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    Horizon as a limit to a known world, a point of no return where knowledge ends and an unknown world begins. The horizion with time abandons that mysterious aura of “place” beyond which provokes death. Now this carries positive meaning that thanks to knowledge makes that border (between the sky and earth), a vision towards a new future. Thanks to the horizon that continuously embraces us, we have purpose, a creative place to constantly exceed. As an everlasting challenge, the horizon line is always ready to remind us about our limits, pushing us in every endeavour, joining possibilities. Everything depends on the point of view, and how we look at this immense line. The horizion as a point of arrival, Horizion as a starting point. Horizon is a reconsideration of the concept of the horizion through an array of 1500 panoramic photographs, a video thought of as a infinite trace that encloses Sicily in a photographic itinerary at full speed, allowing the eye of the public to perceive a unique, infinite horizion. In Horizon two concepts of horizions are established: in the real horizon we see the tangible and limited view, which is overlapped by the imaginary one, a source of innovation and discovery, overcoming limits. Horizon is sponsored by Mosaicoon and it is played at Farm Cultural Park in Favara since 29th Jun to 30th Dec. 2015 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Orizzonte come limite al mondo conosciuto, punto di non ritorno in cui termina il sapere ed inizia un territorio sconosciuto. L’orizzonte con i secoli abbandona quell’aura misteriosa di “luogo” oltre il quale scorgersi provocava la morte, ora questo si carica di accezioni positive che, grazie al sapere, rendono quel confine ( tra cielo e terra), una visione propizia verso un futuro in arrivo. Grazie al “circolo massimo” che ininterrottamente ci abbraccia, noi abbiamo un traguardo, un luogo immaginifico da superare costantemente. Come una sfida imperitura, la linea d’orizzonte è sempre pronta a ricordarci i nostri limiti, a spingerci in ogni impresa come un aggregatore di possibilità. Tutto dipende dal punto di vista, nel modo con cui noi ci poniamo di fronte a questa immensa linea. Orizzonte come punto d’arrivo, orizzonte come punto da cui partire. Horizon è una rivisitazione del concetto di orizzonte attraverso una carrellata fotografica di 1500 immagini panoramiche, un video pensato come un tracciato infinito che avvolge la Sicilia in un percorso fotografico a tutta velocità, lasciando percepire all’occhio dello spettatore un unico, infinito orizzonte. In Horizon si fondono due concetti di orizzonte: a quello reale che mostra una visione tangibile e limitata della realtà, si sovrappone un orizzonte fantastico, fonte di innovazione, di scoperta e di superamento dei limiti. Horizon è patrocinato da Mosaicoon e sarà presentato al Farm Cultural Park di Favara dal 29 Giugno al 30 Dicembre 2015. Concept: Gianluca Scuderi (www.gianlucascuderi.com) Illustration: Cristiano Pezzati Animation: Gianluca Scuderi Music: Marcus Fischer (http://www.mapmap.ch/) Sound Design: Gianluca Scuderi Photos: www.flickr.com www.mosaicoon.com

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    • Deceit - Badman Silence


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      What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He's systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and now he's set his sights in Washington, DC. Between you and me, the police don't stand a chance. Richard Payne aka Creative Immortal has married print and screen with an ultra violent animation of the comic's panels. This mash-up for DJ Deceit's dubstep monster 'Badman Silence' garnered the attention of the Nemesis creators themselves. Millar said of it, 'Brilliant! I love it.' And McNiven stated, 'Absolutely spectacular!!! I was blown away.' http://www.creativeimmortal.com http://soundcloud.com/djdeceit/tracks Software Used: Photoshop After Effects Featured in Onedotzero

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      • Be Your Own Souvenir!


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        _This proposal aims to connect street users, arts and science, linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities. The installation was enjoyed during two weekends in January 2011 by the tourists, neighbours of La Rambla and citizens of Barcelona, a city that faces a trade-off between identity and gentrification, economic sustainability and economic growth. _This shapes through a technological ritual where the audience is released from established roles in a perspective exchange: spectator-performer, artist-tourist, observer-object. _The user becomes the producer as well as the consumer through a system that invites him/her to perform as a human statue, with a free personal souvenir as a reward: a small figure of him/herself printed three-dimensionally from a volumetric reconstruction of the person generated by the use of three structured light scanners (kinect). _The project mimics the informal artistic context of this popular street, ​​human sculptures and craftsmen, bringing diverse realities and enabling greater empathy between the agents that cohabit in the public space. _Dataflow All the software used in this project is free and open. Custom software has been developed using openFrameworks and openKinect in order to produce a tunable full 360 degree point cloud. Using a midi controller, the three differents input pointclouds (3 Kinects) can be adjusted in space and resolution. The resulting combined point cloud is processed by Meshlab to produce a mesh reconstruction. Skeinforge takes the mesh, previously cleaned up through Blender, and outputs a gcode file, which can feed a cnc machine (Rapman 3.1). _Special thanks to Ramon Parramon for mentoring the project with wise ideas Dolors Juarez and Antònia del Río, for all their tough paper work and support Dago for his help and kindness Marta Vilardell for being patient Carles F. Julià for his knowledge and help with oF Yang02 for his help and interest Yeasayer _ Ambling Alp http://www.facebook.com/pages/blablabLAB/204092786276896?sk=wall http://twitter.com/_blablabLAB Honory Mention in the category of Hybrid Art in Ars Electronica 2011.

