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    • Sony FS7 - Abel Cine Scene File Tests


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      Yes, more daffodils and the garden devastated by prolonged winter storms form the backdrop to this series of short test shots on the Sony FS7. I'm about to shoot a six part series for broadcast in Scotland over the next six months and a nice look straight from the camera is required. I downloaded some scene files from Abel Cine http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/02/12/new-sony-fs7-scene-files-from-abelcine/ I quite like the AB-HIGHTSAT settings. These shots are using that scene file straight from the camera, no grading or colour correction has been used. A few notes on the conditions. I was keen to try out the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 L MKII lens on the Speedbooster ULTRA adaptor and the day was very gloomy with misty drizzling rain. I wanted to see how the colours and contrast looked in such flat miserable conditions. The shots are quite random and I wanted a lot of subject detail with edges to see how natural they can look on the recordings. I chose lots bare bushes and the post winter remnants of the devastated garden with the newly emerging Spring daffodils. The image looks quite representative of the real scene and the saturation is slightly stronger than reality but not too much. I really need to do some people shots soon!

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      • At the Bench: Canon Cine-Servo 17-120 Multiple Camera Configurations


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        Canon's Cine-Servo 17-120, with its versatile zoom range and 31.7mm image circle, has proven to be popular with our clients. However, depending on what camera you are shooting with, there will be some extra things to take into consideration, such as adapters, power options, support, and more. In my video above, I will do a rundown of how to mount the lens on various cameras, including the Sony FS7 and F55, Canon C500, and Arri AMIRA. Since the 17-120 is a great option for those wanting a familiar ENG design when combined with a Super35 body, hopefully this will make things a bit easier when using the lens on the camera of your choice. To read more visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/03/26/at-the-bench-canon-cine-servo-17-120-multiple-camera-configurations/

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        • At the Bench: Gates Underwater DEEP DRAGON Housing


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          AbelCine is excited to be Gates Underwater's first Proud Partner Dealership, meaning we are authorized to offer sales and rental of Gates Underwater equipment to our clients. In this blog, I want to introduce the basics of Gates housings and the factors involved in underwater photography. I am specifically concentrating on their DEEP DRAGON housing, which can accommodate the RED Epic, Scarlet, or Dragon. I'll cover basic build concepts, take the housing into the water, and then discuss wrapping out from a dive. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/03/26/at-the-bench-gates-underwater-deep-dragon-housing/

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          • At the Bench: Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000


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            A few months ago, Canon introduced their new CN20x50 IAS lens, which features an impressive focal range of 50mm-1000mm at T5.0 to T8.9. A Super 35mm lens with this focal length and zoom ratio is very rare, but it certainly has many applications in sports and nature documentary situations. The lens is 4K-ready, with an image circle of 31.4mm, and is available in either a PL or EF mount. It also features a 1.5x multiplier for additional reach of 75mm-1500mm. As a member of the Cine-Servo family, the 50-1000mm also supports the same communication protocols – Cooke /i Technology is included with the PL model and Canon EOS with the EF model. The servo unit can also work with traditional Canon zoom and focus control systems. I got a chance to check out this lens the other day and took it outside of our shop to get an idea of what it can do. Check out the video above to learn more and see the impressive zoom range for yourself. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/03/12/at-the-bench-canon-cine-servo-50-1000/

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            • A Day in the Life of Monica Stevenson


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              Monica talks to the camera! Richard Patterson, and his company Four Bent Corners, collaborated with Monica on this interview piece. It was shot and edited by Richard; Thomas Ignatius was the PA; Cindy Adams did hair and MU. The intent of the piece is to give viewers a taste Monica's easy going and collaborative nature. Today, pretty pictures alone do not sell a photographer. It is Monica's refined customer service, her tireless work ethic, and her ability to solve any problem thrown her way that make working with her such a pleasant and fruitful experience. Hear her thoughts and musings on high speed photography, luxury brands, client relations...oh, and did we say horses?

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              • Service Tip: How to Clean Your Sensor


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                Dust and debris on your sensor can be a real problem when shooting with a closed down iris, particularly in bright environments, like a snowy exterior scene, or when shooting tabletop elements. Dust often shows up as soft dark spots in the image. In the video above, I show you one simple way to clear your image of dust, debris and smudges. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/02/24/service-tips-how-to-clean-a-dirty-sensor/

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                • At the Bench: mLogic mTape LTO-6 System


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                  Data archiving is not something most of us want to think about, but it’s a reality that all filmmakers have to face today. The demand for lower compression and higher resolution material is increasing, meaning that we all eat through hard drives much faster. On the bright side, archiving is getting easier and more affordable all the time. The LTO tape format has become the standard of data archiving in our business, and the new LTFS (Linear Tape File System) makes it easy to use. One downside of an LTO deck setup is that they are usually tied to a full computer workstation. That’s where mLogic’s mTape comes in. The mTape is a portable Thunderbolt-based LTO system that can easily be mounted to any laptop or desktop (with a Thunderbolt or SAS interface). It comes with free software for mounting your LTO tape directly to your computer, enabling quick archiving of any material. With this system, you could easily walk away from many shoots with a backed up and secure archive of your material. Watch my video above to learn more about the mLogic mTape. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/02/12/at-the-bench-mlogic-mtape-lto-6-system/

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                  • At the Bench: Canon C100 Mark II


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                    Back in October, Canon announced the C100 Mark II, the successor to the original C100. While keeping the same Super 35 sensor as the C100, the new model offers a number of welcome upgrades to image quality and functionality. We're now starting to see the first few shipments of the Mark II, so in the video above, I spend some time exploring these updates. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/01/29/at-the-bench-canon-c100-mark-ii/

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                    • At the Bench: Sony Optical Disc Archive System


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                      Sony is known for their reliable and proven Optical Disc technology. Many of us have countless numbers of their XDCAM discs on our shelves serving as an archive, just like we used to do with tape stock. Sony has recognized the need to archive material in a larger format with the same reliability (up to 50 years based on testing), so they built an Optical Disc Cartridge, which combines 12 discs into one container, sort of like a car CD changer. Cartridges come in sizes up to 1.5 TB, in either write-one or re-writable formats. Using a Sony Optical Disc Archive Drive – like the ODS-D77U – you can mount these cartridges to your computer, much like a hard drive. This makes for a simple and effective on-set archiving solution. The ODA system is highly scalable too; combining their ODS Library units, the system can form what Sony calls a ‘PetaSite,’ which can store hundreds of terabytes of information. Check out the video above to learn more about Sony’s Optical Storage Archiving system. To read the full post, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2015/01/29/at-the-bench-sony-optical-disc-archive-system/

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