1. Mademoiselle Maurice - Origami Street Art


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    Une installation éphémère et non dégradante de l'artiste Mademoiselle Maurice. Du street art poétique réalisé avec des centaines d'origamis colorés collés sur les murs de Paris. A temporary installation, not degrading, by french artist Mademoiselle Maurice. Some poetic Street art performed with hundreds of colorful origami glued on the walls of Paris. Artiste: Mademoiselle Maurice (http://www.mademoisellemaurice.com/) Video: Jean Duval (http://www.jean-duval.com/) Musique: Cautious optimism / Tehn (http://soundcloud.com/tehn/cautious-optimism)

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    • Kurt Perschke's RedBall UK


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      This summer, New York artist Kurt Perschke brought his celebrated art project RedBall to the UK. Co-produced by Torbay Council http://www.creativetorbay.com and The Dartington Hall Trust http://www.dartington.org , it arrived on the streets of the English Riviera in Torbay in June before touring to Plymouth, Exeter, Weymouth & Portland and London, finishing the tour at Dartington Hall and popping up in a total of 20 sites. RedBall UK engaged thousands of people on its tour of alleyways, underpasses, high streets, town squares, heritage sites and bridge arches across the country. Alongside the tour the RedBall UK education project worked with hundreds of young people and staff in 5 schools to raise the aspirations and achievements of Year 6 pupils. For more information on RedBall UK see www.redballuk.co.uk or www.redballproject.com. For information on the RedBall UK education project see http://www.creativetorbay.com/knowledge-hub/?user=93. A film by Danny Cooke www.dannycooke.co.uk @dannycooke Soundtrack by Tony Higgins, download for free here: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/junior85/Redball_UK/

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      • Zimoun : 36 ventilators, 4.7m3 packing chips, 2014


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        36 Ventilators, 4.7m3 Packing Chips Zimoun 2014 Art Museum Lugano / Museo d'Arte di Lugano, Switzerland Limonaia Villa Saroli, April 26 - July 11, 2014 http://www.zimoun.net http://www.mdam.ch _ Text (excerpt) by Guido Comis and Cristina Sonderegger, published in the catalogue «36 Ventilators, 4.7m3 Packing Chips, 956 Prepared DC-Motors, 691 Cardboard Boxes,…» «[…] Even though the swirling of the polystyrene in the depth of each of the windows is actually limited to that space, we have the impression that the movement is propagating to the whole length of the Limonaia. To the visual effect adds the ticking of chips on the window panes, which could remind a thin but insistent rain. If, instead, we cross the threshold and get inside the space, the perception produced by the ebb and flow of the chips changes radically becoming more abstract; the movement appears mechanical rather than natural, the buzzing of the ventilators covers up the ticking of the polystyrene on the windows and thus reveals the artificial origin of the motion. The whirling of the flakes is in fact the product of the of thirty-six ventilators, four in each window. As illustrated in this catalogue, the use of mechanical devices and the bewildering visual and acoustic effects they produce, are a common feature in Zimoun’s work. This is not the place to analyse in detail the origin of Zimoun’s style and his relationship to other artists of today or of the recent past; a few indications are nonetheless useful. Zimoun’s research is triggered by the curiosity for sound and its reproduction. His works must therefore be considered, in the first place, as visualizations of acoustic effects. Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda, two artists working with the elementary units of sound and their optical translation, can be mentioned among Zimoun’s closest relatives in the realm of art. A comparison can also be drawn with the work of Gianni Colombo dealing with elementary structures and with constructions interfering with the perception of space, even though the artist’s works rely on visual effects only. In Zimoun’s installations, on the contrary, the reverberation of sound plays a fundamental role in the perception of space. And such perception must be as free as possible, unbiased by elements which are independent from the work itself: also for this reason the title of the installation in the Limonaia – 36 Ventilators, 4.7 m3 Packing Chips – is not evocative, but plainly descriptive, just like those of all his previous creations. Noise, repetition, relationship to architecture, are all aspects that, taken by themselves contribute to Zimoun’s work, but do not explain it. It is the sum of these elements which generates the short-circuit in perception which defines his installations: we are not used to associating the noise produced by a thousand rhythms with the rooms we inhabit and the solicitation of our senses in the artist’s installations evokes the disquieting frenzy of beehives or anthills and transfers to closed spaces the sum of perceptions we are used to finding only in nature, where the whish of the wind adds up to the trembling of leaves, to the ticking of the rain, to the gurgling of water. Zimoun thus artificially recreates the chaos of nature in a laboratory. The swirling of the polystyrene chips, lit at night time by halogen spotlights, recalls experiments on blizzards, waves breaking in glass tubes, the swarming of insects in glass cases. Zimoun’s installation fascinates us because it reveals what is otherwise invisible: the absolute precision of the mechanisms lying behind the unpredictability of all phenomena. The simplicity and perfection of the works of the artist, which is clearly expressed here by the neat setting of the ventilators, the alignment of the supply cables, the pure white of the polystyrene, produces effects that, as they sum up, greatly exceed our power of understanding.» . . . . . . . . . . . Thanks to: Guido Comis, Cristina Sonderegger, Matteo Taramelli, Ulf Kallscheidt, Janis Weidner, Valentina Brkovic, Massimo Prandi, Riccardo Stephani, Alessandro Lucchini, Nicola Del Signore, Elisa Tangheroni, Benoît Villemont, Roberta Orlando, Florian Bürki, Till Hillbrecht, Stephanie Sherriff, Teddy Larue, Jason Cook, Grégoire Lauvin, Alexandre Saunier, Digitalarti Paris, Hannes Zweifel, Marc Beekhuis, Binnenland and Paul Hügli. . . . . . . . . . . . Kindly supported by KulturStadtBern, Swisslos / Amt für Kultur des Kantons Bern, Migros Aare und Burgergemeinde Bern. . . . . . . . . . . . More videos & information: http://www.zimoun.net

