1. Briefing Teste


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    Briefing teste para a empresa Sympla por Rafael Machado.

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    • マンフロット SYMPLA _ ふるいちやすし氏 レビュー


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      映像作家の ふるいちやすしさんがマンフロットのSYMPLAを使用した際の動画

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      • Sympla - Show, Música, Festa


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        Descubra porque milhares de produtores utilizam a Sympla para seus eventos.

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        • Sympla Check in


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          Vídeo de divulgação do aplicativo Sympla Check in, da plataforma de eventos online Sympla. Realização: Olada Trilha Sonora: Henrique Staino Atriz: Luíza Senra

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            SUPPORT, START, STOP, FOCUS - Quite Sympla really When Manfrotto asked me to test drive the Sympla rig I was delighted but also had mixed feelings, as I had flash backs of the old days for VIVIDA. I Googled it and became decidedly more interested. In the past we used a DSLR shoulder rig only to eventually retire the units and the investment into a box in a cupboard. The issue was that when we used the rig for long periods of time, fatigue would set in and create wobbly shots. Have you tried using a shoulder rig for an entire 1 hour ceremony? Don’t do it! If I am honest, when I bought my original units I didn’t appreciate that you really must decide when to use a shoulder rig system. The decision should be made on the basis of (a) creative reasoning and (b) feasibility; taking into consideration time to setup and physical ability to use it. Fast forward two years. The Manfrotto branded boxes arrived. Five to be precise. If I had bought this, I would be feeling quite smug about value for money! I opened the boxes to find a number of components. I felt much like I did when I unboxed the BBQ the week earlier. I felt almost overwhelmed by the task of assembly. However, just like I had focussed my mind on the smell and taste of the food at the end, with this I focused my mind on the shots I would be able to create. The first build took me 9 minutes, including a stupid mistake that involved a restart on the build and me excitedly playing with the components. The wrong turn wouldn’t happen again. Also, it is unlikely that I would fully dismantle Sympla after use. The following setups took between 1 and 2 minutes depending on my configuration and who used it last! I have projects coming where the Sympla in it’s default configuration with the mattebox and weights, is going to be just spot on. Though the ‘out of the box’ configuration isn't what we would use on most of our projects. However I had what we needed to build my own version. A slightly smaller, lighter model. I personally liked the Manfrotto provided electronic follow focus on the Sympla even though I wasn’t expecting too. Our team was more familiar with a manual mechanical follow focus, where you would use rotation to pull focus, instead of using buttons. However, many would associate this electronic follow focus/ controller with tripods and jibs. Like controlling a remote head mounted to a jib it takes practice! I even flipped the controller upside down for my personal configuration. However, if you have your own follow focus then you are able to mount it to the Sympla using the standard width rods. The great thing about Manfrotto’s electronic follow focus is that it can be positioned on the handle and operated whilst you are holding the rig steady. The key with a shoulder rig is to know when to use it! For VIVIDA, dancing scenes among others were ideal. The movement and motion of our subjects could be easily translated into camera movement with the Sympla. This rig is really about enabling you as a single operator to be fully in control. Support, start, stop and focus your camera. Quite simple really. Simeon & Team VIVIDA Twitter: @simeonquarrie http://www.facebook.com/simeon.quarrie https://www.facebook.com/vividaproductions

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            • Yara


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              First try at shooting video. I can't tell i have edited them but more place footage together, but it makes me really want to do and learn more...

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              • Test remote control MVR911ECCN Sympla - Manfrotto


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                2 punti di memoria messa a fuoco. Velocità variazione di fuoco: Lenta risulta morbida - Veloce risulta a scatti. Test 5D MARK II - 24-105mm (lunghezza usata 105mm). Utile la funzione di variazione di fuoco selezionabile: fissa/variabile. In generale per lavori di fino è più utile il follow focus motorizzato. Questa soluzione è l'ideale per il controllo dei fuochi della 5D su steadicam merlin.

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                • Manfrotto School of Excellence launch Hong Kong 發佈會


