1. West Wing Week: 4/23/10 "Competing the Old-Fashioned Way"


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    Thanks so much for checking out the West Wing Week, your guide to all things 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This installment takes you step-by-step with the President as he hosts the Great Outdoors Conference, holds a meeting of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, meets with his Special Envoy to the Sudan, discusses Supreme Court nominations with congressional leadership, travels to New York City to talk Wall Street Reform, and celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in the White House Rose Garden. We also pulled out a clip from a Martin Luther King Jr. Day discussion that President Obama held in the Roosevelt Room. One of those present was Dr. Dorothy Height who passed away last week at the age of 98, a hero of the civil rights movement and an inspiration to all Americans.

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    • Jessica González-Rojas and Lynn Paltrow on Abortion Rights Activism


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      Bill discusses the changing face of the reproductive rights movement and those it serves -- as well as the success of social conservatives on the abortion front -- with Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, and Lynn Paltrow, founder and Executive Director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women.

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      • SKY BLUE COLLAR - Directed by Derek Frey Written by The Minor Prophets (HD)


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        SKY BLUE COLLAR Running Time: 8 minutes TAGLINE: Mutiny on a Forklift A businessman and a carpet installer enjoy a wild and playful friendship, but when their class-conscious bosses pressure them to steer clear of each other, the Romeo and Juliet of the workaday world must decide what's more important: how we make a living, or who we're living for. Starring Matt Amadio, Tim Flanagan, Steve Kuzmick & Gil Damon Directed & Produced by Derek Frey Written by The Minor Prophets Cinematography by Derek Frey Edited by Derek Frey Featuring the song "Little People" by The Fleeting Ends Best Director of a Short Film - Chicago Comedy Film Festival Best Comedy - Red Dirt Film Festival Best Picture - International Film Festival of Comedy, Romance, Musical Best Director -International Film Festival of Comedy, Romance, Musical Best Cinematography- International Film Festival of Comedy, Romance, Musical Best Comedy - ITSFILM.COM International Short Film Competition Best Short Narrative Film - Moondance Film Festival Quarter Finalist - 2013 NexTV Indie Film Competition Honorable Mention - 2014 Workers Unite Film Festival Official Selections: 2013 Chicago Comedy Film Festival 2013 Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 Independent Film Quarterly (IFQ) Film & Webisode Festival 2013 Santa Monica Independent Film Festival 2013 Rumschpringe International Film Festival 2013 Red Dirt International Film Festival 2013 Vegas Cine Fest 2014 Mockfest Film Festival 2014 Dam Short Film Festival 2013 Best Shorts Film Competition 2013 Atlanta Shortfest 2013 International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance & Musical 2013 International Freethought Film Festival 2014 Lucerne International Film Festival 2014 New Hope Film Festival 2014 Santa Fe Film Festival 2014 Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival 2014 Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival 2014 Festival De Cannes DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: SKY BLUE COLLAR marks my fourth collaboration with Philadelphia's premiere comedic troupe, THE MINOR PROPHETS. It's been a creatively inspiring and rewarding relationship these last 7 years. Our previous endeavor, THE BALLAD OF SANDEEP, proved a huge success, appearing in over 30 film festivals around the world and winning over a dozen awards. We've been hard at work this past year creating a feature film screenplay based on that short. I asked if they had any ideas that could be shot quickly in a contained environment. They dusted off the screenplay for Sky Blue Collar which they wrote a few years ago, but never got around to filming. My goal was to create a lean short under 10 minutes considering the 30 minute running time of The Ballad of Sandeep proved too long for some short film festivals. Once we compared schedules there was really only one date that worked for us to shoot and it fell just after Christmas which proved challenging considering commitments around the holidays. We pushed forward with the plan. In the days leading up the shoot the forecast called for a rare December snowfall, which I secretly hoped for but doubted would materialize. As I loaded up my vehicle the morning of the shoot snow began fall lightly. By the time we were rolling camera at Ascot Carpets in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania the snow began to pickup considerably. Knowing it wouldn't last long we quickly reordered our shooting day and grabbed the shots needed to capitalize on the scenic conditions. We filmed at that perfect time in a storm - when the snow on the ground is untouched and the flakes grow large before tapering off. Driving a forklift on suburban streets was always going to be a challenge but driving a forklift on a slick snow covered road was a whole other level of insanity. It was a challenging and physically demanding marathon shoot but everything came together without a hitch. Sky Blue Collar continues the twisted social commentary with a beating heart that one would expect from The Minor Prophets/Derek Frey production. VANCOUVER WEEKLY - Two Handers, for the most part – Vancouver International Film Festival My two absolute favourite shorts of the night just happened to be the two shortest films in the package: Sky Blue Collar (dir. Derek Frey, 8 mins) and In Passing (dir. Alan Miller, 5 mins). Sky Blue Collar is a modern day twist of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet, only here, it is the tale of a businessman and carpet warehouseman who must sneak away from their class-conscious bosses to share a joyous ride on a forklift. By use of subtle dialogue and delightful acting, viewers are encouraged to come to their own conclusions about the details of the relationship. Both Sky Blue Collar and In Passing engage their viewers in serious topics, but they do so in silly, unique and uplifting ways. Both shorts work so well, they stand alone. They both tell complete, interesting, and engaging stories, and do so in less than ten minutes.Some stories are just meant to be short.

