1. Twin Peaks: Black and White Lodge


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    Spoiler Warning: My fourth teaser trailer celebrates the return of Twin Peaks (1990-1991) to the air 25 years after its initial run. We explore the nature of the show's famous Red Room and the mythology of the White and Black Lodge associated with it, which plays a significant part in the show's original plot and particularly in the show's original finale. If you do not want to be spoiled to the original Twin Peaks's final episode, then you should probably save this teaser for after your binge watch of Twin Peaks, which is a briskly paced 30 episodes. In this Teaser Trailer, we see Special Agent Dale Cooper confront his Shadow Self. Deputy Hawk explains his tribe's traditions around the Lodges and sets up a nice prologue to help give context to the final episode. I tied in footage from the series, feature film prequel, and deleted scenes to help give an overview of the concept and the many unanswered questions the audience is left with as we enter into a new era of the TV show's future return on the cable network Showtime. Twin Peaks is widely considered one of the best and most influential television programs ever aired, ushering in the current golden age of television. Most modern TV showrunners cite Twin Peaks as an important source of inspiration, and for good reason; to this day Twin Peaks remains a breath of fresh air. The show manages to continue to inspire countless artists throughout the world. The greatest testament to the show is its remarkable staying power. Twin Peaks continues to enthrall and entertain audiences as much as ever, nearly a quarter of a century later . And the show has a stronger following than ever now that it can be easily viewed in its entirety on Netflix, Blu-Ray, and DVD. If you are interested to learn more about Twin Peaks, then you can find a number of my essays and podcasts about the show at my site "35 Years of David Lynch": http://entertainmentguidefilmtv.blogs... I am also interested in working on the production team for the new Twin Peaks episodes, so consider these teaser trailers as a good faith demonstration of my intentions and an official shout-out to the show's producers. Mark Frost and David Lynch, please consider me for a position as a cameraman, editor, or for anything else you might need.

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    • Fork This 33 - Spider Attack!


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      Watch as Megan freaks out about the huntsman that latched itself to the car

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      • First Kiss / Last Dance (High Volume)


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        http://sommerkampf.blogspot.com/2011/07/legacy-russell.html First Kiss/Last Dance is, first and foremost, an exploration of body politic. It takes a look at a 1980s clip of the TV show and host Geraldo interviewing the (in)famous "Club Kids" of New York (most notably, Michael Alig, who went to prison for murdering another Club Kid during the 80s; and Ru Paul, who got his start within the context of the "Club Kid" era) and intersperses parts of that very public interview with more private and reflective moments of visual narration. The short starts off with a shot FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), whose role on the 1990s-era David Lynch-directed TV show Twin Peaks was to investigate the murders and strange happenings taking place within a town called Twin Peaks; however, his job becomes complicated when the lines between dream and reality and fantasy and fiction become increasingly blurred and intertwined with the lives of those he encounters throughout his journey. The dream-space within Twin Peaks is an important place of revelation for many of the characters. Here, Special Agent Dale Cooper's dreams are occupied by a conversation about the rites and rituals of gender and sex, the preparation and presentation of the physical form, and public versus private action, the stage for which is first set by Geraldo's talk show. The other narrative that twines itself throughout this piece is an internal monologue from Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 film 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle (2 or 3 Things I Know About Her). The film is an exploration of the lives of women whose husbands/colleagues and counterparts encourage them to sell their bodies in order to maintain a high standard of living. These soliloquies, or internal monologues, voiced by Godard himself, express in whispers the internal warring of human nature as caused often by the external pressures that press upon the characters within the film—politics, culture, capitalism, consumerism, gender, sex, society, propaganda, advertisement. The film itself is an acting metaphor about what, at the time, was a growing presence of advertisement and its impact on and manipulation of female desire. What these clips say quietly, the audience members and Geraldo voice aloud, mirroring one another as the frame shifts back and forth between the two. Through Special Agent Dale Cooper's dream-space, we find ourselves audience within a commercial world, during a period of time where the tropes and laws of reality television had not fully taken form (and during which the talk show, as a format, played an integral role in informing daytime viewers—often women—across the nation about those outside of their immediate frame(s) of reference), engaging via the questions from Geraldo's audience in a coded conversation about othering and about the choices one makes when entering a world wherein there are no limits to what people will consume. The music is a song from Twin Peaks, by a singer named Little Jimmy Scott, who made an appearance on the show. This song is called "Sycamore Trees". Little Jimmy Scott was an interesting case when it came to gender, as due to a rare genetic condition (Kallmann's Syndrome) he had his reaching puberty was delayed, which resulted in him having what many called a "high-pitched" or "feminine" voice on recorded vocals. —L.R.

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        • Fork This 19 - Cooper Cooperson and Sons


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          BJ and Megan bathe and show you tricks from their Chihuahua (Special Agent Dale Cooper)

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