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    A tribute to Garden State Equality's Executive Director, Andrea Bowen.. Andy, as she is affectionately known as. First of all, we think that Andy looks a lot like Lynda Carter.. what do you think? Andy continues the courageous fight to "Change Their Minds and Change the World". We pay tribute to Our Wonder Woman, Andy Bowen for all of her accomplishments so far, and for all that are yet to come.

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    • Erró


      from Mac Lyon / Added

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      Exposition au musée d'art contemporain de Lyon du 3 octobre 2014 au 22 février 2015. Anticipant les flux continus et infinis d’images et d’informations qui circulent sur les réseaux numériques, Erró s’est, dès le début de son oeuvre, intéressé à la profusion des images et à leur diffusion, inventant des formes de narrations, des grilles de vocabulaire, une grammaire et une rhétorique inédites.

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      • Dark Desires trailer starring Tracy Jordan and Jennifer Blaze


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        After an incident in Gotham City where Police Commissioner James Gordon is given a near-terminal dose of Joker-Venom administered via his birthday cake, an angry DarkKnight Damsel (played by the always-sexy Tracy Jordan) is stricken with grief but also determined to bring the Harlequin of Hate to justice. Because the dynamic duo are out of town, the governor brings in Wondrous Woman (played by fan-favorite fetish beauty Jennifer Blaze) from Washington D.C. to assist DarkKnight Damsel with the case. As the two confer over strategy, it's clear that Barbara is fighting internal urges to really make the Joker suffer for what he's done to her father, whereas Wondrous Woman plays the more controlled and pacifistic superheroine who urges compassion and finding the cure for Commissioner Gordon before it's too late. As the Clown Prince of Crime makes his grand entrance, the two superheroines turn towards him to make the arrest. Unfortunately, he gets the drop on them first and spritzes them liberally with his newest creation, Goofy Juice! As the chemicals are absorbed through their skin, both women find their normal emotions running supercharged now, with WW behaving like a love-stricken pacifist hippie and DarkKnight Damsel setting aside her vows against taking a life and swearing permanent justice against this demented supervillain by planting him six feet into the ground! Before either emotionally-berserk woman can do much more though, the Joker drops a special smoke bomb on the ground which quickly takes the fight out of both sexy superheroines and leaves them moaning weakly on the floor. As the Joker leaves, he secretly takes up a hiding spot to see what his latest chemical cocktail will do to the psychological framework of two of America's most prolific superheroes. When DarkKnight Damsel and Wondrous Woman awaken, the two argue over how best to handle the most dangerous of villains, with DarkKnight Damsel suggesting tearing him limb from limb and letting him slowly expire, whereas WW suggests a good relaxing tea and some therapeutic talking to get to the heart of why the Jooker feels the need to terrorize innocents. Because their two strategies are worlds apart, the two cannot resolve the issue and quickly come to blows. After a while it seems like DarkKnight Damsel's attacks are ineffectual, until finally a few lucky shots get under WW's skin and her simmering anger (now enforced by the Goofy Juice) explodes into outright hatred. WW demolishes her onetime ally with huge blows and amazon-powered shoves, eventually taking DarkKnight Damsel down completely and spanking her ass viciously with the flat of her hand. Binding the dominoed daredoll with the magic lasso, WW lets her guard down for only a second and that's all Barbara needs to get the amazonian princess in a powerful throttle-hold with her muscular legs! Pinned and with her respiration stopped, WW struggles but quickly loses strength and consciousness within a minute. As the patriotic superheroine collapses, the DarkKnight Damsel gets free of the lasso and turns it on WW, interrogating her on how to make her helpless and how to take her prisoner. Caught in the lasso, the busty brunette has no choice but to answer truthfully and soon a second fight breaks out between the two superheroines, with DarkKnight Damsel easily removing WW's precious power items in the heat of battle, leaving the once-mighty hero completely powerless and defenseless! Pulling out a swatch of damp fabric, the DarkKnight Damsel prepares to eliminate Wondrous Woman in a most Faustaesquian manner, clamping the fabric firmly into place over WW's wide-eyed face and quickly eliminating her. The tables turn though for the dominoed daredoll though when WW reverses the tide of battle and uses the BatSleep on Barbara instead! Caught offguard, the cowled crusader goes down quickly and WW seals the deal by snatching away the crimefighter's utility belt as well, taking away her amazing arsenal and leaving her weaponless. What will happen next? Will the Joker come out of hiding? Will the dynamic duo return to save the day and stop heroines fighting other heroines? Tune in... and find out! This clip is for lovers of F/F fighting, including a throttle takedown of WW using just the legs on the windpipe. This clip also has a long 7-minute scene at the end of bondage sleeve restraint (including plenty of in-character talk by WW and an eventual escape) and the clip also has a very sexy unmasking of DarkKnight Damsel by the Joker. This clip also has spankings and corporal punishment, takedowns, legcuff fetish, several debeltings, (pantyhosed) bare foot fetish, magic lasso bondage and interrogation (including an inventive method of escape), Faustaesque defeats of both superheroes, a limp arm check, brief breast groping, stomach punches, vagina punches, various kicks and blows, and plenty of catfighting.

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        • Absa Women's Month Animation


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          We were briefed by BaseTwo Digital Agency to produce a video for Absa Bank for Women's Month. This video was used on digital platforms. The video received over 130 000 views on YouTube during the campaign. Production Company: 10th Street Media Agency: BaseTwo Digital Client: Absa Bank Director: Darren Kerr Animation: Holy Cow

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          • Wonder Woman In The Circus Big Top @ Glastonbury Festival 2014


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            Wonder Woman Hula Hooping!!!

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            • wonder woman sequins art


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              • Princess Blossoms - episode 6: Super Heroine VOD


                from Holly Hopper / Added

                Learn how to make a Super Hero Princess balloon in this video! This princess uses the short hair (Cinderella) technique and we'll learn how to add on a fun headband hairpiece. Don't forget to add the red star on her headband like I did in the video! >_< https://www.facebook.com/twistersisters

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                • Tales To Astonish FMP 294 Video Project


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                  Video project for my portfolio site, Tales To Astonish

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                  • Meet The Lady: Bullets and Bracelets


                    from Meet The Lady / Added

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                    We’ve been invited by NY Comic Con to present a special show as part of New York Super Week. Our contribution? A tribute to Wonder Woman, complete with costume contest and face-smashing DJ set by Accident Report. and the Warm Leatherettes. Enter our costume contest and win a $50 cash prize, plus fragrances from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! Performances by Geoff Klock, Cyndi Freeman, and Ariel Italic. Hosted by Tom Blunt. TICKETS: ticketfly.com/purchase/event/650447 FB EVENT PAGE: facebook.com/events/633824063400321/ meetthelady.com Shorts by Booty & the Geek Buns by Emily

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                    • Fausta Imperative trailer


                      from Shakeshift / Added

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                      When the city is being held hostage for 100 million dollars by the evil FAUSTA, it's up to the League of Amazing Women to jump in and save the day. Unfortunately, they're all in over their heads when they run into a villain who is so vile that they all get defeated by Fausta and wind up as her bondage sex slaves! starring PENNY PLAY as Fausta, JENNIFER BLAZE as Dana Price/Liberty Belle, TILLY MCREESE as Maple Leaf, and MISSEY as Britannia www.clips4sale.com/store/15367

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