1. Inner Dust, interactive performance / trailer 2012


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    INNER DUST, an audio-visual performance with interactive projection by Mihaela Kavdanska (visual concept, camera, video editing) & Catalin Cretu (audio concept & sound processing & interaction programming), Luiza Neumayer (performer) VISUAL A visual experience, supposed to change the perception of the omnipresent dust and to transform it into expression of the Space which contains everything and is contained in everything. The performer's presence generates and transforms live the visual content. SOUND There are two Sides: a musical one, articulated, containing the Prelude of the first Cello suite in G major by J.S. Bach. The second one - complementary, which bounds the visual side - is constituted from granular sound dust, a result from the initial sound of the Prelude. The sound's overview is adapted to the acustique of the hall where it is placed the installation, our intention being to transport the guest through a Bach musical continuum, disintegrated and again reborn. www.catalincretu.ro www.kotkivisuals.com http://innersoundfestival.webs.com/

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    • SAIC Faculty Profile, Eduardo Kac (MFA 1990), Art and Technology Studies


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      SAIC professor and alumnus Eduardo Kac (MFA 1990) revels in the freedom of creating new worlds. He has made a "plantimal" that expresses his own DNA in red veins on the petals of its flowers, a live rabbit that glows bright green under blue light, and bacteria with text from the Bible encoded into their DNA, which can be mutated by a remote audience turning on a light source with the click of a mouse. In this video Kac talks about the meaning and making of his work.

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      • The worlds weirdes phobias


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        Fina video from Christina Gabriel for the domain course Broadcasting. In this reality show people with the weirdest phobia get cured from their illness. In the first episode Shanty is cured from a phobia for stones.

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        • Kal Spelletich @ "BAASICS.2: The Future"


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          Kal Spelletich presents "Interfacing humans and machines into hybrid systems via fear play and technology" as part of "BAASICS.2: The Future." Kal scours junkyards and dumpsters for industrial items whose technology can be reapplied. Kal teaches, lectures, and exhibits all over the world. His latest work involves experimenting with bio-morphic inputs that trigger machines and robots to provide viewers with a direct real-life experience. He believes in the Frankenstein monster’s haunted words to its maker: “You are my creator, but I am your master.” www.kaltek.wordpress.com/about What comes to mind when you ponder “the future”? Do you imagine a day when flying cars will be commonplace, androids will perform household chores, and humanity will populate other planets? Or do you fret over imminent environmental catastrophe, the rise of a totalitarian mega-state, and the end of our species? BAASICS.2: The Future brought together Bay Area artists, inventors, futurists, researchers, and musicians whose projects and musings provide us with some sense of what may lie just around the proverbial corner. This presentation features Kal Spelletich. BAASICS (Bay Area Art & Science Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions) is a series of San Francisco-based evening programs that bring together local visual artists, musicians, choreographers, scientists, and interdisciplinary thinkers to present engaging, multi-media lectures and performances that explore a given theme. In the United States, the contemporary fine arts and sciences are generally set apart from popular discourse, and despite much talk of commonality between artists and scientists, there is little substantive dialogue between the disciplines. By bringing together working artists, scientists, and other creative individuals to present diverse ideas and projects organized around one theme, we aim to foment not only interdisciplinary exchange but a new genre of experimentation that will move beyond what one of these disciplines can achieve on its own. More importantly, because these lectures and performances are free and open to the public, we hope to make the fine arts and sciences less esoteric for a general audience, thereby inspiring guests to think about how art and science relate to one another and to society at large.

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          • Bark Project Documentation


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            This is the prototype for the piece, so the environment for it is not as it will be when it's fully completed in January. A monitor shows a video of a dog barking at you. It barks nonstop on a loop, until a viewer walks up to the microphone and barks into it. If they bark loud enough, the loop will stop, and the dog on the monitor will run away. This project uses a SparkFun electret microphone breakout board, an Arduino, and Processing.

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            • A&T Drawing


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              AKV | St.Joost - Art&Technology assignment Record yourself in a place where you feel comfortable. Edit and export your recordings using video editing software.

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              • Espen Gangvik (NO) - Meta.Morf


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                Espen Gangvik, director of Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre organizing the biennale for art and technology in Trondheim Meta.Morf talks about the conference series Consciousness reframed 11 with subtitle Making reality really real. This conference is hosted by Roy Ascott, founding president of the Planetary Collegium an advanced research center which he set up in 2003 at the University of Plymouth, UK, where he is Professor of Technoetic Arts. As Espen Gangvik says, the main goal of this Biennale for art and technology is to be a kind of inspiration by showing the examples of good art which is not just about the gadgets.

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                • AudioGamez sonic art installation


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                  This is short video that shows the excitement of people using this audio installation and how it is used. AudioGamez develops sonic art installations that can be played like a game. There are 5 wooden blocks on a regular table, these blocks control audio and video wireless and without having any technology in them. www.audiogamez.com

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                  • microvirtues, 1989


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                    Dancers control light circuits placed in their clothes. A visual study of natural body movement in a intuitive geometrical esthetics, not made with geometrics instruments but anthropometric. The lights move as people move, this is clear that the movement is unpredictable, not programmed. The movement placed in the music it is unmetric and irregular, as life is. As roupas dos dancarinos tem circuitos de luzes que eles controlam enquanto se movimentam. A danca é das luzes que revelam o movimento orgânico dos bailarinos, como um depoimento de uma estética abstrata intuitiva, feita com o corpo humano em movimento. Os movimentos são independentes da métrica musical, são irregulares assim como o fluir da vida.

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