1. Robotagger: GML + ABB4400


    from Golan Levin Added 72.5K 493 23

    GML (Graffiti Markup Language) drawings from 000000book.com are converted into DXF via a small Processing utility. Motion paths for a robot arm are developed from these DXF files using Rhino and MasterCam. The ABB IRB-4400 series arm is wielding a 2" Montana Hardcore marker. Developed 11 January 2010 by Golan Levin and Jeremy Ficca in the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory (dFAB). Concept: Evan Roth, F.A.T. Lab Programming & Production: Golan Levin Machining & Motion Planning: Jeremy Ficca Co-produced by the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory, in cooperation with FAT Lab and 000000book.com. For more information please see http://www.flong.com/blog/archives/565.

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    • Industrial Light Painting


      from Jeff Crossman Added 25.7K 73 1

      Industrial Light Painting aims to create high fidelity three-dimensional light paintings of real people. This is done by combining the precision of a computer controlled industrial arm and a RGB LED with a Kinect camera to capture and recreate portraits in depth and color. Light painting is a photographic technique where light is moved in front of a camera taking a long exposure. The result is a streaking effect that resembles a stroke on a canvas. This is usually accomplished using a free moving handheld light source which creates paintings with lots of arcs and random patterns. While some artists can achieve recognizable shapes and figures in their paintings, they usually lack proper proportions and appear more abstract due to the lack of real-time visual feedback while painting. Unlike traditional painting, the lines the artist makes does not persist in the physical space and is only visible using a camera. Recently, arrays of computer controlled LEDs placed on a rigid rod have allowed for highly precise paintings, but only on a single plane. As in a manufacturing environment, an industrial robot replaces the fluid, less precise movements of a human with highly accurate and controlled motions of a machine. The automated motions of the industrial robot solves the problem of lack of visual feedback to the artist while painting in light, by allowing him or her to create the painting virtually within the software used to instruct the robot as well as the light attached to it. More Details At: http://www.jeffcrossman.com/industriallightpainting/ http://www.kevynmc.com/ilp/ How it Works Industrial Light Painting creates full color three-dimensional point clouds in real space using an ABB manufactured IRB 6640 industrial robot. The point clouds are captured and stored using a Processing script and a Microsoft Kinect camera. The stored depth and RGB color values for each point are then fed into Grasshopper and HAL, which are plugins to Rhino, a 3-D modeler. Within Rhino, toolpath commands are created for the industrial robot which instruct the arm how to move to each location in the point cloud. Custom written instructions are also added to make use of the robots built-in low-power digital and analog lines which run to the end of the arm. This allows for precise control of a BlinkM smart LED which is mounted at the end of the arm along with a Teensy microcontroller. Using DSLR cameras set to capture long exposures, the commanded robot movements along with precise control over the LED recreate the colored point clouds of approximately 5,000 points, within about a 25 minute period. About the Creators Jeff Crossman is a master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University studying human-computer interaction. He is a software engineer turned designer who is interested in moving computing out of the confines of a screen and into the physical world. www.jeffcrossman.com Kevyn McPhail is a undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying architecture. He concentrates heavily on fabrication, crafting objects in a variety of mediums pushing the limits of the latest CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, and industrial robots. www.kevynmc.com Special Thanks To Golan Levin for concept development support, equipment, and software. Carnegie Mellon Digital Fabrication Lab for proving access to its industrial robots. Carnegie Mellon Art Fabrication Studio for microcontroller and other electronic components. ThingM for providing BlinkM ultra bright LEDs Additionally the creators would like to thank the following people for their help and support during the making of this project: Mike Jeffers, Tony Zhang, Clara Lee, Feyisope Quadri, Chris Ball, Samuel Sanders, Lauren Krupsaw

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      • Dolwin beta arrival Haugesund


        from Aibel AS Added 18.5K 3 0

        The first wind platform that Aibel is building has been named Dolwin beta. The platform is a collaboration project between Aibel and ABB. DolWin beta is built for a large wind farm cluster in the German sector of the North Sea. It will receive alternating current from wind farms, and convert it into direct current before sending it onshore via subsea cables. The platform is the size of a football field. It is 70 metres tall, 74 metres wide and 99 metres long.