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        • Building Awe-Inducing Crystalline Structures


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          Crystallography, molecular structures, cosmology—three things that aren't usually associated with designing a chair or a house, but these scientific subjects are what architects and designers Aranda\Lasch mine to create their modular designs that emulate the infinite. For more information: http://thecreatorsproject.com/blog/making-the-mundane-cosmic-meet-modular-designers-arandalasch The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: http://thecreatorsproject.com/ _______________________________ Facebook: http://fb.com/thecreatorsproject Twitter: http://twitter.com/creatorsproject Tumblr: http://thecreatorsproject.tumblr.com/

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          • INSPIRATIONS


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            Fullscreen and volume up, please! ;-) A short movie inspired on Escher's works and a free vision on how it could be his workplace. — 3D animation by Cristóbal Vila · More info about this movie: www.etereaestudios.com — Music theme “Lost Song” by Ólafur Arnalds: www.olafurarnalds.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Tip Jar” donations will go directly to help funding my next personal project, already in development. Thanks!

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            • Instants


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              ‘Instants’ is neither music video, nor documentary or travelogue. In a way it combines all these styles. It shows natural and technological events, life, human and animal activities, architectures, landscapes, arts and travelling. Filmed and edited by Mustafa Boğa Music by JKS? - Just Close Your Eyes, Summer Isn't Gone feat. Ariel Morer Locations: London (UK); Datça, Adana and Istanbul (Turkey); Florence, Rome, Naples and Pisa (Italy); Bilbao and San Sebastian (Spain); Tokyo, Mount Fuji and Kyoto (Japan); Berlin (Germany) Many thanks for appearances of Gaye Tuzcu, Emir Şipal, Baby Olivier Ege, Pete Gittins, Fırat Tufan, Pelin Sağlamtundu, Tanem Boğa, Sanaa El, Dear Vaselika, Sibel Arpaç, Sue Frumin, Gökçen Ardıç and Margot Berg and also all the street musicians and animals and other people I came across. BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE LIKES, COMMENTS AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

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              • FEAR OF FLYING trailer


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                Trailer for my new short film about a bird with A FEAR OF FLYING who tries to avoid heading South for the winter. visit www.fearofflyingfilm.com for more info. AWARDS: BEST ANIMATION @ Galway Film Fleadh 2012 BEST ANIMATION @ LA Shorts Fest 2012 YOUNG DIRECTORS FORUM AWARD @ Cristal Fest 2012 AUDIENCE AWARD @ Glasgow Short Film Fest 2013 BEST ANIMATION @ Chicago Irish Film Fest AUDIENCE AWARD @ Animade 2013 BEST ANIMATION @ Fastnet Film Fest BEST ANIMATION @ Lower East Side Film Fest AUDIENCE AWARD @ Omaha Film Fest BEST ANIMATION @ Provincetown International Film Fest SCREENINGS: GALWAY FILM FLEADH, IRL- JULY 2012 DARKLIGHT FILM FESTIVAL, IRL AUGUST 2012 US PREMIER- LA SHORTS FEST, USA- SEPT 2012 LA IRISH SHORTS FEST, USA- OCT 2012 Corona Cork Film Fest, IRL- NOV 2012 Leeds International Film Festival, UK. NOVEMBER 2012 Foyle Film Festival, Derry, N IRL. NOVEMBER 2012 CINANIMA 2012, Espinho, PORTUGAL. NOVEMEBR 2012 Leeds International Film Festival, UK. NOVEMBER 2012 London Irish Film Fest, UK. NOV 2012 Foyle Film Festival, Derry, N IRL. NOVEMBER 2012 Short Film Festival Leuven, BELGIUM. December 2012 6th San Joaquin International Film Festival, USA. JAN 2013 Flickerfest 22nd Int short FF, Australia. JAUNUARY 2013 Glasgow Short FF, Scotland. FEB 2013 European Youth Film Festival Flanders, Belgium. FEB 2013 ANIMA 2013, 32nd Brussels Int Animation FF, Belgium. FEB 2013 Jameson Dublin Int FF, Dublin. FEB 2013 Animac, Barcelon, Spain. FEB/ MARCH 2013 Omaha Film Festival, USA. MARCH 2013 Roanne Animation Film Festival, France. MARCH 2013 Chicago Irish FF, USA. March 2013 Istanbul International Animation Festival, TURKEY. April 2013 Pictoplasma, Berlin, GERMANY April 2013 TRIBECA International Film Fest, NYC, USA. April 2013 Filmhafizasi, Istanbul, Turkey. May 2013 Fastnet Film Fest, Cork, IRL. May 2013 Ljubljana European Film Week, Slovenia. May 2013 Fest Anca International Film Animation Fest, Zilina, Slovakia. June 2013 Nantucket Film Fest, USA. June 2013 Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland. June 2013 K A L I B E R  3 5 Munich International Short Film Festival, June 2013 6th International Animation Festival Fest Anca, Slovakia, June 2013 BUSTER, Copenhagen International Film Fest, Denmark. Sept 2013 Music & Sound Design: ECHOLAB Composers: Tobias Norberg, Gavin Little, Mats Valentin Lovely Productions 2012 Made with the support of the Irish Film Board, RTE and the Arts Council.