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        • Syed Zaid Hamid - Pakistan Army and Judiciary - Waqt TV


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          16-11-12 - Syed Zaid Hamid in the program 8 pm with Fareeha Idrees on Waqt TV. Judiciary's role in humiliating and attacking the army and the present national security crisis. It is the duty of the CJ to ask army for the national security strategy and offer full judicial support. Else, the state would collapse and the the army would do what it wants. Role of media in waging this information war and the future elections if the army refuse to supervise. All these issues discussed in a brutally harsh program and expose the enemies and their plans, InshAllah.

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          • SCOTUS and the Marriage Equality Cases


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            The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in two cases of marriage equality this week – U.S. v. Windsor, which challenges the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, and Hollingsworth v. Perry, which challenges California’s Proposition 8. Yale Law School Professors Bruce Ackerman, William Eskridge, and Harold Koh all recently signed amicus briefs in support of the respondents in Hollingsworth v. Perry. Here they discuss the cases before the High Court, describe the arguments made in their briefs, and weigh in on why this is an important moment for civil rights.

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            • Vimeo's Best Videos - Greenhouse-Effect-Songs "White Black Thang" ( 1991 ). Clark Hagins-Music @ Facebook.


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              1,477,945 Views - GoogleVideoCom - Best Jango Radio Greenhouse-Effect-Songs 'White Black Thang' ( 1991 ) - GreenhouseEffectBrandy - Clark Haggins_Music. "White Black Thang" ( March 1991 ) may just be the Biggest Online Greenhouse Effect Song by Clark Hagins as it is in Constant Heavy Rotation at Jango Radio Airplay World Wide as well as XM and Pandora !! Recorded Just after the video taped Police beating of Rodney G. King IN EARLY 1991, the Controversial Song has been massive on the Web for G.e. now for nearly 16 years ! 2009 saw the Song rival Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Ga Videos for web traffic. 2011 Saw it simply get into Web syndication in over 200 Countries World Wide making Songwriter Clark Hagins more than a known commodity indeed. "It's secretly actually a bigger song than 'Brandy" Says Clark Hagins. "Those two songs have made G.e. Web Legendary but "Star", "It Ain't Easy", and "Shes A Bitch ( Misogynistia ),..ain't half bad either !!" Hagins Surfing Videos featuring Superbrand Team Surfers Clay Marzo and Dion Agius have contributed to making Surfing even bigger for years on the Net; "Everybody wants their band in surf videos now because of G.e. ,...People know that I am so associated with My Nephew Pro Surfer Hagan Kelley in Carlsbad Ca at Super Surfboards ,...Me and My nephew are like very tight bros,...We're always going over to Stater Brothers Markets in North County San Diego Ca and we laugh at all the advertisings on cereal boxes YA KNOW,..ALL THE GORILLAS and Captains and crazy other Cartoon WEIRDO characters N' SHIT LIKE THAT,..,...My nephew is a marketing genius,...him and I are always talking about Marketing ideas and strategies for Promotions,...We order Panda Express Food and watch Seinfeld and that Russian Tv Channel on MY Cable,..We're total nerds,...My nephew has been a guy behind the scenes,..Him and Jeff Snowe From Rock City In Boston,...They have given me ideas that have helped make G.e. huge on the web,.,." - "White Black Thang" what with it's HUGE Big Dance "Grunge Rock" Song Structure is a Track that revolutionized the Music Industry Long ago and way before Nirvana and Green Day and other three piece bands Like that would arrive much later on in the 1990's. "So many A & R men and People around the music industry and recording industry heard my songs and wanted to see indie rock go into the charts like the vision that G.e. had,....I just could hear great ideas in my head,...I thought that 'Star' and 'Ben is Dead' and 'Hey Negrita' were good ,....but when I wrote "White Black Thang",...that song just took everything to an entirely new level of Songwriting !!" In the Greater Los Angeles and "South Bay" Area of Redondo Beach CA today, Hagins is known as a Songwriting Legend of cyberspace what with practically ALL of his 93 songs online; "G.e. gets mad respect but I'm sorry to say we deserve it,...we write songs that come straight from the heart of a tough up-bringing Life that i had,...being the Last of 8 kids n' all,....People can feel the heart and soul in "Brandy", It Ain't Easy" and "White Black" - The Surfing Videos have certainly taken Hagins and his band into a whole new realm; "People associate us with Surfing and Clay Marzo and Dion Agius and Timmy Curran,...but I don't even surf,...Me and my nephew are planning a Documentary about me where I attempt to Surf !! ( Laughs ),...it's gonna be just like that Brian Wilson thang with the Blues Brothers (Laughs)" Hagins has made some good money online but he is hardly rich - far from it,...as so many people falsely think; "I am not a millionaire ,....I barely make it every month like everyone else,...I'm not buying my second dream home any time soon !!" ROCK CITY RECORD LABEL - BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS. 2012.

