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    My fan edit combining all of Angel's flashback scenes as the vampire Angelus into one epic feature-length movie. Angel's back story of his life before he met Buffy is one of the most intriguing recurring story lines of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and its contemporary spinoff "Angel", but until now this story line could only be viewed piecemeal throughout several seasons of both shows. I believe my new edit of this material will help shine a light on both Buffy and Angel TV shows and deepen our understanding of the recurring vampire characters that play a central part to these shows' core story arcs. It is also my hope that viewing Angel's rich back story as a single narrative presentation will help introduce Buffy and Angel to modern audiences, who were not yet aware of how well written, acted, and directed these two phenomenal TV shows were, and that they hold up well more than a decade after they aired. Suggested Viewing Order: 1. ANGELUS 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3. Buffy and Angel 4. The Master Rises 5. William the Bloody 6. Spike the Slayer Killer 7. Do Not Stand in the Shadow 8. The Darkest Hour All the footage in this cut is from the shows created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. It is the property of Mutant Enemy Productions, originally aired on WB and UPN, and is the property of the home video distribution arms of their respective parent companies. This cut only represents my love for these characters and is done to reinvigorate interest in these two shows, which I recommend you purchase on DVD and watch on Netflix streaming. If you are interested in watching Buffy and Angel side by side, I created a viewing guide that could help you watch the concurrent crossover episodes in chronological order: http://josswhedon.blogspot.com/2012/04/buffy-and-angel-episode-viewing-order.html I also created a parallel fan edit that combines all of Spike's flashbacks into one movie presentation: "William the Bloody", which can be found here: https://vimeo.com/101173422

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    • Nederland - Spanje op het EK


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      De wedstrijd om de vijfde plaats op het EK onder 19 tussen Nederland en Spanje.

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      • Jordan Power - AUS JR vs VIC


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        Jordan Power, from ACT, Playing for the Australian Junior team. Number 15 wearing white. Playing at Opposite for sets 1 and 2, playing as Pass/Hitter for sets 3 and 4

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        • CFI-Tally Stem Cells


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          CFI-Tallahassee Presents "Do Embryos and Stem Cells have the Right to Life" By Jeffery Spike

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          • Dlaczego nie WIERZĘ w TEORIĘ ewolucji - Konferencja Kreacjonizmu (napisy PL)


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            Konferencja Kreacjonizmu Seattle 2006 prowadzi : Spike Psarris były inżynier dla wojskowego programu kosmicznego.

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            • Spike stratégia bemutató előadás - 2013.06.04.


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              A 2013. június 4-i Spike stratégia bemutató előadás felvétele - 1h 20p-ben. Sajátítsd el a Spike stratégiát magától a módszer megalkotójától és alkalmazójától, Ujfalusi Zsolttól. További részletek és jelentkezés - http://spike-trader.com

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              • 2012 Vidya Gaem Awards (Condensed Cut)


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                An awards show that celebrates the good and bad in video gaming. IMPORTANT: The "word from our sponsors" are modified from their original form and are /not intended/ to be advertisements. We receive no compensation from those segment -- it's just a joke. Full Credits: http://2012.vidyagaemawards.com/credits

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                • Mike Zusman - Fuzzing 101 (Part 1)


                  from Dan Guido / Added

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                  http://pentest.cryptocity.net http://isis.poly.edu

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                  • William the Bloody


                    from Michael Warren / Added

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                    William the Bloody is my fan edit wherein I assembled all of Spike's flashback scenes spread throughout the TV shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997-2003) and its spinoff "Angel" (1999-2004). Spike has one of the most interesting and rich back stories of any character from either of the two shows, but until now you could only discover it piecemeal, spread across several seasons of television. I discovered a surprisingly powerful dramatic narrative unfolds when we focus solely on Spike's life previous to his arrival to Sunnydale. With the context of this fan edit, I believe many viewers, including veteran fans of these shows, will look at Spike's character in a new light. Hopefully this will help the audience develop a richer experience when watching or re-watching the rest of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." If there is sufficient interest and if I have the time, I would consider developing a series of fan edits of this nature revealing the main events of these two shows completely from Spike's point of view. I might also consider making a similar assembly of all the flashbacks of Angelus from throughout both series, too. All the footage in this fan edit comes directly from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" and is therefore the property of Mutant Enemy Productions, the original broadcast networks that aired these programs "WB" and "UPN" and their respective parent companies and home video distribution subsidiaries. This good-spirited fan edit is done only to honor the TV shows and help renew interest in them. Also, some brief excerpts from a BAFTA interview with series creator Joss Whedon is included in this edit's epilogue. Addendum: Suggested Viewing Order: 1. ANGELUS 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3. Buffy and Angel 4. The Master Rises 5. William the Bloody 6. Spike the Slayer Killer 7. Do Not Stand in the Shadow 8. The Darkest Hour

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                    • Mike Zusman - Fuzzing 101 (Part 2)


                      from Dan Guido / Added

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                      http://pentest.cryptocity.net http://isis.poly.edu

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