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    Enter Here: http://www.vintagelensesforvideo.com/proskar-16-giveaway/ I have over 100 (and growing) vintage lenses to test & reviews, so make sure to follow VLFV for latest updates & many more vintage lens tests, review & comparisons! Twitter: http://twitter.com/VintageLenses Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VintageLensesForVideo Instagram: http://instagram.com/vintagelensesforvideo Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/alanbesedin Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/alanbesedin Website: http://www.vintagelensesforvideo.com/ Tumblr: http://vintagelensesforvideo.tumblr.com/

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    • AG-7200 (AG-LA7200) True Anamorphic Lens Adapter Tutorial on DSLRs using 5d mark II


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      Attaching this adapter to a DSLR is a relatively simple process, but I still am getting TONS of questions on how to do it. So hopefully this video will demystify things. The only real spec. you need to keep in mind is the AG-7200 has rear filter threads of 72MM. The rest is pretty much illustrated in the video. Also keep in mind this video doesn't really go into things like image quality or edge sharpness, and or how to maximize the quality out of the adapter... it's simply how you go about using/attaching it. The comparison at the end was just of fun little test really. I might make a second video though that talks about anamorphic focus and depth of field with more side by side tests if people want to know more about that in the future. (Lens used to film the tutorial was the 35mm Flektogon f2.4) For more anamorphic videos see my links on the side bar. --------------------------------------------- To see our feature film shot on the DVX100b go to: http://slimedthemovie.com/dvd.php Or watch the full feature on vimeo HERE: http://vimeo.com/9174900

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      • 11 Minutes


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        Filmmaker uses own suicide note as script for workplace shooting short film. The story: A shooter goes on a rampage, but is it real or just in his head? The challenge: What if instead of using a script - you used something more personal to set the tone and to help move along the story of your next project? https://www.facebook.com/TomBotchii http://instagram.com/tombotchii https://twitter.com/botchii Cast: Rafael Siegel, Big Ugly, Kevin Gill, Elizabeth Ferreira Director: Tom Botchii DP: Martin Moody AC: Josh Vandermeer Camera Op/SteadiCam: Daniel Schade Colorist: Jonny McPheeters Music: La_ndo Producers: Tom Botchii, Nick Leisure, Martin Moody Editor: Tom Botchii Visual Effects: John Blake Production Coordinator: Samantha MacLeod Gaffer & Key Grip: Hugh Gaskill Production Assistant: Mason White Special Thanks: Christine Rengasmy, Cesar Calderon, Pancake Circus & Martin Moody Shot on Red Epic with Lomo anamorphic lenses.

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        • Lost in Hong Kong (7D + Hypergonar anamorphic)


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          A short anamorphic piece on being lost in Hong Kong. And yes, those t-shirts are real. VISIT HONG KONG! www.discoverhongkong.com Gear: Canon 7D x Lomo 75/2.8, Carl Zeiss Biotar 58/2 + Hypergonar HiFi 2 anamorphic lens Music: "Time" by Hans Zimmer More info + pics about the Hi Fi 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edwinylee/sets/72157625790618742/

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          • From `burg to `burg - Iscorama 36 lens test


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            DP: John Carl Shot in Lynchburg, VA and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We recently purchased an Iscorama 36 MC anamorphic lens and it has quickly become our favorite lens. We're finding the look of anamorphic to be a refreshing change from the "Canon L glass look". The bokeh stretches differently. The light flares differently. The lens vignettes a bit. The focus is softer. And of course the 2.66:1 aspect ratio looks more cinematic than the usual 16:9, quite different than just adding black bars to regular 16:9 footage. It also has the added benefit of making whatever lens you're shooting with have a slightly wider focal length. This is especially nice for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera since it helps counteract the absurd 2.3x crop factor. We paired a variety of "taking" lenses with the Iscorama to see what looks and speeds were possible. Each had its own quirks. We were interested in letting the image be imperfect to see what "soul" could be found... Camera: 75% Canon 5D Mark III (more towards the beginning) 25% Blackmagic Cinema Camera (more towards the end) Lenses: Vivitar 28mm 2.5 M42 mount + Iscorama 36mc 1.5x Iscorama 50mm 2.8 M42 mount + Iscorama 36mc 1.5x Canon 85 mm 1.2L + Iscorama 36mc 1.5x Adapters: Genus 77mm variable ND filter Polaroid 72mm Close-Up +1 filter (only on a few tighter shots toward the end.) Graded in Premiere with Colorista II and the built in Adobe curves tool. This is obviously not a scientific lens test. We just wanted to see what the lens "felt" like and found lots of excuses to point it at the sun. I would not recommend indulging in this many sun-flares for an actual film but for a lens test it was just fun. :) What do you think of the look?

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            • Shivering Lights


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              This is a low light test of the Moller Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1.5x on the Canon EOS 550d. Shot in London, December 2010. Lenses used: Helios 55-4 58mm f2.0 and Super Takumar 50mm f 1.4 Shot mostly wide open and at high ISOs (800 or higher). The opening candlelight shots were at ISO 3200. Noise reduction with Neat Video. Music: False Flags by Massive Attack. Overall I really like these tiny anamorphic lenses! Let me know what you think.

