1. Genesis, Re-Thinking Dominion


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    Often western faith based perspectives are seen as antithetical to nature and ecology. How can that be rethought of by removing an anthropocentric view of the environmental movement - especially within faith communities? Episcopal Dialogues II | Elemental Theology

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    • Defeat of the Champion


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      Defeat of the Champion (25 minutes/2011/UK/Dir: Ken Fero & Tariq Mehmood/Migrant Media) In Birmingham in 2010 the police covertly erected 200 CCTV cameras for ‘Project Champion’ – an anti-terrorist initiative targeting Muslims - which incensed members of the communities it was ring fencing. This documentary is the story of how Project Champion was successfully opposed by community and civil rights activists. Reaction to the film: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-15087164 http://www.itv.com/central-west/human-rights-film12199/

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      • W2TV Vault: Rita Wong and Wayson Choy


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        From Saltwater City Television (April 2004) One of my favourite pieces because it was impromptu segment. Can't recall why we were at the longhouse at UBC. I asked Rita if she would ask Wayon for an interview. Rita said yes, Wayson said yes and this is what we came up with. Quite a remarkable conversation really, two writers addressing racism, sex and activism. Also can't recall gear but I was using a cable broadcast quality format as this broadcast on Shaw.

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        • Gerze Direniş Halk Korosu


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          Yeşil Gerze Platformunun, Gerzelilerin, Yaykıl köylülerinin Anadolu Grubu'nun inşa etmeye çalıştığı termik santralin inşaatına karşı gerçekleştirdikleri ve hala sürdürdükleri mücadelenin şarkısı.

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          • Mariana Cerovečki - Performans: biste li jeli psa ili dijete? | Would you eat a dog or a child?


            from Stop specizmu | Stop speciesism / Added

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            Iako ljudi nerado o tome razmišljaju, činjenica jest da je meso tijelo nekoga tko je htio živjeti i tek kada se stavimo u njihovu poziciju, možemo shvatiti kolika se nepravda svakim danom dešava nad životinjama. Ovim performansom aktivisti žele ukazati na činjenicu da nema moralne razlike između jedenja i iskorištavanja jednih životinja, a prijateljstva i poštovanja prema drugima. Sve životinje imaju jednako pravo na život, a konzumacija različitih vrsta jest stvar kulturološke razlike, a ne moralne, jer jesti, odnosno iskorištavati bilo koje svjesno i živo biće nije moralno i nema opravdanja. Ovo je ujedno i prva akcija u Hrvatskoj kojom se želi ukazati na diskriminaciju na osnovi vrste - specizam. Poruka Udruge Stop specizmu jest da ljudi preispitaju svoju savjest i razmisle zašto jedne životinje maze, a druge jedu? www.stop-specizmu.org - Croatian non-profit organisation Stop Speciesism announces an action against speciesism on Saturday, 01/28/2012 at the ban Jelačić square. The action will start at noon. With an art installation, the organisation wants to point out that there is no moral difference between eating some animals, while considering others as "pets" or friends. The organisation will set up a dining table with three plates, and on each one, different body parts of different animals will be displayed. Although people don't like to think about it, the fact is that meat is the body of someone who wanted to live. All animals have the same right to live, and the consumption of different species is just a matter of cultural differences, not moral, because eating or exploiting any conscious and living being is not moral and it has no excuse. This is also the first action in Croatia whose goal is to inform the public about speciesism and ways they can help to end it - first by being vegan. The message of Stop speciesism is to make people think: which animals do they pet, and which do they eat - why?

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            • Occupy Oakland Move-In Day (1/28/12)


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              Youtube Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPmuRagtAls Occupy Oakland attempted to reclaim an abandoned building to use as a social center and headquarters. A number of buildings were chosen but were not to be decided upon until the actual march, depending on protest size and police presence. After nearly being trapped in Laney College, the Occupy protestors successfully outflanked the police and attempted to take the Kaiser Convention Center. The Move-In however was met with violent police force. More info: www.occupyoaklandmoveinday.org www.occupyoakland.org

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              • #J28 OPD Kettles Occupy Oakland #2


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                • #J28 OPD Kettles Occupy Oakland #1


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                  • Adeela - A Film Combating Islamophobia


                    from Nicholas Ybarra / Added

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                    We are currently trying to raise funds for our short film, "Adeela." You can donate to the film at: http://adeelathemovie.com/Adeela_The_Movie/Donate.html The money that you donate will go to a multitude of necessities for pre-production, production and post-production. Equipment rentals, food, cast and crew, locations, permits, and props are just a few expenses that are needed to produce this short film. On top of that, we hope to send "ADEELA" to as many film festivals as possible, so submission fees, disc printing and mailing are also included in the budget. We feel that this film needs to be seen by as many people as possible, if we are able to exceed our goals, there will be a greater chance of us getting this film out to a wider audience. In return for your contribution, you will be rewarded with gifts that can be viewed on the link above.

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                    • International Animal Rights Day 2011 (Spain)


                      from IgualdadAnimal | AnimalEquality / Added

                      10 DECEMBER 2011, Puerta del Sol, MADRID 400 ACTIVISTS GATHER FOR INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RIGHTS DAY On 10 December 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to prevent World War II and the concentration camp horrors being repeated. Only by recognising every human's fundamental rights without concession, could there be any chance of an end to similar tragedies. Thus, the United Nations declared that respect and dignity for human beings are “the foundations for freedom, justice and peace in the world”. In 1970, 22 years after the Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, and more than three decades ago, the term speciesism was coined for the discrimination of sentient beings because of the species they belong to. Like racism and sexism, speciesism has no justification. However, we continue to live in a speciesist society; in every country in the world, other animals are considered property and their interests have no value. The value of their entire lives is dependent only by their market price. We have gathered here today to show society the consequences of speciesism. Each and every one of these dead bodies was once an animal like us all. These animals just wanted to live their lives. But speciesism didn't allow it. The discrimination they suffered because they weren't born human didn't allow it. We are here today in deep sorrow for all of them, for all the animals waiting for their turn inside slaughterhouses, for all animals in laboratories, for all who are in circuses and zoos, for animals that die in the bullrings, and for those who suffocate in the fishing nets … But today we are also hopeful. The hope is to see how more and more people become aware that there is no need to live off the lives of other animals. That there is an alternative. That the animal rights movement is a movement not only legitimate but necessary if we want to live in peace with others on this planet. Our hope grows as we see more and more people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, and how more and more people decide, as all have here today, to become animal rights activists. In this year, 2011, our movement - the animal rights movement - very young in Spain, has suffered the largest attack in its history. Twelve activists were arrested on 22 June in an attempt to criminalise events like today's. These activists are awaiting trial, and they want to send a message to all of you who are standing here today: "Have no fear. Don't allow our unjust arrests make you doubt or fear. You are part of the most altruistic social struggle in history. You are the seed for a better world. You are the hope, the only hope for millions of animals. Please don't be afraid. Raise your head up proud and say: I am part of the animal rights movement”. For all of them. For the animals. For a better world towards veganism and the end of speciesism. You can make a difference, and be part of the change: www.chooseveganism.org

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