee Waybill and Pete Townshend type of shit ,...I really love "Remote Control" by the Tubes and "Muswell Hillbillies" and "Village Green" by the Kinks,... they tell stories that are gritty and real. "White Black Thang" and "Big Teen Dollars" are too more songs that may be misinterpreted by listeners - G.e. fans or not; "White Black became like the big hit on the album and the big huge hit back in the day for G.e" Says Higgins "But really that song is nowhere near as good as 'Ben is Dead' and "Star" in my estimation" Says Higgins. The Rock Opera White Suburban Liar$ tells the story of a child born and then growing up through life (Not unlike the Pretty Things Sf Sorrow or the Who Tommy) who has a disease that paralyzes one half of his body; Belles Palsy. He then grows as a small and frail , skinny little guy who gets picked on and lacks respect ,..before going off to fight in the war in iraq in 1990 only to come home to homelessness and getting the affection only from prostitutes. A "Local Lad' preaches the song "Misogynistia" (Shes A Bitch....And then you Live") to him in the streets. 'Shes A Bitch is definitely based off The Tubes and Remote Control and Songs like "Turn me On" and "Prime Time". "But its much more hateful and melodic" jokes Higgins. "I was a guy who never got laid hardly,..a lot like Maury the character,...I began to hate all women sort-of and "Shes A bitch" became the ultimate release,...it was a simple melody but I remember that it was a tough song for me and Krodel to put together in the studio in El Segundo to really 'capture' it,....I wrote that song in Redondo Beach at 251 and maybe at St. Lawrence Martyr Church in 1991 but I really perfected it in the summer of 92' when i lived out in Playa Del Rey in a condo that my brother Paul rented.....it was August 92' and sunny and I remember when i heard the rough mix one day with Krodel, i was like 'this really fucking rocks....wow !!! Good !" - "Dead End Street" would be a song that Haggins named for his love of Ray Davies and the Kinks; "My music doesn't sound like anything else and you have to crank it up loud on your computer in order to really get it,....but what I really hope is that they get the story of the concept - I still think the Rock Opera is way ahead of it's time for 1992,.... People today think that it's from 1996 - but it isn't,...thats just when we remastered it ,....but we should have just left the songs as they were" Says Higgins. Hagins spent his time in some 16 different South Bay bands including Greenhouse Effect among them Gardena Punk band B.p.s. and the Jim Mellon Quartet as at the same time he desperately pursued a record deal for his G.e. Project; "I knew that I had something brilliant with G.e. - our whole image of being a simple garage yet arena three piece neo punk blues outfit was amazing and genius" - Rock City Productions Worchester Massachusetts. 2006.

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