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                  作為世界頂尖的攝影配套設備品牌,Manfrotto 除了一直致力在硬件上為全球用家提供最優質的器材,亦同時在軟件方面配合,希望能為廣大攝影愛好者分享最優質、最專業的攝影及攝錄體驗。Manfrotto舉行產品發佈會,宣佈聯同UNiART推出Manfrotto School of Excellence Hong Kong攝影課程,以及發佈全新的SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統。 Manfrotto於去年成立了嶄新的School of Excellence (MSoX) 網上學院,邀請世界各地的頂尖攝影師於網上作虛擬受課,分享他們的專業攝影心得及技藝。今年,Manfrotto除了為香港的用家帶來中文版本的MSoX 網上學院外,更將聯同UNiART多媒體設計院校,推出實體版MSoX課程,邀得電影短片製作人Louis Ng及時裝攝影師Terry Wong兩位經驗豐富的導師為廣大攝影愛好者帶來專業的攝影教學指導。 於發佈會上,兩位導師與Manfrotto進行了一個簡單而隆重的簽約儀式,正式標誌加入Manfrotto School of Excellence,以最完善的攝影教學課程,幫助用家提升攝影技術,激發無準想像。 Manfrotto亦同時發佈了剛榮獲reddot Design Award 2012國際設計大獎、備受專業用戶注目的全新SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統。這個新穎的組合式攝錄系統集無限創意及頂尖科技於一身,配備多項靈活多變、操作簡易的組件,方便用家自行組裝,配合不同高清攝錄器材度身打造最合適的配套,打破同類產品的界限,助用家「人架合一」,輕鬆應付不同場合及情況的拍攝所需,為高清攝錄過程締造無限的可能性。此外,MSoX攝錄班導師Louis Ng亦於發佈會上分享了他對SYMPLA的用後心得及體驗,以及如何能夠運用SYMPLA覺種功能的專業建議。

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                  • Manfrotto SYMPLA Review 專業組合式攝錄系統產品介紹


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                    高清拍片已成近年主流攝錄方式,不少專業短片、廣告、以及近來大熱的微電影均以配備高清攝錄的數碼單反相機所攝製而成。作為全球頂級攝錄腳架器材的生產商,Manfrotto集結其無限創意及頂尖科技,推出全新的SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統,務求為用家帶來最專業的拍片伙伴,輕鬆應付不同場合及情況的高清攝錄需求。 SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統採用了劃時代的嶄新設計,打破同類產品的界限,配備多項靈活多變同時操作簡易的組件,方便用家自行組裝為自己度身打造最合適的配套,配以不同高清攝錄器材使用,達至「人架合一」的融合境界,為攝錄過程締造無限的可能性。SYMPLA的專業創意、頂尖性能及人性化設計使其甫亮相即大受業內人士的注目與肯定,於 reddot Design Award 2012 中獲得專業評審一致讚賞,奪得產品設計大獎。SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統能助用家挑戰不同的拍攝環境,絕對是每位專業攝影師拍片的不二之選。 靈活多變 簡便易用 SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統的設計以簡便操作為大前提。為求節省用家調校相機及轉換組裝的時間,Manfrotto將旗下器材的不同的功能及技術都融入至SYMPLA當中,包括其扭鎖設計、簡便球型手柄(easy-locking ball-joint hand grips)、多軸微調器(Multi-axis micro-adjusters)、安全鎖(single locking mechanisms)等,方便用家隨時調校位置及快速鎖定以改變拍攝角度;其滑入式的快拆板設計亦有助用家保持使用長距鏡頭時的平衡度。用家亦可以不同的組件配搭將SYMPLA組裝成不同的創意用法,如在肩托穩定架加上液壓連接臂及Manfrotto LED補光燈,以便在光線不足的環境下進行補光拍攝;或為SYMPLA系統加上環型提手及靈活遮光斗,以腰平方式拍攝,營造更特別的取景角度及視覺效果。SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統能有效為用家全面提升拍攝短片的穩定性、功能性及靈活性,製作更具質素的高清影片。 強勁實用 組件齊備 SYMPLA專業組合式攝錄系統備有齊全的組件配套,包括肩托穩定架、遙控器、遮光斗、底座及延伸組件等,而且組裝方便,為用家提供極高的拍攝靈活性及可能性。每件SYMPLA組件均以優質的鋁合金或鋼金屬製成,具有非凡承托力,並可配合不同的Manfrotto產品使用,實用性極高,助用家解決不同的拍攝難題,提升製片的層次。 http://www.manfrotto.hk/News+%26+Events/News/Manfrotto+SYMPLA+%E5%B0%88%E6%A5%AD%E7%B5%84%E5%90%88%E5%BC%8F%E6%94%9D%E9%8C%84%E7%B3%BB%E7%B5%B1+/27578331

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                    • Demonstrating the Manfrotto Sympla Remote Focus Motor Overshoot Issue with the Canon 5D MarkIII


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                      This video was shot in order to show the issues I've been experiencing with the Manfrotto MVR911ECCN (Sympla clamp on remote) for the Canon DSLR's. This video shows how the focus motor overshoots or continues to be driven after focus input has been removed by the user. The camera is running firmware version 1.1.3 and the Manfrotto MVR911ECCN (Sympla Remote) is running the most current version R-0006 which claims to support the 5D MarkIII. I hope that the fine folks @ Manfrotto can get this issue resolved as I really enjoy having this tool available and would really like to work it more into part of my workflow. I've also found that the Canon 70-200mm IS-II is the smoothest as the focus motor is being driven. The other Canon glass I've tested with I've found more noticeable stepping as the focus is driven back and forth.

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