1. HALFWAY500 Video Teaser


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    Engines are Ready, Pipes are Cleaned, The Checkered Flag Has Been Waved on The Halfway 500. Mark the date, June 14th & 15th, 2014! Info & registration, logon to http://www.volcom.co.id/tct/ Credits : Music : Tweak Bird - Sky Ride Filmed & Edited : From The Woods Productions Sound Effect : www.freesfx.co.uk

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    • Volcom VQS - Mono Aullador Surf Series, Playa Hermosa


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      Volcom VQS - Mono Aullador Surf Series, Playa Hermosa Costa Rica http://upthelip.com/ upthelip.com surfing costa rica playa hermosa surf

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        “Get in the Hole” the VQS European Championship Cup went down with mixed conditions over two days and a level playing course that would see all finalized competitors ready to battle this last Final event and with the thoughts of holding the cup over their head when all sand is said and done. First day was windy, raining hard straight down making the conditions to perform more than tricky and selection of equipment was of higher importance with a lot of weight on the caddies to make the right choice. As the weather was known to be better for the second day of the “Cup” so the umbrella’s shading the hard core fan from the rain above would be shaded by the sun on the Wednesday. Everybody was here to chip away and to make the final day. The Sand Traps (Squids, 10 & Under) are with out a doubt the future and were my favorite on the course for their enthusiasm and great technique that started the second day off with clean clear sky with the sun warming the Club House and surrounding course the spectators were in full force behind the rope and being quiet as the action took place, getting the day started on a great swing. Teva Bouchga was almost flawless to take the top spot with Guilherme Ribeiro shot of the hole for second and Loic Blouin having trouble early in the bunkers settle for a drop shot for Third and Justin Becret rounding out the course in fourth. Caddies (Groms 13 & Under) were strong and professional with the Canarian Luis Diaz confidently comfortable here on the course as he is in the surrounding Islands of Las Palmas took the win in the sun. Just off the putt for first in the hole was Ruben Vitoria in second with Enzo Poulat’s drive game left him in third with Marco Mignot rounding it out on the green in fourth spot. While all the action was smooth and swinging on the fairway there was plenty of games for all to be played for prizes on the mini put course next to the clubhouse with the addition to the normal eating competitions, sack races and flour wars while competing is just good for everybody involved from afar or up close. Club Hoppers (Juniors 16 & under) where quick to master the course that continuously changed through out the day and in the end of this battle was Jonas Bachan holding the ball up in the air gloved up and smiling at the crowd for the poll position of numero uno trailed by Julen Egiguren polo shirted out for second with a tap of the visior from Francois Guillemsang in third and Alex Iriondo chipped to fourth position. The Birdies (Girls 20 & Under) where all smiles, with all finalists from the Basque Country their styles on the course known and familiar with the power behind the ball from Garazi she arrived first at the hole for top honors with Anna Moreau just behind in the pace for second Ariane Ochoa confidence out of tricky situations landed in third and Ainara Aymat pacing through in fourth. Ball Busters (Air Division) was swung and won by William Aliotti from the courses of St Martin With Jordan Also familiar with courses not to far away spun for second Harry Timson used his plaid on display for a chip air ball to take the third postion with local Rudy Marechal defending his home course for fourth and the Basque swinger Naxto Gonzales swung and was done in fifth spot from the hole. Best Pu(tt)nt of the cup was by Electric was also seized by William Aliotti for a cool five hundred Euros. Harder to get higher the longer and faster than the Masters (Pro Am) but it was  the strong slice from Tom Cloarec with landing the the cup in his hands for first and the ticket to Fiji to the World VQS Championships during the Volcom Fiji Pro. The strong goofy Ander Mendiguren with the players walk, walked in second with the Uk’s Toby Donachie  out of the sand and above in third and Spain’s own Marcelio Botin waved at the crowd and enjoyed his swing for fourth spot. This course and the VQS European Championship Cup was made with the support of Ocean and Earth, Superbrand, Electric, Drift, Vitamin Water, Seventy One Percent, Surfers Villa and the city of Hossegor. http://www.volcomeurope.com/site/vqs/champs/

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        • VQS Karramarrofish Zarautz 2013