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              • Anamorphic Shootout


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                Anamorphic lenses are a miracle of physics. The way they bend light, the oblong bokeh, the long horizontal flares, and the organic look put the viewer in a cinematic mood. This clip is about a non scientific comparison of various anamorphic lenses. Everything is shot on a Canon 550d/t2i with a Meyer Primoplan 58mm f1.9 lens wide open. Not the sharpest available option I reckon, but I like the glow and flare this lens has wide open; stopped down it gets razor sharp. You can see its' image quality wide open in the opening shot of the clip (which is just cropped). I have chosen this lens because the Iscorama fits directly onto the filter thread. No need for spacers, clamps or other fixes to fit. I try to explore herewith the characteristics of some rare anamorphic gems. - The Iscorama: No need to say much. It is the holy grail of anamorphics! Organic look, ease of use (just focus with the Isco, prime lens set to infinity), possible to rack focus, sharp from wide open, epic orange flares, possible to use on full frame cameras, but needs diopters to focus closer than 2m (7ft). Interestingly, it appears to allow in more light at the same camera and lens settings compared to other lenses. Back thread is 49mm (but is protruding), works from 35mm on APS-C sensors, or from 50mm on full frame. - The Bolex Moller anamorphot 19/8/1.5x: I love this lens, it is small, sharp at all apertures, focuses down to 0.5m (2ft) without diopters, stunning deep blue flares. On the negative side, you have to focus both your regular lens and the anamorphot, and it is not useable on full frame cameras. Back thread is 24mm, works from 58mm on APS-C sensors. - The Proskar anamorphic-8 1.5x: A very rare lens. Little bigger than the Bolex Moller, but image-wise very similar to it. All of the above hold, except that the minimum focus distance is around 1.3m (5ft). Back thread is 26mm, works from 58mm on APS-C sensors. - The Iscomorphot 8 1.5x: A miniature Iscorama for crop sensor cameras! Set the prime lens to infinity and rack focus with the anamorphot (apparently only Isco Gottingen has got the recipe). Epic blue flares, organic look, goes down to 0.5m (2ft) for close ups without diopters. This test does not illustrate the full potential of the lens, as it is a bit dreamy wide open (which I like). Stopped down it gets very sharp. Back thread is 24mm, works from 58mm on APS-C sensors. - The Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H 2x (also known as 8-Z, or Kowa for Bell & Howell): Next best thing to an Iscorama on full frame. Sharp from edge to edge, minimum barrel distortion, wide, nice flares, focuses down to 1.5m (5ft) without diopters, did I say wide? You have to focus both your regular lens and the anamorphic. Back thread is 50mm, works from 50mm on full frame. (Note: it appears that I have slightly misaligned it in my test) Looking for the perfect anamorphic lens? Well, there is not one! Maybe the Iscorama is as close as it gets to "perfection", but the tiny regular-8 1.5x anamorphots appear to be very close contenders for crop sensor cameras, like the Canon APS-C DSLRs (7d, 550d, 60d etc.), or the Panasonic micro four thirds cameras (GH1, GH2 and AF100). Of course, if you are on full frame and don't want to crop, the options are a bit more restricted. Enjoy! P.S: Haven't tested a Lomo lens because I don't have one, and haven't included the Panasonic LA7200 1.33x because it is no more available to me (anyway nowhere as sharp as the Iscos at this aperture). Music: "acoustic" by delmo (http://ccmixter.org/files/delmo/21752) is licenced under creative Commons Licence

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                • Introducing RH-1 Anamorphic Lens for Canon DSLR


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                  We are extremely excited to introduce the new RH-1 Series lens for Canon DSLRs, compatible with the new 5D Mark iii, 5D Mark ii, 7D and others. The RH-1 provides an ultra wide field of view, with no distortion, that's nearly double that of other ultra wide lenses currently on the market. The RH-1 f/2.4 is housed in a break resistant polymer composite. There will be a lot more details about the lens, the U.S. release date and pricing at this year's NAB show in Las Vegas. Although an official price has not been confirmed, We are happy to announce that we'll be retailing the RH-1 Lens for a price less than $600.

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                  • ANGUISH (7D x Rathenower anamorphic)


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                    Alan drops in on his pasty financial advisor and receives some shocking news. Starring Alan Wai and Seamus Walsh Canon 7D with KMZ 75/2.8 and Pentax Takumar 50/1.4 using a 'Rathenower Rectimascop 48/2x' anamorphic lens with various close-up filters. I bought the Rathenower on a whim - the owner claiming it was sharper than Isco's. Well, it's very sharp under the right circumstances. The German company was apparently affiliated with Carl Zeiss and Isco Gottingen. It's a 35mm lens so the size is pretty big, almost as big as the Hypergonar Hi Fi 2 but lighter. But one advantage I find over smaller 16mm lenses is that their larger counterparts are cheaper and flare much better. I'm guessing for the simple reason is that there's 'more glass'. Music tracks: Theme from 'A Better Tomorrow' 'Hand Covers Bruise' by Trent Reznor

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                    • Canon 7D + Iscorama 54


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                      Just like any good filmmaker knows, you should always put crappy over-dramatic music to your test footage. These are shots from my first time out with the Iscorama 54. What did I learn? PAN SLOWLY, BRENNAN! Slow pans look way better. Also, I neeeeeeed a diopter. Some of those closer shots would be way clearer with one.

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