1. 016


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    016 confronts the sculptural properties of concrete with the interaction posibilities of digital media. It consists of twelve concrete rings; each of them embeds twenty four LEDs that allow interactivity with the spectator, admitting state changes through an analogic-digital microcontroller ARDUINO and a web interface sustained by PROCESSING and PHP. Exhibited at LARVA - Laboratorio Artes Variadas, MOD 2012. Guadalajara, JAL., Mexico. In collaboration with Uriel Nájera, Juan Pablo Montoya, Hugo Ramírez, Carlos Garza y Emilio Ávila. Mexico, 2012. Alejandro Santamaría. © México, 2012. Todos los derechos reservados. http://www.agsantamaria.com/cc/016

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    • ファミコンハンガー


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      • 오픈 아키텍처 워크샵 #1 - 인터렉티브 디자인


        from ABIM Added 355 2 0

        Open Architecture Workshop #1 - Interactive Design 강연 및 워크샵 설명회 발표자: 강태욱 박사 (한국건설기술연구원 수석연구원) Date: 2014.01.16 http://openarchitecture.kr

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        • 12032010 ///


          from Jorge Uriel Nájera Added 727 10 2

          12032010 ---full version--- Jorge Uriel Nájera: Concept Circuit Design Light Programming Video Editing Diego Flores: Concept Architectonic Layout Carlos Murguía: Concept Camera: Víctor Garay David de Alba Live Music: .RR (Arturo Ortega) MATA (León Barragán) Jorge Uriel Nájera Carlos Murguía Esteban de la Monja

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          • レキオン -轢音- 


            from katsuki nogami Added 843 19 0

            レキオン-轢音-  レキオンとは首や指などのゴキッ、や、ボキッ、のようないわゆる関節内轢音です。出力はパラメトリックスピーカー(超音波スピーカー)超指向性により10mm程度の範囲でしか音は聞こえません。そのスピーカーを、パフォーマーの顔と動きが同期したロボットにとりつけて演奏します。観客は直接自分の耳に私の関節音が聞ける体験ができます。二部構成で、後半では通常のスピーカーを用いてライブします。 Rekion is Japanese word as crepitation. crepitation is a so-called inner crack sound such as a neck or the finger. As for the output, the sound is audible by parametric speaker (supersonic wave speaker) super directivity only in a range of around 10mm. I attach the speaker to the robot that movement synchronized with the face of the performer and play it. The audience listens to my joint sound in directly one's ear; can experience it. By two copies of constitution, I make live broadcasting using a normal speaker in the latter half.

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            • 디오::로봇축구


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              안드로이드 스마트폰 앱을 이용하여 디오를 무선조정하면서, 로봇 축구를 진행한는 영상. 동물 캐릭터의 앞다리부분이 공을 드리블할 수 있도록 모델링 되었다. 디오 페이스북 페이지 : https://www.facebook.com/robotdio

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              • 디오::라인따라가기


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                디오에 탑재되어있는 적외선센서를 이용해서, 라인을 따라가는 기능 디오 페이스북 페이지 : https://www.facebook.com/robotdio

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                • 디오::그려진 라인 따라가기 2


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                  디오에 탑재되어있는 적외선 센서를 이용해서 라인을 따라이동하는 영상. 실시간으로 라인을 그려나가면서 라인을따라오게 한다. 디오 페이스북 페이지 : https://www.facebook.com/robotdio

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                  • 21%


                    from Blind Escrow Productions Added 262 0 0

                    Site-specific sound installation, 2011. Passive Infrared and Ultra Sonic Range Finder Sensors, Arduino, Max/MSP, 8-Channel Original Audio 21% invites visitors to influence a sound collage in collaboration ‘with’ the trees they walk amongst, as well as with other visitors to the space. The installation took place on October 16, 2011 at the Switched-On Garden in Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia, PA. co-created by Dan Scofield and Miriam Simun Special Thanks to Simone Strifele for use of his sound library Interview with MOD MTV Brazil: https://vimeo.com/36737951 http://datagarden.org/1391/switched-on-garden/ http://danscofieldstudio.com http://miriamsimun.com As visitors breathe amongst the trees, 21% sonifies our interdependence with the plant life around us. You are colluding with the plant life around you. Trees absorb the noxious gasses we expel, transforming them into energy as they excrete oxygen, in turn supporting all aerobic life. 21% sonifies this exchange. Visitors use their communal breath to influence the sound collage and maintain a balance with the plant life in their midst.

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                    • >70000000000


                      from stefano d'alessio Added 1,031 24 1

                      >7000000000 Interactive installation Stefano D'Alessio | Martina Menegon 2013 Every 400 milliseconds a new human being is born, at the same rate a new projected “human” appears in the space, filling it dramatically fast. As the space is restricted, humans start to hit each other trying to find their own space. When the door near by the projection is open, it starts to attract humans, sucking them off and letting the disappear. This loss generate more room of those who are still in the space.

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