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          -- Filmed and edited by Isio -- The VQS Karramarrow Fish just passed by Zarautz last weekend with great conditions and plenty of Local interest with over one hundred competitors willing to join the fun with us for the two days of sun and fun. Zarautz is without a doubt the Surfing mecca of Spain and of course the Basque Country with previous generations being so strong which just proves that rest assured the level is at it’s peak with impressive surfing from all. Special mention goes to the Squids with over 30 to compete is a delight to see with the mini grom’s under ten surfing so well and by far ready to be better than the generations before them. Conditions were bigger on the Saturday with great conditions during the mid tide with clean peak in front of the famous Basque chef Karlos Arguiñano restaurant and hotel where parents and family will dine and wine and catch all the action from the terrace of the this famous Iconic castle. Sunday proved to be smaller version of the day before that was also better through the mid tides. The Squids were amped and in the end the Final was as far as they could go and it could have been anyone’s for the taking as the level was so high it just came down to wave selection, Hugo Palazuelos was strong through out and had to hold the others back through out the final to take the win and claim first place, snapping behind him was Adur Amatriain to take second place with Xabier Lopez in third place and also qualifying for the VQS European Champs next week in Hossegor( Top Three Squids Qualify). Fourth place was earned by Diego Palazuelos with Nestor Garcia taking Fifth and Kai Ordriozola rounding out the final in the sixth spot. The Women/Girls was also a great watch with all the finalists within reach of taking the top spot from the others which was in this case Ana Morau in the numero uno spot with Ainara Aymat having to settle for runner up in the second place with Ariane Ochoa hanging on to third spot with Garazi Sanchez rounding down out the final in fourth. Groms are still groms but not compared to the squids so this one was also a close affair with all get good lefts that linked with the sand with low tide and also a few short peaky rights that had some good sections also. Patrick Mainstone was the linker of the good ones with solid surfing in first with Ruben throwing it around on his backhand for the second place trailed by Asier Iriondo in third with Yael Peña having to settle with fourth. Juniors was lit up by the backhand of Alex Iriondo for the winner followed by Julen Egiguren holding down second with Goofy Adrian Fernandez strong in third with Lander Davila in the fourth place. Pro Am was also a fierce affair with Selim Barkat working the lefts in first chasing in second was Ethan Egiguren with Mikel Elizalde posting in third and Naxto still kind of smiling in place number four. The Air division was run during the regular part of this Karramarro event but just down the beach. It started with two semi’s with only Air’s being scored we ended up with Ander Ugarte doing some nice front side air’s which were linked nicely together during the final for the first place of the 6 of those honored with Manex Bikuña next in the line for second, Natxo Gonzalez in third with Pro Am winner Selim Burkat in place four Ethan Egiguren in on Five and Imanol Yeregi with the number 6 slot. Thanks to Seventyone Percent, Drift cameras and FCS for the goodies. Also big thanks to GSF, competitors and all the people from Zarautz for such good times. Results: SQUIDS (Qualified for the Champs top 3) 1. Hugo Palazuelos 2. Adur Amatriain 3. Xabier López 4. Diego Palazuelos 5. Nestor García 6. Kai Odriozola GIRLS 1. Ana Morau 2. Ainara Aymat 3. Ariane Ochoa 4. Garazi Sanchez GROMS 1. Patrick Mainstone 2. Ruben Vitoria 3. Asier Iriondo 4. Yael Peña JUNIOR 1. Alex Iriondo 250€ 2. Julen Egiguren 3. Adrian Fernández 4. Lander Dávila PRO-AM (Qualified for the Champs top 3) 1.Selim Barkat 500 € 2.Ethan Egiguren 3.Mikel Elizalde 4.Natxo Gonzalez

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          • VOLCOM VQS ANGLET 2013