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        • roboScan


          from Shawn Sims Added 14.7K 50 0

          roboScan is a 3D modeler + scanner that uses a Kinect mounted on a ABB4400 robot arm. Motion planning and RAPID code are produced in Robot Studio and Robot Master. This code sends movement commands and positions to the robot as well as the 3D position of the camera. C++ and openFrameworks are used to plot the depth data of Kinect in digital 3D space to produce an accurate model of the environment. This work was done by Shawn Sims and Karl Willis as the first project of the research group Interactive Robotic Fabrication at Carnegie Mellon University. This project was also presented in Golan Levin's sp2011 course Interactive Art + Computational Design. The facilities of the Digital Fabrication Lab in the School of Architecture were used in the making of this project. Shawn Sims http://sy-lab.net/ Karl Willis http://www.darcy.co.nz/ CMU-dFab http://cmu-dfab.org/ CoDe Lab http://code.arc.cmu.edu/ see more projects from CMU IACD http://golancourses.net/2011spring/projects/project-3-interaction/

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          • ReVuln - SCADA 0-day vulnerabilities


            from ReVuln Added 7,916 7 0

            A showcase of some SCADA 0-day exploits owned by ReVuln. The 0-day vulnerabilities are all server-side and remotely exploitable. This video shows issues affecting the following vendors: General Electric, Schneider Electric, Kaskad, ABB/Rockwell, Eaton, Siemens. Please note that many other 0-day vulnerabilities owned by ReVuln affecting other well known SCADA/HMI vendors have been not included in this video. ( http://twitter.com/revuln - http://revuln.com )

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            • MESO: BMW xDrive


              from MESO Digital Interiors Added 6,483 153 4

              The idea of this Robotic Exhibit is to create a realistic impression of a high dynamic drive on the display to explain BMW’s xDrive Technology. The MESO Team: Sebastian Oschatz, David Brüll, Katharina Mayrhofer, Jens Anschütz, Nikos Mechanezidis, Friedrich Söllner http://www.meso.net/BMW-xDrive (c) 2011 by MESO Digital Interiors GmbH

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              • ABB - Wind Economy


                from Nebula Studios Added 5,633 362 21

                A clean, elegant way to show ABB's ability to make every megawatt count. Creative Director: Boyd Benkenstein Art Director: Thorsten Beham Production: HOMEMBALA and Nebula Studios Music and Sound design: Ergonoise www.nebula-studios.com

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                • La crèche animée de Bressuire


                  from enbocage TV Added 4,794 0 1

                  La Crèche animée de Bressuire, née du génie d'un homme, l'abbé Rochard, il y a 50 ans, a réouvert ses portes en 2007 après 3 années de restauration et l'implication d'une soixantaine de bénévoles. C'est une véritable fresque animée d'un village de Palestine d'il y a 2000 ans. 120 personnages s'animent et toutes les scènes s'enchaînent dans une synchronisation parfaite de son et lumière. Un rendez-vous incontournable en cette fin d'année.

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                  • ABB Galindo "Cierre por pelotas"


                    from Zenonloco Added 4,366 69 1

                    Los trabajadores de ABB Galindo protestan contra un ERE injusto, impuesto unilateralmente por la dirección de la empresa. La planta de galindo ha batido records de beneficios los ultimos 3 años con mas de 30 millones de euros. La dirección decide que no es suficiente y quiere despedir a 160 trabajadores para llevarse la producción a Turquia,dejando a estos como su madre les trajo al mundo, EN PELOTAS. Video realizado integramente por los trabajadores de ABB Galindo. ******** Galindo ABB workers protesting unfair redundancy plan, unilaterally imposed by management of the company. Galindo plant has broken record profits the last 3 years with over 30 million euros. The management decides it is not enough and wants to lay off 160 workers to take the production to Turkey, leaving these as their mother brought them into the world naked. Video made​entirely by employees of ABB Galindo.

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                    • ABB Shore to Ship Rotterdam 3D Anaglyph


                      from wemakebrands Added 3,578 10 0

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