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              • Weekly Address: Giving Government Back to the American People


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                As the President beats back lobbyists seeking to weaken Wall Street Reform, he talks about an even broader threat that would vastly expand the influence of massive industries and their lobbyists in Washington. A recent Supreme Court decision opened the floodgates for corporations, including foreign corporations, to spend endless money on political ads that would give them even more power at the expense of American families – the President pledges to fight for reforms to stem that influence.

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                • Why Sandra Day O'Connor's Replacement Was the Decisive Change on the Court


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                  The Supreme Court’s term ended last week with an extremely controversial decision on women’s healthcare. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the majority ruled that closely held for-profit corporations are “persons” under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and shouldn’t have to provide free contraception to female employees as required by the Affordable Care Act. In Bill’s conversation this week with Linda Greenhouse, a New York Times columnist and Dahlia Lithwick, a senior editor at Slate, he asked what they thought about the ruling. Greenhouse tells Moyers, “Let’s be impolite and point out that all five of them are Roman Catholic and in service of an agenda by a couple of presidents who were elected on a Republican Party platform that called for picking judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade.” Lithwick adds that the substitution of Justice Samuel Alito for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who she describes as holding a moderate, middle position on the court, has been the most “consequential” change to the Roberts court: “In every issue that we looked at this year — abortion, church/state, campaign finance, every one of these blockbuster issues — what held sway was O’Connor’s [balancing ] test. When O’Connor left the court and Sam Alito came onto the court, in every one of those issues that test is gone. And the new test that Sam Alito has been a proponent of has been dramatically to the right of that center place. [W]e often make the mistake of thinking that John Roberts was really the decisive change at the court. The decisive change was that O’Connor, love her or hate her, was truly a centrist pragmatist. And when she was replaced by Samuel Alito, that center fell out.”

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                  • West Wing Week: 5/14/10 or "Hang on to Your Hats"


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                    Thanks for checking out the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, walk step by step with the President as he speaks to the nation about job numbers, monitors the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico, says goodbye to the spring interns, gives the commencement address at Hampton University, swears in his Intelligence Advisory Board, welcomes the President of Afghanistan, congratulates PM David Cameron, visits Buffalo NY and much more.

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                    • David Boies on Prop 8 & Supreme Court


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                      David Boies, who led the plaintiffs’ legal fight against Prop 8, talks to a capacity crowd of 300 at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club on the day following the trial judge's ruling striking down California's ban on gay marriage. Here's a 3-minute excerpt of his concluding remarks.

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