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                • Tomorrow's Flames Are Already Burning


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                  I spent two months living in Joshua Tree following artist Tom Jean Webb as he prepared for his solo show 'Tomorrow's Flames Are Already Burning' at the DEN Gallery in Austin, Texas in early 2015. Influenced from the surrounding landscape, this film represents some of the inspiration behind his exhibition. http://www.tomjeanwebb.com/ Writer/Director: Dan Sadgrove Sound: Morgan Johnson at Barking Owl Sound Color: Houmam Abdullah at Electric Theatre Narration: Amber Webber from Black Mountain / Lightning Dust. Special thanks to Dan & Kate O'Connell for letting me use their camera and allowing us stay at their house in Joshua Tree for a few hot wintry desert months, Heather Williamson for her help and the generous time of everyone involved in creating this. -- I asked the coyote if he was afraid On the sun baked highway run His creeping shadow grew And darkened the falling sun Who lit the flame Asks the man each night That the wind couldnt put out When the sun burned its last light Amongst the cactus trees Time struggles in the sand With no soil for seeds But the snakes rattling hand Meet me in the highway Under the silver moon You'll hear the trembling bones Of the dead mans croon And the ground shakes and howls As the sun comes back around The coyote lies quick still As his shadow shrinks back down Now he walks alone And wanders if he was afraid Towards the silent warmth of light Amongst the desert decay

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                  • Skinny Sexy Naked Fitness with Tabitha Stevens (NSFW)


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                    Legendary Tabitha Stevens www.TabithaTV.com and International Award Winning Film/TV Producer/Director Gary Orona www.GaryOrona.com present an extraordinary fitness video as an answer to the thousands of fans who regularly ask how Tabitha stays so fit. Tabitha is an International Sex Symbol who's well known for her appearances on many TV shows, movies, The Howard Stern Show and Dr. 90210. @misstabstevens www.TabithaTV.com

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                    • Kindle - Paper & Pen


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                      It may only be a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea, but it isn’t make believe in Troublemaker’s latest production. Lucas Zanotto helms this colourful project that was commissioned by DDB China to showcase the versatile Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The TV spot embraces the Paperwhite’s fusion of technology and the evocative macrocosm of the written word with physical puppetry complimented by hand-drawn computer animation. Watch the Making Of: https://vimeo.com/92158942 Credits: Client - Amazon China Agency - DDB China Managing Director - Neil Holt 
Creative Director - Tim Paradise Art Director - David Li Accounting Management - Rick Zheng Production Company - www.Troublemakers.tv Director - Lucas Zanotto Executive Producer - James Hagger Production Manager - Aurélie Chevalier Production Assistant - Charles-Philippe Bowles Director of Photography - David Quesemand Camera Assistant - Charlotte Bonfort Art Director - Anne Delepoulle Make-Up - Emmanuelle Rico-Chastelle Grading - One More/Media Lab Actress - Anita Gillier Music Studio - StudioKamp Music & Sound Design - David Kamp www.facebook.com/Troublemakers.tv

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