1. Of Friends & Field Artillery


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    Do you ever wonder who brings in the fire power when the guys on the ground call it in? Sergeant Nathan Jones introduces us to a few of the guys providing the timely boom for First Cavalry soldiers in Iraq. FONT: SSG Brendan Kelly, Gun Chief (Battery B, 1-109 Field Artillery) Camera: Sony PD170 NLE: Avid News Cutter Shot, edited, written, and produced by Nathan Jones at Joint Security Station Istaqlal, Baghdad, Iraq in 2009.

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    • Mt Tamborine - Beechmont return on the 777 Rook


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      Follow my flight from Mt Tamborine launch in South East Queensland, Australia to Beechmont Plateau and back before the sea breeze kicks in. You can find out more about flying in the area or 777 wings by messaging or checking out my website www.higheratmosphere.com Watch my flight to on the 777 Rook to Lake Moogerah from Beechmont https://vimeo.com/72544864 OR check out a sneak peak of the first 777 ENC Queen in Australia https://vimeo.com/73299391.

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      • Spring XC flying on the Rook


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        A lovely day flying a borrowed 777 Rook on a great XC in South East Queensland, Australia I turned up at Beechmont at 10:30am keen to go after watching the Cu's popping from 9am on my way up form Brisbane. After i arrived Drew took off followed by Barney and Rob Wilton taking advantage of the breeze and ridge soaring waiting for a thermal to take them somewhere. I was flying Will Robb's wing and the Near Birds Zippy (light weight harness) for the first time so i took my time setting up. It was a bit shady around Beechmont and the wind was progressively dropping off. By the time i got on launch the wind was soft and the guys already flying were just maintaining. A break in the clouds came and i took off to join them. After some broken climbs with very small cores (bubbles) i had learnt that getting away wasn't going to be as easy as waiting for a wide booming thermal to base and then casually going on glide. By this time Rob Wilton was already at Hinchies and i was itching to catch up. Eduardo and i caught a small and punchy bubble drifting over the back coring it tightly almost touching wings tips at some points before going on glide to Hinchies following two hang gliders. The glide was generous and the clouds sucky. This was the start of a day where Eduardo and i consistently took different lines but ended up meeting again all the way to Boonah. After a top up at Hinchies and then the last ridge before the Kerry we both went on glide towards Mohamed and a fire SE of Beaudesert. Riding the lift lines on speed bar took its toll on my new harness half way to Beaudesert when my speed bar line detached itself from the left side of the bar making for an interesting moment in 5m/s lift on bar. Eduardo carried on while I struggled to figure out what had gone wrong. After a rough riding big ears followed by a B line stall to avoid becoming close friends with a cloud i wrestled the speed line back onto the bar in a haphazard fashion and turned back towards Beaudesert to chase my flying friends. By this time Rob had found himself in a tough spot and landed in Beaudesert after flying to Bromelton. Eduardo was charging on South of Beauy trying to find lift while i pushed full speed ahead to try and make up ground. After 7 long kilometres on glide i hooked up with a climb south of Beauy following the edge of the clouds sticking to the sunny windward side. This tactic paid off and after climbing back to base i rode this lift line to the foot hills before the Dam on the way to Boonah meeting back up with Eduardo. Here we enjoyed some super spicy (punchy small) thermals drifting WSW down the ridge towards Boonah. After making it back to base i glided into tiger country looking for one more climb in the hills West of the lake before Boonah. Phew.... there was a climb there. I think i had Eduardo worried but it was another swift elevator back to base. From here we parted ways, Eduardo followed a cloud street from here to the South while i pushed towards Boonah T to try and hook up with the start of another cloud street. after an 8km glide i found myself low and climbing in a drifting thermal near Boonah T. I drifted with it climbing back to base over Boonah hearing from Eduardo that he didn't have as much luck with his cloud street and had landed after an awesome flight in Boonah. Now on my own i wasn't sure what to do, but i knew the day was slowing and the best clouds were to the South and West and with the confirmation that there was a lift in Boonah i headed South and then West following the closest remaining clouds towards Lake Moogerah. I made it to the mountain before lake Moogerah and serached for something that ended up being nothing before gliding towards the north end of the dam and Reynolods creek for a last ditch attempt at the best closest trigger downwind. I got there, but the day was over by now and i landed safely at the North of the dam. Thank you to Eduardo and his partner for the amazing retrieve!!! A perfect end to a not so perfect but super exciting day. Thanks to Will for the lend of the Rook, i love that wing. We went ten rounds in the spicy thermals and came out smiling without a single tip tuck. You can have it back when i have the Queen :P

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        • Afternoon Bliss on Two 777 Rooks


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          A relaxing afternoon flight with Australia's first Triple 7 team pilot in the Blue Triple 7 Rook. Awesome view, awesome company, loving life. www.higheratmosphere.com

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          • Flying Australia's first Triple 7 Rook


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            19-08-2012 I had my first proper flight with the Rook today. A winter 50km tour around the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland countryside including an out and return from Mt Tamborine to Canungra then to Beaudesert and back. After leaving my camera on all night before flying I have no video to share… OUCH! So firstly thanks to Will for the footage i i have used! After setting up on a busy launch with only 3 people already in the air I took off in front of the peanut gallery thinking the day was not looking super promising at the time and hoping for more than a glide to the bombout. After an easy launch but no lift something promising rustled the glider near the spur I was heading for. So I turned for the first time on the Rook and instantly my eyebrows rose... "wow this thing is nimble". Without any hesitation of particular persuasion the glider hooks around in a tight circle exactly as I asked. "Promising first impression" A few circles later I centred on my first thermal for the day feeling instantly at home under this very comfortable and surprisingly nimble wing. I am mostly impressed by this wings willingness to turn in anything without hesitation, strong lift, sink, edges of thermals, it all seems to make little difference to the way the Rook obediently turns in and does exactly what it is told. A couple of thermals later a few pilots joined me at cloud base before I decided to head off on my own adventure eager to see what else this glider has in store for me. After 3 and half hours of enjoyable and strongish conditions thermaling with my friends I landed after an out and return trip to the flats and back with a super big smile on my face. Three things leap out at me about this glider. Firstly, it is nimble and direct in handling. Secondly it is very comfortable to fly in rough air. Thirdly, glide on bar is very impressive. Yes I am a dealer for Triple 7 in Australia and I would hope that I am selling good wings, but it is a damn great feeling to not think… but know you have something new and special to share with ENB pilots. Don't take my word for it, try a Triple 7 Rook and see for yourself. www.higheratmosphere.com - info@higheratmosphere.com

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            • First time ground handling the ENB Triple 7 Rook


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              After receiving Australia's first Triple 7 Gliders Rook i have been desperate to give it a fly. The weather had other ideas though with strong winds across South East Queensland. After 2 failed visits to a secret location for some ground handling we have finally managed to get the Rook above our heads just before sunset. First impressions are good... can't wait to get this exciting glider in the air. Ask a question - Test fly a Rook in Australia, contact info@higheratmosphere.com - www.higheratmosphere.com

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              • Unpacking Australia's first Triple 7 Rook


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                Triple 7's first certified glider the ENB Rook has arrived in Australia. Get up close and personal in this first look at what competition technology looks like in the ENB class. Demo gliders available in all sizes. Get in touch for more details at info@higheratmosphere.com - www.higheratmosphere.com.

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