1. Magnolia Pearl "Transition" Beautiful Wear 2013


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    Magnolia Pearl "Transition" Beautiful Wear 2013

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      El campamento pacífico protestaba por las duras condiciones de vida bajo la ocupación marroquí y a favor de la autodeterminación del pueblo saharaui. Este documental nos muestra como el ejército marroquí lo disolvió por la fuerza.

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      • Remembering Rosewood - Digital Storytelling Video


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        Remembering Rosewood is a short video (25 min) providing basic background about the 1923 race riot which destroyed this north Florida town. The video is formatted and organized to supplement the Remembering Rosewood bus tours. The content centers on providing a historical perspective on the development of Rosewood as a community, and therefore is less concerned with the actual riot itself. Historical and anthropological research combines with computer mapping and 3D modeling to bring this story to life in a new way. This aspect of the video corresponds with my PhD on the topic. You can learn more about this by visiting The Virtual Rosewood Research Site at www.virtualrosewood.com.

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          **BLOG POST http://www.asworldsdivide.com/archives/1661 www.facebook.com/asworldsdivide Although I did, rather prudently I thought, opt against carting the weight of a video camera and array of thought-to-be essential accessories back to the islands for the recent baseline survey activity; I did in fact manage – utilizing the advanced capabilities of the modern-day still – to capture a few moments during a ceremony given for the death of an elder (Panogru), which, as this story goes, I happen to feel are worth sharing. You see, approximately three or so months after a death, as way of tradition, Sikerei (Shaman), who – among other things – possess an ability to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors, the land (sanitu sibara ka leleu), the sky (… manua), the ocean/rivers (… koat), and all things natural within, will gather the clan together in an Uma (clan longhouse). Where, after ensuring all items of relevant belongings (required to satisfy the eye of the spirits) are present and suitable offerings (plant, animal, and various personal) prepared, the Sikerei – through song, dance, music, and various passages of verbal scripture – will summon the spirits to join them in cleansing the body of the deceased and of course the Uma itself, where its spirit has since been present. Finally, after three or four days of ceremonial ritual, the spirit is then released from the Uma and, together with the other spirits, able to move on to its place in the forest, sky, etc. An event that also concludes the grieving (termed ‘crying’) period. Whilst the length of this period does vary, a white cloth material worn around the neck, or, for those closest (widows), above the head (Bukuet), clearly identifies those who are immersed. However I should note that – depending on the sex and age of the deceased – this insignia does have slight variations i.e. a blue cloth signifies the mourning of a child. In brief, the Mentawai ceremonies, which are many (marriage, death, new born, new uma, new canoe, new kerei, illness, successful hunts, broken taboos, and so on), are in place primarily to appease the spirits – the Mentawai deities; ensuring that, as with any given member of the clan, they are to remain happy and at peace at all times, thus avoiding the probability of future illness or, in extreme cases, death. Whilst obeying cultural taboo is, of course, first and foremost in achieving this – including the requisite of them sharing all food equally, it’s also required that, after a lengthy ritual justifying the need and importance for doing so, pig and/or chicken be sacrificed during ceremony. Which, together with items gifted to a particular (spiritual) space within the Uma (Bakakat saila), are among the important offerings gestured to please the spirits. Quite interestingly, during these traditional ceremonies, which can span anywhere from one day (minor healing) to over an entire month (Sikerei inaugurations), it’s not uncommon to see the spirits enter the body of those partaking, evoking a possessed like state (Gobok) – as seen in the clip below. In conclusion, though, I’d like to mention that, despite what may be perceived for some as seemingly unconventional practice, this system of cultural belief (Arat Sabulungan), implemented by the forefathers of Mentawai and maintained over thousands of years, fundamentally, seeks to achieve a purpose no different to that of the many other variations established throughout time. Which, quite simply, is to ensure that, by sustaining a peaceful balance between the people and their natural environment, the safety and protection for their health and well-being will always remain… a system which, noted by their current and continued existence as such today, may hold some merit.

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          • Putting Heads Together


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            Properly piecing together a rare early human skull (12,000-15,000 years old!) is a difficult task, but Robert Martin and JP Brown are pioneering the usage of medical technologies to give us a better picture of what Magdalenian Woman really looked like. Although previously referred to as "Magdalenian Girl," Field Museum Curator of Biological Anthropology, Dr. Robert Martin, has established that this specimen was likely an adult woman. Found in a cave in France in 1911, many myths and legends have been built around the story of Magdalenian Woman. One thing we do know for sure is that in 1926, Henry Field purchased the skeleton in New York City, packed it in his suitcase and returned to Chicago on a train. Since then the Field Museum has continued to learn new things about Magdalenian Woman, human culture and the world in which we live. To learn more about Magdalenian Woman, visit her at the Field Museum's currrent exhibit, "Scenes from The Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux."

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            • Magnolia Pearl - Spring 2013 "Beautiful Wear"


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              Magnolia Pearl - Spring 2013 "Beautiful Wear" www.magnoliapearl.com Music By : The Wailin' Jennys

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              • A Baul The Baul Official Trailer 2013


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                This documentary, A Baul The Baul, unfolds polygonal aspects of the mysterious and mystic life of this religio-cultural sect deeply rooted in Bengal. The phenomenon of ever-increasing popularity of the Baul music and its influence on modern music are unplugged and demystified here. This film deals with their worldview, their music and their interaction with contemporary society. Various practitioners of the Baul music and philosophy like Gour Khyapa, Purna Das Baul, Kanai Das Baul, Brahmakhyapa (an urban Baul music band) and others uphold their understanding on this issue. Moreover, dynamics of the relation between the music and the philosophy in Baul life are discussed. Views and interviews of social scientist like Jane Rowan, research worker like Shaktinath Jha, linguist like Pabitra Sarkar, member of a Bengali rock band (Cactus) like Siddhartha Sankar Ray (or Sidhu), organizers of music festivals, and concerned people across the society have been presented in a way which induces questions and answers on various myths attached to this sect. To conclude, this is a trustworthy documentation to enter inside the enigmatic world of Bauls and their music. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2772764/

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                • Smile Because it Happened


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                  Ten university students move into Meadowlark Hills, a retirement community that CBS News calls 'a new kind of nursing home.' Unlike traditional nursing homes built on the model of the hospital, Meadowlark is built on the model of community, complete with a 'downtown' central hallway that features a bar, theater, cafe, restaurant, and salon. Meadowlark is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and they gave the students a room in the Independent Living portion of the campus to live in for one semester. This is their story. For more information, go to http://mediatedcultures.net/

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                  • Seabed Prehistory


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                    Archaeologists have created a 3D visualisation of a whole prehistoric landscape now submerged 20 metres under the English Channel, and 8 miles off the West Sussex coast. This is how we believe it may have looked over 8000 years ago, based upon environmental and geophysical surveys; an estuary populated by families living from the river, sea and land; a river surrounded by salt marsh and forest. Find out more about the project at http://www.wessexarch.co.uk/projects/marine/alsf/seabed_prehistory/index.html

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                    • Gilded Lady, the Mummy.


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                      Using state of the art technology, Anthropologists from The Field Museum had the opportunity to examine Egyptian mummies for the first time. Check out the amazing images that can be produced with a medical CT scanner. These mummies have been part of the Museum collections for many years and thanks to proper conservation methods, researchers are now able to work with them without causing any damage.

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