1. Yoko Ono Infinite Universe At Dawn HD


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    For all those that Imagine Peace, YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN celebrates Yoko Ono's seminal art and activism across eight decades. 'Seeds of ideas, like pebbles, were raining through my life. Genesis Publications has captured those seeds and presented them to you here, for your observation, selection and experimentation.' - Yoko Ono Yoko Ono is signing every book in her limited edition of just 1,500 copies worldwide. Find out more at www.YokoBook.com

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    • Mistresses


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      • Peace Poems by Sri Chinmoy


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        For this slideshow I chose a selection of short poems on peace by Sri Chinmoy combined with pictures from the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, which is an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon. It is situated on Viðey Island in Reykjavík, Iceland. The Laser beams will be lit again from October 9th to December 8th, starting at around 8 pm local time. Edited by kedarvideo Switzerland

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        • Bed-In


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          • BED DEMON


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            Do you ever feel like you are trapped in bed by a Japanese bed demon? I do. Bed Demon starring Chuck McCarthy Amanda Mancini Simon Bingham writer director editor Chuck McCarthy director of photography Sonny Brown producer Davey Aguilera makeup Christine Nguyen music Kevin Macleod video effects Jennifer Nies special thanks Steve Agee Yoko Ono Ochocinco Cassandra Gonzales Timmy LeRude http://chuckmccarthy.com Original Text: "If I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed, like physically couldn’t leave my bed - was held in by some sort of force field, I would assume that my bed was haunted by some sort of Japanese bed demon. I would know the only person to call, the only person to turn to for help, someone who has dealt with this kind of thing before… Yoko Ono. Yoko would come to my bedside. She would say, "John had this same problem. You have fears. You have regrets." Then she would strip off all her clothes and get into bed with me. As we lay there spooning, I would think out loud, "This is strange. I never thought I would find myself spooning naked with an 80 year old Japanese woman." She would say, "Is that one of your fears?" "No." She would pet my arm with her paper like, her soft crumpled-many-times paper skin fingers. "Then sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow." "What?" We cant go anywhere. I’m trapped in this bed. Remember?" "Shhh…" In the morning she would hand me a dose of acid. "I’ve never done acid." She would purr, "You will do acid if you ever want to get out of bed again." "Why?" "Because it is on of your fears. Losing your mind… If you lose your mind and find it again, you won’t be as scared to lose it again." I would take the acid. "Crawl under the covers with me," Yoko would command me, as she turned her flat, wide, octogenarian butt into my face, and crawled under the covers like a burrowing badger. I would turn and follow her. On and on we would crawl. "We should have fallen off my bed by now." "Weeds grow deep roots." "My fears?" " Yes." I would start to cry in the faint light filtering through my sheets, the moist used air of the under covers world sticking in my throat with each sob. Yoko would turn and say, "I know those tears." "You do?" I would choke out. "Those are the tears of uncertainty." She would hug me. "The only certain thing in the world is uncertainty." We would crawl on until we reached a cavern of my bed sheets. There in the cavern would be Steve Agee. "Steve Agee?" "No," the bed demon would reply," I’m not Steve Agee. I am the Japanese Bed Demon, Waruibeddo." "If you are a Japanese bed demon, why aren’t you Japanese?" I am what all Japanese fear, being a big lazy American that can’t get out of bed, a sitter, a lay about," he would announce with pride. "But Steve Agee does stuff." "Japanese people don’t know that," Yoko would explain. "What do I do now? Fight him?" "No. We cannot fight our fears and regrets. We can only learn to live with them." Suddenly the Japanese Bed Demon would snort, and the images of me laying in bed masturbating, sitting on the couch watching Murder She Wrote, and lazying around drinking beer would fill the cavern. "I do more than just that stuff." "Don’t tell him or me. Tell yourself," Yoko would implore me. "I DO MORE THAN JUST JERK OFF AND WATCH MURDER SHE WROTE!" I would erupt from under the covers gasping for real air. Yoko Ono would slowly get out of bed and put on her stonewashed jean shorts and mesh Ocho Cinco jersey. "You." I would start to get out of bed, but Yoko would stop me. "That’s the wrong side." I would keep going with a laugh, "I’m not worried." "Very good," she would say before giving me a deep, dry, withering kiss. "Was that one of your fears?" "It is now." We would laugh uncomfortably, not because we would be uncomfortable with each other, but because our time together would be over. And that’s why I hope I am never trapped in bed by a hidden force field from a Japanese Bed Demon named Waruibeddo.”

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            • XMAS


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              Or "The Yoko Ono Christmas Special." What you're witnessing is the sound interfering with the video signal. The VHS tape was fed into another VCR and I plugged my turntable into that same VCR. 2013. Found footage.

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              • Yoko Ono | Imagine Peace | Air Capsule | Davis Museum | Museo Guggenheim Bilbao


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                Yoko Ono | Imagine Peace | Air Capsule | Davis Museum | Museo Guggenheim Bilbao http://www.imaginepeace.com http://www.davismuseum.com SEPTEMBER 1 > TO THE FUTURE Yoko Ono, "Air Capsule", 2014, empty plastic capsule from the "Air Dispenser", 1971, Half-a-Wind Show at Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain, 1,3 x 1,1 x 1,1 in VernissageTV - VTV http://vernissage.tv --------- Air Dispensers, 1971 "Air Capsules, 1971/2013. 4 or 5 sweets dispensers were placed in the middle of a large room, for 2 DKKR one could get a small transparent plastic container, empty as it contained only air. I was stunned by the simplicity of the work though it also had several layers of meaning. It’s a joke on our for your convenience society and it tells us that there is no such thing as an empty space." "Air Dispensers features a candy dispenser filled with seemingly empty capsules. Instead these plastic containers are filled with something valuable— air—which, according to the artist, is “the only thing we share.” --------- Davis Lisboa http://www.davislisboa.com

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                • Real Love by John Lennon - and real Love by The Beatles...


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                  Real Love by John Lennon - and real Love by The Beatles...

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                  • The Beatles dia por dia-12 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 1971


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                    12 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 1971 En su departamento de Greenwich Village, John graba varios demos de la canción "Luck of the Iristh". Los procedimientos son grabados en una máquina de video blanco y negro de carrete abierto. Varias versiones de la canción entran a esta grabación de 17 minutos que está adecuadamente titulada "Luck Of The Irish - Un Videotape de John Reilly". La grabación muestra a John comentando cómo deletrear la letra de la canción, mostrando su enojo por las variaciones de la velocidad en la electricidad entre Estados Unidos e Inglaterra y anunciando que él y Yoko invitaron a unos amigos a cenar a las 6. El video, en el cual John se refiere a sí mismo como Sean O'Leaham y a Yoko como la Sra. O'No No, termina con la pareja escuchando la versión final de la canción.Aquí les muestro 4 minutos de esa rara cinta de video.

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                    • Who has seen the wind


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                      The wind is not unlike the tide that turns. You can't really see it, though we may think we can because we are used to seeing it through its effects. And of course we can feel the wind. But we can't see it, try as we might. Even former U.S. President George W. Bush, who had a way with words and declared we could see the tide turn, never publicly claimed he could see the wind. Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon, has an endearing little song that asks, "Who has seen the wind?". Listen to her answer as you watch the video - and tell me that you didn't see the wind. Song: Yoko Ono, Who has seen the wind (1969)

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