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          Explore the arts in the NYC subway system!! If you want to learn more about it join Ruddy on his "Art Crawls" through the subway stations in September. More infos coming soon on: http://www.ruddywashere.com/ ______________________ Shot by Tim Sessler and Brandon Bloch Edit by Tim Sessler Music: Ratatat - Germany to Germany: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/germany-to-germany-single/id23249063

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          • Intonarumori Demo Video


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            For the Spark! Festival of Creativity at the Mesa Arts Center, urbanSTEW proposed an interactive sound installation inspired by machine instruments called Intonarumori (in English “noise intoners”). The festival commissioned the work, and we have built and presented six interactive sound box instruments! The project was a great success in many regards. For us, it was months of fun experimentation in areas we have never tried before, like the Raspberry Pi computer and wood construction. Against all expectations, it resulted in six different box instruments that not only worked but survived five days of repeated onslaughts of eager children and adults. The boxes provided a new way to play and explore music making for folks of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Judging from comments like “Wow, this is so cool!” and “Mom, let’s go home and build one!” we even inspired a few kids to want to explore electronics themselves.

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            • The LAB Gallery Presents: Uncovering Part Two


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              http://thelabgallery.com A Performance Installation by LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya June 10-24th, 2011 Part 1: June 10,11,13,14,15,16 4-8pm Part 2: June 19,20,21,22,23,24 4-8pm video: John Birdsong - http://about.me/nycbirdsong The LAB (for installation + performance art) is pleased to present Uncovering, a performance installation by LEIMAY, led by the creative duo Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya. Uncovering is an exploration into the paradox between fear and ambition; how it affects the individual and helps define society. This two part piece will take place over the course of a two week run on the corner of 47th and Lex. For the first week, June 10-16, LEIMAY collaborates with Tijuana born, New York based draftsman and artist Hugo Crosthwaite and an international group of New York based performers and Butoh dancers. This is a durational dance-drawing-installation that will take place 4-8pm each night; reflecting on how society’s hierarchical views of success are dominated by fear of failure. Through a series of daily performances, the residue of sweat and movement produced by the performers will gradually expose a large scale mural-engraving hidden behind white cloth sheeting. The performance will challenge the viewer to explore the confrontation between our collective values and individual self discovery, bringing to the forefront the ephemeral nature of life. Performed by Yamasaki Ami, Taj Black, Ximena Garnica, May-Lee Hollis, Theresa Maragio, Liz McAuliffe, Denisa Musilova, Hiram Pines, Rachel Richman, Julie Spodek and Alex Vizzi. For the second week of Uncovering, June 19-24, the space will once again be transformed by a daily five hour solo performance by Ximena Garnica. Exploring the innate struggle that exists between the creation of self-protective mechanisms, she will publicly confront the challenge of removing them. Each day, Garnica will go through the same process of shedding liquid latex skin-moulds of her body, letting them accumulate in the space, eventually leaving her exposed, naked and vulnerable. Performers Part Two: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya Throughout both parts of the installation a collection of sound vignettes by Jeremy Slater and Roland Toledo will be played. They are based on recordings of the