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            Weekend of the 23rd of March was the day for the start of the Karramarro Fish event held at the one and only “Club” in the Ville known as Anglet. Sunshine, offshore winds and waves were there but it was also known that they would get better through out the day. Split banks is always a favorite of mine to ensure that we are able to run this VQS event and as always to “let the kids ride free” which means more now than ever it these hard times. Divisions such as Squids (10 and under), Groms (Under 13) , Juniors (Under 16) Pro Am (Under 20) and Womens (Under 20) was the stage and it was game on for all. I will let the pictures tell the 1000 words that I won’t write and the video to hopefully do more with its motion. During the high tide the surfing action had to have a rest, which in turn means that it’s low tide for games and there were some great ones that included tugh-a war, sack races with flour bombs to the face to make it more interesting and also cold fish soup with the goal to finish at least 5 cups with the last cup doused with Tabasco sauce to spice it up and to have the men step up and separate them from the boy’s and girls. I witnessed five go down and heard later that twelve was the record in the end, chapeau is the word for that but apparently he only won some flip-flops instead. There was also enough time to run an airshow heat/final with some friends of somebody paddling around with an inflatable raft trying to have fun and annoy those who were trying to come down from the air. Never the less everyone was a winner and then the tide became friendly again with the best conditions of the day to come and to carry on for the remainder of the event until early nightfall. The names of those who placed in finals will not be mentioned above but only below in the section with the results. Pierre Rollet took the win in the Pro-Am division and 500€ from Volcom and Ocean& Earth, while Lucas Jannier won the Juniors and a sweet 250€. All finalists qualify for the 2013 European VQS Champs that will be held in Hossegor (April 30, May 1st) Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the day with us. Also big thank you to the Anglet Surf Club and Anglet city council, to Ragdoll, the staff and judges Yann Martin, Vincent Guelfi, Arnaud Darrigade and their crew. Last but not least to our event partners Ocean and Earth and Superbrand and to our product partners Seventy One Percent and Vitamin Water. Next stop in Cornwall with some pasties and crazy tides… SQUIDS 1. Justin Becret 2. Kilian God 3. Tiago Carrique 4. Thibault Manson GROMS 1. Florian Grennrd 2. Enzo Poulat 3. Julen Marticorena 4. Hugo Graciet JUNIORS 1. Lucas Jannier (250€) 2. Charly Quivront 3. Aldric God 4. Julen Egiguren GIRLS 1. Ariane Ochoa 2. Clara Chaudevielle 3. Amaia Billecoq 4. Maud Le Car PRO AM 1. Pierre Rollet (500€) 2. Loyan Pons de Vier 3. Louis Sempe 4. Guillaume Cassaigne AIR: Joan Duru (250€)

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            • VOLCOM VQS LAVAFISH 2013


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              The conditions did not allow the completion of the VQS Lavafish Las Palmas contest on March 16-17th. With more than 140 contestant, the competition started with fun rippable waves for the Groms 1st Round and summertime temperatures. They were followed by the Juniors and while the Girls were competing, the decreasing swell combined with high tide completely turned playa La Cicer into a lake. This doesn't happen often in Las Palmas and it took organizers and locals by surprise, the next day was really weak with unconsistent surf and surprise onshores wind blowouts. The VQS Surf Tour has continued with the VQS Karramarro Fish in Anglet last weekend and coming soon to UK the VQS SidFish (April 13-14th) and shortly followed in Zarautz with the VQS Karramarro Fish II (April 21-22nd). After looking into possibilities, the VQS Lavafish can't be rerun before the European VQS champs. Surfers will be qualified to attend the European VQS Champs in Hossegor (30 April-May1st 2013): The first place of each ROUND 1 heats of the Groms, Juniors and Girls divisions. GROMS: Cristian Portelli Lenny Jensen Yael Peña Luis Díaz Mirko Ivan Manduka Jose Carlos Ramos GIRLS: Marcela Machado Virginia Giesen Marta Florit Cynthia Borges Elena Moreno Dairem Meliari JUNIORS: Borja Fernández Vincent Vandeputte Josemi Mentado Kalani Dasilva Alex Bauduin Juan Ignacio Sebastián It´s a great sadness it was not possible to finish this desired event after big efforts done for making this contest happen, and all the support received from everyone. Especially Charlie "Black Betty", Chicho and the 3RRJ surf school team , Rayco for the clip, Platas for the photos, the judges, MC and the Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas. Next VQS stop in Canaries will have double prize money!!!. Waves can not be bought (so far), so we will keep on praying to Neptuno at every Surf contest.

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              • SEACOW SURF SERIES 2012


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                Volcom's VQS Seacow Surf Series 2012. Music: The New Lows Song: Abeyance Album: I Couldn't Sleep https://www.facebook.com/thenewlows http://thenewlows.bandcamp.com Film: Billy Hume & Tim Truelove Edit: Daktal www.volcom.com

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                • Volcom QS Kiama 2012


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                  The Volcom Surf Series made its second stop at the Wedge, Kiama, NSW. Featuring some of Australia's best grommet surfing talent.

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                  • VQS KIAMA 2012


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                    The Volcom VQS surf series second stop took place this weekend at Kiama surf beach. We rolled up early Saturday morning and were greeted with clean 4-5 foot waves. Kiama surf beach is well known as a solid wedge and this can make for some tricky conditions at times. So we were going to see some serious surfing go down. The heats filled up quick, so we got the first heat in the water nice and early… Blow the hooter lads, lets get this VQS under way! - Filmed edited by Joel Barker

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