sounds generated during the production period of this piece. Over the two weeks, Uncovering will progress from a collective confrontation of the many, struggling in a frantic society, to the single reconciliation of the individual who by exploring her personal fear, causes the revitalization of humanity. LEIMAY is the parapluie for Ximena Garnica art works, Shige Moriya art works and the collaboration work between these two artists at the intersection of dance, performance, and installation art. LEIMAY is currently in residency at HERE Arts Center. Their work has been developed in residencies at the Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, the New Hazlett Theater, the National Museum of Dance, and Hanoi Contemporary Arts Center. They have received fellowships and grants support from the Ford Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, The Urban Artist Initiative (UAI/NYC), The Asian American Arts Alliance, and the Japan Foundation. Their work has been recognized with the Armani Design Award of the Watermill Center for Shige Moriya and the Bessie Schonberg Individual Choreographers Residency Award of the Yard and the prestigious Van Lier Fellowship for young hispanic directors in New York for Ximena Garnica. LEIMAY is a project of the experimental and contemporary art and performance space known as CAVE. www.leimay.org Camera: Canon Rebel t3i Lenses: 50mm nikon 1.4 + 18-55 canon ISII Shot using neutral color profile Edited in FCP 7 No color correction Video by John Birdsong twitter.com/johnbirdsong

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              • The Cure & Le Duel


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                Une vidéo sur le vernissage The Cure de Corine Borgnet à la galerie Talmart en septembre 2013 à Paris. Réalisation, cadrage, montage et etc. par Michael Westbrook. Prise de son par Julie Hamon. Avec Corine Borgnet, Theodora Yervatian, Tchavdar Pentchev, Anne-Claire Plantey, Marc Monsallier...

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                • Krink x G-shock. "Spray Paint the Walls" 2011


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                  On Friday April 8th 2011, G-Shock & Krink celebrated their recent partnership with a unique exhibition of Craig Costello's work -- "Spray Paint the Walls" The signature Krink G-Shock watch, the DW6900KR-8, was on display alongside Costello's artwork, an abstraction inspired by his history of working with urban environments and architecture. Costello sprayed gallons of paint onto the walls filling the white space with bold color from the ceiling to the floor, the diluted-paint dripping down in vertical lines forming a pattern. The color and shapes have an organic feel that contrast with the hard lines and shapes of the urban environment. Other walls featured small framed monochrome drawings created using Krink on paper and displayed a vibrant range of color. For the private event held in downtown NYC, Brooklyn based duo CREEP and New York's twin-sirens Nina Sky entertained an influential downtown crowd of artists and designers. Art, music, and drinks. Good Times! Thanks to everyone who came out! Produced by The Crystal Pharoah

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                  • Prisoner of Rules - art video


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                    Artwork from the Wooden Dimensions project by Rudolf Boogerman. Medium: Wood, casted iron, mirror. Format: 89 x 45 x 17 cm Soundtrack by Ilya Kaplan Technical specifications: Format video: 1280 x 720 HD Audio: 44kHz 16bit stereo This video is best viewed full screen

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                    • Drowning - Falling Water


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                      Drowning - "FALLING WATER", 2010. Video loop for wooden box. Video by Martin Thaulow. Sound by Andreas Nilsson. Violin: Mark Caspersen. See the web site for the art project: http://www.fallingwater.dk

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